Hello everyone. This is a rewrite of The Fifth Blight: With Harry Potter. After great consideration and my readers input through reviews on their thoughts about the story so far, I had decided that it was best to simply redo the whole thing.

To my previous readers, I will be taking a major plot device and characters out while keeping most of the story intact as it is something that I need to tell the story. I hope you understand and enjoy this new version.

Spells and Spirit Abilities is in Bold.

Chapter 1

The sun bore down its light and heat on the fertile Fereldan soil, the sound of rushing water was heard nearby and the birds chirping in the trees could be heard. Alongside the sound of nature was the sound of chopping wood that came from a young man with emerald colored eyes with a large scar across his left eye, long black hair that reached to the base of his neck and with a faint amount of facial hair on him would be some of the things that a person would see when first meeting him. Besides his facial features, the young man stood at 5"9 with a solid build of muscles due to rigorous training and constant labor.

Wearing nothing but a pair of dark brown pants and boots, the man was left bare chested as he allowed the sweat to travel down his toned body. Chopping the last block of wood in two and wiping his forehead of sweat, Harry James Potter looked around the area he called home for the past two years and smiled.

At the age of 27, Harry Potter has lived an interesting life. Born in the Free Marches, in the state of Wycome, on 9:03 of the Dragon Age as the son of James and Lilian Potter of House Potter. With a Templar for a father and Mage for a mother, the Chantry demanded that he be given to them, his father however had put his foot down and told the Chantry to back off, to which they begrudgingly did. So for the next ten years, Harry was taught everything he needed to know from politics to history, law to martial training, and it wasn't until he was eleven years old that his magic decided to manifest itself.


Walking through the halls of his home, young Harry had decided to take a break from his martial training and head to the library to read some of his mother's books on Magic. One of the things that fascinated Harry the most was the fact that his mother had magic, and that when he had asked where magic had come from when he was a lot younger his mother simply replied with a smile. She then told him that Magic came both from within and the surrounding area. Saying that magic was everywhere and that those with the ability to tap the forces around them could wield magic. Knowing that his mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner while his father was off on another one of his meetings with the Knight Commander of the Ostwick Circle of Magi and thus would not be back till the next day. Entering the large library, Harry began to walk along the bookshelves, his eyes scanning for the book he was searching for. Finding said book near the back, he took it from the shelf and made his way to one of the many comfy chairs that were placed in the library.

The book that he had taken was a journal of sorts written by his mother about the laws of magic and the nature of said magic. The different schools of magic and what made each of them unique. As Harry sat down and read his mother's book, he did not hear the window behind him open ever so slowly and quietly, nor did he hear the person climbing through said window. It was only the sound of a knife being pulled from its sheath did he notice that something was wrong and quickly turned his head to look behind him, only to quickly move out of way of the incoming dagger. Landing on the floor in front the chair, Harry looked up and saw that it was man wearing leather armor and wielding a large dagger while his sword was strapped behind his back. The man quickly tried to grab him by his shirt when Harry gave a hard kick to the man's shin, causing said man to fall onto the floor. Scrambling back to his feet, he tried to run to and call for his mother when he suddenly felt a hand grab his leg causing him to fall face first onto the floor.

Looking back he saw that it was the man who had grabbed him and was pulling himself towards him. Harry tried to kick his hand away only to accidentally kick his own leg, hurting himself even more. Knowing that he could not break out of the man's grip, Harry called for his mother.

"MUM!" Harry screamed, before being hit on the hit hard with the handle of the dagger by the man.

"Shut it boy! You'll deliver a handsome reward." The man said.

The door suddenly banged open and there his mother stood. The man panicked and quickly brought Harry to his feet and held the dagger against the child's throat, scaring Harry even further. The man then began to slowly back away but Harry tried to break free by biting into the man's hand, causing him to release him but also incidentally slash Harry across his right eye, leaving a bleeding scar upon it. Using this opportunity, the man was about to grab Harry again when a sudden bolt of magic hit the man, sending him flying back against the bookshelf.

Flashback Over

After dealing with the intruder, his mother had healed the wound across his eye but said that the scar would continue to be with him. His mother then said that he had magic and that he would be taken to the Circle of Magi in Ostwick. Learning that he was going to be taken away from his parents, Harry refused and said that he could learn magic at home. His mother simply smiled sadly and told him that she did not know everything about magic. And so after his father had returned and learned of his son's abilities to do magic, he allowed for his mother to teach him enough about magic and its applications before sending him to the Ostwick Circle of Magi to learn more.

Five years would past with Harry learning everything he could about magic. Due to his already understanding of the basics of magic, he excelled in his first year there. When he was not in class, he would spend hours in the library, learning from different tomes about the different aspects of magic and how they existed alongside each other. He would learn and master every school of magic that the Circle taught, and when there wasn't anything left, he turned to himself to create spells.

In his fourth year at the Circle, Harry would go on passing his Harrowing and being given leave to visit his parents. While there his father would train him on techniques used by Templars so that he may better protect himself from demons. It was a long and difficult process due to the very different nature of Mages and Templars, but eventually he managed to focus his mind to be able to use Templar abilities.

A year would pass and it was after returning from his last visit to his family that he was told that Voldemort, a powerful blood mage had killed his parents. It was with this revelation that Harry decided to pack his bags, destroy his phylactery and escape the Circle to have his vengeance. Harry would then return to his home and take his mother's staff and journal, as well as his father's key and signet ring to their family home including his grandfather's Ranger Armor. Once he had everything, Harry locked his home and made sure to place a few wards of his own design to make sure that his home would be kept safe.

Living on his own had forced Harry to grow into a man. It would take six years for Harry to hunt and kill Voldemort and his followers. During that time he had forged himself a Bastard Sword and dagger, named Neart for the sword and Acharn for the dagger, learn how to pickpocket from people and lock pick doors and many more skills. He would also be bonded to the spirit of his dead ancestor, due to almost being killed in one of his many battles against Voldemort and his forces.

It was during his long hunt for Voldemort that he met his wife, Luna Maherial. A Dalish Elf from the Sabrea Clan that was attacked by Voldemort and his forces when he tried to retrieve a powerful tome of ancient secret from the clan. Harry, who had been tracking and skirmishing against his forces was in the area and managed to jump into the fight.

This was also the first time that Harry would fight Voldemort in combat.


Hearing the sound of battle echoing across the forest, Harry, who was seventeen at the time, followed to where the sound was loudest. He ran through the forest he was in, ducking and weaving past fallen tree trunks and branches. As he ran, he could hear the sound of battle clearer as well as see smoke peeking just past the top of the trees.

The screams of women and children could be heard. Knowing that whoever needed help, Harry ran even faster drawing his sword as he did so. Jumping above a large fallen trunk, Harry landed with a thud and looked around at the devastation that Voldemort and the Death Eaters were causing.

He could see Elvin Archers firing their arrows to any Death Eater that tried to get to close to them while their Warriors engaged in melee combat against their opponents. The Keeper and her First were firing bolts of magic against any large groups while also guiding the non combatants out of the area.

Knowing that the Dalish did not have the numbers to repel an attack of this scale, Harry ran towards one of the Death Eaters, who had their back to him and was about to kill one of the fallen female archers, and with a clean swing, chopped the person's head from their neck. Watching the body slump to the ground, the fighting in the clear ceased as they noticed this strange person appear.

The Dalish were extremely suspicious of this new person, they did not know if he was friend or foe and were ready to fight this person as well. The Death Eaters had a different reaction and that was fear, they had all had some dealing with the person known as the GraveWalker. A man that was said to have been killed by one of their Master's lieutenants, only for him to return stronger and more powerful then before with a strange mark upon his hand.

Harry turned his attention to the fallen archer and almost lost his breath when his gaze turned to such beauty. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair with a pair of silver grey colored eyes. Her had a light skin tone and the Vallaslin of Ghilan'nan, the Mother of the Halla painted upon her entire face. With the lithe body of an archer, yet with some hint of muscle, judging from the two sheathed short swords strapped to her waist.

Harry leaned down slightly and offered his hand to her,who stared at him in distrust and slight fear. Yet after a few tense moments took his own. With little effort, he pulled her up before turning and engaging one of the Death Eaters. With that, the battle resumed with renewed vigor. Harry was quickly tearing through the Death Eaters, who were flinching whenever he came near them. Clearly these were new recruits and not seasoned warriors who fought against him.

Flashback Ends.

That skirmish ended in a victory against Voldemort and his forces. Voldemort had lost about 3/4's of his forces in that skirmish before he retreated with his face gushing blood as Harry cut his entire nose clean off. After the battle, Harry went to chase Voldemort and finish him off, but the injuries he had sustained would not allow him to do so, causing him to rest up and heal himself.

Luna Maherial, who wished to repay her debt to the man who saved her, found him and helped to heal his injuries before declaring that she would travel with him to rid of Voldemort. Harry, not wanting to drag anyone into his hunt, disagreed and told her to return to her clan and have all debts be settled. Naturally, being a particular prideful Dalish elf, refused the order and said that she would follow him and convinced him that she would help.

After much thought, Harry allowed it and so they set forth to rid Thedas of Voldemort and his forces.

Five years would pass since then and in that time, he and Luna would grow closer, before they declared their love and marry. Though their quest was not over, they took what quiet time they received and spent their time dreaming of the future they would share. However, it was during the Battle of Abyssal Reach that he would lose his wife in battle.

He mourned her death and flew into depression for an entire year before he tracked Voldemort and the last of his Death Eaters. They were attempting to open a rift to the Fade and unleash an entire army of Demons to destroy Thedas. Harry got over his depression and killed every Death Eater that followed Voldemort, battled and killed Nagini, a Highland Ravager High Dragon.


The sound of chanting could be heard as Harry ran through the forest with the intent to stop Voldemort from ripping open the Fade and summoning a demon army to destroy Thedas. Stopping at the edge of the forest leading into a large clearing, Harry could see that the Death Eaters were chanting an old Tevinter ritual to summon the army. Voldemort was standing a little ways off overseeing the procedure to make sure that there were no hiccups in the ritual while in his right hand he held a large black orb, that Harry knew the Tevinters called a Somnaborium or Vessels of Dreams. Unfortunately there was no sign of Nagini, Voldemort's pet dragon anywhere. Seeing that the Death Eaters and Voldemort was distracted, Harry knew that he had to first stop the ritual and deal with the Reapers before he could deal with Voldemort.

Casting the spell Walking Bomb on one of the unsuspecting Death Eaters and using his ability Spirit Shot to shoot said Death Eater in the head causing him to explode and infecting the others, causing a chain reaction until there wasn't anyone left but Voldemort, who was looking around trying to find the person who would dare to interrupt his plans.

Stepping out of his hiding spot, Harry came face to face with the murderer of his parents and wife. "It ends here Voldemort, it's time we settle this once and for all."

Voldemort nodded and unsheathed a sword from his belt and pointed it at Harry. "Harry Potter, ever a thorn at my side. Come to die?"

Suddenly the sound of a roar could be heard and the shadow a Highland Ravager High Dragon could be seen. Landing on the ground with a loud thud, the Dragon stood in front of Voldemort and sent out a torrent of flames. Quickly using Fade Step to move out of the flames direction, Harry started to run around the field while using Spirit Shot to hopefully kill the dragon with out getting to close, unfortunately the dragon was having none of that and lifted it's giant wings and started to flap them and with each flap Harry was brought closer to the dragon until it was standing right in front of said beast. Thinking quickly, Harry unsheathed Neart, activated the Superb Frost Rune and started to attack at its soft underbelly, the dragon not liking the idea used one of its front legs and hit Harry causing him to soar into the air and falling to the ground.

Getting up quickly despite his body being sore and feeling a few of his ribs being cracked, Harry quickly used Fade Step to get right under the dragon again and stabbed the dragon in its soft underbelly and ran forward, slicing more of the belly as he did so. The dragon collapsed and fell on its side with blood flowing from its belly, the dragon could not move and was utterly defenseless. Moving forward until he was standing above the dragon's head, Harry reversed his grip on his sword and stabbed the dragons head , killing it instantly.

Hearing the sound of clapping, Harry turned to find Voldemort clapping his hands. "My my, what an impressive feat Harry. To kill a Highland Ravager all on your own, quite the accomplishment, to bad no one is going to commemorate your victory after I kill you."

Harry pointed his sword at the mad man, his face in silent fury. "It's over Voldemort. No more tricks. No more ancient weapons. No more magic. Just you and me." He stated as he slowly walked forward before getting into a stance, deactivating any magic that was still active.

Voldemort chuckled darkly as he threw his staff aside and unsheathing his own sword. "Very well Harry Potter. No magic."

A tense silence filled the air as both combatants stared each other down. As if a silent agreement was made, both Harry and Voldemort charged at each other before their swords clashed against each other and started swinging their swords trying to kill the other, their blades singing and clashing as it cut through the air and hit each other, neither giving an inch.

Their swords clashed again, this time staying together as they each tried to use their strength to gain an advantage. Harry, being slightly shorter than Voldemort, used this to his advantage and dropped backwards slightly to give the illusion of losing. Voldemort took the bait and pressed forward even more. Harry quickly sidestepped and watched as Voldemort lost his footing and stumbled forwards. Harry quickly tried to stab Voldemort through, but the mad man twirled around in time to deflect the blade to the side, but not before it caused a significant gash to be cut along the left side of his abdomen.

Voldemort roared in both pain and anger and charged at Harry, swinging his sword hard with powerful blows, shaking Harry every time he blocked. With every blow against his his sword, Harry grew tired as his strength began to leave him, his arms grew weary from the force and his knees began to buckle from the pressure. Until at last, with a final blow, Voldemort shattered Harry's defenses and began attacking in earnest, hoping to skewer his foe.

Harry, despite the protest of his muscles, dodged, ducked and weaved past every attack Voldemort could throw. Rolling out of the way from an arcing swing, Harry got back to his feet got into a defensive stance, waiting for Voldemort to make the first move. Voldemort charged once more towards Harry, who simply sidestepped Voldemort once, again. However, Voldemort quickly turned around and was about to cut Harry's head off if not for said person to react in time and parry the attack.

Voldemort, using the momentary distraction, curled his fist into a massive Stone Fist and smashed against Harry's entire body, sending the young man flying backwards into a heap.

The pain going through his whole body was excruciating as he could feel quite a few of his ribs broken, he could taste the blood in his mouth as he spat it out. Harry groaned as he laid face first in the ground. He tried to ignore the pain and try to stand, only to fall to his hands and knees due to the sudden pain that shot through his chest.

As Harry tried to stand again, he felt as if his skin was on fire and his blood boiling. Harry knew that Voldemort was using Blood Magic on him, he felt as his entire body lock into place, felt himself be lifted by magic and his arms and legs forced apart to give Voldemort a clear shot to his heart. His grip on his sword was loosened until the sword dropped to the ground which Voldemort promptly kicked away.

"And now you see the folly in going against me Harry Potter, and so you must die." Voldemort taunted raising his sword, ready to stab him through the heart.

Harry knew that he could not let Voldemort win, so he used all of his mental focus to call forth his Templar abilities . Once done he used Spell Purge to remove the affect of Blood Magic. With him no longer locked in place, he quickly dropped on to his knees on the ground and sent a Holy Smite against Voldemort, causing him to stagger back. Knowing he did not have much time, Harry cast a quick numbing spell to his chest, making sure that the pain did not distract him.

Getting back up, Harry ran towards Voldemort, who was still somewhat dazed from the Holy Smite. He then channeled his mental focus until both his fist were on blazing with the white fire of the Righteous Strike ability. He then rushed forward to a Voldemort who was regaining his senses and sent a Righteous Strike fist to Voldemort's face, stumbling the Dark Lord back. Harry then proceeded to lay a beat down with his fiery fists, taking Voldemort's mana with every hit until he was left barely standing.

As Voldemort struggled to stay standing, Harry called upon his sword until it was in his hand. Gripping his sword tightly, Harry stared at the clearly exhausted and defiant Voldemort and sent a swift stab through the abdomen. Harry then ripped the blade from Voldemort's body, watched as said man stumbled back before using Shadow Strike and brought his sword through and sliced Voldemort's head clean off.

Flashback Over

After the battle, Harry returned to his old home and packed everything away and brought them to his new home. However, before leaving, Harry declared that the Potter Estate was to be given away by the Duke to someone of his choosing. After that, Harry settled down, ready for some peace and quiet.

Harry's musings were cut short, as he heard the sound of battle nearby. Dropping his axe, Harry picked up his sword nearby, he ran as quickly as he could to the battle ahead.

So this is the newly revised chapter of this story, I hope you enjoyed it. I will be expanding the story where I can and where I believe it can help.

The reason I killed of Luna was because I decided that I would combine my very first original idea and the one I started out with to make something better. There won't be much mention of Luna, so don't get your hopes up.

I might actually do a prequel, when I ever finish this story.

The abilities I gave Harry is similar to that of Middle Earth's Shadow Of Mordor/War Wraith Abilities, as well as moves used in Dragon Age Origins, II and Inquisition. Please leave review to tell me your thoughts and remember to have an AWESOME DAY!