The war had been raging for eleven hard years.

There was no hope in sight. No victory without its cost.

Slowly but surely as Albus Dumbledore watched the Wizarding World began to lose its hope. People no longer fought for the light like they once had. Instead they hid theirselves away allowing the Dark Lord's terror to reign as they prayed they wouldn't the next known casualty on a long list.

Not even his Order could hold on much longer. They had lost so many and like the people were lowly crumbling.

The Light was waning.

Something had to be done and soon or all would be lost.

They needed hope.

They needed assurance.

They needed Faith.

And then came the Prophecy.

There was newfound hope and faith.

But there was also despair.

Like he suspected, The Dark Lords Spy had heard part of the prophecy and Albus knew wihtout a doubt Tom would leave nothing to chance- and thats exactly what the blue eyed wizard was counting on.

So the agened wizard hide the only two children who fit the prophecy under the Fidilus with Peter Pettigrew as the Secret Keeper, reasoning with the Potters and Longbottoms that Black would be too obvious for the position.

He knew that by time the week was over Pettigrew would have given the Secret to Tom and though Albus hated having to all but scarifice some of his most loyal some things had to be done for the 'Greater Good'.

And done they were:

On Holloween Night Voldemort killed Lilly and James Potter leaving their son Hadrain 'Harry' as the Boy-Who-Lived while the Longbottoms were totured into insanity and their son: Neville was sent to live with his Grandmother.

On November First, Sirius Black was thrown without trail into Azaban- Another scarifice for the 'Greater Good' - since it was obvious he was the Potter's Secret Keeper and murder of the 'Brave and Noble' Petter Pettigrew.

Finally with Black out of the way and Lupin in self exile, Albus Dumbledore set into motion plans that would one day insure the absolute loyality and control over his new found weapon. That very night, as the muggles laid sleeping within the safety of their homes and the wizards celebrated the child, the Headmaster laid Harry Potter and a note- explaining the Deaths of Lilly and James Potter- onto the doorstep of Number Four Private Drive.

Without a second thought Albus Percival Wulfric Dumbledore turned on heel and vanished into the night with a still disapproving McGonagall and a weeping Hagrid.

He should have known.

He should have suspected.

He should have recognized the glee in their eyes as they informed him he was to accompany them on the Cruise.

He should have realized something was wrong when his walrus of an Uncle glanced about the empty deck as he watched the icy terrain below from the safety rail.

But like all four year old, Freak was obvious.

He didn't' see the walrus move in on him. He didn't see the determined look in his horse of an Aunt's eyes.

But he did notice the sudden push that sent him freefalling into the icy waters below.

Then there was terror and utter panic as he tried and failed to force his way to the surface. Unfortunately Freak was never taught how to swim and slowly but surely the surface moved further and further out of his reach.

This was it.

He was going to drown.

And no one would ever know. No one would ever care.

Of that Freak was certain.

Humanity was a complex species.

They were capable of the Greatest of Kindness and the Most Horrible of Evils.

They created as they destroyed and sometimes Super Secret Agent Nigel could understand the rage his long time Nemesis directed at them.

This would happen to be one of those times.

It was supposed to have been just a little visit and maybe some human gawking as the young hatchlings these days liked to call it. It should have been rather quite seeing how fast the human zoo boat- a cruise if he recalled correctly- moved in open waters.

Maybe Five minutes top, nothing more nothing less.

Of course that had soon change nearing the end of the gawking as he witnessed a large human- or maybe a walrus in human skin?- push a young Lad in rags over the edge of the boat.

The moment the Lad had hit the icy artic waters so had the emerald eyed spy.

Locating the small human was the easy getting him to the surface on the other flipper wasn't as easy but thankfully after a few trail and errors he managed to grab ahold to the back of the little one's shirt with his beak before using all his strength to drag them both to the surface.

As he watched the small human hatchling shiver and cough out icy water on the artic ice, the spy fount it unpleasantly easy to understand the Mad Squirrel's hatred for humanity.

The boat was gone.

Freak couldn't help the shiver that rushed through his spine as a cough tore through his aching throat.

It was freezing.

He could feel the frost and ice already beginning to form on his soaking form as he watched his small rescuers pace around before him, reminding Freak a lot of Mrs. White- his science teacher- when she was trying to figure out a solution to some complicated problem.

"T-T-Thank Y-You."

His voice was low and hoarse, probably hard enough to hear without the chatter of his teeth intervening but the small Penguin seemed to have heard anyway as it paused it pacing and looked at him with a set of matching emerald eyes.

It was probably thinking him crazy for bothering to thank it, but its not like it mattered. No one else was here to see him anyway.

Rubbing his hands down his arms in a vain attempt to bring back the warmth, Freak smiled down the rather comfortable looking Penguin. If he recalled correctly their feathers kept out the chill while preserving their own warmth.

If only...

"I wish I had feathers like yours."

He did not just see that.

Nope. Not him.

Honestly Nigel couldn't tell you what he didn't see even if he tried.

One moment the human Hatchling had been talking to him and the next there had been this sort of...



The spy honestly didn't know what it was but the next moment there had been a hatchling where the human once was.

A small emerald eyed hatchling looking about as confused as he felt.

The peng- Nigel could talk...

Was it normal for Penguins to talk or was it another thing that made him the Freak he was?

"I didn't quite catch your name there Lad."

The was barely suppressed anger in the elder's emerald eyes as the spy tried to reel in his rage.


"That's not a name Lad. Let alone one fitting for a hatchling."

"Its the only one I have. "

The whisper was soft even to his own ears but somehow the penguin before him still managed to hear as his breathing labored and eyes narrowed, Leaving Freak to wonder wither or not he had said something wrong.

"Well then. We'll just have to give you a new one. "

He was keeping him.

He didn't care what anyone esle said or thought but this hatchling would not be returning to the filth.

He'd sooner ensure The Red Squirrel fount his way to their doorstep and would personally cover up the guresome murders before he ever allowed that to happened. And if he couldn't manage that he would get them charged with First Degree Murder.

The Hatchling would be his and anyone who thought otherwise would soon learn why no one screwed over Super Secret Agent Nigel.

"Come along Private."

Taking the Hatchling's flippers into his own the spy slowly helped the smaller onto his feet before began to walk back to his current home- a rather cozy size igloo only a quarter mile from their current location.