It's just like Jessie's girl-PART 3:

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15 months later somewhere in East Africa:

"Stupeed 'Merican, ha, ha"

A loud pain filled grunt escapes Finn Hudson's split puffy lips as he lands face first on the dirt floor, courtesy of a hard kick to his lower back, causing a cloud of dust to rise then settle over his body. Groaning after a couple of minutes trying to regain a modicum of composure he pulls his bloody, aching, battered body onto his hands and knees, taking a few deep breaths and wincing painfully each time, as the action causes his ribs, chest and abdomen to burn like his flesh was being stuck with white-hot needles.

A couple of the other people sharing his accommodations, move from their spots in the corners to try and help him stand and do what they could to stop the bleeding resulting from his most recent abuse, probably delivered like usual with the butt of an automatic assault weapon. They could tell from the grimace on his nearly unrecognizable face, that there probably wasn't one inch of Finn's skin, or even the marrow of his bones that didn't hurt like a bitch. Thus making them scared about how to help him stand without actually touching him and increasing his pain level even more.

Brushing away their shaking hands Finn just shakes his head not really worrying anymore about his condition due to a number of reasons. (1) He could do nothing about it. (2) They had no supplies of any sort, and definitely no first aid ones, only the filthy rags they were just standing up in, and (3) he needed to think of a way to get himself and the 6 other people out of this hell hole, where they had been left to rot for god knows what ever fucking reason some 3 months ago. Because there was no way in hell he was going to let these rebel bastards take him out. He had too much to live for!

His injuries forgotten after a few minutes as an adrenaline rush forces his temper to explode, he raises his body off the ground and wishes there was a chair or trash can to kick, instead all he can do is thump his fists on the stone wall, moaning loudly at the excruciating pain the movement sends shooting through his body. The involuntary curse that bursts forth from his mouth causes his companions to scurry back to their dark corners like frightened mice.

"Fuck this shit! These damn rebels do know we are American citizens don't they? What the hell do they even want with a bunch of builders, teachers, and nuns anyway, the damn war was supposed to be over in this part of the country…"

"Mr Hudson, we have to have faith that everything will be alright and our saviour will deliver..."

Trying to take a deep breath but unable to, only letting out instead a grunt of pain caused by his probable broken ribs Finn says through gritted teeth. "No offence to you or your church Sister, but I can't see how praying, while we just sit here on our asses waiting for you ladies to be dragged out and molested by these animals, or just shot for their enjoyment..., remember we have all seen that happen before! Is gonna help us. We have to try and make some sort of plan and weapons or something... Everyone try and loosen the stones in the walls again and if we use what is left of our clothing we could make ropes that we could strangle the fuckers with..."

Taking a long look at Finn's dirty, full bearded blood caked haggard face, (imagining his must look just as bad) whilst trying to think of some way to calm his friend down, even though he is himself worried sick about their current predicament. Steve Curtis, (a 58 year old American engineer working with the US Government's rebuilding team and Finn's architecture company) says "I know Finn but what can we do man, it's like you said if we try to escape they are likely to just shoot us, not that we have anything to use to defend ourselves with besides the rags we are wearing, we have tried and ended up with a rifle butt to the face and a kick in the guts, or worse... and you know better than anyone what they can do, seeing as you seem to be their favorite punching bag. So until our governments hurry their asses I guess we just have to sit tight."

From his now slouched position against the furthermost wall from the door Finn expels a loud curse "Fuck it all! Before his tone softens and tears trickle down his face making rivulets in the dust and blood before getting lost in his beard. "I have to get out of this freaking place and home to my family, I've not even held or seen our son except by video and photos and he is nearly a year and a half old already. I missed out on seeing him born and my wife had to do it all by herself, poor Rach must be frantic, worrying about me not to mention my Mom she has already lost my dad in a war zone. Surely the Red-cross or someone can get us outta here, shouldn't we be protected by the Geneva convention or something?"

Steve nods his greying head in agreement with Finn's words understanding perfectly his frustration with their situation his own face sad and as he looks around at their five female companions whose thoughts are written all over their silent faces, as they sit huddled together with their hands entwined against the wall.

Steve says quietly. "Man I do understand how you're feeling trust me, my youngest Sara just graduated from Med school, and only had her big sister Jaylee to watch her walk the stage, there has only been the three of us for about 15 years since my Ruth passed… but buddy stay strong and don't stop believing someone out there is trying to get us outta here. But let's all have another try to loosen the stones you never know maybe our luck will change and today will be a winner..."

All of a sudden loud gunfire explodes outside the filthy, dimly lit bunker where Finn, Steve and their 5 co-hostages have been held for the past few months. Then in an instant the steel door of their prison is blown open…


15 months later in New York City:

"Chelly, are you OK?" Blaine asks his sister when he sees her rubbing her arms and staring vacantly out of the window of her New York apartment watching the last rays of a cold winter sun descend over the cityscape, every now and then shivering then continuing the cycle of rubbing her arms.

Making his way across the well furnished living room careful to not tread on any of little Joshua's toys spread all over the dark wood floor which is not a usual thing, as Rachel is a very house proud and organized woman who lives by that old adage (Nana Una used to say all the time) 'There is a place for everything and everything has a place'.

He knows it is a silly question as it is perfectly clear that his sister is anything but OK, but he doesn't know what else to do, his brother in laws status of MIA is weighing heavily on everyone including his own fiance Finn's brother Kurt, and their family and friends.

All of a sudden Rachel spins on the spot and levels Blaine with a devastated look, her big brown eyes flooding with tears and her normally petite frame now shaking with her sobs, looking even smaller as she wraps her arms tighter around her middle as if trying to hold herself together.

"What sort of question is that Lainey, how can I be huh? My husband is missing in some god forsaken war torn country on the other side of the damn world that was supposed to be safe, he wasn't supposed to be anywhere near any fighting all he was doing was helping those poor people by designing them houses, his contract was for 12 months, and this is the result... And here we are 15 months later he is still not home we haven't had one single letter or phone call for months now, and he hasn't even held his own son yet..."

Blaine can't get across the room quick enough to catch his sister, before she collapses against the sofa and slides down the side curling into herself as much as possible. Wrapping his arms around her and using one hand to press her dark head into his shoulder Blaine starts to sing one of Rachel's favorite Avril Lavigne songs, hoping it might bring his sister some comfort.

"You're not alone

Together we stand

I'll be by your side, you know I'll take your hand

When it gets cold

And feels like the end

There's no place to go

You know I won't give in

No I won't give in.

Keep holding on

'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through

Just stay strong..."

After Blaine finishes the song Rachel takes a deep breath and wipes her eyes on her sleeve, and as she lifts her face to look at her twin's own tear streaked one, she feels a little better knowing that everyone loves and is missing Finn and just want him home, but she honestly won't be right till Finn is in her arms again.

"Thank you Lainey, I know deep down he is OK I can feel him, our tether is strong but… but until I know he is on his way home, I..."

Then before she can finish her sentence the siblings are interrupted by the little voice emitted by the baby monitor which is announcing young master Hudson is awake and more than likely in need of a clean diaper and a feed. Putting her sadness aside and smiling at her baby's happy chatter Rachel gets up from the floor straightening her clothes and grabbing some tissues from the box on the coffee table to dry her eyes and blow her nose. Laughing softly "Sounds like somebody is awake and demanding his mommy's undivided attentions."

"Why don't you go and put some coffee on Chelly or better yet find some wine, Kurt will be along with dinner soon and will be more than ready for a drink, their new leading lady is a real talent-less handful so he will need a drink to calm his temper. I'll get my nephew, I haven't seen him for a couple of days and I'm sure he has grown another couple of inches, I'll even endeavor to change his diaper, just hope it isn't a dirty one..." Scrunching his nose at the imagined smell he says. "That is just ewww! Kurt will definitely be on dirty diaper patrol when it is our turn" Shaking his dark head and scrunching his nose again Blaine walks down the hallway to Master Joshua Finn Hudson's nursery, the soft blue walls a crisp clear backdrop for the music notes border, and randomly placed decals of red drumsticks and footballs.

"Hey there buddy, hows my favorite nephew'?" Blaine grins as Finn's dimples and lop sided smile greet him when he leans over the side of the crib and scoops the giggling little boy up blowing a series of loud raspberries on his bare tummy.

Sweet infectious giggles make way for the few clearly understood words in Joshua's ever expanding vocabulary. "Unca Laney no do it, make me ticels, icky."

"Icky? Aww, you love Uncle Lainey's kisses Joshy, and just my luck you have a smelly diaper yeah?"

At the baby's cheeky grin and head nod Blaine chuckles again and says "OK then well let's sort that out for you and then we can go see your Momma huh? And maybe Uncle Kurtsie will be here by then too, he is bringing some falafel and koftas' and that yummy tzatziki you like on your souvalaki."

Little Joshua claps his hands wildly nearly taking out Blaine's eye and begins to tell his uncle where his clean diapers' and everything else he would need were kept.

Rachel was feeling very alone and isolated in New York, even though Blaine and Kurt were there and she saw them nearly everyday, their dads' were 4 months into a 6 month world cruise and too far away to comfort her. She didn't want to bother them when she knew how much they had both needed the break after Papa's doctor told them the results of his tests. Feeling more now than at any other time in her life she needed a mom, and of course the only woman who fit that bill was her mother in law. She was needing to be with Carole, who she knew felt the same sense of loss, Rachel was positive they would help each other, so that night when Josh had gone to bed and Blaine and Kurt had left after dinner she rang her mother in law.

"Hi Rachel, sweetheart is everything ok? Have you heard some...?" loud sobs interrupt her words.

"Oh Mom, c-can Joshy and me please come visit, I haven't heard a single word about Finny and I-I need…"

Poor Carole was in tears herself and wanted nothing more than to hug Rachel and help her to deal with the pain that the uncertainty of not knowing what has happened to Finn is causing her.

"Of course darling you never have to ask when are you coming? Burt and I will meet you both at Dayton airport."

"T-thanks Mom I will check online and get back to you asap, thanks for everything see you soon ok, love you." Ending the call Rachel gets online and books a flight leaving New York the next afternoon. She then calls Blaine to let him know what she was doing and that she would stay in Lima with Carole and Burt for the next little while and to use they wanted from her fridge to save it going to waste. She then sends via e-mail her flight details to Carole before tidying the apartment, packing hers and Joshua's stuff and calling down to the doorman asking him to redirect any mail delivered after tomorrow morning's delivery to 1155 Kingston St, Lima Ohio, which is her in-laws address.

Thankfully little Joshua slept most of the flight so when they finally landed at Dayton, Rachel wasn't having to deal with a fussy toddler, he went straight to Granpa Burt and was busy telling him all about the plane adding the sound effects and out-stretched arms as wings for added effect. Meanwhile as soon as she saw Carole standing there with her arms wide open and tears running down her face Rachel lost it and practically molded her tiny frame to her mother in-law's. Her heavy sobs immediately staining the older woman's sweat top. Burt made sure Joshua was distracted so he didn't get upset by his momma's breakdown. A few minutes of soft soothing shushing and tight hugging had Rachel somewhat calmer. Though she still didn't let go of Carole's gloved hand while they followed Burt and Josh to the parking lot. It was about 5:pm when Burt pulled the car into his garage and told the ladies to go on inside where it was warm as he would grab the luggage.

Little Josh was so excited to be at Nanny and Granpa's house and acted like he was only there yesterday, heading straight to his toy basket in the corner of the living room by the bay window, stopping only to pet Nanny's cat Morris who was stretched out on his back across the window seat. Josh was chattering away to the cat as he unpacked his favorite building blocks and miniature football and proceeded to construct a football field.

"Hi Mworis, momma an' me was arpane I misted you, we is come for 'cation, daddy come soon, me misses him, momma too she vwery sad"

Obviously Morris couldn't answer the little boy verbally being a cat and all, but he did move a bit closer and allow Joshua to rub his grey fur the wrong way, putting one white socked paw on his arm, as though he knew the boy needed some comfort and the reassurance that his daddy would indeed be home soon.

Noah stopped by the Hudson-Hummel's home a couple of days after Rachel's arrival, not knowing that she was there, to see if Carole had any news on Finn and to ask how Rachel was holding up.

When Carole saw Noah through the front window as he was walking up the path, she jumped up from where she was sitting with Joshua on the couch reading him a story, excitedly telling her grandson that Uncle Noah was here, she couldn't get to the door fast enough. Because the instant the door opened Josh had attached himself to Puck's legs and was babbling away, smiling his daddy's crooked dimpled smile and looking up at him with big dark eyes just like his momma's.

"Unca Nowwa, you is come sees me!" Smiling widely at his godson and nephew Puck picks him up and makes to throw him over his shoulder, making the little boy burst into bouts of squealing giggles. Before tipping him upside down and holding him by his ankles. "Hey little Huddy how's my best boy, I didn't know you were here is Momma here too?"

Still giggling and nodding his head so fast Puck was worried he might hurt his neck. He turned him up the right way and instead started to tickle his bare belly.

"Momma bakin' come see"

Walking in the direction of the kitchen Puck could smell the sweet nutty banana bread, and choc walnut brownies, which had always been a favorite and wondered if Rachel would pass her magic recipe onto Steph.

"Momma look Unca Nowwa is come see me"

Looking up from the counter Rachel quickly swipes her fingers over her cheeks and paints on a wide smile that doesn't reach her eyes, but makes little Joshua smile happily before asking if he can have some cookies, at his mothers nod he takes a heart shaped (instead of the usual stars, Puck figures the heart is one of Rachel's famous metaphors for hers not being here) pink iced cookies and races off calling for Morris and asking if he wants to share a yummy cookie an' watch TV.

"Hey how are you doin' princess?" Puck asks softly as he opens his arms wide and in an instant they are filled with his friend whose tears dampen his shirt within seconds. Guiding her to the closest bar stool Puck rubs Rachel's back and makes soothing noises attempting to hold back his own emotions as well.

"Hey, Hey, come on squirt don't cry, The world is cool now, the Puckerone stud machine is in da house!" He then does some cool hand wave that has Rachel giggling wetly through her hiccups and reaching for the tissue box on the counter. "I was hoping there would have been some news by now, I saw on TV that there was a group of rebels captured by the army that had been holding hostages, but they didn't name any of them."

"I'm sorry Noah, but no I haven't heard anything, everyday I pray that someone will tell me something, and after all the letters and e-mails I've sent the government agencies and even the red cross, there is still nothing. I know I have to be strong for Finn and Josh… my heart is breaking thinking what my poor Finn must be going through… but I'm not sure how much more I can take..., h-he has to come home Noah..."

"I know Rachie an' I'm positive he'd be busting his ass tryin' to get back to you and little Josh as well..., but to take your mind of things for a little while at least why don't you join me and Steph, Miri and Billie and Kurt and bow tie B, for a pre engagement party dinner on Friday night at the Olive garden an' have an evening of girly talk... well you girls and Kurt will, me and Blaine can talk football and stuff. I'm sure Momma H won't mind watching little Huddy."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea I have missed Miri and Billie, thanks Noah" putting all her acting skills to good use trying to sound happy about spending an evening with a woman who for some reason took an instant dislike to her when they met just over a year ago and tried to keep Noah from having any contact.

Friday night arrives and when Kurt, Blaine and Rachel walk into the restaurant and wait to be shown to their table, Rachel is nervously biting her lip and continually playing with the end of her long hair she styled into a loose braid. Worrying about how Stephanie will treat her, normally Rachel is able to stand up to other peoples' dislike and petty jealously, after all it has been going on since grade school and is sometimes even worse on Broadway. But she is at a loss to understand why her friends' fiancee is like she is. Noah's 'feelings' for her long ago fizzled out to just friendship, and he knows her feelings for him have always been of the big brother sort and that's all! But before she has anymore time to think about things a hostess is showing them to a table at the back of the room already occupied by four others.

"Rachel hi, oh my how are you doing sweet pea?" Miriam jumps up from her chair and immediately pulls Rachel into a hug, which Rachel returns with as much emotion as Miri and after pressing a kiss to her friends' cheek pulls away slightly to send her a smile that says 'as good as I can' before moving to say hello to Billie and sending a soft smile Stephanie's way, before taking her place in-between Blaine and Miri.

"Hello Stephanie, you look lovely this evening, so happy and relaxed, how are things coming along with your wedding plans?

Sending Rachel an odd look, the bride to be smiled haughtily at her as she said. "Everything is well on track.. well except we need to set the date and as soon as Puck makes up his mind, I can finalize things, but he is taking his time I really don't know why he can't just pick a date and let me get on with things… anyway I'm ready to order now, has everyone else decided?"

At Stephanie's comment Puck reaches for her hand and squeezes it sending her a sharp look when she turns to look at him, before shifting his eyes to Rachel, nodding his head in her direction. Stephanie just shrugs and pulls her hand away giving him an unapologetic glare taking a long drink from her glass of wine.

Rachel on the other hand has suddenly become very interested in her napkin that she is strangling to death with her shaking hands, which both Blaine and Kurt are holding in her lap.

"Babe you know why I want to put off setting the date, I'm sure it will be real soon though, but just think how much more ready I'll be to whisk you away for a few weeks of the Puckerone magic on our honeymoon." Noah sends her an eyebrow wiggle before leaning over and laying a deep kiss on her mouth. The rest of dinner is pleasant, Rachel finally seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself (or perhaps it was the two or three glasses of wine) the food as always was lovely. Miri and Billie telling the boys and Rachel all about their lives in England and that they were looking at moving back to the US as soon as their companies finalise the new positions. Talk then turned to Joshua and how fast he was growing.

Things were winding down as Miri and Billie bid everyone a good night, before heading to their hotel. Rachel then excused her self to visit the bathroom. Puck left the settle the bill and Blaine and Kurt waited for Rachel in the foyer.

Meeting Stephanie on her way out of the bathroom Rachel smiles and says "Thanks again for an enjoyable evening and if there is anything I can do to help with your wedding to take some pressure off you I'm more than happy to."

Standing up to her full 5'7" Stephanie pushes Rachel against the hall way wall and starts to berate the smaller woman. In a snide tone she practically spits her words "The only thing you can do for me is to leave my fiance alone, why should my wedding be put off because your boyfriend has got himself lost somewhere, huh? Puck wants Flinn to stand with him, but he has other friends that would do just as well... I mean how long do I have to wait..." She is smirking at Rachel's sad look and damp eyes, and as Stephanie raises her open hand to slap Rachel, all of a sudden an angry voice cuts through.

Noah overhears his fiancee take her unnecessary jealousy out on Rachel He is shocked and disappointed that the woman he loves has attacked his friend

"Stephanie, that's enough!" Then in a gentler tone, "Rachie I think B and Kurt are ready to go now, before the next snow fall, I'll come by and see Joshy an' Momma H tomorrow yeah?"

At the tiny brunette's timid nod he smiles and leans down to give her a hug, whispering just for her to hear. "I'm sorry about that I promise I'll fix it but don't you worry he will be home soon I can feel it OK!"

"Thanks Noah, I hope so too."

Puck watches as Rachel makes her way down the hall and though to where the guys were waiting, before sending a hard glare towards his wife to be, deeply hurt that she would treat Rachel like that and as she opens her mouth to speak he just presses his pointer finger over her mouth and telling her in a clipped tone "We will talk about this at home."

For the entire 10 minute drive home, Stephanie slouched in her seat her pretty face marred with an angry scowl and deep pout, every now and then letting out a puff of annoyed breath that blew her auburn fringe away from her face. Once inside their modern but cosy home (designed by FC Hudson and one of the most popular floor plans built by Studs-R-Us building and design)) Puck makes her sit on the sofa and tells her not to interrupt until he is finished. Another loud huff Steph does as she is asked all the while knowing she was wrong to accost Rachel like that but…

"Babe you know I truly love you right? And since we've been together I haven't so much as looked at another woman, well I'm gonna tell you a story but first I gotta say how much it is killing me inside to see what you did to Rachel tonight."

"Puck, I..."

"Stephanie please just listen! Since I was 5 years old Finn Hudson has been like a brother to me, I've told you this before but with all your excitement and wedding planning it must have slipped your mind. But it just won't feel right standing under the Chuppah without my brother by my side, and as much as I love you, can you please just understand that if it wasn't for Finn all these years keeping my ass on the right track and focused, I would have blown my chance at even graduating high school not to mention college and becoming the man I am today. I told you I met Rachel in freshman year of college and thought I was in love.. but it was 500% one sided as she fell for Finn and he for her the very first time they met and as hard as I tried she just wasn't interested…," He sends Steph a cheeky wink. "I know I still can't understand what she was thinking but it was a good thing see... coz otherwise I wouldn't have had the chance to meet the love of my life and be lucky enough to call her my fiancee…"

Moving to sit next to Steph on the sofa he takes her hand and rubs his thumb over her engagement ring pressing a tender kiss on her nose, their eyes meeting and a sheen of moisture making her green eyes shine like emeralds.

"Poor Rachel with everything else going on with her Dad being sick and all, has no time for your uncalled-for jealously, you have nothing to worry about as she has never seen me as anything more than a very good friend and Finn's brother, I am just looking out for her and her son as a promise to Finn, which FYI was made in college. Huddy is the only man she will ever see and the fact he has been away for nearly a year and a half… he wasn't even by her side when Joshy was born, Which I know for a fact killed both of them coz, all he's ever wanted is to be a Daddy and from the minute they found out he was over the moon. Now Rachel is strong, I guess dealing with all the egos and ass-holes on Broadway she has to be but that is professionally, this is a whole different ballgame, this is her husband. Not to mention he's been MIA for nearly 4 months now with no word. It also goes without saying that she doesn't appreciate being treated like a skanky bitch when she has done nothing to deserve it. So please promise me baby that you will apologize to Rachel and accept her help if she offers again as it helps keep her from going crazy worrying about the love of her life."

The day after the altercation at the Olive Garden, Stephanie called Rachel and apologized profusely after Noah made it very clear to her the night before that he thought of Rachel as a sister and nothing more, and she hoped that Rachel could understand the stress and trying to keep her old fashioned and divided family happy is what made her lash out, and is deeply sorry for adding more hurt and upset to her knowing that she is already going through enough with her husband away, and really would like to be friends, but would understand if Rachel couldn't forgive her.

Looking for Noah who was helping to set up the ballroom and bar for their engagement party that evening, Rachel walks quickly across the room, tears streaming down her beautiful face, baby Joshua squirming in her arms and wanting down. She is clutching a piece of paper in her tiny hand tightly and as soon as Noah sees her he rushes over scooping a now fussy Joshua into his left arm and wrapping his right around Rachel he presses a soft kiss on her cheek trying to find out what has happened. After a couple of minutes he sees the paper and instantly fears the worst and it is bad news about his oldest friend. Judging by Rachel's weepy look he doesn't want to think about it, but she thrusts the paper into his hand and takes her wiggling son back, pressing her wet face into the baby's neck and hugging him tight. Noah with one arm still tight around her shoulders and her brunette head now resting against his chest, he starts to read his scared look soon turning to one of utter relief when he read the words they have all been waiting to hear for months. Finn is alive and, due to return to the US and the closest airport to his home town in 2 days which going by the date on the letter was to be today. The letter went on to say that he would need someone to meet the flight and speak with the army doctor who would be traveling with him regarding his after care and medication etc, etc.

Rachel was still crying but now they were happy tears and was telling Noah she was just on her way with Carole and Burt to pick him up, but wanted to let him know Finn was home, so to please come visit him real soon."

He has just finished reading the letter, his own tears racing like a waterfall down his tanned cheeks when a demanding voice he hadn't heard for over 2 years, the last time in a gaming room at a Las Vegas casino infiltrates his mind.

"Noah why wasn't I invited personally to your engagement party. I am your Mother after all, how do you think I felt having to read about in the local paper? Now let me see my grandchild…

Rachel is half way to the door, when she stops hearing Noah speak in a harsher tone than she has ever heard before. She spends a few minutes looking between Noah and the older woman who looks a lot like Miri and has Noah's hazel eyes. Her eyes are locked on Rachel and Joshua, and as Rachel cuddles Josh a little tighter worrying about the older woman's words Noah who is now standing next to her says

"Rachel, go princess and bring my QB home I'll deal with this OK, trust me!"

He leans down to press a kiss on Joshua's cheek and gives Rachel a tight hug his face soft as he smiles at her. Then in an instant Rachel notices both his body language and tone become hard as he addresses his mother.

"You weren't sent an invitation Meredith, simply because you weren't invited, I don't care how you feel about anything so don't take a wrong turn on your way out will you, and even though I don't owe you shit that isn't your grandchild...

Rachel doesn't have time to think about anything else at the precise moment in time because her Finny is home and even though he is obviously hurt she will nurse him back to health even if she has to forgo sleep for a month she will hold him and never let him go again. Her tears start anew as she buckles Josh into his car seat before climbing in the other side, waving off Carole's concerned look, but she is able to tell Carole that Noah's mom turned up just as she was leaving, and should they call Miri and let her know in case Noah needs some help?

"Probably a good idea sweetheart I'll give her a quick call." Carole says before digging her cell from her purse

Rachel nodded as her thoughts then moved onto her husband and everything she had to tell him.

Little Josh must have known his momma was in dire need of calm because 15 minutes into the drive he fell asleep, none of the adults said much either all just worrying and thinking about their son and husband and what his condition was. Feeling the tether pull tighter every mile they got closer to Dayton Rachel was trying to control the urge to demand Burt drive faster, so instead she opened the picture file on her cell and scrolled through the hundreds of photos of her Finn, momentarily lost in the past with each one.

Until Carole's voice broke through when she asked "Rachel honey what gate is Finn's plane supposed to land at?"

"Hmm? Oh sorry Mom... um gate 16 apparently it is only for military planes so we shouldn't have to wade through masses of other passengers and the like."

Just as she finishes speaking Burt pulls the SUV to a stop as close to the building and wheelchair ramp as possible, just in case Finn was in a chair. Joshua woke up when the car stopped, as they had about 30 minutes before Finn's plane was due to land Burt took his grandson on a little tour of the airport checking out all the cool trucks, luggage carousels and even the coin operated snack machines before joining his family at the front of gate 16 where Rachel guided her son's attention to said gate and whispered in his ear that very soon his daddy will come through the big red doors, so keep watching them. Burt offers to carry little Joshua but Rachel shook her head no and without words Burt understood that she wanted to be the one to introduce Finn to their son.

The time seemed to drag though it probably didn't help that Rachel was perpetually watching the clock every 2 minutes wondering if she should have dressed up a bit more or put make up on or even gone to the beauty parlor but if she was being honest her mind hadn't been on anything other than seeing her husband after so long and knowing he was now home and safe. Lost in her own head she was suddenly brought back to earth by the loud intake of breath from Carole and the soft murmur of the single word "Finn"…

Everything seems to happen at once, because Joshua is squirming and complaining she is squishing him, making her loosen her hold and through her bleary, tear filled eyes she finally spots about 5 feet away walking slowly, but smiling widely and even through the masses of healing wounds and bruises coloring his handsome face, showing off his oh so cute dimples, his shining amber eyes leaking big fat tears. She takes off in a run Josh giggling at the way he was being bounced against his momma's chest thinking it is a game and in an instant she is back in the only place she has wanted to be for the past 15 months wrapped in her husband's arms and her mouth pressed as tightly as possible against his, their tears of happiness and relief at being reconnected mixing in a salty stream on their faces and dripping off their chins.

For a few intense and emotional moments Finn Hudson was lost in the feel of his wife's mouth on his, and like always the reality was way, way better than the dreams he'd used for company in his time away, needing to breathe he reluctantly pulled away, taking as deep a breath as his damaged ribs could cope with before he lifted one shaky hand to cup Rachel's cheek locking his eyes on hers and whispering a tender "Hi Mrs Hudson" his gaze then moving from her face to lock on the little boy clutching her jacket and shyly looking at him with the same amber eyes.

"Joshy this is your Daddy, remember I've told you stories and shown you Daddy's special picture book? Can you say hi? He has missed you so very much"

Little Josh lifts his head and looks at Rachel seeing her teary smile and the way she is nodding her head and in a little whisper says "Hi Daddy, Momma no sad now." Then to everyone's surprise threw himself out of Rachel's arms and into Finn's, the sudden action causing Finn to over balance slightly and sit heavily on the nearest seat. All Finn could do was envelope his little boy in a tight cocoon and burst into tears, and as he buried his face in Joshua's neck the little boy started to sing. As soon as the first word left his mouth, Rachel knew what he was trying to say and started to sing softly. Earning a beaming smile from Josh as he nodded his head, and using his little hands encouraged Carole and Burt to sing too. Finn's eyes never left his son except for the couple of times he looked over at his parents then his wife.


"Smile though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by

If you smile through your pain and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through
For you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear
May be ever so near

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

By the time they had finished even Dr. Bassett from the army who had accompanied Finn, and standing in the back ground was crying openly into his handkerchief. Homecomings were always emotional and he had seen his fair share some happy and teary when families are reunited like this, and others where all the poor family got was a folded flag. But this was a different situation, Finn Hudson wasn't a serviceman he was a normal everyday civilian who had just unfortunately been caught up in hostile action a long way from home whilst trying to help others. He also knew that the scene in front of him was the best medicine anyone could ask for, seeing his charge brighten up the instant he laid eyes on his wife and son, (he found out from talking to Finn during the flight from England that he'd missed being there for the last few months of his wife's pregnancy and his birth). Finn's injuries of which the main concern were his 3 broken ribs and bruised kidney's and the multiple cuts and contusions, that covered a vast majority of his body, though now that they had been cleaned and stitched, would take longer but were healing well.

While at the hospital in London Finn had been given the opportunity to speak with psychiatrist's and been made aware of PTSD symptoms he may suffer from. According to his medical file Finn had said a couple of times during meetings, that the only reason he didn't go under was because he had to get back home to his wife and son and also he had made a promise to his brother he would be there as his best man when he got married. So there was no way he was gonna let those rebel bastards win he had too much to live for. Dr. Bassett knew for certain that Finn Hudson's recovery would be a quick one. After introductions and a conversation about after care and a request to make an appointment with their family Doctor, Dr. Bassett handed over Finn's medical file and wished them all the best for the future. He was slightly taken aback when a tiny brunette flash wrapped her arms around his middle and through teary eyes whispered her eternal thanks for bringing her Finny home. The next minute Carol and Burt both thanked him Burt nearly shaking his arm from the socket as he pumped his hand in gratitude, Carole just openly kissing him on the cheek and nodding through her tears.

For the entire hour and a bit drive back to Lima Rachel never let go of Finn's hands or really took her eyes off him, the ride was silent, each adult lost in their own thoughts, but all 4 had the same identical one. That what ever cosmic being it was that heard their prayers and brought Finn Hudson home would be forever their hero! Arriving at the house Rachel was fussing over Finn, not allowing him to carry so much as his coat, in case it was too much. All he wanted to just lay down with her and his son in their bed and just be together. He couldn't believe how Joshua took to him straight away he was sure the little boy would be nervous or even scared of him, considering his face looked like a patchwork quilt. They'd shaved his beard off at the hospital, and he'd scared himself the first time he saw his reflection.

"Do you want anything honey?" Rachel asks once they are home and have Finn settled on the reclining sofa chair, she is watching his face intently for any sign of discomfort. "Are you hungry? Coz I made a pot of your favorite chicken soup with the little dinosaur pasta shapes..."

Smiling at her Finn shakes his head no and motions her closer, reaching out to take both her tiny hands in his large ones he gently pulls her until she lands sideways on his lap. His arms automatically wrap around her tiny body, which he is disturbed to notice is even thinner than normal.

"No baby I'll hurt you…"

Her words are stolen from her lips and replaced by Finn's as he starts to kiss her slow and soft at first due to his still tender mouth but after a few minutes their kisses intensify as his moans and Rachel's whimpers join, as do their tears and tongues. Finn can't help but think being able to just kiss his wife, after not being sure he'd get the chance again has got to be a gazillion times better than winning the lottery. But as a lack of air was making him slightly light headed, he slowly pulled away, smiling again at the whimper and closed eyed pout on his soul mate's beautiful face.

"I have missed you so freaking much Rach. All I want to do is lay with you and our son on our bed, and just hold you both can we please?"

Smiling at him through her tears Rachel is so happy that he is here and besides a few cuts, nasty bruises and sore ribs he is still her Finn, back where he belongs.

"We can! It is nearly Joshy's nap time anyway so why don't you go up and get comfortable while I get him ready. Oh and FYI Mr. Hudson I missed you more!" She says softly leaning down to press another tender kiss on his mouth.

Chuckling a little then turning serious Finn says in a whisper, "If you say so baby."

2 months later:

"Finn honey, where are you boys?"

"On the back deck babe, Joshy and me are just chillin' and talking about what us men want for lunch weren't we dude? Also how beautiful and sexy his momma is an' how much we want to (s.e.x) her up now I'm like better and all… well I was... he was just agreeing that his favorite kind of pie is double cheese and pepperoni but only if it is the really good imported stuff that comes from some place near Michigan."

"Mmmm yummy Momma, daddy an' me wants pitza pwease."

"Pizza for lunch! Are you sure you don't want some braised tofu instead?" Sounding aghast at the request Rachel bends down to first press a noisy kiss on the pleading happy face of her 18 month old son as she hands him a new little golden book for his collection and tells him to go ask Nana about his surprize then the instant he jumps off his daddy's lap racing inside and calling for Morris the cat, Nana and Granpa. She then takes his place and straddles her husband's lap proceeding to attach her hungry lips to his, her little hands somehow finding their way under his sweat top to rub over his stomach and slowly move upwards to fondle his nipples and comb her fingers through the thick hair covering his firm well defined chest. Before lowering one hand and skirting a finger along and under the waistband of Finn's sweat pants unable to help it when her finger accidentally on purpose makes contact with the tip of his dick. She smirks at the moan of want that leaves his mouth.

"W-well h-hello to you to Mrs. Hudson, is there something I can help you with?" Finn breathes out when they pull apart for air, sending her a knowing smirk and showing off his dimples in all their sexy glory.

Looking at him saucily she taps a finger on her chin pretending to be in deep thought. "Well now you mention it Mr. Hudson there is in fact something you can do to help me, but it requires the both of us to be naked and on our bed upstairs behind a locked door. Do you think that request falls within the perimeter of allowable activities as noted by Dr. Jameson? Because I'd really hate to ask you to do something that would get you a bad mark against your name for ignoring the esteemed Doctor's advice."

A loud growl bursts from Finn's throat as he jumps out of his chair scooping his tiny giggling wife over one shoulder and racing through the house idly wondering where his parents and son have gone.

"Mom and Dad have taken Joshy to the library for a toddlers book club session with the cast of the 'cat in the hat' stage show that is doing the rounds, then out for pizza and the park, which means we have a good three hours."

Finn turns his head and smiles widely wiggling his eyebrows at her which ignites another bursts of giggles from Rachel as well as the fire inside to a full on boil, much more than the always keep warm setting. Finally reaching their bedroom Finn barges through the door, trying to lock it as soon as it closes, but instead goofily jamming his foot between the door and the frame then sending the still giggling love of his life another panty wetting, lust filled, dimple popping grin.

Within seconds of putting Rachel on the floor she is starting to take his clothes off, pressing her soft sweet lips against his skin as it appears. Finn tries to help her lose hers at the same time but is forced to stop when he has to help her pull his T-shirt over his head as she is too little to reach. Finally they are both naked and laying side by side on their bed, a few minutes is just spent watching the other and thinking how damn lucky they were. Then when Rachel can't stand the suspense any longer she scoots closer and straddles Finn's hips. Leaning down just as he raises his upper body and joins their lips in a soft but everything kiss.

This would be the first time since he came home that they would be having actual sex, only because Rachel had been too scared about hurting him, but as he had been given a clean bill of health by his doctor he was in desperate need to be as close as possible with his wife. "Please babe nothing hurts anymore… well except Finny jnr. but that's coz he is sooo ready for you."

"Are you sure honey because we can look at some new home beautiful magazines or maybe do a jigsaw puzzle instead I've got a new one with 2ooo pieces..." Watching her smile innocently at him through his desire filled brown eyes and trying to think straight with his mind all foggy with lust. All Finn can do is grab her by her hips and quickly flip them over so his arms made a cage around her upper body. Before slamming his lips hard onto Rachel's forcing deep moans and mewls from his love, pulling away briefly to lock his eyes on hers Finn can only utter breathlessly…

"All I want is you Rach, I love you baby."

Then without any further dialogue he presses his rock hard member into his love and instantly feels at peace. Their bodies begin the dance they know so well and with every thrust and hip raise the love shared between the two is made even deeper, because they know that a very different outcome of Finn's time away was possible. Bringing each other to complete and utter ecstasy and release Finn and Rachel shared some tender words, before succumbing to a blissful and peaceful sleep wrapped tightly around each other and knowing nothing would keep them apart again.

3 Months later, Lima Ohio:

"Dude are you ready for this?" Finn catches the refection of his best friend in the full length mirror as he fixes his bow tie, nervously pacing the room and continually running his hands over his mo-hawk.

Turning at the voice Puck sends him a wide beaming grin as he says, "Fuck Huddy who would ever have thought the Puckerone could be tamed and tied down to one woman, I can't believe today has finally arrived, but I gotta tell ya man… I'm so fucking glad you are here to share it with me coz it wouldn't have seemed real otherwise, ya know." Puck sends his best man an emotional smile, swipes under his hazel eyes with a shaky hand, swallowing the lump in his throat as he reaches for the shot glass full of Jack Daniels and raises it as a toast towards Finn, Blaine and Kurt saying in a most unlike Puck voice. "Here's to the best friends any guy could ever ask for and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my brother Finn, I couldn't have done any of this or become the man I did without you dude. Now lets get out there, my beautiful non Jewish American princess is waiting for me to lay some Puckerone lovin' on her."

"Cheers to Puck and Stephanie, I'm proud of ya man Steph is a lucky woman, and now you thankfully have your own, My Jewish American Princess is well outta the game, I guess you will have to get a new song now man Jessie's girl is way outta fashion. But in all seriousness, I gotta thank all of you guys for looking out for Rach and Joshy when I was away, I love you all."

Laughter and noises of agreement followed Finn's words as the guys downed their shots they exchanged hugs that weren't really manly not that they'd admit it anyway, before clearing their throats having one last shot then making their way to the gardens for the ceremony. Finn and Puck, their arms around the others shoulders both singing softly the words of a classic song that at the time stretched their lifelong friendship to nearly breaking point but each man now more than happy with the outcome of that episode.

"Jessie is a friend,
Yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's changed
It ain't hard to define
Jessie's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine…"


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