A few years after Haru's adventure, she's been killing to see her friends again in the Cat Bureau. Another celebration is held in the Cat Kingdom as well as a new case. Haru's adventure starts with her friend for a few years now coming along. What will happen?

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day and Haru was about to go to school. Unusually, she got up earlier than her mom this morning and somewhat felt something is amidst but after a while, she shrugged the feeling right away. She thought maybe it was because she has nothing to dream about, it happens sometimes to her.

She walked to the door and got hold of the knob.

"Bye, Mom! I'm going!" She said opening the door a little more widely to let her cat friend go out before her as she shuts the door behind her, catching a glimpse of her mom waving goodbye to her before it was completely shut.

"Let's go, John!" She said talking to the black cat with a slender but strong built, tall in (normal) cat standards if she is given a chance to be a cat again. Actually, she looks handsome with his black fur and red eyes. He makes me remember of his other handsome cat friend. A Cat Creation.


The black cat smiled at her as he noticed that Haru was staring at him, lost in her thoughts.


Haru came back to reality and realized that she was gazing at John's bright, red eyes that could melt any cat he comes by. She then suddenly blushed, being embarrassed.

"U-Uh sorry...I was just...I remembered someone" she said sheepishly.

"Hmmm, probably Baron again" he sighed.

She looked at her black cat friend who she told about the fact that she could talk to cats and what happened on her adventure these last few years concerning the Cat Bureau.

"Sorry, John. He's just an important friend to me. He changed me. That's why you see the Haru you now know." She smiled still walking beside him.

"Haru..." He said her name with such a charming baritone voice so deep that it brought a blush to her normal face just by the call of it. "Do you remember what I said to you after the day you saved me?" He looked at Haru's eyes with deep longing.

Haru stopped from walking and her face turned red beet. She looked the other way to calm herself but to no avail. She can't be calm remembering the words that John said to her that day.

John spoke not standing by his four paws but stood, bowing like a gentleman before her with his two hind paws and spoke the words he exactly said with the same calm and seriousness of his voice that he used back then.

"Haru Yoshioka, I've fallen in love with you so in return of saving my life, I will be here for you and wait until the day you give your hand to me willingly. Before that and after, I'll always be by your side."

'Darn. Why he should be so darn handsome at a time like this. It was the first time someone confessed to me back then. Unexpectedly, It was John!' She was caught in his red eyes and her got more red than before. She never knew it was possible. Even for a cat, she couldn't imagine how he could be more charming than any other human male, more than Machida!

The black cat smiled at the reaction Haru gave him, contented. He went back to walking with his four paws on the ground, looked ahead again and motioned Haru to go.

Haru stared at her friend and still a little dazed. John looked back at her and called her. "Haru, Are you coming?"

Haru snapped out and followed. Unknown to her, John is in glee that he found out that the human girl has little feelings for him. He smirked at the idea. They talked now in a comfortable conversation going to school not mentioning the words earlier that they spoke.

Night fell and a certain cat creation has been reading a book at his home, sipping tea. It was silent until a hard bang made the doors flung open.

"Baron. We have an emergency..."

The Baron puts down his book and looked at the white, tabby cat on the door calmly.

"Another cake emergency, Muta? I told you-"

"It's not that Baron. Here" Muta made an unmistakable, serious face as he handed a letter to the Baron.

Baron reached for the letter addressing to him which was obviously opened before he could read it. 'Muta as always is the curious one even for food' he thought.

He pulled the paper and read the letter:

"Dear Baron,

Greetings, my old friend. I write you this letter for I would like to formally invite you to our wedding celebration ball. We would be glad to see you of the Cat Bureau as well as Ms. Haru who we want to specifically honour her presence." He looked at Muta and gave him a small laugh. "I don't mean to cross you Muta but what seems to be the problem?"

Muta was still serious. It was then that a black crow came in and talked in his friend's behalf.

"Baron, that's not all" the crow said too seriously.

He read the rest of the letter and was shocked realizing what they meant. For the letter read,:

"...Please, attendance of Ms. Haru is tentative to save her. Pardon me for telling you this news abruptly but importance of a friend outweigh any concerns. We are now experiencing an attack from a group of cats recently. We've caught one of them and after hard convincing; we were told that they were after the human cat that was brought into the castle, cats of their group also searches the human world to find her. We need your help in this time of our distress. We plan to disguise this meeting of the issue at the ball. May we see each other.

With deep regards,

King Lune"

Baron can't contain his disbelief and curiosity. 'Haru is being searched everywhere. Why?'

"It does seems serious" he looked at his friends and talked to them with the same seriousness as they have. "Muta, will you inform Haru about this? Toto, search the area around Haru as soon as Muta finds her." He said standing up.

"What? Why do I get to babysit Chicky?" he whined.

"This is not the time, Muta. How about you Baron? Where are you going?" Toto said readying himself to fly.

"I'm going to the Cat Kingdom immediately to gather information about the matter. We'll meet again at the ball. See you then and be careful" They nodded to each other in agreement. He's gone outside hurriedly to the door and through a portal.

"Let's go" Toto said as he flew.

"I heard you the first time, feathers!" he followed Toto outside the sanctuary and started the conquest to find Haru.

Deep inside Baron, he was secretly excited and happy to have a new adventure with Haru and to see her after all these past few years. He remembered the time that they departed. She confessed to him the infatuation she felt for him and he did told her that he admired her for talking from her heart. He thought of that time on how fond he was of Haru that up until now it grew. It was on a level of how Haru state as a 'crush'. He smiled more, it couldn't be that bad for him to have mutual feelings at that end, he thought.

Haru just finished school and got home. She sat on her bed and fell onto it, legs hanging on the edge. She covered an arm on her eyes and breathed the exhaustion from her. John jumped at the bed walked beside her face wanting to comfort her.

Haru felt someone licked her cheek. Haru frantic, removed her arm from her eyes and shocked to be directly looking at the red-eyed black cat. Her cheeks suddenly shone pink.

"John! What are you-"She said losing her words.

"I thought you might need comfort. I apologized if I've surprised you" he looked the other way obviously embarrassed from what he's done.

"Oh..." Awkward silence filled the room and Haru stood. John looked up and surprised as Haru planted a soft kiss on his forehead. He stood there, frozen, sending an electric jolt on his fur.

Haru turned to him and said in a small voice a 'thank you' before she signalled him to go out of the room. John was unable to understand why because of his muddled thoughts. Haru becae embarrassed as he watched John, not moving from his position.

"John, I'm changing"

It took a little while before John snapped out of it and blushed. He was thankful that he has black fur to hide this from her. He quickly got out of the room after that.

Few minutes later, Haru dressed with a white shirt, jogging pants and a pair of shoes went out with John to join her jogging in the night. She asked her Mom to go to bed without her and she'll just bring keys to the house. It was a cold night. Haru shivered in the breeze passing through her face. She jogged into the night without care, not knowing of the danger that is fast approaching.

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