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Chapter 6

The diner was a retro establishment meant to attract tourists and collectors alike. Sasuke could see Hinata was fascinated by the whole place. He had been here with his brother before, and he sure didn't care for it. He also knew Hinata would love it. He was bothered by the thought that he cared about her. Since last spring he had refrained for acknowledging Hinata in any way possible. He started dedicating more time to his studies and he was even spending more time in the family business helping Itachi. But being here, following Hinata, while she checked every crook and nook of this place made him wonder why he had been ignoring her. It was then when Hinata's cell phone rang. She quickly took a look at the cellphone screen and then at him. Instantaneously the atmosphere changed, and it became somber.

Sasuke instantly knew that it was Naruto calling and rooted to his spot he remembered why he had kept his distance. However it wasn't as if he were the victim in this situation. It was just easier this way.

Sasuke took a seat on a booth next to a window so he could fake aloofness and not have to maintain a conversation with the young heiress. Eventually Hinata followed and sat across from him.

"-Everything ok?" Hinata asked dejectedly.

"-Peachy,"- Sasuke answered while dripping sarcasm.

"-Fine, if that's the way it's going to be. We both know the two of us can play this game." - Hinata stated indignantly.

Sasuke got a cup of coffee and he felt the deja vu hit. The last time they found themselves in this situation was two years ago in pancake house near their childhood home. They had just escaped the Uchiha's annual christmas party. Sasuke college's freshman year was taking a turn for the worse, it had nothing to do with grades or amount of pretty girls that seemed to throw themselves at his feet.

It was Itachi; Itachi and his family were driving crazy with obligation, vacation and their overall flair for all things dramatic. Even his dad was adding on their antics and their latest diversion was the Uchiha Christmas Party. He was expected to show up and to make their grandmother happy. Which included but not limited to dancing and singing. He wondered why couldn't they just be a normal family and hate each other.

So there he was all dressed up in a very fancy tuxedo that probably costs more than everything his college dorm combined. Friends and family members continued to arrive acting merry and most of them already drunk.

'Honestly, what's wrong with my family,' Sasuke thought to himself. Maybe Itachi could provide some emotional support. The young man hardly ever drank alcohol but this day merited some drinks.

He was starting to unwind when he heard the big commotion. The Hyuga family had arrived with Hinata in tow. Although they attended the same university they had managed to not cross roads since the senior trip and seeing her in his living room wearing a short dress looking gorgeous made him finish up the drink he had been holding. He swore this night couldn't get any worse but the onyx eyed boy had no idea what the future had prepared for him.

As if on cue his great-grandmother motioned him to start playing the piano and commence the festivities. He noticed Hinata stiffened at his presence and that made him smug. However, not being used to consuming alcohol it went through his system fast, rendering him useless in front of the piano. All those years of piano lessons went down the drain. Not to mention the party guest just laughed it off and teased about being an alcoholic.

A few uncles just offered him more drinks and he took them convincing himself that the worst was over. Until the ground started to shake he decided to take refuge in the library just to find out someone was already taking shelter there. He opened the door and stood in astonishment to see Hinata holding his favorite book. They both stood in the middle of the room awkwardly.

"-Hi," - said Hinata bashfully.

Sasuke was too out of it to make a stoic reply so he continued to glare at her.

"-Are you ok?… I think you might need something to eat. I can see you haven't gotten any better at handling your alcohol. Wanna get out of here and go the pancake house like we used to?" -Hinata babbled timorously.

Sasuke turned around and motioned her to follow him. Hinata sped up to catch up with him quickly, grabbed the car keys, and stating that she would be doing the driving.

As they sat down at the pancake house they chatted about superficial things, the house they were rushing and college. They did not bring up their last kiss, Gaara, and much less Sasuke's new official girlfriends, Sakura.

Sasuke was content sitting at the pancake house eating and laughing with his old friend. He was finally loosening up he hadn't felt this laid-back in a long time. He blamed it on the alcohol and the alcohol only, and it had nothing to do with the pretty girl sitting across from him. He refused to acknowledge he had missed her and she had left a hole in his life.

Breaking them out of the spur Sasuke's cellphone rang bringing them back to reality. The one where no one knew about their long lost friendship. Sasuke noticed Hinata's sudden change of state but proceeded to answer the phone, which he quickly regretted. Sakura's screaming was loud and relentless. As he tried to get a word in, he saw Hinata pay for the bill and give him a look of concern. They both knew the bubble had burst and their time had run out.