A casket full of things beginning -
Of wonders taught and awe ongoing;
Of stars and seas and universes
And energies and broken curses.
A box opened cannot be shut,
And a paper torn can't be uncut.

A casket full of things ongoing,
Of stories short still continuing;
Of mistakes made and lessons learning
And hours passing while the second's turning.
A box open is easily broken,
And words released can't be unspoken.

A casket full of things fast starting,
Of meetings made and saddened partings;
Of memories saved and history's lost
And choices made regardless of cost.
A box open brings surprises out,
And some things can't be spoken about.

A casket full of stories ending,
Of dreamers broken and daydreams mending;
Of wonders shared and hopes reborn
And mysteries made when stories are torn.
A box open brings bad and good,
And when one could doesn't mean they should.

A casket carved from silver and gold,
From sparkling diamonds and lead still cold.
A box created to hide deep treasures
And wonders that no one can measure -
There are strange things beyond the eyes
And truths that will burn through all lies.
Some things are worth more than most suspect,
And some endings are as they expect.
Some caskets hold the fading dead;
Others hold wonders of the heart and head.

AN: Sort of because they've finally stopped being mostly annoying - and they definitely got worse. *smiles slightly* But it's still fun all the same. Written for - beside the combination name 'Caskett' - Martha, Ryan, Esposito, Alexis, Kate, and friendship. 8-11-2015