A New Arrival

"Alright this should be the house that uncle bought for me to stay in.", I thought.

"But if I don't make it to the school on time, I'm dead meat."

I made it to my new High School:Kuoh Academy. I was a little late, but my homeroom teacher understands after I explain that I had just gotten into town
and I had to see where I was staying.

They told me to wait in the hall.

"Okay class", the teacher said.
"we have a new student transfering today."

The teacher signals for me to come into the room.
I write my name on the board and introduce myself.

"My name is Shido Okumura. Nice to meet you.", I said.

"Why don't you take that seat next to Issei.", the teacher said.


I take my seat and the teacher begins his lesson. The time went by quickly as lunch came around and before I could get up, everyone surrounded my desk.

"Can I help you guys?", I asked.

I could barely hear any of the questions they were asking me. So I just took out my lunch and someone finally asked,

"What are you eating?"

"Fried noodles.", I answered,

"I made them. Want to try some?"

"Sure.", the girl said.

She took some and ate it and she started asking me so many questions that I just got up and left.

As I was walking down the hallway a girl with chrimson red hair passed by me.

"You must be the new transfer student", she said.

"Yes I am", I replied.

"Well I'm Rias Gremory."

"I'm Shido Okumura."

"Well I'm off to my classes I'm sure we will talk again soon."

'Something is off about her maybe she's a demon like me or maybe something else.', I thought.

'But I should get back to class before the next lecture starts.'

The rest of the day went fairly easy. The classes were easy to understand and before I knew it the final bell rang.

"That's all for today class remember your homework that is due by tomorrow", the teacher said.

I packed up everything and started to head home. As I was walking I saw Issei on the bridge with a girl. I could hear them from where I was standing.

"I would like you to be my boyfriend.", the girl stated.

"I would love to.", Issei stated.

I got the same feeling I got from Rias but different, like a more ominous feeling from the girl.

When I got home I made some curry buns for my lunch tomorrow and I introduced myself to the neighbors.

They invited me for dinner and it was fun.

I actually couldn't wait for what was in store for tomorrow.