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This chapter was written by Evilneko101 and edited by moi (me)! Here you go Evilneko101:

In the last chapter...

"I wandered down the hall, following the signs to the lobby area...

...that is, until someone grabbed my wrist and yanked me into a room.

How nice.

Today was just getting better and better."

And now...

"What the he-"

Before I could finish yelping, a warm hand fitted over my mouth, preventing me from speaking. I immediately licked the land and my assailant drew back in disgust.

"Dude, did you just lick my hand?!" The obviously male person demanded, sounding repulsed.

I batted what was "his" arm away from my facial regions and fumbled around the wall for a light switch. Almost immediately I found the switch and shortly after, the light bulb above the two of us flickered on to reveal...


... The shit?

"Rooster boy? What the hell are you doing?" I looked at him in half incredibility, half in what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you way.

"We need to talk." He said, his lips pressed and his arms crossed, seemingly leaving no room for debate.

"Piss off." I rolled my eyes and walked towards the door, reaching out an arm to open the space between the door frame and the wall wide enough for me to pass.

Suguro shook his head and closed the door, a slight smug smirk on his face.

"What's that stupid look for?" I quirked an eyebrow disdainfully, reaching towards the doorknob and pulling it down.

It didn't budge.

I tried the doorknob again, jiggling it over and over again.

"I locked it." Suguro widened his eyes in a mocking fashion and crossed his arms again. "Just try getting out now."

"I could just unlock it." I replied, his voice flat and dripping in irritation.

"No, you can't."

"The lock is in this room, dumbass."

"No. No, it's not. It's outside."

I processed Suguro's words and instantly had to restrain myself from slamming my face on the door because a face-palm wasn't quite enough for this situation.

"So... the lock's outside of the door?" I twiddled my thumbs, eyeing the closed closet door.

"Yep!" Suguro smiled, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

"And it's locked?"

"Just so that only I'm able to let you out of this."

"So, I'm stuck in here until you let me out?"


"Hmm... now, how do you suppose you'll do that?" I raised my eyebrows, an expectant and overwhelmingly fake smile plastered on my face.

Suguro froze for a minute, looking over at me. The smug smile that had been on his face slowly melted off and stared at me, who was still staring at him with a mocking smile. Suguro opened and closed his mouth again and again, like those fish in the pet stores that stare at you with dead eyes as you pass.

"I... I didn't think this through." Suguro sighed, slumping his shoulders and shaking his head at his own stupidity.

"No. No, you didn't. Way to go, jackass." I folded my arms, leaning against the wall and sliding down it into a loose crouching position.

"... Shit. I don't have my phone." Suguro cursed, leafing through his pockets.

"I've got mine, but given the luck that I have, it's probably dead. It was low on battery earlier." I pressed the ON button to my phone and sure enough, it had died. "Looks like we're going to starve to death in here. Woooo." I sardonically spat, throwing up my hands in exasperation. "At least it's kinda roomy in here. If it wasn't, I'd end up stabbing you."

Suguro grunted when he sat down, facing me with a bland expression. His hands folded on top of one of his knees and he leaned back a bit, shifting and getting comfortable. He suddenly got an odd look on his face, and he twisted to face the wall adjacent to him. His hands unfolded and he groped around the wall, pressing something, and light suddenly flooded into the closet. I jumped a bit, slightly startled, but played it off cool. Suguro returned to his previous position and stared directly at me. I tried to avoid his eyes but they pierced right through me and frankly, it was kind of creepy.

"...W-What do you want?!" I finally snapped, folding my arms closer to myself and locking my knees, cursing the slight stutter in my voice over and over again.

"We're both trapped in here, so you might as well talk."

"And why should I do that?" I curled in on myself a bit more, crossing my arms tighter and stiffening, glaring at Suguro with eyes that dared him to force me to talk.

"Because obviously something's up with you."

"I'm preeeeetty sure that there's nothing "up" with me." I muttered, making finger quotations and drawing out the "pretty" part in a high-pitched "duh" tone.

"And I'm pretty sure that you're a liar."

"Piss off. It's not your problem and unless you want it cut off, keep your nose out of my goddamn business." I rolled my eyes, scooting away from Suguro.

"I'll risk it. Talk to me. I'm your friend, moron."

"No, you're not." I turned away from Suguro and hugged my knees.

"Hm?" My hands and left leg were snatched and restrained by something slimy, crawly, and absolutely disgusting. From somewhere in the back of my ears, I heard Shima scream in absolute terror. I whirled around to face two… things hold me up in the air, leaving me dangling. "Wha… AAAAAH!"

"What're you doing?!" Suguro angrily shouted, clearly annoyed.

Oh crap! It's got both my arms! I squirmed and struggled. I'll just use my flames after everyone leaves! "I'm all right! I'll deal with it and catch up! Go on without me!" I assured everyone. "It'll be dawn soon, so you better hurry!" I called, wincing a bit as the grip around my wrists tightened and I was swung around like a rag doll when the ground began to shake.

"Okumura?" I heard Suguro call out but I couldn't break free out of this memory.

"You're always doing this!" Suguro glared up at me with a surprising amount of frustration evident on his face.

"Sorry!" I chuckled awkwardly.

"You fool! I'm going to help you!" He yelled at me and my eyes widened.

"Shima! Your staff!" Suguro demanded. "Get ready to run!"

"Be careful with that! Okay!" Shima handed it over, sweat-dropping.

"Okumura!? What the hell?" Suguro called out to me, and subconscious I felt him shake my shoulder, and in the back of my mind I heard him gasp.

Suguro picked up something from the forest floor and stuck it on the staff before he hurled it at the moth monster thingy. "Namah samanta-vajranam ham-mam!"

The moth screamed in agony and I was sent flying, landing in a pool of bugs and insects.

"Kiriku!" Suguro called and the staff returned from the moth into his hands.

"Wow!" Cool! That was amazing.

Suguro reached a hand out down for me, "C'mon! I can't do anymore!"

"Huh? You didn't beat it?"

"Ruuun!" He yelled and yanked me along with him by the hand.

All of us ran into our places and I pulled the lantern along while screaming, "Hnnngaah!"

"Thanks!" I called at Suguro.

"I was just payin' you back!"

"Okumura! Snap out of it, dammit! What's wrong?! Why are your eyes all weird?!"

"Paying me back?"

"You saved me not by sharing your ridiculous desire to defeat Satan but declaring it openly!" He embarrassedly stated.

"It's not following us anymore." Konekomaru reported.

"Let's take a break." Suguro declared as we stopped to catch our breaths.

"I never gave it much thought." I spoke slyly and what I thought was cool.

Suguro tsked at my reponse. "Listen, I don't think you're stupid. But…" He suddenly said. "Don't try to do everything yourself. Don't forget you have friends!" Suguro yelled at me, staring at me intently.

I froze in place, stunned. "Right…"

I gasped when I broke free of the memory. I briefly forgot where I was and I looked wildly around the room.


I whirled to face Suguro, who gripped my shoulders. "What was that?!"

I swallowed hard and roughly pushed him off me. He grunted when he hit the wall and I pressed myself into a corner. What the HELL was that supposed to be?! I shook in place, finding it hard to process all of that at once. That... that had actually happened. Suguro was my... my friend. How could I have forgotten that?! But... why can't I remember being his friend? Or anyone's, for that matter? Suguro groaned and glared at me, wincing and rubbing the back of his head.

"The hell was that for?!" He demanded, getting up in my face.

"G-Get away from me, a-asshole!" I sputtered, still shaking slightly.

I tightened my fist into a ball in an effort to stop it from trembling to the point that my palm began to bleed, but it didn't help much.

"Hey! What just happened?!" Suguro grabbed my arm.

"I-I remembered something! Back off!"

"You remembered something!?" He asked, getting only closer to me.

Oh God, I was starting to get dizzy. "Please... please just back off."

And just like that, the closet door clicked open and through hazy vision, I saw some pretty lady walk in, before freezing once she saw us in our compromising position.

"O-Oh! Am I interrupting something?! I'm so sorry, you two just keep doing your thing-" The woman suddenly cut herself off, and I saw Suguro look up at her in absolute mortification.

"... Ryuji?" She stared him in disbelief and bewilderment.

"... Mom?"

Oh, for fuck's sake.

"I... I would've never expected you to be homosexual..."

"M-Mom, wait, I-I can explain."

"No no! I support you, just don't make out with your boyfriend here in the closet! It's too ironic, don't you think? I'll just leave you two alone; don't be so embarrassed!"

"Mom, listen for a second-!"

But Suguro was too late. His Mom had run off (and she seemed to be giggling; wow), leaving the closet door open. Suguro and I both sat there in a silence for a whole minute, frozen in place. Suddenly, he stopped half-straddling me and sat on the backs of his calves, staring out of the open closet door.

"... My mom thinks I'm gay now." He murmured, and he buried his face in his hands. "I'm so screwed." He laughed in an odd high-pitched voice.

Shakily, I stood up, steadying myself against the wall. "We'll... we'll talk later." I shuffled out of the closet awkwardly, hugging myself a bit.

He didn't bother to stop me.

This entire chapter is one huge "out of the closet" joke and I regret nothing. Good ol' Bonables and Rin will talk in the next chapter because Rin's been forced to accept that yes; Suguro is indeed his "friend".

Oh boy.