Double drabble.

Stairs are for squares!

Jason Todd yawned as he walked down the grand staircase at Wayne Manor. He would never complain, but extra-long weekend patrols did tend to leave him late-rising and sluggish—especially when a certain former Robin happened to be in town.

He had barely stepped onto the ground floor when he heard a far-too-chipper voice call down at him.

"Hey kid! You getting breakfast? Wait up!"

And with that, Dick Grayson bypassed the stairs entirely, somersaulting off the balcony and landing, cocky and grinning, next to Jason, who groaned.

"Why are you like this? Just walk down the stairs like a normal person. Idiot."

For a moment Dick looked affronted at this less-than-enthusiastic response to his entrance, but then he laughed, ruffled Jason's hair with an irritating swipe, and countered,

"A normal person? Show some imagination! You know what they say—stairs are for squares."

"Literally no one says that. No one." Jason retorted, ducking away from Dick's hand and stomping toward the kitchen, ignoring the older boy's chortling in the background.

But if the next time Jason was alone in the Manor he flipped down from the balcony rather than taking the stairs, well—no one would know but himself.