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To See Changes and To be Changed

11th August 1972

This was an incredibly surprising summer. When I read about the butterfly effect I figured that my actions would bring calamities and would be responsible for a lot of tragedies. I decided that even so I have to change the future and got prepared to sell my soul as me having a single out of place conversation could lead to a complete disaster. I never stopped to think if my actions could lead to bigger and GOOD events. I thought it would only lead to disarray and that I would have to do all the hard work in changing things. I was so wrong and know I have to admit that I probably was a little full of myself too.

I thought that I was going single handed be the responsible for every difference of this time, having my parents taking over from the things I started to change was actually surprising. It does makes me get a little more grounded on the fact that I'm still a child and I should go for help when needed, honestly is not really a part of my personality and neither is one of Harry's. On these note, to have aunt Aileen press charges against her abusive husband and moving into my family home for sanctuary because my parents practically arranged a rescue mission was totally out of my expectations.

Severus was completely stunned for most of the summer and he relied on me that he had never seen his mother being so sweet or pretty. She did received the Sarah McKinnon treatment after all, Ma has always being the type to fuss over people in a way that no one can deny her. It took three full weeks of me talking and assuring Sevs for him send a letter to Lils explaining the whole ordeal. He was completely ashamed because he had always hidden his abuse from her and now he would have to tell her about it so he could explain why they didn't live close anymore. Both my parents and aunt Aileen sat with us to explain the whole situation and Sevs was relieved to know that he wouldn't have to be a witness at the trial that happened later on the summer. Well, I had to start calling Sevs mother aunt Aileen because when I called her Mrs. Snape I could tell she wasn't pleased about being associated with her old husband.

My parents are trying to help aunt Aileen to remake connections with her parents and we, the children, are completely out of the dramas of it. Well, all of this means I have Sevs for the entire summer and we actually manage to convince Lily's parents to let her spent the last three weeks of it with us. Marcel and Galahad are openly dating and I find it sweet that my brother is pretending to still live with us by sleep two or three days of the week home when it's obvious that he moved in with his boyfriend.

The summer is the best time of the year for outdoor people like me. Yes I'm a bookworm, but I like to read my books in the opening, thank you very much. I especially like the summer because we can take walks on the gardens that Ma cultivate, swims on the pond, read below the threes and have picnics. I always do morning walks alone and Sevs joins me in the afternoon for a tea and some studying. We also spent most of the summer helping Aunt Aileen with potions since she's been brewing some hard level ones to sell and repay my parents. I now can tell for sure who Sev's takes his pride from. Today's is the day that Lily arrives and I already took a walk and am waiting in the drawing room as my parents went to get her. Severus is sleeping like most days, he certainly is not a morning person.

When they all came in by the floo I almost ran Lils over with my hug. She responded my embrace with a laughter and soon we separated and I pulled her to the guest room that is just beside my own. Severus room was also close by but now was more of a permanent setting than a guest one. I urged Lily to change clothes so we could swim by the pond close by and she was happy to do so. Then we barged to Severus room yelling to him to wake up, he almost drop from his bed in fright.

"Bloody hell! What is your problem?" He grumbled.

"Change clothes already you sleepy head. We are going take a swim at the pond!" I said while Lils goes over and hugs him.

"I missed you." Our redhead friend said smiling.

"Well, let's leave Sevs changing while we take something to eat later." I say and we sprint away from his room and go make a picnic basket.

Soon we are at the pond swimming, I love water so I stay inside even after they both have left and are taking sun baths. I stay by the edge so we can talk.

"So Lils, you have also finished your homework right?" Sevs asks.

"Of course, I wanted to have the rest of the summer free of obligations. I'm no fool to try and push some rubbish to the professors that I made in the train ride to Hogwarts." I laugh at her description.

"Oh, I can totally imagine four fools that would do it." I say clearly implying the marauders.

"Certainly!" Sevs agrees with me rolling his eyes.

"I don't now, I think that Remus at least would do the homework on time." Lily says trying to not back us up in our badmouthing the Gryffindors.

"Which is actually worst, I'm positive that they will copy his work." Severus looks at Lily with a frown.

"Oh please, they are not so bad." She states a little crossed. I've never seem Lily and Severus really fighting but they always indulge themselves with some light sparring and it looks like it would evolve into it if I don't meddle.

"Since when?" Now I talk. Lily sometimes has been worst than us in the marauder's hate. Of course I don't really hate them but I find it quite funny to complain about their acts with my two best friends. Especially when we are right in doing so.

"Well, before you start listing their wrong doings just let me tell something that I've been digesting for a while. Before we left I got picked up by some slytherins for being muggleborn. They kept calling me…" She cleared her throat before continuing. "Mudblood. And I don't know why I couldn't fight back like I usually do, so I was about to run crying when they came and rescued me by hexing the hell out of the snakes. Of course Potter thought that gives him right to pester me about choosing better my friendships and pointing out that Sev is a dark wizard and you are his minion."

"HEY! How dare him say I'm a minion?! If anything you guys would be my minions! Humpf!" I'm now complete abashed. HOW DARE THEM TAKE ME AS A FOLLOWER?! I'm leader material! Wait, people have been picking on Lily for her being muggleborn and I didn't knew about it? This seer thing is terrible in choosing what information is for me to know or not. Urg! "And Lily Jean Evans how come we haven't hear about this… Confrontation before?"

"I was quite ashamed of it and I know that I should have told you about it, but it was bad enough to be picked on and then I had to be saved by the scoundrels. Now I feel like I owe them something."

"And thus will retain from speaking bad of them. I see." Sevs looks complete chill, and I know for certain that these means that he is beyond furious with this whole situation. "We will refrain from pointing out the worst about your lions. Just remember to point out the snakes that got to you so we can avoid them next term." Uh! I'm sure he is plotting one of his worst pranks on the slytherins, the ones that me and Lily usually talk him out of doing because would be going overboard. I raise an eyebrow at him questioning and he gives me the 'don't interfere' look. I don't think I will mind him being too mean this time.

"Of course. Oh Sev, I'm so glad you understand." Lily points out with a caring smile. I roll my eyes, and Severus thinks that I'm the kind one that see only the good on people. Not that I'm not, is just that I can tell I'm a in-between Lily who is blindly kind and Severus who is blindly wicked.

"I don't know if I can talk kindly about all of them but me and Sevs have been talking and we think we can tolerate Lupin if he's alone." I point out to Lily.

"Really?" She looks astonished.

"Well, he is the more studious of them and he have the pity party going his way with the werewolf thing." Sevs points out in a really not kind way but I don't mind him.

"WHAT WEREWOLF THING?" Lily practically screams. Yeah, totally beating the marauders in knowing Lupin's secret this time around. At least this time Sirius will not prank Sev sending him to the shack.

"I know you are not as bright as me in DADA, but please. He has a family emergency exactly on the full moon every single month that makes him leave. He always gets scars but he is hardly the outdoors or exercising type, he refrains to being closer to everyone, even Pettigrew is closer to the other boys. Clearly werewolf." I state as a matter of fact and the readhead roll her eyes at me. She says that I'm too cocky sometimes.

"Well, now a lot of things makes sense." Lily points out thinking. "And out of all them you got to the conclusion that a werewolf was the only one you can tolerate? Why not Pettigrew? He's harmless enough."

"I helped Remus with potions and he seemed ashamed of his actions. Pettigrew while not a very active participant never show any remorse for his actions." I state. "If he did I would not mind trying to befriend him either. I'm thinking of finding a Slytherin friend. I have some Hufflepuff that I really enjoy the company and is kind of cool to have allies and all the houses."

"And I'm at blame for this stupid idea." Severus states to Lily who laughs.

"Really? Well, I agree with you guys and I have to say that I'm a little surprised at you both for being so open minded about Lupin's condition."

"Well, how can I judge anyone when I'm a seer or whatever." I point out looking at Lily and trying to see her reaction to this information. I'm pretty sure she knows but I've never talked explicitly about it with her, I'm sure she and Sev have talked about since they are best friends. She smiles at me.

"Good thing that you take things in this way. How about Sev partnering with Lupin while I partner with you in potions next term?" I'm glad that Lily doesn't even comment about my 'gift' and part of me feels a little bad that I am target of so much caring from Lily when Harry could never have any in that timeline. I'll do anything to stop this from repeating or more likely… never happening? Urg, time confusing.

"I'm totally open for it. I did say to Lupin that Severus would probably help him too if he was in my position." I state and I can see Severus looking affronted. "I did pointed out that you would call him names and make him feel completely useless before being helpful." I send him a grin and he simply roll his eyes.

"He always sits with his friends, since I know that you won't convince him to sit away from his gang, I agree with your plan."

"Sev! It's really condescending with us to agree with our plan just because you think it will fail." Lily complains.

"Oh, don't worry. This will give us even more pleasure when it works out." I pointed out with a wicked smile that makes Severus worry. "But on a different note, I'm starving let's eat!" I finally leave the water and prepare our picnic so we can have lunch. As usual they look at me astonished about how much I can eat since It does get worse in the summer when I do more exercise. We end up spending the day by the pond and when we get back we are so tired that we barely manage to dine before retiring to our beds.

25th August 1972

Lily had met aunt Eileen before but not on such a good note, they easily became friends and aunt looks amazed how more sweet and proper her son acts around our friend. I do talk Sev's out of being too engrossed with Lily and he has being less… Obsessed? Well he does have other people he cares about and are kind and open with him, but Lily being his first friends has a special place. They both try not to make me feel left out but I know that even if we three get along great, they are besties and I'm not. Maybe I'll find someone to be my bestie one day, who knows? Not me. Which is awful since I do know so much.

Today is a fryday and the Prince's are coming to visit, they are Sev's grandparents that he never met. It seems that they don't have any other family member and so if they don't take aunt Eileen and Sev back to the family their line will die out. It's been this argument that my parents have used to open the communicating channel. That and the McKinnon name, of course, It does gives me the chills to think of how these people's minds work.

We are all dressed in robes, mine are a shade of lavender while Sev is using a deep blue and Lily is using a emerald green that makes her eyes shine. We all look really put together and I'm kind of proud of it since I help them both get ready. We wait in the living room while the grow ups are waiting in the drawing room by the floo. I can tell everyone is worried and anxious and Sevs has been unable to pay attention to anything me and Lily have been talking. When they finally come through Sev give us his whole attention, I think he last minute decided that he doesn't want to meet them at all.

"I can totally see this going bad. Maybe is not too late to hide in my room while they talk."

"Don't be absurd Sev, they would notice." Lily points out.

"Too late, they are here." I say pointing out behind Severus that turns and faces the elderly couple.

The older people gasps at Severus without muttering a word and I can feel that I know about what it is. I go to Severus side and whisper to him.

"They had a son before your mother. They don't talk about him because he died in an accident before aunt Eileen was even born, but they never got over it. You look remarkable like him, honestly I think they have found in their heart a place to love you. Just don't let them try and shape you too much, alright?" I say and he turns to me a little worried but soon relaxes as the elderly couple approaches us.

"I'm your grandmother, Calysto. You must be young Severus, right?" The lady is on the verge of tears and Sevs in all his pride is fighting a few tears too. It must be difficult for him to suddenly have family showing so much emotions. "And I'm your grandfather, Eljin Prince. Nice to meet you." The man's voice was hoarse and I could tell that he was regretting all the time he lost with his grandchild.

"Hi, Yes. I'm Severus Snape and this is my friends Lily Evans and Marlene McKinnon." He point us out with politeness and we both answer with decorum before leaving him and aunt Eileen in the living room so the can have some privacy.

We let the family reunite and pull ourselves to the study with my parents to talk. I don't think that neither one of the proud people left in the parlour would be pleased to be seen being sentimental. We keep chatting for an hour or so and then Niny the house elf comes and points out that dinner is ready. Everyone gets together on the table to eat and we happen to find the elderly couple really sweet towards us, they seem overly happy that we all are star students. I don't think that they will find it that good when we finally get caught with one of our revenge pranks.

"So you are a Ravenclaw? It's very rare for a Prince but is a great house." Eljin prides.

"Usually what house what house the Prince's are sorted?" Ma asks with curiosity.

"Slytherin like most pureblood families, of course." Calysto answers and I look at her with a raised eyebrow challenging. That woman is pretty close to being impolite to the her hostess. Severus looks at me with concern, he wants to have more family but I'm not too sure he wants to get himself involved with people that would offend my parents after all they done for his mother.

"Well, I see it as most fitting that a half-blood in the Prince family is the one to break more than one tradition." I point out and Pa gives me his most approving grin. Eljin looks with worry to his wife and I can tell that they will have to review a few believes they have.

"I agree Marls. We will have to watch and see what other traditions I might break right?" Severus say to me with a cunning smile. This will be good, now they know that they won't be able to mold Severus and will have to be more open if they want to be part of his life.

"Indeed. Well, I can think of a few thing but honestly don't think that they grow ups will like our tales." I say with mischief but try to change the subject to a place where there is no confrontation. "Maybe you will enter the Quidditch team, you fly pretty good and I didn't see any Prince name of the trophy room."

"Really? You must truly be the first Prince able to conquer a broom, we usually are terrible at it, myself included." Eljin says with a smile. "But I do like to watch the games. Maybe you all would like to go and see one before school returns?" The man is good, by inviting all of us is almost certain that he will succeed in his invitation.

"I would love to, but I'm not a fan of any team." Severus is totally being fished here, not that it is a bad thing.

"I, my husband and you mother, if she has not changed, all cheer for the Falmouth Falcons. They are ruthless but also explendid." Calysto is really proud at stating this.

"I'm still a Falcons fan, mother. But Severus can choose his team, I remember a great number of boys being fans of the Harpies when at school." I roll my eyes at aunt Eileen, since I'm 12 and surrounded by teenagers I hope that boys have improved over the years and aren't still cheering based on girl's looks.

"As long as you are not a Chudley Cannon fan you are alright, they never win. I am a Pride of Portree fan because their colours are purple and gold and their symbol a star. Pa is a big Puddlemere United fan and Ma is a a Holyhead Harpies fan because she finds it awesome that there is a team with only woman. My brother, Marcel, is at Tutshill Tornado fan and since we all cheer for different teams we do some bettings in who will win the championship every year." I say also getting a little excited.

"I never watched any game other than at school. Well it's not likely that I would since I live in muggle Britain." Lily points out.

"I have accompanied a few games in the radio but I have never went to a game either."

"That's an absurd!" Eljin states and for a minute I'm afraid he means it's an absurd that Lily is a muggleborn but since he looks really happy and not at all judgemental I keep staring to see his point. "Even if you are not a quidditch fan is mostly known that you will have a great time in the experience of going to a game. Now you really must accept our offer and then next time you can lead your family to watch it too." Lily gives him a great smile and agrees with the plan and I can see Calysto pulling a face but she keeps to herself. It seems that the old man is better at changing his pureblood dogmas than his wife.

"I think it's a great idea, we can invite Marcel and his boyfriend and have an all out." Pa points out with a grin, is so like him to steer things up when it looks like they settled. Well, eventually they would know is better to rip of the bandages than to pick the bruise.

"Boyfriend?" Calysto asks trying hard to keep her face still. I guess it's going to be difficult to her get past this prejudice too. Ma and Pa both have a glean in their eyes that says that they are quite enjoying having the couple suck their prejudices.

"Yes, Galahad. He's great, he even helped us with some projects this summer, right Marls?" I'm quite pleased that is Severus answering, this way the old lady knows she might lose him if she gives in her old thinking.

"Of course, it will be a pleasure to meet them." Eljin says clearly trying to clear the air even if he was stunned a second before. I glance at Lil and we both have trouble trying not to fall in a fit of laughter.

We end up making plans for the game a week before the end of the summer break and continue talking about less stressful subjects. When they are not being your regular pureblood bigot they were a very sweet elderly couple and we kind of warmed up to them. After the dinner and our good byes Severus went to talk to aunt Eileen but asked us to wait for him in his room so we could also have a chat.

"Hey, what you thought about my grandpa and grandma?" He asked us smiling.

"They are in for a ride." I point out and Lils agree.

"When we were talking alone before dinner mother made herself pretty clear that she would not take abuse from them after she got rid of the abuse from my father. She also pointed out that they would not meddle in my education or morals and if they ever made me or anyone close to us feel belittled because of blood status she would never let them near me again. She say that they would not suddenly became family and they would have to prove themselves to us in order to be part of our lives. It seems that they were full of pose before meeting us but the moment they heard mother's story with father and realised that she endure it for so long because she didn't had anyone to reach out, they became really soft. It seems that they thought that since my father is a muggle that I would be some kind of monster but when they saw how much I look like them and how little with my father they were even more guilty and now they really want to be part of my life. Mother explained that they never met a muggle in their lives." I look shocked at him, it does seem likely that a pureblood reclused family would never seem someone from the muggle world now that I'm thinkin. But by Morgana, they are old! They must have expend a lot of energy trying to avoid such encounter through their lives.

"I think your grandma will have a hard time following your mother's demands." Lily say with a smile, Sev hardly looks so euphoric.

"I think that it is pretty neat that aunt Eileen can now hold her posture and be so firm. I'm really impressed, I don't know if I would be this strong in the same situation. She is an amazing woman." I state in awe and Severus smiles at me.

"She truly is. Now that I shared everything you girls can go to your rooms, I'm dying to go to bed." Sev says and I wish him good night with Lily and we leave to our rooms. This is the beginning of huge amount of unexpected changes in the world.

The rest of the Holidays were nice. We went twice to the burrow where we were watched by a pregnant Molly. She almost didn't notice she was with kid at the beginning since she had yet to lose weight from her first time carrying and had been too stressed with Bill not sleeping full nights and all. She never told me she was pregnant but I already knew and had touched the subject before the summer. It had not occurred to me that there was no way of me knowing that she was pregnant and this was another of my seers abilities, it looks like everyone a little closer to me knew about it and I wasn't fooling anyone keeping it a secret. Lily and I pampered Bill as much as possible and Severus also tried to interact with the baby a little but he has no talent with it. We helped around a little, eat Molly's delicious food and played in the backyard. Molly loved my friends and in all we had a great time.

We also went to the game like planned and Galahad went with us, at first there was a tension but soon Calysto completely forgot her prejudice by being charmed by him. My brother rolled his eyes more than I considered it possible and for a moment I thought he would be screaming at the old lady to get her claws away from his man. Eventually Eljin pulled his wife to stay closer to him and no accidents happened. Ma and aunt Eileen, that by now are besties, made fun of Pa for losing all of his uptight posture as soon as we got to the pitch. The evening was awesome and Lily, against my own good advice and her own good judgement, declared herself a Chudley Cannons fan. Severus became a fan of the Ballycastle Bats that was playing but he bet on the Puddlemere United listening to Pa's advice, like most of them. In the end only Marcel, me and Ma bet on the winning team. We end up spending the money on sweets that we shared with everyone.

We all went together to diagon alley to buy our school supplies a few days latter, Severus also received a lot of presents from his grandparents which included a potion luxury set with a potion cabinet filled with ingredients, the latest broom model and a wizard chess. Severus was beaming with joy at all of his new things and even agreed to spend the last day in the Prince Manor since he would be spending the entire year with me and Lily. She and I had a talk with him before he left to remember Sev to not let himself be bribed into things he didn't wanted. He scorned at us but took the advice to heart. And with this we finished our summer break.

1th September 1972

I start to wonder what could I possible do this year to change even more things and I started to think how would I have been have I not made the friendships I've did last time. Did I had friends at all? As far as I know the only person to miss me was Alastor Moody that just graduated last year. Hell, even so he remembered me for the tragedy of my death. I was only that? I tragic life lost to the dangers of war? I know for sure that the memories from Harry that not only I died but all the McKinnons. Even so not once Molly mentioned me or Marcel and they were childhood friends and just recently she named him Charlie's godfather. She also never mentioned Fabian and Gideon, so have I became just like them a memory too sad to remember? Was that my end? Even so part of me still feels better not really knowing much about who I was.

I may never know what happened to me last time but I do know that I was not that important, maybe I was a loner. I can see myself like that if I didn't had the friends I have, I can see myself hiding my seer ability and never using it to better the world around me. I can see myself turn out weak not because I have any doubt that I'm espetacular at magic. I must have been a hell of a auror for Moody to pinpoint me to Harry. But I have the feeling in my guts that I was weak because I was lonely.

Sometime when I have dreams with Harry's memories I remember the fact that he sent his memories thinking it would land on his father, James. But it looks like my seer magnet pull it to me, and thus now me, one of the completely unrelated person has his hard work and the responsibility to act on those memories. I sometime wonder if I'm really the most qualified person to do it, but since I doubt Fate would have none to do with it I figure I must be qualified enough.

I was very caught up in my thoughts through the entire journey to platform 9 ¾ and Lily was just anxious to go back to Hogwarts where we could use magic again. The whole trip was uneventful and soon we were sitting with Severus in a compartment talking.

"So my grandparents want me to change my last name to Prince. I didn't agree yet and I want to hear your opinions." He say to us with caution. Looks like he is really putting his mind into it.

"I think that you should choose what you feel more comfortable with." Lily pointed out not willing to influence his decision.

"Names have power, you should choose based on how you feel. If you feel more like a Prince than a Snape it makes no reason to keep your father's last name. Do you still care for the man or do you want to be completely disassociated from him? Do you completely accept your grandparents? If not I think you should wait until you do to make a decision. But being honest, The Half Blood Prince looks like a good title." Severus frowned for most of my speech but he end up smiling at the end. Lily gave me a smirk that she always gives when she agrees with me.

"I like the sound of it. You are right, I have to improve a lot our relationship if I am to change something like my name for them." He pointed out and we disperse ourselves with talks about Quidditch until we arrived at the castle.

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