Summary: Who were Wanda and Sylvan? Where were they born? And how did they met?

Long ago is a planet far far away, A Starling Nomad king and his Queen were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

In another planet, a small Zboran family were blessed with a handsome and strong boy.

They named her Wandaline due to her curiosity, beauty, and wandering nature. The small family named him Sylvan, due to his bullish and protective nature.

Throughout the Royal planet, every Starling Nomad is happy, and Wanda herself laughed. And even the Zboran race, they were happy even Sylvan smiled.

Until the Elders came in with a prophecy, they saw that Wandaline was born with a mark that could bring destruction or salvation. It was the Star of Salvation, a mark that each first born daughter was given. Their parents worried for their daughter's future. Everyone knew that whoever has the mark and uses it, their life is the price. But they knew Wanda will one day use it, but they believed Wandaline would live. The elders proclaimed that if Wandaline succeeds on finding her hearts' desire, she would be spared. The Elders gave Wanda a magical tiara that would not only show her royal side, but it would protect her and give her what she needs.

As time passed, The Starling Empire was under attack by the Skelei leader Lady Haylin as she conquered the Empire, but when they refused to obey her, she destroyed the planet, leaving Wandaline alone, orphaned, and abandoned. Seeing how helpless she'd become, she vowed to never be helpless again. Using the Worlder Transporter, she escaped and ran away. She cried her eyes out when she landed on a planet, where she wandered for years hoping to find someone to help.

One day she landed in a planet with a small pond, she used her tiara to groom herself as she her tiara provided her a comb and lilacs when Sylvan who was now a hunter spotted her as he pulled out a gun to shot the intruder, when a mysterious hunter bagged her and took her away. Wandaline tried to escape as Sylvan destroyed the rival. He opened the bag as Wandaline popped out. Seeing the gun, she cried in terror as she covered her face with her arms, but Sylvan was struck by her beauty as he placed the gun down. Wandaline tried to get up, but her ankle was injured from the ambush.

Sylvan took her to his camp as he cared for her broken ankle. She told him of her plight and Lady Haylin. Sylvan explained that Lady Haylin was a jerk, Wandaline believed that she was just not used to friends and decided to befriend her. Sylvan laughed at her idea, but she said that she never gave up on anything. After a week, Wandaline left, as Sylvan followed her. Wandaline was about to use the Worlder juice as Sylvan offered her a companion to join her travels.

She accepted as Sylvan and Wandaline, now renamed as Wanda began their long friendship and greatest adventure..