Okay, I know this is another story, but... I mean come on plot bunny. Plus I'm waiting on a few things for the other one to kick off. Lets see if I can get two stories going at once again. Plus, I do enjoy this type of AU.

Chapter 1:

Ruby sat in the pristine white room, unsure of how she was meant to even get to school that day. This had become the normal for her. Any time she showed some sign of worsening her parents would drag her there like her life depended on it. Not that she cared overly about it.

"Come on Mom! Is this really how you want to spend one of your days off? Where you and dad work?" Ruby asked as she fell back onto the bed as she stared at the ceiling. A ceiling she was becoming more and more familiar with. Just even looking at it was enough to annoy her further. She would have looked at the walls, but those were just white curtains to make a small temporary room.

"Bad enough I'm meant to be here again in like three days." Ruby continued to whine as a woman who appeared to be an older version of the girl. Her own silver eyes meeting her daughter's as her hair fell over the other side of the bed.

"Yes Ruby. You know coughing up blood isn't healthy. I don't care how you try and spin it. If your condition is getting worse I would rather be on the top of it instead of not noticing it." The voice while soothing to the girl, she also knew how strict it was. Summer did not want any risk of anything worse happening.

"Mom. It is lung cancer. I mean come on. You're a doctor. How are you squeamish about saying it? I mean seriously I'm only sixteen and fine saying it." Ruby spoke quickly devolving into a fit of coughing.

This had become the normal. One or both her parents worrying any time she seemed to get worse. Even if it was just a cough. She wrapped her arm around her face to cough into the crook of her elbow as she heard the curtain open.

She looked up to see her dad walking in quickly as if he had just gotten a chance to check up on them. As the coughing began to die down she sat up. She looked into her elbow and could see a few red splotches. She shrugged them off and turned to face her dad.

"Hey dad. Don't tell me you are going to be scared of saying lung cancer as well?" Ruby asked not paying the new blood any mind. There was a reason she preferred to wear blood red to black clothing.

Tai just rolled his eyes at his daughter. He walked over to the foot of the bed and spun her around more. "Ruby, you may be comfortable talking about this, but that doesn't mean we are." Tai spoke as Ruby rolled her eyes. She knew it was a tough subject for them but that still didn't make sense to her.

"Come on. I just want to get to school and be normal for once. Not have massive hypochondriacs for parents. It is the start of a new year, and I hear there is meant to be this new student. And it is so boring in here." Ruby continued as she flailed her arms around sitting up fully. "Can't even text anyone." Ruby whispered as her mom glared at her.

Tai was about to respond when Ruby's doctor walked in. A brown haired woman with wire frame glasses perched on her nose. She held a file and looked at the other two doctors in the room. She took the glasses off her nose, closed the file and placed it under her arm as she pinched her nose letting out an angry sigh.

"You both should know when it is just a minor case of a cough. The blood is just because of the tumour." She spoke as Ruby jumped off the bed. "See, nothing wrong. You know besides the lung cancer. Now can I go to school?" Ruby spoke grabbing her messenger bag that was at the base of the bed.

She turned to her doctor and spoke again, "Come on tell them again... use those stupidly long words you doctors love to use." Ruby began as her doctor started to clean her glasses. "Tai, Summer, she is right. Now I don't care where she goes, but she can't be here taking up more of my time."

"You can understand why we get worried Elie. I'm not sure about Tai, but I have no idea how she can keep so calm." Summer spoke as Ruby walked out from behind the curtain. She quickly stuck her head back into the small pseudo room. "Guys, at least wait till me and Yang are asleep or at least till we are in school. You know... where I want to be. Bad enough I'm going to be back here for chemo in like a couple days."

Summer looked between her husband, friend and daughter before Ruby spoke up again, "Mom, I swear I will hotwire your car or shock my heart into stopping. Which would be really hard to explain to Yang because I was the one who taught her." Ruby continued as Summer smiled.

"Come on little rose, I don't want you messing around with that stuff. I still don't believe you are the one to teach Yang that."

Yang smacked her head against the bench her and her girlfriend, Weiss sat at. Weiss looked over to the blonde and smiled. "What trouble did Ruby get you into this time?" she asked, still unbelieving the story of Ruby teaching her how to hotwire a car.

"No... just tired. Had Port all morning... and that doesn't sound that bad... but Ruby was coughing all night... pretty sure she coughed up a lung."

"More like half a lung I'll have you know." Ruby spoke taking a seat as she rested her head in her hands looking at her friend and sister. "Elie says hi by the way." Ruby continued as Weiss glared at her.

Weiss normally would have yelled, but she knew Ruby's parents well enough to know they always made a mountain out of a molehill when it came to her and Yang. So instead she decided to just glare. She turned to Yang and was about to ask who this 'Elie' was, but Yang spoke up.

"She is mine and Rubes' doctor. You have no idea how paranoid parents can get until they hear a cough and jump onto every single thing that causes a cough because they saw it once before."

Ruby looked around the empty table and noticed a lack of their other friends. They were short five of them after all. She knew it couldn't have been a cold, because that would start with one person, maybe two. But not five. "Hey, guys where are the rest... did you guys make out and scare them off? Because that would work on me." Ruby began as she rummaged through her bag and pulled out two sandwiches and handed one to Yang. "Has in the past anyways."

"Blake and Pyrrha got a lunch time detention. They may have been texting each other during Peach's French class. Jaune got into a fight and got sent home... and Nora and by extension Ren... well last I saw they were getting dragged to the headmaster's office for trying to paint the fields red so they can confuse the opposing teams this year." Weiss recited off as she grabbed her bottle of water from her bag and took a sip.

"One day into the year and the group is already taking heavy hits... damn... thought Pyrrha could have kept it in her pants at least." Ruby spoke taking a bite and began looking around. She wanted to see this new student, just to see if she or he would be any problem to their social group. Not that many people were.

"If you are looking for the new girl, she is inside, and please don't try anything. She looks like bad news." Yang stared into her sister's eyes to show how serious she was by it. She didn't want her to get messed up with anything worse. She already gets the blame if Ruby does something foolish when it is just the two of them.

"I perish the thought of doing something like getting involved with the wrong crowd and tarnish mother's and father's good name by getting involved with such a crowd." Ruby spoke standing up quickly slinging her bag over one shoulder. "You are going to go find her aren't you." Yang asked.

Yang didn't need it clarified. She just wanted the message clear she tried to stop her. Not that she overly cared who Ruby got involved with. She knew the more you fought Ruby the harder she fought back. "Oh Yang, you can read me like a book. See you in Oobleck's history." Before Yang could even complain further Ruby was up and already walking towards the building.

Weiss looked towards the building Ruby was walking to and shrugged her shoulders as she turned back to Yang. Unsure of what had just taken place. She had been dating Yang for a while, and knew Ruby longer, but still could barely read a situation between the sisters. Ruby always seemed to do everything like it was her last day on earth.

Instead of question it further She just looked to Yang whose eyes had already begun to close. "Do you want to spend the night at my house? It seems Ruby coughing is becoming more and more regularly... has she been tested for what is causing it?" Weiss asked as she took the half eaten sandwich from the blonde's hands and placed it onto the plastic wrapping the sandwich came in.

"At this point Weiss, chances are we both have been tested for everything under the sun. She probably just has some chest infection... but I don't think your sister or parents can't hate me more." Yang spoke quickly shifting herself to rest her head on Weiss' lap. She wanted to get some sleep before she had to go in and finish the rest of the day in school.

Weiss lowered her hand and began to run her hand through the golden locks, as she spoke "They don't hate you. They just dislike the danger I'm in any time I'm on that motorcycle of yours. Nothing more. But if you want to I can always go over to your's."

She spoke in the same sing song voice Yang had long since fallen in love with. Long before they were a couple. She just enjoyed being around her sister's best friend. "That is better, but I don't want you to lose sleep from her coughing." Yang spoke never opening her eyes. Just wanting to bask in the early autumn sunlight with Weiss stroking her hair causing her to relax further. Almost like she didn't have school to worry about.

"I'll be fine. You know once I'm out I'm out for seven hours exactly. I also know if I'm there it will help you sleep." Weiss spoke again trying to soothe some of the tiredness from Yang. She never liked it when her blonde was tired for it affected everything she did.

"Well my mom is home for the week. So I don't think you can really handle both Ruby acting like she wants to send me to an early grave and my mom's constant worrying."

"I love spending time with your family." Weiss stated as Yang rotated to look at the sky. "So my house tonight? Kiss on it?" Yang asked as she grinned causing Weiss to lean down and plant a kiss on her lips.

As Weiss pulled back smiling as she saw the look on Yang's face. "I don't think you meant it. I'll need to test myself." Yang spoke pulling Weiss back down. The battle for dominance was brief but well fought. They tongues eventually settled on being in Weiss' mouth.

As they pulled back it was Yang's turn to smile at Weiss' expression. "I think you meant it that time. I'm sure I can find room for you in my bed." Yang spoke as Weiss' face adopted a dark shade of red. "Come on, the bell went like five minutes ago. Goodwitch is going to freak out at us." Yang smirked as the white haired woman began to look around and noticed people walking back inside.

"You cheeky minx you." Weiss spoke as Yang sat up, "I'll meet you outside after school babe." Yang spoke grabbing her sandwich and began to take big bites, quickly devouring it. She could see Weiss standing up with the grace she always had.

'Now just to tell Ruby and Mom that Weiss is staying the night... that is going to be a fun conversation to have... provided that Ruby doesn't do anything stupid like intentionally piss mom and dad off again.' Yang thought as she walked in to see Ruby sitting on the floor talking to the new girl. 'and I'm definitely not touching that one. I warned her. Mom and Dad are going to have a field day once they find out.'

Ruby walked into the building looking for the girl that Yang had assured her was inside the building, someone she found rather quickly sitting next to a bunch of lockers. She had long black hair, and from what Ruby could see piercing amber eyes. The black jeans she wore hugged her legs. The red and black flannel shirt she wore made Ruby smile a little. Ruby couldn't see more of the girl's face due to her reading a book rather close to her face.

Ruby quickly walked over and took a seat next to the girl. She leaned over a little to read a part of the book the woman was reading. That was until she spoke up, "You do know it is rude to read over someone's shoulder."

Her voice while trying desperately to appear angrier than what she actually was. Or more than Ruby hoped she was. But it was still a beautiful sound to Ruby. It had a silky quality to it. Ruby just knew she could act tough all she wants.

"You can say that about a lot of things if you use that tone." Ruby spoke as the other girl turned the page. "I wasn't done reading that page." Ruby pouted as the new girl turned to glare at her.

Many things were on this new girl's mind. Mainly who did this brunette with red tipped hair think she was. She just walked over, sat down and began to read over her shoulder. "I suppose you don't know who I am."

"Nope. Kinda why I came over. I was late coming in. I feel like everyone who reads a real book these days are interesting." Ruby spoke as she glanced over at the girl who had seemed to have given up on reading. "I'm Ruby." Ruby spoke holding her hand out.

The new girl took her hand and began to shake it. She was unsure of how to take such a forward person. "I'm Cinder." The newly identified Cinder decided to just go with being just as forward. She had to admit, the girl had looked cute. With her dark red hoodie and black skin tight jeans tucked into her boots.

"So now you know who I am, can I get back to reading my book? Or are we going to play twenty questions?" Cinder asked getting irritated with this already.

"Twenty questions please. I only know your name, that doesn't answer anything about you." Ruby spoke smiling, feeling the burning sensation in her chest of a cough wanting to come up, but she had to fight it back down. She did not want it to become common knowledge.

"I'm going to go to my history class now. If you insist on getting to know me I'm sure your first assumptions are correct." Cinder stood up and began to walk off. Ruby quickly jumped up and began to walk next to her, "Well my first assumption is you are interesting and are a really sweet person that is trying to keep people at arm's reach for whatever reason. Which is something I've thought about doing, but decided against it."

"You just don't get the hint, I'd rather be alone. You people are all alike." Cinder spoke as Ruby's eyebrow rose. "That sounds wildly racist. Is it because I'm half Asian?" Ruby asked causing the taller woman to stop and turn around to look at her.

"Yeah... not many people get that me and my sister are half Asian... but we are. I suppose what doesn't help the racism is I'm good at school." Ruby spoke as the taller of the two smiled a little.

Cinder quickly dropped her smile as she turned back around. "Right I need to get going, if I see you around I suppose it wouldn't be that bad. But I still don't want to be friends." She spoke as Ruby smiled and fell into stride next to her.

"Well, seeing as there is only one history class this time, we are in the same class for then at least. Just a heads up, either sit next to someone who can write fast, or pray you can keep up. Doctor Oobleck speaks like a million miles a minute." Ruby spoke stuffing her hands into her pockets as they continued to walk towards the room.

'Yang was so wrong. Worst she seems she'll be able to do is keep a library book late.' Ruby thought smiling. 'When will she learn, I'm always right about whether people are good or bad. Sure there was that one time with Adam, but I had Blake backing me too.'

Yang stood at the gate of the school waiting for both her sister and girlfriend to appear. She hoped that Ruby was out first. She couldn't find a decent time to tell Ruby during the rest of the day, she was too preoccupied trying to focus during their remaining classes.

It wasn't long before she saw Ruby walking out coughing into her elbow. 'Why the hell does she want to go in all the time. Or more importantly how does she fight the urge to cough for so long during school.'

She was pulled from her thoughts as Ruby got up next to her waiting for her to continue on. "Weiss is staying tonight." Yang said as Ruby threw her head back letting out a groan. Her chest already burned from restraining all she could from coughing.

"Do you have any idea how much it hurts not coughing? Hell I'm coughing more and more blood which really, really, really hurts." Ruby complained as her blonde sister looked at her half seriously. She knew what would solve the main problem, but also knew Ruby would never do it. "I know that look Yang! I'm no-"

Ruby was cut off by another coughing fit. Yang patted her on the back and began to rub it hoping to ease the pain she was probably feeling. "I know Rubes. You don't want to tell her. But you've said yourself, it doesn't feel like it is getting any better. She may find out eventually. Don't you think it would be best coming from you?" Yang asked as Ruby pulled her arm away and frowned at the blood.

Yang took a look at it and frowned herself. "It isn't that easy Yang. How am I meant to say it, 'Hey Weiss remember how we've been friends practically all our lives? Well I got diagnosed with cancer three years ago and have been slowly dying and driving a wedge between my parents because of it?'" Ruby began as she quickly brushed her sleeve off.

"I can't exactly do my normal forward self because that makes me come off as a bitch." Ruby spoke as Yang frowned further. "Were they fighting again?" Yang asked, fearing the obvious answer. Their fights had become more and more frequent, and the cause had been debated between both sisters, but they knew they could stop the fights by being merely there.

"No, I stopped it by threatening to intentionally stop my heart from hot wiring Mom's car. It is becoming harder and harder to stop them... I just hope their relationship can pull throug-" Ruby stopped as her and Yang saw the Weiss approaching, "You should text mom. She would like at least a heads up and for you not to broadside her like this." Ruby changed topic as she began to walk on.

"I already texted her Rubes. She is making tuna casserole." Yang commented as she weaved her fingers into Weiss'. "She also said you need to eat it." Yang continued knowing Ruby's reaction to be one of two. Fake getting sick or complaining.

"While mom does cook some amazing things... that is just nasty. Also really high in mercury. Not to mention oily as all hell." Ruby recited off as she began to feel the familiar burning sensation. 'Can't cough... because then I'll cough blood, and then Weiss will question it.' Ruby thought as she quickly lost the battled with herself as she began to cough hard into her elbow.

She felt a pat on the back and could see Weiss looking at her face as she hunched over. "Want us to go on ahead Rubes?" Yang asked as Ruby nodded while coughing. "Kay, if you are far behind us, I'll grab bumblebee and I'll come by and pick you up" Yang spoke as Ruby held up her other arm giving her a thumbs up.

"Come on Snowpea, if she isn't right behind us I'll come and get her. She'll be alright." Yang began as Weiss looked at Ruby who seemed to just have regained her breath to just continue coughing. "If you aren't right behind us, I'm sending Yang straight back out to come and get you... okay?" Weiss asked causing Ruby to just flail her free hand to usher them on ahead.

Once Ruby was positive she had stopped coughing for a while. She looked up to see her sister and friend having to put some reasonable distance between them. She took a big breath in to try and regain some of the air she had lost.

'It is getting harder and harder to suppress the urge to cough... god my chest feels raw from that.' Ruby thought as she began to walk after her sister. Not even caring enough to check her sleeve she figured it would be dried and match the rest along with her hoodie by the time she got home.

'Sunday can not get here soon enough. I'll feel worse, but It will be worth it. Especially if I can put this damn cough and annoying hell behind me.' Ruby thought as she ran her hand along the metal bars of some fence, enjoying the feeling of her hand going numb.

'If only it was this easy to feel numb all over. Is that too much to ask?' She thought as she began to cough a little into her elbow again, but not slowing down. She didn't want Yang to have to come back this way, it was an unneeded hassle on Yang.

Ruby was pulled from her thoughts as she felt a pair of eyes on her. She turned around to see Cinder looking at her with a slight look of concern. "You alright Ruby?" Cinder asked as Ruby smiled. "Yeah. Just got a cough. You know one of those annoying persistent ones?" Ruby spoke as the taller woman looked at her worried.

"Cinder, trust me. I'm fine. Bad enough I have hypochondriacs for parents." Ruby spoke as they began to walk forward. "Seriously, while having doctors for parents is like super cool, but they freak out if you sneeze wrong. Hence why I was late getting in. I was in the hospital getting checked. So trust me, I have enough people worrying about me."

"Fine, you just don't see people coughing for what seemed like five minutes to then act like it is nothing." Cinder brushed off as she walked to a set of lights. "Bye Ruby. Safe trip the rest of the way home. I'll see you tomorrow."

"See ya Cinder."

Author's Note:

Okay, so this is a new au I've thought about and put a fair bit of actual thought into plot wise. Ruby will be OOC and Summer will be alive and the chapters are going to be at least 4k word count. Want to stretch my limits. Let me know what you guys liked and disliked about this chapter.