Forgotten words spoken in darkness,
Forgotten hearts broken in blackness -
The precious things are quickly lost
In burning heat and hiding frost
And hallways where no one will go,
In graves that no one else will know.
A gem slipping through nerveless fingers,
A jewel escaping careless fingers -
The priceless things fast disappear
In silence where are left but tears
And nightmares devouring the dream,
In dreams where nothing's as it seems.
A thought fading from a broken head,
A hope fading and falling dead -
Some things broken are worth much more
Than the wounds sufferred in any war
That's fought on a ceded battlefield,
That's fought with weapons none will yeild.

Forgotten words bring more than danger
To friends beside that remain a stranger -
Forgotten thoughts are always spoken
To those it will render most broken.
Amnesia brings its rewards
And tighter binds with poisoned cords
Those that it seeks most to protect -
Lies bring back bad side effects.
Truth and lies both hurt the same,
But aren't always under the right name.

AN: Written specifically for Castle episode 4x19, where Castle finds out that Beckett had lied about forgetting getting shot. (Honestly, I was surprised to no end that Jo was rather open - perhaps it helped that the series was ending so they couldn't stretch it out over FIVE SERIES! *sighs* Irrelevant...) And also written for their incredibly annoying game of tip-toeing around each other for nearly the entire majority of the series... Or, you know, I'm just exagerrating and...Anyway. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Gramercy, and God bless! 8-9-2015 (You know, at this point, I can't decide whether Jane and Lisbon or these two are worse - I suppose I should be glad that for the majority of the seven series that they stayed mostly as very good friends. This is just getting ridiculous...)