Chapter 1: Prologue

Amity Park

The Masters Mansion

Vlad smirked as he waked through the lab, prints in hand. He turned to stare into the portal for a moment before setting the papers down on the counter. He narrowed his eyes as he began to skim over the papers, following every word as he moved from page to page, print to print.

"Are they to your liking?" A voice asked from the corner of the room.

Vlad stared at the words for a moment longer before turning back to the man. "Yes...yes these will work just fine." He smirked as he read over the information on the papers once more. "Tell, me. Have you begun to assemble them yet?" Vlad asked as he began to write something down on a separate piece of paper.

"I have. Though they are likely to ask who this mysterious man that is asking for their service is. What do I tell them?" The voice asked.

Vlad rolled his eyes. "Tell them nothing yet. After all, they aren't of any use to me yet. It will take some time before this plan is foolproof. Once it is complete, then they will be called upon and I will reveal myself to them. Until then, keep them in the dark." He instructed.

The man nodded in understanding and turned back to the portal.

"Oh, and one more thing." Vlad called, stopping the man in his tracks.

"Make sure they hate him just as much as I do." He snarled his eyes beginning to glow a deep shade of red.

The man nodded once more and vanished through the portal, leaving Vlad alone once more in the room. He sighed and turned back to the papers in his hands. His eye caught sight of the largest one as he pulled it out once more.

A large smirk spread onto his face as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Get me my construction designer." He ordered. A moment of silence passed before someone on the other end picked up. "Yes, I-" Vlad started, only to pause as the man on the other end began to speak. "No I didn't destroy another mansion!" He snarled in reply.

Taking a calming breath, Vlad continued. "How busy are your workers?" He asked. A smile spread onto his lips. "Excellent. Because I have a project for them." He instructed as he stared down at the blueprints in his hands. "When do I need it?" He asked, repeating the question.

"As soon as possible."

Well, there's your prologue everybody. Not very long, nut it is a prologue.

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