So yeah… Blind will be updated I swear… hahaha. Anyway, I entered the 'Restricted Section Challenge' by a Sirius Crush On Moony. This is for shelf one, which is trio era without mentioning the trio at all. Here we go.

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More Than Infatuation

Fleur was many things. Yes, she was pretty. And yes, she did enjoy fashion. These things were in no way representative of her intelligence. Maybe she didn't always have her nose in a book. Maybe she didn't spend all of her time studying. That didn't mean she wasn't smart.

Bill didn't fall for her looks, contrary to popular belief. Of course, he wasn't blind, so he'd obviously noticed. Still though, he hadn't been seriously interested in her at first. It was easy to like pretty things, but not to fall in love with them. He wasn't a shallow person by any means. She was pretty, so what? His sister was pretty, but he wasn't in love with her. He hadn't been in love with Fleur either.

He didn't love her when they met. She was a pretty veela, but that didn't make him love her. She was kind, too, but that didn't make him love her either. Lots of people were kind. When she started helping out at Gringotts and improving her English, many thought it was because they were together. On the contrary, they'd simply been friends at that point. It was later on, after she'd been there for a few months, when they'd even begun to spend time with one another outside of work.

They had been pleasantly surprised at how well they connected. Their senses of humor were scarily similar. Fleur was happy that he didn't seem overwhelmed by her veela aura, and Bill was happy that he'd found someone he could laugh and joke with, outside of his brothers, of course. So they continued hanging out together, usually in group settings. It became routine for them and a few friends to go to the Three Broomsticks on Saturdays.

It wasn't until later that Bill began to see her differently. Still, though, he was hesitant to act on his feelings, considering the close friendship they shared. Then everything changed when Sirius died; it was like something had snapped him into reality. Death could do that, he realized. And with Voldemort back, death was likely to become increasingly common. It was kind of a do-or-die situation. So, he invited Fleur out for a walk. Alone. Despite the initial hesitancy, the pair enjoyed a great time. They talked, they laughed, and, most importantly, they had fun.

After that, it became typical for them to go out alone. This lasted a few more weeks, before finally one of them took action. However, against expectations, it wasn't Bill who made the move. It was Fleur. She could easily see that Bill didn't like her for her beauty, and that was a pleasant surprise. Many only wanted to even be near her because of her looks and veela-aura. To find someone who tried their best to not even be affected… well, that someone definitely deserved a chance. A chance that she was more than willing to give.

So this is a lot shorter than I intended for it be, but oh well. It still qualifies for the challenge, so yeah. Hope you enjoyed this short oneshot, haha. Not too sure about the title, but whatever, it's the best I could currently think of.