It's been fifteen years since I first arrived here in Dauntless. Today is the day that Marcus will be receiving the memory serum. There aren't any factionless now. Over time the factionless have been reintegrated back into the factions. Criminals have been sent to jail. There are still a few who live on the streets but they are kept in a small area and watched carefully. Evelyn tried to fight the changes but her 'people' turned on her, they wanted better conditions and were happy with the changes we implemented. Evelyn refused to see reason and a woman named Therese, who was her second in charge, put a bullet in her head.

So although Marcus was meant to become factionless, he will be allowed to live back in Abnegation. He will never know that he has two children living there and thankfully in a few short hours he will not remember that I am his son. I haven't been to visit him; I hope that I will never see him again. I don't have the nightmares that I once did but occasionally it happens. Celine helped me to overcome them the best she could and I still see her if I feel I need too.

"What are you thinking about?" Tris says.

"Nothing much," I say. She is looking at me with that look she gets when she knows I am lying.

"I was thinking about how I have been in Dauntless for fifteen years," I say.


"You know what I'm thinking," I say.

"Do you want to go and see him?" she asks.

"No, it wouldn't do me any good. I have a much better way to spend the day," I say.

"Dad," yells out Daniel as he jumps onto our bed. "What time are we leaving?"

Daniel is eight and we also have a daughter Kaitlyn who is ten.

"In about an hour," I say. Today Zeke, Uriah, Caleb, Edward and I are taking our kids and a few others for a game of paint ball. Tris is eight months pregnant so she is staying home.

"Well hurry up," Daniel says. "I don't want to be late."

"Good morning to you too Daniel," Tris says with a hint of sarcasm.

"Hi mum," he says and then gives her a hug.

"I wish I could be going with you guys today," Tris says to me as Daniel races out of our room to get ready.

"Well I'm glad you're not," I say. "I don't need you going into labour early. Is Lynn coming over?"

"Yeah, she said she is starting to feel like a beached whale. She wanted to know how I could have ever gone through pregnancy three times. She said this is her one and only and that if Tarni wants more kids than it is up to her to give birth," Tris says.

"I like you pregnant," I say while rubbing her swollen belly.

"I'm sure you do," Tris says with a raised eyebrow.


"I heard you and Zeke talking about how you both like the pregnancy sex," Tris says.

I can't help but laugh. "I didn't know you heard that," I say. She laughs as she nods her head.

"Shauna did too. She went straight over to Caleb's and made him give her the contraceptive shot on the spot. It was really funny. He had to run down to the infirmary and get it for her because she refused to move from his home until he did."

"I think Zeke would be happy with that. He can't control Sam and Blake as it is," I say.

"Just wait until they are teenagers," Tris says.

"Don't even think it. It is bad enough that Sam has a crush on Kaitlyn now. I am dreading what they will be like in a few years' time."

Tris starts laughing at me. "What are you laughing about?"

"Sam might have a crush but do you really think he would try anything on Kaitlyn? He is way too scared of his Uncle Four," she says.

"Well it better stay that way," I say getting out of bed. "Do you think you'd want any more Tris?"

"Can we get this one out first?" she says. "I like being pregnant too, Tobias."

"You do?" I ask as I reach over and pull my wife out of bed. Kissing her once she is standing.

"I do," she says. Pulling away. "We are not going to get anything done if we don't start to get ready."

"I could just let the others take the kids," I say.

"Tobias we only have five weeks until we are going to have a new born in the house. Go and enjoy this time with Daniel and Kaitlyn."

"Got to go and kick Uriah's butt," I say.

"What? Like last time?"

"Hey, he was just lucky," I say.

"Sure he was," Tris says. "Just make sure you have your daughter on your team and you may just beat him."

"I know, she is too much like her mother. Do you know that she has never been on the losing team? How does that happen?"

"I've never lost either. Must be a Prior woman thing," she says.

"A Prior woman thing huh? Well there is going to be another one here very soon," I say rubbing Tris's belly. "Did you feel that?"

"Of course I did Tobias. She is in my belly," Tris says.

"Looks like we have another paint ball champion on the way," I say. Tris just shakes her head at me.

"Is Will going with you today?" Tris asks.

"No. Christina still won't let him see Jasmine," I say.

"This is getting ridiculous," Tris says. "I'm going to have to try and talk to her. Ever since Will got married she has been getting worse."

"It's Christina's own fault," I say. Christina and Will got really drunk at the initiation banquet and had a brief reconciliation. It only lasted while they were drunk and then Christina pushed Will away. Then when she found out she was pregnant Will tried to do the right thing but Christina didn't want a bar of it. Up until Will married Stella they had had joint custody. But now that has all changed and we all have to suffer for it. It is going to get worse once Christina finds out that Stella is pregnant.

"I know that Tobias. But you know how she gets," Tris says. "I just feel sorry for Jasmine."

"She is going to end up pushing Jasmine away if she keeps this up. She only has four years until she chooses and I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves," I say.

"Well hopefully she will stay so she can spend some time with her dad without Christina interfering," Tris says.

"So if Lynn is coming here, what is everyone else doing today?"

"Myra and Rita have to work. Shauna, Marlene, Christina and Tarni are going shopping."

There is a knock at the door and I answer the door to a smiling Uriah and his and Marlene's seven-year-old daughter Ashley. "Hey dude," says Uriah walking straight in.

"I thought we were meeting in the dining hall," I say.

"No. Shauna texted me and told me to meet here. Christina and Will are having a screaming match over I don't even know what in the dining hall. They are going to get food for all of us and bring it here," Uriah says.

Before I can close the door Caleb is walking in with his sons Jackson, six and Hamish four.

"What is everyone doing here?" Tris asks as she enters the room.

"There is a fight in the dining hall so everyone is coming here," I say. "Shauna is bringing food for everyone."

"Well let's set the kids up around the coffee table and the adults around the dining table," Tris says.

"There won't be enough room around the coffee table," I say.

"Put Kaitlyn, Daniel, Sam and Blake around the island bench in the kitchen," Tris says.

Edward then walks in with five-year-old Jessica, closely followed by a seven month pregnant Lynn and her partner Tarni and their four-year-old daughter Arabella.

The apartment is starting to look like a war zone with all the kids running around. Thank goodness they only have their paintball guns and we haven't given them any paintballs yet. Tris would kill me.

"Good morning Priors," Zeke says as he walks in the door with his family and a lot of food.

"Morning," everyone seems to shout out at once. Tris and I decided to keep her last name. I was always made to feel like I was a Prior and when we got married I could make it official.

We are all tucking into the food when our front door opens and then slams shut. We all look up to find Jasmine standing there. Tris goes over and gives her a hug while Christina then tries to sneak into the room without being noticed.

"Don't encourage her Tris," Christina finally says. "You should be scolding her for slamming your door."

"Christina go home," I say.

"What?" Christina says.

"You are obviously in a foul mood and we don't want our day dampened by it," I say. "Jasmine can stay here tonight and you can come back when you are feeling better."

"You can't just take my child like that Four," Christina says.

I walk over to Christina, I grab her arm and drag her outside.

"I am over your shit Christina. I'm not the only one. Your bitterness has got to end," I say.

"Did you know that whore is pregnant?" she spits at me.

"Stella isn't a whore Christina and I don't want to hear you talking about her like that. We wouldn't be having to listen to this shit if you hadn't pushed Will away. You keep pushing everyone away Christina and if you keep it up you will lose Jasmine as well. Do you really think she will want to stay in Dauntless if you keep acting this way," I say. "You pushed Gabe away to have a drunken fling with Will and then when he was willing to take you back you pushed Will away as well. So stop with the pity party. You did this to yourself. Everybody in my home right now has stuck by you and helped you over the years. But I'm not having it anymore. If you upset Tris or Lynn while they are both so heavily pregnant I swear I will throw you over the chasm myself."

"Now you are going to go back in there, apologize to your daughter. Then you are going to tell her that she can stay here tonight," I say. "Then I want you to go home and get your shit together. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Christina says.

We walk back into the room and Christina does exactly as I told her too and then leaves. Jasmine walks over to me and gives me a hug saying, "Thank you Uncle Four."

"It will all work out kiddo," I say.

"I hope so," she says. It breaks my heart that Christina keeps stopping Will from seeing her. I just hope she listens to some of what I have told her.

"Go and play with the others," I say. "You can stay with us tonight."

"Woah I haven't seen angry Four in a while," says Zeke.

"You haven't been to a council meeting," Uriah says.

"I am just sick of it. This sort of crap has been going on since her initiation," I say.

Tris waddles over and puts her arms around me. "We could all hear what you said. I probably wouldn't have said it like that but it needed to be said," she says.

"Well I have some exciting news," Marlene says. "I'm pregnant."

This has the room buzzing and congratulations and hugs are now embracing our dining room. Which is a good thing after what just happened.

"Are you sure you don't want to go and see him?" Tris says.

"No. That outburst wasn't about anything other than Christina. I saw how upset Jasmine was and I snapped. Today is supposed to be a fun day for all of us. With our schedules we hardly ever get to all be together like this," I say.

There is a knock at the door and we all turn as Daniel says, "Uncle Will."

Will and Stella walk in and Will says, "Christina just rang and told me I could spend the day with Jasmine."

Jasmine jumps up and gives her dad a hug. Hopefully this means that Christina has decided to calm down a little.

"Well I think we should get this party started," Uriah says. "Paiantballer's lets go."

"I think I'm going to stay here with Tris and Lynn," Marlene says.

"Well I'd be happier going paintballing than shopping," says Tarni.

"Me too," says Shauna.

"Stella do you want to stay with the rest of the preggo club?" asks Lynn.

"Yeah, thanks," says Stella.

"Okay before you all take off I need you to help clean up," Tris says. "Don't even start whining Uriah. The quicker you help the quicker you can all go."

"Fine," says Uriah. I just shake my head at him. He hasn't changed.

Once everything is cleaned up we head out for our day at navy pier.


Once our partners and the kids leave. Us girls go and sit on the couch.

"Thank goodness they have all gone," Lynn says.

"How good is the peace," I say.

"I'm a bit shocked at Four," Marlene says.

"I think it is everything he has been holding in since the day he met Christina," I say.

"As usual she deserved it," says Lynn.

"Yeah," I say. "I know. I just feel sorry for her. I don't understand why she is always like this," I say.

"Tris you are just too nice to her. You always have been," Lynn says.

"Maybe," I say. "Let's talk about something else. Have you thought of a name Lynn?"

"Don't tell Tarni cause she will kill me for telling you but we are going to call him Blake," Lynn says.

"Do you and Four have a name Tris?" Marlene asks.

"We are going to call her Isabella," I say. "But that could change. We had a name picked out for Kaitlyn but then when we saw her we changed our minds."

I don't think it will really matter what we call her. If she is anything like her mum and dad she is more than likely going to change it. Just like we did when we took that jump all those years ago.

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