(A/N: On deviantART, this is a songfic. On this site, I edited out the song. This is the story leading up to when Annabeth went to the past and met up with George, Molly, Summer, and Max. I hope you still enjoy it, song or no song.)

It was nighttime on the outskirts of Petropolis, where we see a run-down orphanage, where most of the children are trying to sleep on the uncomfortable beds in a cold room. However, one orphan (a dalmatian named Annabeth) opened her window in order to get a better look at the stars. As she looked at the starry sky, she thought about how some of the kids would sometimes wish upon a star, hoping for better things. It couldn't hurt to try.

"I wish that I could get out of this place forever!" Annabeth said before closing the window and trying to get some sleep.

The next morning...

Annabeth woke up and opened her window to find out what had gone on. She thought she heard something strange last night while she was asleep, but she didn't know what, 'cause it was too dark to see what it was.

Upon looking out the window, she saw what looked like a phone booth outside the building, but at the top were the words "Time Machine", and they were done up in fancy writing.

"What the...?" Annabeth said as she quickly dressed and hurried outside, past the ol' bag who ran the orphanage.

Then Annabeth was outside, and she quickly got into the machine.

"Wow, so this is a time machine?" Annabeth asked herself as she looked around the interior. She figured she might as well go to the past, 'cause if she went into the future, chances were she'd still be living in that orphanage.

The machine stayed where it was, but Annabeth found herself in some building, where she met with 4 kids who were around her age, and they claimed that she was in the past, but they were from the future that Annabeth was from!

Annabeth stayed with the group and had adventures with these kids (George, Molly, Summer, and Max), and she became fast friends with them, as well as the other kids that showed up later on. And when the kids went back to the future, Annabeth got her wish of being adopted, so she never had to go back to that orphanage again.

The End

Well, that's the story, but I'm sure you're wondering how that time machine showed up. Was it left by the Wishing Star, or did someone leave it there? I might explain that in a future story. Either way, I hope you still enjoyed this story!