Ada Wong was used to being able to slip in and out of the Neo-Umbrella. Although she knew her luck wouldn't last forever.

Not that she depended solely on luck.

There were so many offices and bases belonging to the group, many operated independently from each other, all with the same goal in mind. Ada was surprised there were this many people who seemingly plotted for world destruction. Or did they naively believe that the founders would spare them their planned apocalypse should they ever manage to bring it about?

The problem, Ada thought, was the Neo-Umbrella could deliver their apocalypse if ever allowed to do so. So far those that opposed them had managed to undo their plans thus far. But even so, Neo-Umbrella maintained a strong grip on its resources. There were simply too many of those in power who were willing to buy what they were offering.

Humanity deserves to destroy itself, she thought.

But for whatever reason she was back in another base telling herself that she was stealing secrets for her employers who would pay money for the research.

She walked right into the trap without even realizing it at first. The computers were open in front of her, she slipped into what she assumed was a room filled with data for her to copy and steal. As she gazed at the monitor in front of her a voice that chilled her to the bone sounded behind her.

"I was wondering when we were going to meet in person Ada Wong."


She froze hands hovering over the keyboard. She didn't turn around. "I thought you were dead." She said.

"Dead?" Wesker's voice came from behind her. "Why would that be?"

"You're not Wesker. You just sound just like him."

"I am in a matter of speaking. I am his son. One of them anyway."

Ada slowly turned around. She knew this Wesker was a clone. Did he know?

"No," she said looking him in the face. "You are definitely not him then."

Wesker looked at her through black shades. She was used to dealing with the previous Wesker through communications devices. Never in person. Seeing his clone in person was unnerving even for her. He even wore black clothing just like him, although gone was the long black trench coat. Or perhaps we haven't gotten to that yet.

"A bit repetitious aren't we? While I have been curious about you Ada, I have been digging through my father's records. He made mention of you to me several times, what I find curious is that you are one of the few who never asked to be injected with any of his ….experiments. Tell me why is that? You've never sought that kind of power for yourself? What motivates you?"

Ada sucked in a breath, of all the questions she'd been prepared for this wasn't one of them. "All of us have a part to play." She finally settled on warily.

"And what's your part Ada?" Wesker said, stepping closer, never taking his eyes off of her.

"I've played many parts," said Ada. "Thief, liar, enemy, friend…of which in particular are you asking about?"

"Which part will save your life?" Said Wesker, "or should I say, Leon's? My father did mention you had a particular fondness for him."

"He would have noticed," said Ada softly.

"How about you be a song bird for me, and tell me what I'd like to know." He raised an eye brow at her.

"All right," said Ada, without hesitating, or allowing him to start asking questions she came back with. "You are not a son of Albert Wesker, you are his clone. His exact replica."

He didn't say anything. He was stunned, and it had always taken a lot to stun Albert Wesker, Sr. Jr. was no different. "Makes sense," He said finally. "Father's genome was perfect for all the research he was interested in." He finally said. "It only makes sense that he created me as a perfect clone of himself in case things went wrong. He'd have wanted to lead himself, not just his spawn."

Ada watched as he turned away her deep in thought. There was something missing here. She remembered the File she'd shown Leon called, "Project Resurrection." What was the purpose of having the clone around at all? What exactly was Project Resurrection? That was what she'd been on the hunt for. There were a few files, but most of them had in reference to Carla Radames, Ada's own clone. A few mentions of an obscure second project that would be put into play if anything went wrong. Although what would go wrong was not mentioned.

Ada waited a moment. There were few people in the world who frightened Ada Wong. Albert Wesker was one of them.

"I was curious as to Simmon's obsession with you." Wesker paused, "but you are quite clever. You've discovered Project Resurrection, despite the fact that we buried it under layers."

"Simmons never did take rejection very well." Ada responded. "I only found whispers of it, I still don't understand exactly what it is."

"My father had a contingency plan for everything," Wesker said. "Carla Radames was just an experiment, certainly one that went awry. But simply a stepping stone."

Ada remained silent. She wasn't sure why he was telling her this. Wesker never did anything without a motive.

"Ada, I am not sure of the all the details of the project, yet," he said distractedly. "Father always said you were handy, even if he was never sure what side you were on. Perhaps you can find it for me, and share the details?"

Ada straightened. She was being spared this time.

"Well there is one other thing you can do for me," he said after a moment. "I want the G-virus and I'm willing to pay for it. I'll even promise to let Kennedy live this time, even if he gets in the way."

Ada hesitated knowing how much Leon loved Sherry. Also knowing exactly what it was that Wesker was asking her to do. She might have had a soft spot for Leon but she'd always kept him at a distance to avoid any weaknesses.

Apparently she had not done the job as well as she had thought.

Wesker heard the hesitated breath and smiled. "Sherry Birkin, or Leon Kennedy." He said and walked away without looking back. "Don't take too long to decide."