Hello everyone.

KnightRider96 here; I have some news about The Fifth Blight. I believe that most of you who have seen the chapter update will have noticed the change in title and description. This is because I have decided, upon a large amount of feedback, to change my story so that I can rework it to be something better.

When I first started this story in 2016, I had a vision in my head on where the story was going to go and how it would progress with the Harry Potter character I had in mind. However as I continued onward through the story, many of the reviews have stated that Harry Potter was not THE Harry Potter that they know. The reason I did this was because I wanted to see how a Harry Potter who existed solely in the Dragon Age Universe would work.

Obviously, by your words, it did not work.

Now I know that the people who like the story are not going to be happy and say to just continue onward, don't listen to what the detractors think and move forward. There will always be people who do not like the story or characters you put in.

That is true.

I know that stories will not always be given universal praise and that there will always be people who dislike something for one reason or another. But it is for those reasons, above all that I choose to redo this story so that I can better myself as a writer.

After reading all of your reviews, both good, heartwarming, bad and painful, I have reread this story and after doing so I found myself at a fork. Do I continue on with what I have written and just plow through to the end? Do I turn back and never continue this story and let it be forgotten? Or do I go the other direction, rewrite what is already there?

"I choose option number 3." I said to myself.

That is why I am going to redo all 19 chapters to make this story better then when it left off. Most of the story beat will remain the same, others will be altered and some will be taken out. Know that by doing this I will fundamentally change everything that I had spent the last 2 years working and planning ahead for.

I hope you understand why I do this and hope to see you all when the first chapter comes out.