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Slowly, ever so slowly, I sheathed the Kurikara which extinguished the blue flames I had burning as horns and that lit the end of my tail. I hung my head as I felt myself tremble. I couldn't help it. My whole body was shaking. I bit at my lips and sucked at them as I looked at my sword and then to the ground repeatedly.


"Suguro… Shura… I…" Even my voice was shaking. I slowly turned around as I sucked in my lips, trying to control myself. It only caused me to tremble even more. "I did it. I controlled the flame!" They both stared at me in awe as I glanced at my sword with a grin. "It still needs some fine-tuning but I can burn some things and leave others untouched!"

"Well…" Shura shrugged, "You could do that before like burning off clothes, leaving only underpants."

"Shut up," I barked. "But this time it was on purpose! Not unintentional like before!"

"Okumura! Bon!" Konekomaru yelled as he ran up with Shima and the other exorcists.

"Koneko! Shima! You're all right," Suguro questioned.

"Konekomaru!" I waved with my sheathed sword. "I can finally control my flame! I controlled it so I only burned the Impure King!"

"Yeah," Shima finally spoke. "That felt weird. The flame didn't hurt or even itch! But the fungus burned right away."

"That blue flame purified me and everyone else who encountered the gas. Such power… I can't thank you enough," Shima's dad stepped in.

I rubbed the back of my head while I chuckled, "Aw shucks… All this praise is embarrassing!"

"Okumura… Thank you!" Konekomaru snuffled. Was he crying? "You've got… To forgive me!" Yep, he is crying.

"Huh?! Wh-why're you crying?! Did something happen?!" Was he hurt or something?

Shima rubbed the back of his head from his own embarrassment. "Man… Koneko stews over stuff too much." He jumped when Suguro was now beside him, "Huh? Whaaat?! Bon! You're alive?! I thought you died. Heh, oh well…"

"Sorry to worry you," Suguro was worn out.

"Ha ha! Who's worried?"

I went up to Konekomaru as I rubbed his head to comfort him and to know everything was cool. Of course I needed to tease him some for him being emotional.

"Huh? Stop that…" He tried to push me away.

"Rin!" Everyone turned towards the voice.

I sprang up excitedly, "Oh! Yukio! You're okay too!"

"Shura, why is Rin here? Who let him out of solitary confinement?"

I looked towards Shura myself. "Well, uh, you know… I already apologized about that!"

"Check it out, Yukio!" I pointed my thumb to myself with a laugh, "I saved everyone here! I bet you're so surprised that it made your jaw drop off! Heh heh heh." I slowly calmed down as I became serious. "It won't be long before I surpass you!"

Next thing I realized was that I was punched in the jaw by my very own younger twin brother. He lost it as he began to yell. "Stop joking around! Do you understand the mess you're in?!"

I closed my eyes as I took a breath while biting my lip. My cheek began to sting. "Yes I do. I finally do." I spat out some blood. "I…" I slowly turned to look my brother in the eyes "… Am Satan's child. I cannot escape my power." He stared at me in shock. "I've always been afraid… To face it… To accept it. But…" Why am I suddenly so tired? My eyes feel so heavy. "… That was…" Where has my energy gone? I think if I just close my eyes for a moment then I'll be fine. "… Wrong…"

"Rin?!" Yukio shouted.



Father Fujimoto… What should I do now? Tell me.

"Idiot. Think about that for yourself?"

Why did you save me?

Slowly I opened my eyes as drops of sweat trickled down my face. It's so hot. I stared at the ceiling while I tried to fight the tiredness. I really want to go back to sleep. I feel so weak and drained.

I heard a soft snore coming directly from my right ear as I felt a breath on my right hand. Slowly I turned to see a black cat with two tails and fur that was the color of chocolate covering the lower half if its face. It was sleeping next to my pillow. I sighed as I thought it was kind of nice. I wanted to pet the cat that strangely had two tails but I didn't want to disturb its rest and I was too exhausted to really move.

I glanced at my surroundings not recognizing where I was. I then saw a girl sleeping to my left on another futon. She had platinum-blonde hair and fair skin. Why was she sleeping next to me? How did I end up here, wherever I am? I found myself staring at the girl as she began to mumble.

"Mm… Hm?" Oh, shit! She's waking up! What am I going to do? "Rin… You're awake. I'm glad." Her green eyes were very kind and gentle.

I blinked. How did she know my name? "Um…" I got to admit, I was embarrassed or felt a bit awkward at the very least. "… Why are you sleeping here," I asked bluntly.

"I came in here to set up an IV drip but I fell asleep looking at your face." She smiled warmly as her cheeks were dusted with a light shade of pink. "Because I've been up all night yesterday…" Why hadn't that freaked me out? What is she? A Stalker? Why was she staring at me while I slept? Was I sleeping here? "Good job, Rin. Suguro and those guys said you saved them."

I saved people? Who? Whose Sug-Sagua-that person?! I'm so confused. I couldn't wrap my head around anything. I bit my lip and looked back towards ceiling for a moment. Where's Yukio? I looked back to find she was still staring at me but this time it was with concern and worry.

"Rin… Is something wrong," she asked.

I need to play it cool. "O-oh, nothing. I… Uh, was just wondering where we are?"

"Oh, Suguro Family's Inn. We've been staying here for a couple of days." She tilted her head.

Huh?! Jolted up to a sitting position. That's not possible. I need to find Yukio or the old man. They must have some answers. Where are they?!

"Rin… Are you sure you're okay," the blonde asked.

"I-I'm fine." I noticed there were others here. There was a teen that had his hair dyed pink and another teen with dark-blonde hair with a hand puppet. They were both behind me and awake. Or maybe it was just the one with pink hair? Who are they? Gradually I got out of the futon to stand.

"Wait, you should rest," the girl warned.

I looked at her as I guess I needed to come up with an excuse to leave. "I need to, uh, go to the bathroom…?"

"Keep it down over there," another person from behind the dividers called over. I looked around to find purple hair girl laying on her side.

Who are all these people? How did I get to this inn? I rushed out of the room as quickly as I could. I had no idea where I was going but I knew I needed to find my brother or the old man, wherever they are, for possible answers.

I walked down a hall as people were glancing at me from time to time. I began to feel strange. Something was rubbing against my legs and the yukata. I looked down for a moment to catch a glance at something black. I stopped. Whatever that was looked like it was fur. I was staring at my feet and began to turn so I could see behind me as I slowly lifted the yukata. I began to see more of the black fur. I hesitantly grabbed at it and gave it a yank. Agonizing pain shot up my spine causing me to yelp. What the hell was that? That's when it hit me. It was a tail. It is a tail! I have a tail? I have a damn tail! When the hell did I get a tail?!

I looked around as people were staring at me. Did they see the tail? What's going on? I must be dreaming, right? Did I get into another fight and hit my head? Shit! If I did then the old man is sure to give me another lecture. Damn him and his lectures! If he starts his lecture, then Yukio is going to worry and give me his own lecture later on. What am I going to do? I am really not in the mood for another lecture. That hypocrite.

I palmed myself in the face with the frustration which caused the people to begin to whisper around me. I looked at them. They were talking about me. It was frustrating me even more. I clenched my fists as I hung my head trying to tune them out but I couldn't.

"Isn't he acting strange?"

"Doesn't he always act strange?"

"Did you hear how he saved everyone?"

"Yeah, but he is dangerous. Don't go near him."

"Ugh, shut up," I yelled as I sent a glare to them. At the same time, a bowl full of water began to boil so rapidly and quickly that it exploded. I blinked as I stared at the place the bowl once was in confusion. I didn't see what had happened to it, only heard. "I can hear… you," I finished with a whisper.

Everyone was silent as they stared at me not sure rather to be scared or confused themselves. I slowly walked away as I knew I wasn't wanted. Was that my fault? I somehow feel that it was. But how is that even possible? I wasn't even near that bowl. I didn't touch it. Perhaps someone set the heater too high. Was it even on a heater? I don't know. Whatever, it was a damn bowl.

Is something wrong with me? I wake up surrounded by strangers with at least one of them being a girl who seemed to know me. Next, I find that I have somehow grown a tail overnight and somehow gone from the monastery to an inn. Now, there are exploding bowls. What is going to be next? Was it due to one of the clergymen's cooking? This is why I told them to let me cook. Was the fish bad?

I walked into a room with some vending machines and decided to get myself a drink. I am rather thirsty after all. I looked at what drinks were available and began to make my choice when I got the feeling that I wasn't alone. I turned around as I got my drink to discover my younger brother who looked to be asleep in a chair with his arms folded. That must not be comfortable.

"Oh! Yukio," I hoped he would wake up. What is up with his clothes? Was he wearing a school uniform? Yukio luckily glanced at me with tired eyes. "Have you been up since yesterday?!"


Seriously?! "Get in bed! You can't just lie around here!" Was he falling back asleep on me? How odd. Why was he up all night? "Bro, I need to talk to you. So don't go anywhere," I patted his head as I took a seat while taking a drink

"Aw man…" He whispered as he hung his head probably from a stiff neck is my guess.

"Don't give me a lecture either. I'm really confused." I slouched forward as I was hiding my eyes behind my hair.

"I'm too tired to lecture you right now, Rin. Yes, you deserve one but now isn't the time." Yukio took his glasses off to rub the sleep away from his eyes. "Why are you confused?"

I took a drink and placed the can down as I looked at the patterns on the yukata. How was I going to tell him? How did we get here? Where exactly are we? How did I get a tail? So many questions. Where do I begin? I gripped onto the yukata as I clenched my teeth.


I looked up to Yukio to look at him in the eyes. "Why aren't we at the monastery?"

Yukio looked confused. "Why on Earth would we be at the monastery?"

It was my turn to look confused. "Because we live there! Or have you forgotten? What are we doing at some random inn? Why did I wake up to these strangers? Which at least one of them seems to know me but I don't know how she did… I also have a tail, Yukio. A damn tail! And where the hell is the old fart?!"