A perfect drabble (both Microsoft Word and FF.n agreed, before I added the header and footer). I do not own Tim Drake or Dick Grayson.

Nightwing meets Tim's eyes. Then the moment passes.

Having only a short moment to spare, Nightwing glanced into Tim Drake's eyes, which shone expressively in his otherwise composed face. At another time, in another costume, with a little less melancholy and a touch more desperation, the expression would have cried,

"Nightwing—Dick—get me out of here. I need to go home. Please!"

As it was, the former Robin's eyes simply said,

"Goodbye again, Dick Grayson. We are strangers now and always."

Then the moment was gone, Tim turned his impassive face away, and Nightwing slipped quietly out of the open window to fly into the waiting darkness.

A/N: In case it's not clear, this is set during the time that Tim gave up Robin for his dad's sake. What do you think of it? Did I capture any of the mood I was going for?