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New Friendships and a War Decree

1st September 1972

Me and Sev were really happy not to have to wait to join the rest of the student in the Great Hall. I do appreciate to get on Hogwarts without any trouble as Harry's memories shows sometimes it's something people take for granted. Soon the ceremony starts and the first years enter the Hall, I recognize some of them. Amelia Bones and Regulus Black are the ones that I take more notice of, she is a easy sort and less than a minute with the hat she's already at the Hufflepuff table cheering. Regulus is a trouble, he takes more than three minutes and I'm pretty sure he is fighting the hat tooth and nails so he doesn't get sorted into Gryffindor. He must be really scared of it, but more than scared I think he doesn't want to let his family down and right now he must be choosing between his brother and his parents.

In the end he gets sorted in Slytherin just like last time. I won't meddle with everyone's house just because I did with Sev, but I'm certainly placing Regulus in my Slytherin Friends list, he agreeing with it or not. He looks expectantly toward Gryffindor table and my heart breaks, he really wants his brother to still love him despite him being in Slytherin. I hope Sirius is not a stupid git and starts to pick on him because of it. But if he is I'm going to show him a piece of my mind, maybe a piece of my fist too. He might be a competition in the magical aspect but Ma has taught me how to bring man down with my fist since I was nine and Marcel tied me to a chair gagged for an entire afternoon on the grounds that I was being a pain. He will never forget that punch in his nuts, our relationship improved considerably afterwards.

Maybe I can teach Regulus a trick or two and maybe he can smuggled me into his common room and I can take revenge on the bullies that went after Lily. Sev would like this very much. I think I really enjoy the idea of having friends in every house. I snapped out of my thoughts when the food appeared, thinking so much gave me a out of ordinary appetit and I ate a lot, with the grace one would eat with the queen but the amounts you would feed a bufalo.

"Is it me or did it became worse?" Xenophilius Lovegood stated.

"Hey Xeno, what do you mean?" I asked while eating my second tart.

"He means that the stupid amount of food you eat became even more of a joke. How does any of it fits?" Sev said with a very annoyed face. "You do realise that these is part of the reason why the other girls of our house don't approach you, right?"

"Really? I always thought it was because I tacked a Gryffindor boy on my first day and that I'm intimidatingly smart. But I have manners even if I eat too much."

"You don't look concerned with your statement." Pointed out Xeno and part of me questioned if it there was a question in there somewhere.

"But I'm not." I say without understanding what they mean.

"You are luck that we love you, otherwise you would be alone."

"I'm not luck, I'm charming. And don't make fun of me because of my social skills, I not very… polished. That's the word." I say frowning, maybe I'm not noticing something? I may not have too many friends in Ravenclaw but everyone cheers me up because I gather a lot of house points and… Oh. Only the boys do that. Am I hated by the female population? We are kids, it's disgusting to think of boys like that, they can't possibly hate me because I eat a lot and don't get fat. I mean, they can't hate me yet for that... Right?

"Hum… Sev, are you guys insinuating that the girls in our house have a issue with me?" I ask a little worried now.

"Oh Merlin! You really didn't know?" I pale at his statement.

"Well, don't worry. The wrackspurts get into their heads because they all taught they would be the smartest or prettiest and you kind of got both spots." Xeno said with a solidary smile.

"But… I help them study. More than a few times and they thanked me for it." I said pouting, I was so worried with other things that I never noticed that. Well, no one ever bullied me… Right? "I mean, everyone was always polite. Maybe I never got close to them but they never treated me bad." I say.

"They don't do anything against you because you tackled a gryffindor boy in the first day in the castle. But don't worry, the only girls that don't like you are the ones that are in our year. The older girls all like you and find you charming like a little sister." Sev says between trying to say the truth and trying not to make me panic.

"Pandora find you charming and the older girls all remember your brother and he was dearly loved by then. He used to make portraits for the girls in exchange of sweets. Not that he needed but he liked to paint and didn't find it fair to do it for free." Xeno completes trying to make me a little less worried. He's really good at that and the image of having a lot of elder sister is really nice.

"Alright. But you guys better keep my back because I'm really bad at noticing these things. At least when it's towards me."

"I'll always have you back your dunderhead." Sev snorts and I smile at him.

The rest of the feast goes smoothly and I try to make an effort to show some recognition to at least my dorm mates but they are strictly polite with me and I now can see that they kind of despise me. Not a good thing but I'll survive, I have friends after all.

17th September 1972

I think I might hate Sirius Black. I have all these amazing memories of him escaping bloody azkaban to hunt down Pettigrew and protect Harry and at the same time I have to face these stupid mutt who knows nothing but prejudice. He wants to get away from his family so much he treats every snake like it's the dark lord itself and has been bullying and pranking Regulus merciless. I can't help but want to punch him really good in that cute face to see him bleed. Even Lily lost and went back to complaining and bad mouthing, with reason, the marauders. I think they might have noticed that Remus is a werewolf since they've been much closer to him and I have seen then in the library researching into dark creatures. They being good supportive friends to Remus doesn't change the fact that they are a bunch of morrons with Sev and sometimes me. I notice that James treats me pretty bad but Sirius never does anything towards me. I think that the tackle I gave him still lingers somewhere.

Now thinking, I saw him with a beatles shirt the other day, it seems that he did got into muggle rock. I'm taking credit for it not that I'm going to tell anyone. It's strange it's like he respects me in some way and leaves me alone. Not that I complain but I would love to have them bring their best efforts against me just so I could justify hexing the hell out of them. I do know that Pa has told me that the best way to change people is with kindness but I think that we don't have to do things the best way all the time and I am already kind to Lily, Sev and Regulus. The slytherin is not very happy to have a half blood claw looking after him but I don't care and has become common knowledge that I'm his friend and that I can throw a hex without getting caught.

Which also became a terrific thing as some of the girls in my house thought I would cower if they came after me together. I manage to disarm and catch every single one of their wands and I manually slapped every one of their faces, in my defense I got a few cuts and a sprained ankle before I manage it. Afterwards I went to my head of house, Flitwick, who was astonished at their behavior and took a lot of points for their bullying but awarded me even more points for managing to take six girls in a duel. He offered to instruct me in duels and prepare to go into the circuits when I get older, I accept as this is a great opportunity and will be really good when I get myself a more active role in the war.

That said now I have to think of a way to deal with the boys permanently. I hate to deal with them in such a way. Sirius trips Regulus in a corridor then I trip him in the great hall on top of the food. He hex Regulus things out of reach then I put itching powder in all of his things. He tries to hex Regulus with the leg lock charm and I manage to hex him with it. I wish Sev would have made levicorpus already I would love to have Sirius hanging by his ankle in the great hall next time he went after his brother. Well, this time he manage to prank Regulus food and swallow the kid's tongue so he doesn't speak. Thus why I am in the infirmary.

"Why do you hate me?" I ask the boy with a pout. He hates that I protect him.

"I'm not a pity project and I can handle myself. You keep meddling with my thing and I end up being rescued without the opportunity to retaliate." He sais with scarn. He's so cute.

"Well, so you hate me because I don't include you in my attacks?" I ask with a grin.

"It's not what I said."

"But it is. Don't worry, I had just the idea. It will take some time but you will love it." I say really excited. Why didn't I thought of it before?

"Just keep protecting me, I don't wanna know what someone like you can do thinking." He says looking miserable and I laugh.

"Oh, you have no idea. I'll come and get you when everything is ready. But now that we are officially friends what do you think is a good response to a tongue swelling, falling hair or conjunctivitis?" I ask getting up.

"Which part of this talk implied we are friends?" He looks with me with incredulity.

"All of it."

"Bloody heel… Conjunctivitis, he likes his hair too much and I have limits." He says resigned and I hug him and leave the infirmary to discover a good way to not get caught hexing Sirius.

3th October 1972

Well, it's been a good month of classes and Sev and Lily are spending a lot of time together since I'm on a mission. Said mission is to elaborate the plans I have to screw completely any possibility of this end up like last time line. One of the plans I have divided with Lily involves us making Sev and Lupin partner up in potions. I have watched Slughorn and I know that today's class he will make year long partners and that can't be changed so today is the best opportunity we will have to make this plan work. I'm also working on the Prank Wars. What is the prank wars? Is my most brilliant plan, if I manage to make the marauders sign this will completely destroy any possibilities of them to bully Sev or any Slytherin. I just have to make a meeting with them without hexing James and Sirius out. I also have to do something about Pettegrew, he was easy to ignore but I know he is a part of their group and maybe I can find a way to put him away from his traitors traits.

That said, Lily knows about potions but Sev knows nothing about my other plans. My third and really beautiful plan is to make alliances in the snake pich. I didn't manage much, true, but I think that there is two great possibilities that I can work on, Narcissa Black, current sixth year prefect and known to do anything for her family. And Helena Mac Entoair, first year, great student that had the worst luck of getting lost and bumping into me. Since this accident I have always made my case of talking to her at the Great Hall, the corridor or the library. I still not sure how much she appreciates me, I think is something in between hating my guts and getting used to me helping and meddlin with her life.

Narcissa was difficult to approach but I have my ways, and since my parents seem to be navigating themselves through the Pureblood gentry because of their connections with the Prince family, somehow now me and Sevs are receiving nods from Slytherin every time we cross paths. This makes me uncomfortable and makes Sevs really suspicious but since I'm on snake taming this doesn't sound so bad. The bad part is that now me and Severus will be going to the Black Yule Ball and I can already imagine how terrific it will be considering that half the party will be of death eaters and they will have to stuck up to my beautiful muggle mother.

Well, whatever plan I might decided to put in action I will use the Ball as an opportunity. I go looking for my friends and find them near the classroom.

"SEV!LIL!" I put my arms hugging both at the same time.

"You are almost late, you've also been raining some spells without us. What are you up to?" Sev asks already looking very suspicious. Well, what he doesn't now he can't stop.

"I'm up to no good. But relax, you will now when time is right." I point out and he shrugs.

Soon we get to the class Lils start with her part of the plan and sits beside Sevs that is clearly happy about it and I wait for the marauders to arrive so I can do my part. They get a little before Slughorn and I grab Lupin with some strength and pull him to sit by my side. He looks a little worried but says nothing, not that the rest of them are really bad at potions but he knows deep down that I'm better at helping him. Not that I'm going to be one doing it. I take two things out of my pocket, one is an alarm that will glow when Slughorn is 15 seconds from entering the room. And the other is a pair that I have with Lily, a trade place stone. Something that I've been investigating and trying to make for the past month, only yesterday with Lils help that I manage to get it right. I wait with patience while Lupin keeps talking to Black and Potter that are sitting behind us. When my alarm glow I immediately grab Lupin's attention.

"Hey! I have something for you." I say quickly holding his hand and pouting the stone in it. He looks puzzled for a second before he glows and soon Lily is by my side where he used to be. At the same time Slughorn enter and tells everyone to sit still that he has some announcements to make. Potter gives Lily a large smile and a sigh.

"James stop with it, looks where Remus got placed." Black states with a frown and Potter turns to him making a death glare at Severus who's sending daggers at me and Lily. We giggled but we all stop when the professor clear his throat to get our attention.

"I decided that to get a more correct notion of your capabilities that I'll have you with the partners you have for the class for the rest of the year. I won't accept changes and I'll not negotiate about this. That said please take note of sleep draught you will be brewing today." The professor said and I had to bite my lower lip not to laugh. I turned to lily who was doing the same.

"I love how you are always right." Lily whispers to me and a smile.

"Not always but often enough, look at the miserable face of Sevs and Lupin." I point out while separating my ingredients.

"Part of me feels sorry for them."

"You were always more kind hearted than me." I make a very sly grin and she roll her eyes.

"What were you thinking McKinnon? I know we have our differences but to do such a horrible thing to Remus is low." Black said looking really angry at me.

"I didn't expect you to help do something so horrible Lily." James completed also outraged.

"It's Evans to you Potter. And honestly? Remus deserve better friends than you. Maybe they will get along unlike you are assuming."

"You guys are childish, it's just a lesson. And I think Remus grades will improve. But since we are talking how about we meet today after dinner to get some things straight?" I say with a raised eyebrow daring them.

Lily turns to me with a smile and whisper so the boys can't hear. "So you will give them a peace offer?! I knew it, the moment I saw you writing some sort of document I knew you would try to stop them. I think it's great Marls."

I look a her a little sheepish. "It's not a peace offer, It's a war statement with very strict war rules."

Lily looks at my face for while and sigh as the boys discuss if my meeting ofer is a trap or not. "I hope your rules are very well written. Are you really a eagle? Sometimes I'm sure you are a snake."

"Of course I'm an eagle, but as a smart person I know I should cultivate other qualities aside from my intellect, like cunning." Lily smiles at me and I and then the boys interrupt us.

"Alright, but if is a trap we are going to retaliate." Potter says while Black puffs his chest trying to be intimidating, he looks rather cute in doing so.

"So I'll see you guys later… And just so you know if you don't start paying attention to your calderon in a minute or two it's going to melt." I say putting my best whippersnapper front and me and Lily go back to the potion in front of us.

As soon as the lesson is over Sev storms out of the room really angry and Lily and I share a look of concern before following after him. We don't take too long to reach him as he abruptly stops in a empty corridor.

"What were you two thinking?" He says with a really hurt look on his face.

"We had determined that he was pleasant enough for us to befriend, I just tried to push things up a bit. And we kind of told you we would be plotting to make this happen over the summer."

"Alright, nothing against it other than the fact that I wasn't told. How could you act behind my back?!"

I look at Lily who looks completely ashamed as seen his reaction and I roll my eyes.

"I partnered you up with someone you can help. I didn't kill your puppy or something like that, don't make it a big thing. Unless you don't want to know of my other plans before tonight's meeting." I point out without patience.

"What plans McKinnon? And what meeting?" Sev's words are laced with venom but it doesn't scare me.

"War plans. We have a free period before dinner so how about we go to the library so you can read the document and discuss?" I say with a smile that breaks my friend little act. He knows that I have something he will like.

"Okay, but this is the last time I'll let you guys get away with setting me up. You have charms now, right Lily?! See you later." He practically drags me out to the library and Lily leaves us smiling.

We spend the entirety of our break in the library and as soon as we get to the great hall I reach to Regulus and ask him to follow me afterwards because my solution will be in play. With him by my side we are a four on four and it is somehow more even. One could argue that Regulus is younger so we are in disadvantage but since I'm a seer and have memories going way forward let's pretend that it's fair somehow.

Regulus kind of join me in giving Sirius and the marauders back for their pranks when it gets out of proportion so he has being talking to me on his own accord and has being talking to Lily and Sev too. It's kind of cool because somehow now we are a quartet and when Sev and Lil get in their best friend zone I have someone to interact and to talk. We kind of discovered that we have plenty in common, he also sings but I had to introduce him to muggle bands which he loves, we can eat like dragons which made us assiduous visitors of the kitchen. We both get along marvelous with the elves, he even taught me some of their customs that I was complete unaware of. He has a wicked sense of humor that I appreciate and a sharp mind and we have discussions that would make some grown ups astonished.

We soon get to the meeting place and the marauders arrive looking very suspicious because of Lily and Regulus presence.

"Hello there. Good to see that the lions didn't chicken out in fear. Let's talk business." I say smiling.

"This better be good McKinnon." James state crossing his arms, the other boys followed his lead and they looked like a confronting font.

"Here's the deal. The pranks are getting out of hand." I say.

"Don't hold your breath, we are not going to stop." James say and Sirius arches an eyebrow at me.

"I never said anything about stopping." I roll my eyes at them.

"I wish." I hear Lily whispering behind me and I grin.

"I thinking more on the arranging some ground rules." I say taking the parchment out of my robes. "I just need a name for your group of people to put in the document." They look between each other and exchange a few words.

"The Marauders." He said like it was the best name ever spoken and I smiled. FINALLY I CAN CALL THEM BY THEIR PROPER NAME! I could dance but a just giggled.

"We are The Deputies, my side has already read the agreement so you guys can discuss between each other while we wait." I pretend to write their group name as I had already written, the advantages of being a seer. Lil, Sev and and Reggie did rolled their eyes at the name that I choosed but since I'm the leader they'll have to put up with it.

They take the parchment and start to discuss with each other, I can see that Remus is beyond please with it but James and Sirius will try to dispute some topics.

The Prank Wars Decree

In order to maintain a level of good rivalry, chivalry and laughs is state in this document the follow rules between The Marauders and The Deputies. The two factions are to enter in a systematic and hallucinating prank vendetta with class and morals which will be listed now:

No group, house or person is to be target in a discriminating form.

No prank must endanger the target health or grades.

No prank must cause material damage to the target.

Every prank that goes wrong ending with someone hurt physically or psychologically are to be followed by an apology and the necessary amends.

Every prank that not follow the first rules is to be judged by the parts in these contracts and a sentence must take place to punish the perpetrator.

Every prank will award each group some sort of point which will be used in the end of the term to decide the winner of the war.

One must not use any wording of this contract to try and break the rules as the most important fact in it is the intent that is clear and not the grammar.

Point System:

Prank delivered to teachers. (25 points)
Prank delivered to students. (Same year 2 points, up years 5 points, OWL students 10 points, NEWT students 15 points)
Prank delivered to Houses. (Your opposing house 1 point, your neutral house 5 points, your friend house 15 points, your own house 30 points.)

Prank delivered to other staff. (Filch -5 point [is kind of rude to prank a squib], Madam Pìnce 20 points, Hagrid 10 points [just because he will laugh at it], Madam Pomfrey 20 points)
Prank delivered to the Headmaster (75 points or 100 if delivered in the Great Hall)
Prank delivered in response to Bullies (15 point per head)
When the parties is not caught by the staff it will receive additional points. (2 points each.)


"We have a problem with the first and third rules. What do you mean discriminating?" Sirius asks looking a little unsure of himself.

"Well, for example, it means you guys can't pick on someone for not having money." Sev says and I know he's hitting on the personal.

"Or for being a muggleborn, or having troubles with learning something." Lily completes.

"Or being on Slytherin as it would be just as wrong as to pick on someone for being in Hufflepuff, for example." Regulus states and Sirius starts to look really guilty. The great thing about good people doing stupid things is that when realization arrives it hits like a bloody hippogriff.

"And on the third rule, just try to picture that not anyone is as loaded as you and Potter, Black. And you will understand why the rule needs to exist." I state with a cold stare and he and Potter look really ashamed with themselves. Remus is a little set back and is trying not to laugh at his friends, I send him a smirk.

"Alright. I think it's fair, but we have to talk about those point distribution." James stated trying not to lose his cool. "Why is pranking your enemy house so cheap?"

"So no one can use the war as an excuse to act on house prejudices." Lily answers and James looks like he wants to complain but doesn't want to get on her bad side.

"I think we should sign it." Remus said and his friends looked conflicted. One one hand all the terms seemed very just and fair on the other it will mean they can't do the things they've been doing.

"I think so too, James." Said a shy Pettigrew and I raise my eyebrow at him. I'll have to approach him so I can understand him better and discover if I can stop him from going dark too, not looking too forward for it since Harry held a grudge against him. In the end he worst actions were all based on fear and cowardice so I have to discover how someone who was sorted in Gryffindor got to that point.

"Well, I think I can't complain it seems fair enough. Just a doubt, you guys have three houses on your group how you define the points for house pranks?"

"It's based on who got the idea for the prank."

"I see…" James and Sirius shared a defeated look but soon they were writing their signatures in the parchment with us.

"I guess this means war. I'm looking forward to see your best plans." I state with a grin before we all shake hands and go our different paths. I don't really know what this prank war will do for the future of the real war but it certainly will be something to remember in the story of Hogwarts.

Thanks for reading.