Author's notes: So I haven't writted fanfiction in maybe 4 or 5 years, and trying to get back to it now. Got a few ideas for supergirl stories, so here's one. Please excuse any errors, if I don't write and put it up, I won't write it at all. I don't know yet where I'm going with this, but it will be a short story. Let me know what you think, ideas and suggestions always welcome.
I'm ignoring the pod landing at the end of finale for this story.

"Consider this a warning, Max. Leave me alone," Supergirl barked as she floated with a drone that had the Lord Tech logo on it behind her. It has been following her and she had enough of it. She lured the drone to one of Maxwell Lord's factories, where she tracked him, to make her threat to the man himself.

Supergirl turned quickly and caught the drone before it can fly off. She made a point to maintain eye contact with Max as she used her super strength to destroy the drone with her bare hands. Max's smirk confused her, she was delivering a threat, destroying his property, and he looked like he won. The metal was easily bending under her hands, and she can hear the wires buzzing. Suddenly, green smoke quickly emitted from the drone and surrounded her. She felt dizzy instantly. 'Kryptonite,' she realized.

"You see, Supergirl," Max started smugly, "You are not all powerful, like you would like to think."

Supergirl landed to the ground, her strength slowly being drained with every breath. And yet she couldn't get away.

"I need you to remember that. We can stop you whenever we want. I can stop you," Max circled around her as he gave his speech, and watched her fall to her knees as the Kryptonite gas engulfs her, "I can end you right now," he pulled out a knife and held it to her neck, as he pulled her by her hair, "It would just be too easy." He pulled the knife away slowly, leaving a trail of blood.

"So YOU consider this a warning, Supergirl." He stood up straight and in one quick motion, punched Supergirl in the face, causing her to slam to the ground, and groan in pain. "Now I suggest you leave my property as you are trespassing," He signals 2 guards over and watches them drag the fallen heroine outside the company gates, delivering a few kicks and punches each as they logged her into a car and drove off.

He smiles smugly at the night's success, "And so it begins."

The factory was in a remote location, just outside the city, and Kara hadn't told anyone she is going. She lies were the guards have thrown her, face down in the dirt. She was having a hard time breathing, as if the Kryptonite gas had taken permanent residence inside her lungs. She needed the sun, that was the only thing that would counteract it, but it was late at night, long time till the sun is up. She tries to push herself up from the ground, but immediately falls back. She resigned to flipping herself on her back, and lying down, trying to catch her breath.

After a while, she tried to find her phone, but couldn't find it. She must've lost it somewhere between the kryptonite attack and the guards kicking her out, literally. Alex is going to kill her for going to Max, especially with no backup. Kara looked up at the sky, watching the stars. She would've enjoyed the view, if her position was not ironic. Max Lord bring her down to her knees and leaving her with stars swimming in her vision. The pain in her head was increasing, was it possible for an alien to get a concussion? That was her last thought as she finally let her exhaustion take over, and passed out.

She woke up to an annoying beeping, and the sun shining brightly in her eyes. She fumbled around and found her phone. 'So I did have it' She thought as she pressed a button and the alarm stopped; it was her first morning alarm, the one that meant for if she wanted to wake up, bathe in the sun, take a long shower, have breakfast, do a quick patrol, change into her work clothes, have a second breakfast on her way to CatCo, and be at the office an hour before Cat to prep for the day, then go grab Cat's latte from Noona's along with a sticky bun. Each successive alarm would mean she sacrifices something that morning. It usually depended on what was happening the night before. And she had one hell of a night.

Kara broke out of her thoughts, and stood up slowly, with surprisingly a lot of struggle. By the time she was standing, she was out of breath. Her head was still hurting. She looked at her phone to see 17 missed calls from Alex. Kara hit the call back button as she took a deep breath and shot up towards the sky, letting the sun wrap itself around her as she flew back to the city.

"Kara, I've been calling you all night," came Alex's half irritated, half concerned voice, "You missed the DEO briefing, and never showed up for our dinner and movie night."

Kara groaned guiltily as she realized she had accidently stood Alex up. "Al-ex," Kara croaked, surprised to find her voice breaking from disuse, and lying down outside all night.

"Kara, are you okay?" Alex's voice was all concern now. "Where are you?"

Kara cleared her throat, "I'm headed to my apartment," She answered vaguely.

"I will see you there!" Kara can already hear Alex moving.

"But I am late for wo—"

"Kara, don't start with me! I was already on my way." Kara sighed as she agreed and hung up. She was flying slower than usual this morning, it was taking all her energy just to focus on that.

She landed on the fire escape outside her apartment with a thud, and went in through the window. She walked to her mirror and cringed at what she saw. She was covered in dirt from head to toe, and there was dried blood on her face and neck. She was very pale, and noticed that her hands were shaking. Her encounter with Max last night was a close call. Too close. Kara fell to her knees in exhaustion, just as Alex walks in, using her own key to unlock the door. One look at Kara, and she quickly dropped her bag to the ground and rushed to her side.

"What the hell happened?" She asked as looked Kara over. Kara threw her head back as she sighed but that send searing pain in her side, and caused her to wince in pain. Alex led her to the couch to sit down. "Kara, what…" Alex trailed off as Kara closed her eyes, and silent tears made their way down her face. To say Alex was worried was an understatement. She was already preparing a mental list of who could have done this to her sister and how she would neutralize them.

"You're okay, Kara," Alex tried to comfort her sister.

"Max… Max Lord."

Alex felt her anger consume her in less than a second. The DEO should have never released that asshole. "I'm going to kill him. How did he even hurt you?" Alex looked at the dried blood in concern. "I need to take you to the DEO."

Kara was already trying to sit up and shaking her head, "Alex, no—"

"Kara, I need to have you checked over, you are obviously in a lot of pain, so whatever Max used to hurt you might not have work off yet. We don't even know what he used." Alex sent a quick message from her phone, requesting a medical evac at Kara's place. Usually they were more careful, but she couldn't take the risk this time.

"Kryptonite," Kara breathed heavily, knowing that Alex was right. "Gas."

"What? How did he even—" Alex pinched her nose, trying not to lash her anger out on her injured sister. She didn't know how Max got his hands on Kryptonite, let alone manage to alter its form into gas. She definitely needed to get her sister to the lab immediately; they haven't dealt with this before.

At the DEO, the medical team acted quickly, taking her vitals, and blood samples, dressing her cuts and laying her in the sun beds. Kara's breathing was worrying them, as she was wheezing by the time Alex got her there. Alex watched her team work efficiently, they have tended to Supergirl long enough now that Alex didn't need to supervise, and instead can work on trying to analyze the blood and test results.

"How is she?" Lucy asks as she enters. She was still acting as director-in-charge, as per the military's command. The DEO agents have grown to respect, and even like her. It was quickly obvious that even though Lucy was on the other team, she was doing right by this agency, and not letting the military takeover. She had even managed to get a pardon for Alex, but J'onn's situation was more complicated. And he had insisted on pursing project Cadmus, and as much as Alex wanted to join him, she needed to there for Kara. Especially after everything after Myriad. And now, she was very glad she was there, because Max Lord was back to his old ways again, even after working with Supergirl during Myriad.

"She's stable now, her body is healing under the sun. It's taking longer than usual though," Alex sighed, Kara briefly mentioned that she had slept in the sun for a few hours already.

"And Max is behind this?" Alex nodded as she looked at a blood sample under the microscope.

"Shit!" She stood up angrily, "The kryptonite is still in her system. She was never attacked by it in gas form, so we don't really know how it would affect her differently."

"How do we get it out?" Lucy asked, ready to jump in action, needing to feel useful. Kara was her friend, not just one of her 'agents'.

"We can't…" Alex ran her hand through her hair, "The sun is the only thing that can help. She will be fine in a couple of hours," Alex pulled some test results on her computer, "it appears that it was a small concentration of kryptonite, mixed with a sedative?" Alex was confused.

"He knocked her out, but didn't hurt her." Lucy speculated, and Alex glared in her direction; here sister was definitely hurt. "What I mean is, he could have done a lot more damage. More concentrated kryptonite, or take advantage of her weak state…"

Alex seethed at the last part of Lucy's statement, but realized she had a point. "To what end though?"

"That we will need to figure out, before he tries something else. I'll get some of the agents to run surveillance on him, maybe that will move us a few steps to catch up on his plans," Lucy declared as she walked out of the lab with Alex. They both stood outside the glass wall of Kara's recovery room.

"We need to be ahead Lucy. I don't want to know how else he plans to hurt my sister," Alex said with determination as she watched Kara sleeping peacefully.

"We will stop him, Alex," Lucy tentatively put her hand on Alex's shoulder to assure her. Alex briefly looked at Lucy's hand then nodded and turned back to her sister.

At CatCo, Cat stops by Kara's office for the third time today, but the girl was nowhere to be found. The cardigan hobbit didn't give her an excuse this time, he didn't know why Kara wasn't there. Cat was expecting some edits from Kara last night, and her concern started then, when she hadn't received them. She was only worried about the article of course, not Kara… not Supergirl. Cat sighed as she tried calling the girl's phone, something she never did; this was why she had an assistant… A new assistant, Cat groaned as her headache started to grow, because of the lack of proper coffee, not because of her concern for Kara. Her new assistant couldn't even get her coffee order right, and Kara, sweet Kara, wasn't there to get her one this morning.

When her call went unanswered, she hung up. Yes she cared for the girl, but she was still Cat Grant, and she did not leave messages, or call more than once. Cat sighed as turned her irritation on her new assistant. "Get me MY coffee, or don't come back," Cat held her smirk when the girl scrambled to her feet quickly and ran to the elevator. That will do for now. She'll reprimand Kara for hiring an incompetent assistant, and for not showing up to work so soon after her new promotion later, after she made sure that the girl who got under her skin was alright.