Tiger, tiger, burning bright -
There are no forests in this night.
Your prey is trapped and safely treed
And now the hungry beast is freed...
Stalking, talking - all is still,
And mindless beasts still have a will.
A countdown started no one sees -
Sometimes the chains you wear are keys.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright -
We won't go down without a fight.
We're in this now, here side by side
But facts and truths in lies may hide.
Calling, falling - tests are set,
And acrobats have lost their net.
A fall is started and clowns reach out
To catch lost hope by imagined shout.

Tiger, tiger, burning bright -
Some things just feel so right.
An enemy's mind may hide a friend;
Sometimes beginnings follow the end.
Parting, starting - hunters turn prey
And the night will dawn another day.

AN: Written for Castle episode 4x10. Because ever since I watched The Mentalist, I accidentally memorised a bit of "Tyger Tyger" and it tends to be rather catchy and keep cropping up... Anyway, the tyger was just a bit too tempting. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Gramercy and God bless you! 8-9-2015