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Main Character: Marlene McKinnon (POV)

Pairings: Marlene X Sirius / Lily X James / Snape X OC (No love interactions until they are at least in forth year)

Current time/Era: Marauders Era. Starting in Christmas 1970 just before they get to Hogwarts and going indefinitely.

Memories of an Uncertain Future

23th December 1970.

I'm crazy! That's the only explanation... I'm complete and utterly crazy! As I look myself in the mirror I try to take in my looks like I'm not so sure of what I would see in it. I'm an eleven year old girl with long wavy blond hair and black eyes. My name is Marlene McKinnon and I lived with my parents and brother through my entire life. I have always been sort of an odd child, I have this quirky where I know things just because I do. This never bothered me before but I never experienced anything like this before. Maybe it's because I had too much to eat before sleeping. That's it, Ma always says that this would give me nightmares.

I try my hardest to convince myself of that. The dream of a Dark Lord and the adventure to destroy him is just too crazy, too mental. But it doesn't feel like a dream, more like a pile of memories being delivered into my brain. Memories and knowledge that I should not have. It's like I was Harry Potter and I died and then was dropped into this little girl body. Like if I were to remember a past life. The problem is that said life is on the future.

Maybe I'm a seer? I grimace at this idea. No, not a seer. I know how awful being a seer is. If it is a prediction I'm going to deal with it on my own, I don't want to be treated as a lunatic. The important thing is that in my vision I, or Harry, did manage to destroy Voldemort. The light won the war! In the end the good won just like the fairytales that Ma reads to me. The problem was the price, I can feel my insides crumbling at the image of the carnage of the final battle. Almost an entire generation dead because of it and Harry having to live alone in a world where he didn't belonged anymore.

All the wizards had to try and adapt into the muggle world as there was not enough people to run a society. When the numbers showing that the wizards of britain would be extinct in a few decades were released that Harry decided to go back to the department of Mysteries. He had to knock out a few unspeakables but he manage to get to the time vault. There he found the Elixir of Time, a dangerous weapon that few knew the effects and was appointed to Harry by Dumbledore in case everything was lost. In the talk the Headmaster did pointed out that it would empty the head of the person who would drink it and deliver the memories to the past, that makes it harder for me to ignore the truth in my vision. Harry actually tried to send his memories to his father or even his younger self but it seems that the memories landed on their own agreement and now I have them.

If I'm to compare the memories with the knowledge I have of the present I don't even have much to begin with. At least my family is friends with the Prewetts so I have a few knowledge to compare. Molly did eloped with Arthur as soon as she graduated from Hogwarts last year. She got pregnant soon after and she gave birth to Bill last month. I was supposed to actually be getting read myself to go over there. Maybe I can confirm a few things.

"Marlene! Get down! We are going to The Prewetts for lunch!"

"In a moment Ma!" I answer and finish getting ready. I put my favorite lilac dress robes and a delicate pair of golden earrings shaped like stars. I ask for my house elf to simple put a purple ribbon on my hair and I head downstairs to meet my family.

As I enter the drawing room and as I lay my eyes on my mother and brother Harry's memory of Mad Eye Moody pointing at me and telling him of the fall of my entire family surfaces. They will die in the war if I don't change things, they all will. I have to swallow not to cry as the thought of loosing my family upsets me. I think that I'm glad that we did die before Harry's time. I don't know how I would react to the memories of my family dying. When my brother Marcel turns and looks at me I manage to smile.

"What happened? Are you not going to play perfect little doll to Mols today?"He asks me in a mocking tone.

Molly is Marcel's age and it's like a sister to me, they both are 8 years older than me but she has more patience to deal with me. Usually when I go visit her I do some intricate hairstyle but last time I was there she asked me not to so she could play with my hair. They both always cared a lot about each other and are really good friends but they always bicker about me, since I'm not very close with my brother I kind of like that he gets jealous about my relationship with Molly. It's the only moment he shows that he cares. At least this is a good time of the year to receive this visions as I have a lot to distract me like presents, good food and a lot of Christmas turmoil.

"She asked me to keep my hair simple so she can style it." I say pouting.

"This got to another stage. Now she literally wants to treat you like a doll."

"I'm not a doll! You are just jealous that I like her more than I like you!" I scold at him.

"MARLENE!" Ma says in a restraint tone.

"MA!" I answer likewise.

"Don't you dare! You better respect me young lady. And don't say you like a friend more than family. Your brother loves you too much, you'll break his heart!" Marcel rolled his eyes as he knows Ma was making fun of him now.

"I see your point Ma. Brother of mine, I'm sorry about what I said…" Mother smiles at my mocking tone while expecting a follow up. "…Even if doesn't change the fact that is true. "She laughs as Marcel rolls his eyes at me."

We all sit at the couch as Marcel and Ma starts to talk about his work in this fabric company that deals with imports and exports and the probability of him getting a promotion, totally cool for him and a complete boredom for me. I realise that the dream I had only makes me feel strange when I'm looking at some memory of it. Like my eleven year old emotions can't grasp the complexity of what I saw and only when I see through Harry's eyes that I can feel the complexity that he felt. It's good news as right now I'm a terrible actress and if I were to feel like Harry did in my vision all the time I would hardly be able to hide it.

After waiting for a while Pa shows up. He is the head of the family company and was on a reunion with the board as they were trying to push something to be approved before the New Year. Pa is so different of Ma, he's also loving but he's serious and stern. Pa smiled discreetly at us even if his bear hug wouldn't match his expression.

"How is my little witch?" Since I had my first case of accidental magic Pa has started calling me that.

"Great!" I say giggling.

He lets go of me and kisses my forehead before giving Marcel a less emotional hug. Not that he wouldn't want to give him a bear hug too but bro is too reserved for such a thing.

"And you?" I can see that Pa looks at Marcel's face with expectancy and Marcel looks the other way before answering.

"As expected." My brother is hiding something, I can smell it from a distance and so can Pa as he looks puzzled. After all, Marcel always answers 'fine', nothing else. Only when he is nervous about something or is hiding something he gives different answers. It seems that Pa will deal with it latter.

"Sarah, love. How was your morning?" Pa says to Ma.

"It was terrific Marlon, but you are late. Let's go to The Prewetts already."

"Your wish is my command." Pa gives Ma a quick peck on the lips.

If something is true is that phrase. My parents were always in a honeymoon and mother is my father's everything. It does gives me an absurd expectation in a relationship, I don't know how my brother reacts at it but I hardly can see myself with someone having anything less than what our parents have. We go to the floo, my parents went together first because Ma is a muggle and she has to go accompanied. I go with my brother because I still get a little nervous and my family dreads me mistaking a word and ending up in some dangerous place. The McKinnons were a pureblood family not long ago and we still hold a few pure blood privileges like a manor and a well filled vault. But when we weren't considered pure enough to be in the Sacred Twenty-Eight we abandoned any blood purity belief. This made things easy when Pa fell in love with Ma.

As soon as we arrive at The Prewetts we were received by the family. The twins came to me to talk about Hogwarts and how I should follow Mols example and end up in Gryffindor and not Marcel, as my brother was in Ravenclaw. Molly came letting the bundle that was on her arms on her husband's arms and hugged and lifted me up.



"I missed you. Oh how I hate that you are going to Hogwarts so soon after I left."

"Me too! I'm so worried, what if I don't make friends or the older kids starts to pick on me?"

I can feel my parents staring at my because of how open and straight I am with Molly. They always tries to make me open up but I always keep quiet about any fears I have. But as soon as I see Molly is like I know I'm being accepted and I can easily spill the beans. Even if she is older she is also the youngest and I feel very comfortable with her. Not that I think that my parents wouldn't understand is just that I have always felt afraid to disappoint them, so I never felt like I could tell them everything.

"Don't worry kid. You're going to be really popular with your personality. And if you are pestered I have some people on the inside that would look up to you for me." I like how she makes it look like she has secret agents.

I laugh and follow everyone to the dining room where we start to have lunch. Arthur comes and ruffles my hair and gives me a smile. His two brother are here too, Bilius and Galahad, both older than Arthur. I've already knew Bilius from Mols birthday party early this year but is the first time I meet Galahad, his hair is darker than the rest of the gingers around and his eyes are grey instead of the family typical blue. His clothes are very well fit and very posh and as we are introduced I feel my cheeks getting warm. When I look at my brother I can see that he blushed too, It seems like we have a type.

The Prewetts are not as well off as us but are considered purer. Taking into account that both families couldn't care more about either we were always on good terms. It's been only since the marriage that now we are surrounded by the Weasleys too so we know little about Arthur family other than they are all redheads like The Prewetts. Bilius is nice when he is not too drunk, I can sense that my father hates when he starts to lose his composure on parties but as Ma laughs hard at him Pa doesn't say a thing about it.

The lunch was uneventful, well if you considerer exploding dessert uneventful and you might do if you are familiar with the twins. Then Molly said that she wants to play with my hair and we went upstairs to her old room. Before I leave I stare at Marcel that is concentrated in a conversation with Galahad since he discovered that the Weasley has a clothing shop with business with the company he works for. He's flirting, how cute.

"Your hair is beautiful! I Love it. I'm going to braid it from the side all right?"

"Do what you want, you know that I don't mind. So, how is being a Mom so far?" I ask honestly, I know she probably likes it since she will have seven kids.

"Great, Arthur helps me anyway he can even if he has to work all day at the ministry. You should come and visit my house sometime when the worst stage of caring for a baby passes. I hope that the next child will be a girl but Arthur says that it hasn't being a girl in his family in generations." She intertwine her fingers between my locks preparing to style my hair.

"You and Arthur are so cute together. It's so lovely how he calls you Mollywobbles! I wish I will find the love of my life in Hogwarts just like you." I say with a dreamy voice.

"I hate this nickname but when he says it I just can't bring myself to cut him off. And I sure he knows it. I'm sure you will find a really nice boy Marls, with your look when you reach puberty you will break more hearts than you can count." I giggled at this.

"So, tell me, how did you and Arthur got together?"

"You do love a good love story, don't you?! Well, you have to understand that I had grown to have a crush on Arthur long before he knew about me. As you already know I'm not very brave to make the first move so I made plan. We had this really stuck up professor, Slughorn, he teaches potions and me and a few Gryffindor girls united to convince him to teach Amortentia in class."


"Exactly! We just had to bust his ego a little for it. We found it completely absurd that it was that easy. So we made it and then there I was sitting beside Arthur in the Great Hall during lunch with the potion with me. I just couldn't resist, he's so handsome, sweet and amazing."

"Okey, by your standards it means he is cute and dorky. Go on."

"Hey! Well, I guess you are right. So while he was talking about some muggle object he had learned about in his muggle study class I spiked his pumpkin juice with the potion. From then on he was so into me, he was really amazing and sweet. But I end up not having the guts to do a thing to him while he was under the influence so I thought I had lost my chance completely."

"Then…" I stare expectantly as I know this isn't the end of the tale.

"Well, when he got rid of the affect he asked me why I've done that if I didn't even kiss him using the potion. And I end up declaring myself to him."

"WOW! How brave of you! I still remember when you told me you bullied you first crush into declaring himself to you." Molly pouted at that.

"Well, I told you that to teach you what not to do."

"Is this another teaching on what not to do?"

"Half yes half no."


"Don't give someone you fancy a love potion, if you are a decent person you won't have the guts to do something and will end up having to refuse repeatedly your crush. No one deserves that. But declaring your love is the easiest way to a man's heart."

I went into a fit of laughs imagining the scene. The fact I have memories of an older Molly and Arthur makes it so easy to create the image in my head that I'm having a blast. Mols rolls her eyes at me while not being able to hold a few chuckles. We continue to talk, but now about Hogwarts and how I will have the time of my life in there. I try to talk about some muggle rock bands that I've been listening to but Molly is a huge fan of Celestina Warbeck and as I find her complete out of tune I immediately change subjects to hair and clothes.

Soon the time to leave arrives and we went back to the living room to floo, Molly already fussing over her crying son. Bill is so cute. We said our farewells and then went back to the The McKinnons manor like we had left before. Marcel went straight to his bedroom in silence and I stared at my father following him. I knew something was off but I couldn't tell what and afterwards when we all met at dinner whatever it was didn't bother my brother anymore. In honesty he was in a good mood that I had never seen him before. He was even more social with me which I used to learn a little more about Hogwarts and the teachers. When Ma and Pa left the table I took advantage to say something to him.

"So how it was?" I murmur.

"Was what?" He frowns at me.

"Your talk with Galahad." I specified and I see him blush violently like I've never had seen before.

"I don't know what you are talking about." He answers me in a little panic.

"Oh, please. I'm not going to mock you, he is handsome." I say pouting and he looks confused and somehow relieved.

"So you knew?" He asks me seriously.

"Knew what?" Am I missing something?

"That I'm gay."

"Well, yes. Why? Was it a secret?" As I look at his face I know that this is one of those cases of things I didn't had a way of knowing and nonetheless I do.

"And you are alright with it?" He asks me kind of reluctant.

"Of course, there's nothing to be pestered about. But I'm not alright with you not telling me how you flirt went." I say with smile and he roll his eyes at me.

"I'm really stupid, I'm always so concerned and no one really cares about it. You are too young to keep thinking about relationships little lady. Go to your room and play with some blocks, won't you?"

"I'm not a child!" I say as I run upstairs not before showing Marcel my tongue with a pout.

That night before I went to bed the only thing in my mind was the memories from Harry and the thought of having everyone I love dying. I take deep breaths but only when I decided that I will do anything in my power to change the future that I'm able to fall asleep.

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