A/N: This one is strange. And short. And random. But here it is anyway!

5. Evil Blink!

SPECS: Hey, has anyone seen Blink?

SNITCH: Yeah, he's in the office having an "evil laughing" fit. I can't get any sense out of him.


MUSH: I wish he'd come out. I wanna talk to him.

JACK: Shall I see if I can get him out?

(Loud, manic laughter is heard from nearby.)

ME: Erm, probably best to leave him alone for a while. As long as he doesn't start screaming like an evil professor...

(An ear-splitting, thoroughly evil scream cuts through the air, causing the little ones to jump and prompting Mush to hide, whimpering, under the table.)

ME: (sigh) I spoke too soon...