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They were in a room. The light was a bit dim, so Harry couldn't make out too many details, but he honestly didn't really care much about that right now. Not while he was in the position he was currently in.

"Feeling rather bold today, aren't we, Harry?"

Harry grinned up at the man sitting over him. "Aren't I always bold?"

Marvolo laughed lightly. "Yes, I suppose you are." He slid his fingers through Harry's hair. "Now, seeing as you're already in such a convenient position, why don't we put that mouth of yours to better use?"

Already kneeling between Marvolo's thighs, though he wasn't particularly sure how he got there, Harry's grin only widened. "Who's being bold now?"

"Don't be a brat, Harry," said Marvolo, sliding his fingers down Harry's jaw.

Harry pulled Marvolo's cock free from what little he was wearing, and curled his fingers around him. "Don't pretend like you don't like me being a brat," said Harry, lips ghosting over the rapidly hardening cock in his hand. "See?" he said, giving it a bit of a squeeze.

Grabbing a fistful of hair, Marvolo yanked Harry's head back sharply and leaned in. "Don't. Be. A. Brat." There was warning in his voice now.

As always, Harry chose to ignore that warning. His thumb brushed over the head of Marvolo's cock, and the man shuddered as Harry's grin turned wicked. "I'll do what I want," he said defiantly.

Marvolo's eyes flashed, and before Harry even realized it, he'd been hauled up and dropped face down on the bed. ...Where did the bed even come from? Well, whatever, it wasn't like it mattered. Especially when he had way more interesting things going on around him.

While Harry pondered over this, he felt the bed dip and looked over, watching Marvolo move to kneel on the bed by his hips, and he gasped when a large hand came down on his ass. "Hey!"

The hand smoothed over the slightly pink skin. "Consider yourself fortunate I decided to settle on one. But don't count your blessings just yet. I've many other ways to punish you, my dear Harry."

Harry's face turned red instantly, and he squirmed a little when Marvolo's hands clamped down on his hips. "Wh-what do you mean?"

Marvolo only chuckled. "Not so bold now, I see." Pulling Harry's hips up slightly, he reached under him and grabbed his cock none too gently, smirking when Harry moaned. "I think I'm going to enjoy the next few hours."

Harry balked. "H-hours!?" he practically squeaked.

"Oh yes. Now, why don't we get started, Harry?" Leaning over him, Marvolo pressed a kiss to Harry's bare shoulder. "Hour one begins in three...two...on-"

"No! Let go! That's my can of beans!"

Harry woke with a jolt and barely managed to stop himself from falling out of bed. Ron, still fast asleep and completely oblivious to what he'd done, fell silent again, and Harry flopped back down with a groan. It was still dark, which meant it was way too early to be getting up just yet, not that Harry really wanted to bother with that right now. He frowned.

This sucked. Like, really sucked. It wasn't like the dream was bad or anything-he'd definitely had way more unpleasant dreams. It was just...

Harry grumbled, rolled over, sighed, and then buried his face in his pillow as he dragged his blanket up over his head. And barely audible through the snores of his fellow dormmates, was a frustrated and mournful-

"Why couldn't it have been Aragorn...?"

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