-"Just so you don't get any ideas, we are listening to my music," Sasuke said in a defiant tone, expecting the young Hyuga to challenge him. When there wasn't a reply, he just continued to stare at the road trying to figure out what he had done to deserve this punishment.

Next to him, in the passenger seat, a very disheartened Hinata could be found. She could not believe this was her summer. She was supposed to be in Guatemala, building houses for the poor,helping kids learn english, and making a world a better place. Instead, she was sitting next to the dark haired Uchicha on her way to a business convention in the city, where all the main tycoons would congregate and somehow make the world a worse place. This was the exact opposite she wanted to do this summer.

As a young girl Hinata always knew that she was going to take over the family business, but now as a College Senior her faith seemed inevitable and it was closing in on her. When she got a B- in international business her father went beserk and ordered Hinata to do an internship at his company for the summer instead of helping villages around the world. With a despaired sight, she let go of her noble summer plans. However, how she ended up in this particular predicament in a car with Sasuke was just her luck adding insult to injury.

-" I'm stopping to get gas and some snacks," - said the young Uchiha, as he was getting out of the car, leaving Hinata behind.

Hinata's first thought was to make run for it to get as far as possible for him and her future maybe she could just live incognito in Argentina or Alaska but reality dawned on her and quietly she just watched the tall man walk away.

As she stared at Sasuke she remembered all the awkward times they had met, all the friends they had in common, and the tragedy that his relationship with Sakura had been. She also wasn't blind to his handsome features, the way he smelled and his perfect lips. She astonished herself, was she checking Sasuke Uchiha out? Could that even be possible? She tried to get those thoughts out of her head but she couldn't, and when he got back in the car and threw her a cinnamon roll, she knew she was in trouble.