Here's a little something I decided to do because of the Stop the G:KND movement thing, I am and always have been a fan of Kids Next Door but I can't remember the actual name of the thing, anyone who is interested in a collaboration about making a series on here with me is welcome. Now on to the story.

"Nigel Uno...what have you done?" Although Numbuh 5 was nowhere in sight at the meeting, her voice and words rang through my head as clear as a sunny day before the industrial revolution. I stared down at the planet I called, no, I call home, the beautiful planet known as Earth, home of over 1 billion life forms, some of them my closest friends, and many of them my family. The adventures I had with them, the evil I helped stop, no matter how obsurd the situation, flash before my eyes like a cinema movie, blurry and out of focus, but real, oh so real. I've helped many people, adults, teenagers, kids, and infants alike, but now as I take my hand out of the module in front of me, I realize it's too late, and I've made the worst mistake in my life. I only hope it's not to late to stop the destruction of my home. To any operatives listening to this audio log, whether active or sleeper ops, we must band together and stop the tyranny that is the Galactic Kids Next Door!


I know it's short but it gets the point across hopefully there are still operatives out there who are willing to help. This is Numbah 1.01 aka LegionnaireBlaze signing off.