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Kara opened her eyes with a soft smile, letting the red hue of the sun wash over her. She felt the light take away all her aches. The feeling of being at peace filled her up so much that she couldn't help the laugh that escapes her. Rao, she thought. It has been such a long time since she felt her God's presence, and the serenity that came with just looking at the red sun.

"Kara," she heard a voice call her, and couldn't help laughing again as she rushed towards the source. She had to shield her eyes to make out the figures approaching her, but she already knew who they were.

"Mother," Kara held Alura in a tight hug, before pulling away and hugging Zor-El, "Father!"

"Kara, my daughter, my greatest pride," Zor-El hugged her tightly, his kryptonese falling on her ears like a song she hasn't heard in a while, but never really forgotten.

"I didn't think I would ever really see you again." Kara couldn't help the happy tears running down her face.

"It pains me to have you join us so soon, but do not fear now, my daughter. We will never leave you again."

"And earth?" Kara asked as an afterthought.

The answer came from another familiar voice that would've made Kara even happier if it were possible, "You have saved earth and its people, Little One." The sight of Astra healed any pain in her heart that she has been carrying around since her death. "I'm only sorry that I was blinded by my fear and had let things get this far, and you've had to die to undo my mistakes."

Kara watched in amazement as Alura hugged her sister, pushing the white strand of hair away from her face. "It's alright, Aunt Astra. You only did what you thought was best, and in the end you helped save my life and tried to warn me. I only wish you were given a chance—"

Astra moved forward and hugged Kara, cutting her off. "I'm so proud of you, Little One."

"We have come to accompany you on your journey, to join us in Rao's light." Alura motioned to the red sun, the sight of which makes Kara's heart soar.

"The journey from Earth is long, but it was your prayers that kept me at peace and guided me home." Astra said with a warm smile.

"You have exceeded all our expectations, Kara, and fulfilled your mission by saving earth. We know it was hard getting trapped in the phantom zone, and we longed to do anything to rescue you, but we could only keep watch and pray that Rao will spare you," Zor-El said.

"And we've watched you grow into this beautiful woman, who carried our house name with pride and honor. Seeing you become this beacon of hope for the humans was our greatest pride. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, my daughter," Alura added.

"Alex…" Kara looked back wistfully, watching the earth become further and further away.

Astra placed her hand on Kara's shoulder, "You have saved her, Kara. She loves you, she understands the choice you had to make."

"Are you ready to go home, Kara?" Zor-El asked, extending his arm out for Kara to take.

Kara nodded, her heart slightly aching for the people she will not see again, but not regretting her choice. She sent a silent prayer for Rao to watch over her sister, friends, and surprisingly Miss Grant. Her last thought of earth was of beautiful blonde curls, emerald green eyes, and a confident smile.

Kara turned her back on earth, facing Rao's red light again, and letting the peace wash over her as she reached out to take her father's hand. I'm going home.

Before she can grasp Zor-El's hand, she felt as though she was being pulled back in the direction of earth. As if its gravity was so strong as to keep its hold on her even after her death. She was being separated from her family, and she cried out for her father, who in a show of strength manages to grasp her hand tightly.

"Father, what's happening?"

"You're being pulled back to earth!" Astra explained as she grabbed her niece's hand too.

Kara struggled against the pull, if she didn't join her family in Rao's light, she will be spending an eternity in darkness.

"Kara, hold on!" Her father tried to pull her towards him, but the pull on her wouldn't relent.

"I can't," Kara cried as her hand started slipping, "Mom…"

"KARAAAAAAAAA," her mother's scream echoes over and over again as she was plunged backwards, away from Rao's light and into the darkness.


Kara woke up with a pained gasp in the dark room, feeling hands holding her down, preventing her from escaping. "No, please no," she cried, and felt the hands on her pull away. After a few seconds, lights flooded the room, but Kara didn't shield her eyes from the harsh lights, instead she looked around frantically for her parents, and her aunt. Familiar concerned green eyes found hers, and that halted her movements. Cat.

"It's okay, it's okay. It was just a dream," Cat's words that were meant to console Kara had the opposite effect as Kara started sobbing. It wasn't just a dream. Kara looks at Cat pleadingly, as if willing her to understand what happened.

Cat watched helplessly as the girl broke apart in front of her, Kara's arms wrapped around her middle as if trying to keep herself together. Cat did the only thing that makes sense to her and pulled Kara towards her, hugging her tightly, lending her own strength. She was mindful of Kara's back as she held her closer.

"It's okay, darling," the term of endearment came so easily that Cat didn't realize it, but she was glad Kara didn't seem to notice it. "You're okay."

Kara shook her head, "She pulled me… from the light… they were there…"

"Who was there?" Cat tried to understand what Kara was saying to help her calm down.

"My parents… Aunt Astra… I was with them… in the light. I couldn't hold on."

Cat swallowed when she realizes Kara is talking about her Kryptonian family. There was no way she could comprehend the grief that Kara carried around. She lost her entire world, and now she got plagued by nightmares. It wasn't fair.

"What light?"

"Rao's light… It was so beautiful. It was everything I ever missed. I can't explain it. I think the closest thing is heaven," Kara described wistfully, "I've never felt so at peace…"


"I've spent 24 years in the darkness… And just a few minutes in Rao's light erased it all. But then I was pulled into the darkness again," Kara wept, "I hear my mom screaming my name every night."

Cat held the girl tighter, just the thought of how close Kara came to death made her heart ache, but the pain she was in now was different. Kara has been in heaven and was pulled out. How can anything make her feel better? Cat has never felt so helpless before.

Kara's skin was clammy, her shirt soaked through with sweat, and Cat wasn't sure if it was just a result of her nightmare, or something else. A quick check with her hand to Kara's forehead made her gasp though.

"Kara, you're burning up!" Cat pushed Kara's hair, which was sticking to her face, away. Kara's tears have dried up, but her eyes were glazed over. "Kara," Cat ran her thumb across Kara's cheek. The lack of response from the girl sent Cat into action. "Come with me."

Cat helped Kara up, and once she was sure the girl was steady on her feet, she slowly dragged her outside the room. After a few seconds, Cat decided to take Kara to the bathroom in her own bedroom to avoid running into Carter should he wake up. She led her into the bathroom, Kara not looking up once to survey her surroundings.

"I need to change your bandages to waterproof ones first," Cat explained as she sat Kara down, and gathered the necessary supplies. "Turn around, darling," Cat urged softly. It took a few seconds till it appeared that Kara registered what Cat said. Kara faced the other way, and Cat helped her take her shirt off. Cat frowned as she saw the wounds on Kara's back looking worse than before, with red streaks extending from the cut. She used a warm water soaked washcloth to clean the wound, eliciting a few whimpers of pain from Kara.

"I'm almost done, just have to clean this properly, it seems it's getting infected for some reason."

Cat discarded the washcloth in the trash, and covered the wound with the waterproof bandages that she had sent for in the evening after Kara collapsed on the beach.

"We need to get you in the shower," Cat explained as she turned on the cold water in the shower stall. Cat suddenly realized that she didn't think this plan through as it registered that Kara was now standing with her back to her, half naked in her bathroom. "The cold water will help," she continued, "I'm gonna go… hmmm grab you some towels. Will you be okay?"

Kara nodded slightly, and moved into the stall, letting the glass door close gently behind her. Cat shook her head at the situation she was in, and went to grab some clothes and towels.

After a few minutes Cat came back into the bathroom.

"All good?" Cat asked. When she received no response, she knocked at the stall. "Kara?"

Concerned, Cat grabbed the big towel, and slightly opened the glass door, "Kara? Are you oka—y?"

The sight of Kara huddled in the corner, quietly crying made Cat's heart ache. She quickly shut the water, and dropped next to Kara, not caring that her robe and silk pajama pants got wet. She averted her eyes as she wrapped the trembling girl in the towel.

"Hey, hey," Cat pushed the wet hair out of Kara's face, glad that at least Kara's fever has gone down a bit. "What's wrong?"

"I'm so tired, Cat," Kara croaked.

"I know, darling, I know," Cat comforted, "Let's get you out of here and into something warm?"

Cat helped her up, and wrapped the towel around her fully. Realizing Kara was too out of it to do anything, Cat sat her and helped her get dressed. She couldn't help the heat the rose up her neck at the position she was in right now, kneeling in front of Kara, helping her put on the sweats she grabbed. She quickly chided herself to focus on the task at hand. Now was not the time to think about all the ways she could make the girl feel good from this position, under a different set of circumstances. She cleared her dry throat as she stood and helped Kara with her shirt, and seeing as Kara was shivering, Cat grabbed one of her old college sweatshirts and got her to wear that, then grabbed a smaller towel to dry the girl's hair.

"Kara?" The lack of response was starting to worry Cat, and she wondered if she should have called Kara's sister earlier in the evening, or even now. If only Kara didn't insist she didn't. "Let's get you to bed."

Cat had to support most of Kara's weight, and from her experience earlier, it was not an easy feat considering Cat's size and her conviction that Kara actually eats bricks. Superpowers are literally a heavy load, she mused. So Cat decided that the best option is for Kara to sleep in her room, considering they were already there. She helped Kara into the bed, and tucked her well under the covers.

"I'll just be outside… If you need anything. I'll leave the night lights on," Cat added the last part concluding from before that being in the darkness was a problem for Kara. Something she definitely did not know, and being Cat Grant, she would have made fun of had she not known Kara's legit reasons.

Cat felt a tug at her wrist when she turned to leave. She looked from the hand wrapped weakly around her wrist to Kara's face.

"Stay," Kara said softly, and Cat didn't know what face showed because Kara added, "Please."

Now on the list of bad ideas Cat Grant had, this had to be the top, but there was no way she could deny Kara, not when she was in pain and looked at her with pleading, weary blue eyes that were a bit more gray now in this light and circumstances. Not that she could deny Kara anything in general, but best not let the girl know that. So Cat nodded as she took Kara's hand and squeezed it in assurance.

Cat quickly changed her pants that got wet from the shower, and shed her robe. She slid half her body under the covers, her back resting on the backboard. Unexpectedly Kara curled up to her side, and Cat tried not to gasp at the electricity that shot up her body at the action. She drooped her arm around the girl's shoulder, her hand unconsciously soothing Kara's hair. Cat took a few slow breaths, thankful that Kara couldn't hear her racing heart, and actively tried to banish all the inappropriate thoughts that came with the fact that she was sharing her bed with Kara.

"Thank you," she heard Kara sigh relieved, and that put a soft smile on her face, glad that her efforts to help the girl seemed to work.

Cat was in the kitchen making coffee, her hair damp from the shower she just took, when she heard the unexpected knock. She barely slept for the rest of the night, she just kept lightly playing with Kara's hair till the girl fell asleep, but wouldn't move after that in fear of waking the girl up. She only got up after sun rise to open the windows, remembering Kara saying her powers come from the sun. Opening the front door revealed a tired looking agent that Cat has encountered before. Alex Danvers. Behind her, to Cat's surprise, was Lucy Lane. They were both dressed in black tactical uniforms. The utility vest Alex sported added to her daunting posture.

"Agent… Scully. Baby Lane, that's certainly an unflattering change of wardrobe," Lucy rolled her eyes at Cat's words, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Where is she?" Alex didn't waste time on pleasantries.

"You're going to have to be a bit more specific."

"Cut the crap, Miss Grant," Alex replied as she took a threatening step forward, her hand went to the gun strapped to her thigh. "Where is my sister?"

"Now you listen—" Cat knew she shouldn't mess with the agent, especially when it came to Kara, but she will not be intimidated in her own home. She only wished she was wearing her heels so that the agent wasn't towering over her.

"Mom?" Cat's words were cut off by Carter's voice. She sent a glare towards Alex, who immediately drew her hand from the gun at the sight of the boy and dropped her threatening stance, then turned to her son.

"Morning, Carter."

"What's going on?" Carter asked nervously.

"Oh nothing sweetheart, this Kara's sister and she just came to check on her," Cat assured her son, "Why don't you go get washed up, while I get started on breakfast."

Cat watched Carter look at Alex skeptically then back to her. At her encouraging smile, Carter nodded and retreated from the foyer. Cat turned to Alex angrily, but Lucy beat her before she could say whatever crafty insult she was about to come up with.

"Miss Grant, we are worried about Kara, and would like to see her," Lucy said, "Please."

"Since you asked so nicely," Cat opened the door further and gestured them in.

"Thank you," Lucy replied as she fell into step behind Alex, who was already assessing the house they were in.

"She's in my bedroom, upstairs, third door to the right," the look Alex gave her rivaled Supergirl's heat vision, and she could've sworn she saw Alex's fingers twitch towards her gun. Lucy groaned, and urged Alex towards the room.

Alex's resolve crumbled at the sight of her sister curled on herself in the bed. The curtains were drawn open, bathing the room in sunlight, and sound of lapping waves from the beach outside. Alex rushed to her sister's side, surprised that Kara hasn't woken up.

"She only got a few hours of sleep," Cat explained, "She had a fever."

"A fever?" Alex exclaimed, her hand going automatically to Kara's forehead, her face falling slightly. "She doesn't get si—" Alex glanced from Lucy to Cat, the words dying on her lips.

"Oh for God's sake. I know she's Supergirl."

"Miss Grant, you must be confused. Kara, is not—"

"So that's where she gets it from." Cat narrowed her eyes, "For someone who works in the government you'd think you would've came up with... I don't know, a better cover story?" Seeing Alex about to argue again, she added, "Her suit is hanging in my closet. I know! Can we stop wasting time with this charade?"

Alex's gaze turned steely, "If you so much as thi—"

"Yes, yes, dark black hole where no one can find me," Cat rolled her eyes, "I know how to keep a secret Agent Scully, I am the Queen of all Media after all."

"You didn't get to where you are by keeping secrets," came Alex's cold reply. Alex pushed Kara's hair out of her face trying to wake her up.

"Her back… She said she heals quickly but it was getting infected last I checked. I've dressed it best I could, but someone at whichever alphabet government agency you work for should check it out."

At the look of concern on Alex's face, Cat felt her own concern well up. She scolded herself for not calling the agent earlier.

"Kara, wake up," Alex called out, and finally Kara started stirring up.

"Alex?" Kara questioned through half lidded eyes.

"Yeah, Kara, it's me," Alex's reply was soft. Cat wouldn't have believed that was the same person if she hadn't seen the transformation herself. Seems like Kara was a soft spot for everyone.

"Wha—" Kara sat up quickly, but still clearly out of it, "Cat! What—what happ—"

"I'm right here, everything is okay," Cat assured her, and came to stand right next to Alex, much to her disdain. "How are you feeling?"

Kara relaxed, "Better," she shot a tired smile at Cat. "Alex, what are you doing here? How did you find me?"

"Tracked your phone," Alex shrugged as if it was a normal thing, "I was really worried about you, and obviously for good reason."

"I'm sorry I left like that, I just got a bit overwhelmed," Kara explained with down casted eyes.

"It's okay, Kara," Alex reassured, "we would have been here sooner, but we got occupied with a mission all night."

At the mention of 'we', Kara finally noticed Lucy standing in the doorway, who gave her a small wave.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, nothing the DEO can't handle," Alex winked, "speaking of which, we need to take you back to the DEO."

Cat frowned at the idea of Kara leaving, but knew that it was the only possible outcome. It wasn't like the girl would stay with her when she had her own place, her sister, and friends.

"Alex, I'm feeling better already," Kara argued.

"Kara, I ran some tests on your blood," Alex quickly glanced at Lucy who nodded encouragingly, "there was Kryptonite in your system."

Both Cat and Kara were alarmed at that.

"How? I haven't been exposed to kryptonite since that gas trap Max set up."

"What?" Cat asked angrily, "Max Lord used kryptonite on you?"

Kara's eyes widened, realizing that she has probably said too much, "Oh it was nothing, just Max being… Max?"

"That is completely unacceptable," Cat turned on Alex and Lucy, "How could you let him get anywhere near Supergirl? Especially when he has the means to hurt her."

Alex stood tall immediately at the accusation, "Are you accusing me of letting my sister get hurt? Drop the act, Miss Grant. The only reason you care is because if something happens to Supergirl, you lose sales. I can't wait to read your Monday article about how you nursed the girl of steel back to health."

Cat felt anger course through her entire body at Alex's words, "You don't know anything about me or my motivations, agent Danvers. I wo—"

Kara grabbed Cat's hand, causing the woman's words to die at the tip of her tongue at the unexpected contact.

"Alex, she would never publish anything like that. Miss Grant did take care of me yesterday. I lost control over my powers, but she brought me back, and opened up her home for me. It would have been all over the news already if that was her intention."

Cat squeezed Kara's hand as she felt a wave of gratitude for Kara coming to her defense, and for trusting her. Alex looked like she was about to respond, but thought better of it after noticing the hands that were still linked. Cat dropped Kara's hand as she also realized that.

"Kara, we really do need to get you to the DEO," Lucy said, finally walking into the room, "The kryptonite is probably what's messing with your powers. We need to figure out if it's still in your system, and where it came from."

Kara nodded, and stood up slowly. Cat watched as all the color drained from Kara's face, and her body sway dangerously. Both Cat and Alex quickly grabbed each of Kara's arms, steading her.

"Are you okay?" Lucy asked with furrowed brows.

Kara took a few deep breaths, then nodded, "Just got really… dizzy?"

"You're probably dehydrated from the fever," Cat supplied, "and you didn't eat anything last night."

"Kara? Not eating? We definitely need to get you to the DEO," Lucy joked breaking the tension in the room.

"I'm fine now," Kara assured. Both Alex and Cat let go of her arms, but kept a watchful hand out, in case the girl ends up collapsing. They walked downstairs to the front door.

"I'll be right behind you, Alex." Kara gave Alex a pointed look, and Lucy dragged a reluctant Alex out of the house, giving Cat and Kara some space.

"I'm sorry about Alex, she—"

"Cares about you," Cat finished, "I don't blame her. Although I am not used to people yelling at me. If you weren't here…"

"You would've found a way to fire her, even though she didn't work for you," Kara joked.

"Touché," Cat smirked.

"Miss Gr-Cat," Kara corrected herself at Cat's pointed look, "I'm sorry about last night. I was really emotional, and you had to deal with all that."

"You apologize too much," Cat rolled her eyes, "You've been getting a lot of nightmares, haven't you?"

Kara nodded embarrassed.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of Kara. Almost dying is a big deal, especially when it comes to someone as indestructible as you. That had to get to you, and if I know you well, you probably just locked it up at the back of your head, and not talked about it to anyone, so it had to find its own way out. You need to let it out Kara."

"I can't," Kara shook her head, "Alex… after what she did to save me… it would break her heart."

"She's your sister, she cares about you. Not knowing that you are in pain is what will break her heart," Kara shook her head, so Cat changed track, "My door is always open... if you need to talk to someone."

"Thank you, Cat," Kara took her by surprise by hugging her. "I have to go now."

"Ah yes," Cat cleared her throat as she broke the hug, "I hope you feel better."

She struggled to find the right words, and instead watched Kara walk away and get into the car. She wanted to ask the girl to keep her updated, but she didn't have the right to such a request. Cat closed the door as to maintain what's left of her image, and not watch the car drive away, missing Kara looking back at the closed door in slight disappointment.