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The Spec-Ops Team Base of Operations…

Arthur watched as Fitz and Simmons departed the Quinjet. It had been a while since they were in the same base together. However, Arthur could clearly see that Simmons looked a bit disheveled. There was an obvious sign that she had not slept in probably months as evidenced by the bags under her eyes, yet she still tried to remain as optimistic as possible.

"Fitz. Simmons." Arthur stated, "Welcome to our new base."

"Very nice to see you again, Arthur." Simmons said, without missing a beat, "I'm glad that Director Coulson finally gave me a chance to take the Monolith back to our HQ to study. I've been working with Fitz on a variety of possibilities about what happened to Sabrina, and I'm very eager for us to get to work right away as soon as possible. We should probably think about moving it as soon as…"

"Simmons." Arthur stated, "With all due respect, please. I know you want to get Sabrina back. I do. But Bruce has lost his mind already obsessing over her and I don't think S.H.I.E.L.D. needs two more people going nuts over it."

Simmons stood there, processing what Arthur had said before nodding.

"I'm sorry." She apologized, "It's just…I feel an obligation to her. We argued over the Inhuman rise and…I feel that if not for her…"

"It's all right." Arthur assured, putting both his hands on her shoulders, "Look; just…try to be professional about it and keep a level-head. Okay?"

Simmons nodded.

"Right." She stated.

At that moment, they heard Bobbi's voice scream over the speakers.


"Oh no." Arthur groaned as Fitz and Simmons quickly followed.

When they got there, they found Bobbi trying to restrain Bruce who had an axe in one hand while the monolith door was opened.

"NO!" He screamed, "SABRINA!"

Arthur, Fitz, and Simmons wasted no time and held him down as well dragging Bruce back as he kicked and screamed wildly.

"NO!" He yelled, "NO! LET ME GO!"

"BRUCE, STOP!" Simmons begged.


Suddenly, there was a splashing sound. Everyone turned back to see that the monolith had melted into a liquid-like substance. The substance rose and fell like ocean waves before reforming as the solid material it had been.

"What…what was that?" Fitz asked.

"I think it might be a clue." Arthur pointed out.

A Few Hours Later…

After some convincing, Bruce allowed Simmons and Fitz to look over the rock with Bobbi and Lian. After they reported their findings, Arthur relayed the information to Coulson who then confirmed with the scientists their theory. Bruce had not been allowed to take part due to his outburst, so he desperately waited in the rec room until Arthur eventually returned with Katie by his side.

"Okay." Arthur stated, "It looks like it's your lucky day, Bruce."

"What is it?" He asked, desperately.

"Well," Arthur explained, "Coulson cross-checked with the other scientists and their Asgardian ally Elliot Randolph, and they've confirmed it is a portal. We don't know where exactly, though. Furthermore, we know a way to activate the portal and we're going to be sending a team over very shortly.

"I'm going with you." Bruce stated, "I don't care what happens, I'm going with you and that's…"

"Relax." Katie assured, "You're coming with us."

Bruce looked dumbfounded.

"I…I am?" He asked, confused.

"I pulled some strings for you on this one." Arthur stated, "Don't make me regret it. We leave in 10 Hours, so get whatever you need and for god's sake, wait for us this time."

Bruce looked him dead in the eye.

"Ten Hours." He told him, "Then I'm going on my own."

Arthur and Katie watched him leave as Arthur sighed.

"We still don't know if there's any gravity or oxygen on the other side." She pointed out.

"We're working on the oxygen part." Arthur explained, "I'm just more worried about the gravity part."

"We don't have a contingency plan for that?" Katie asked.

"We do." Arthur said, looking her straight in the eye, "It's just acquiring that might take a little bit of convincing."

Katie looked at him funny.

"How much do you know about Queens and Spiders?" Arthur asked.


Midtown High School, Queens…

Peter Parker was surprised when he entered the Principal's Office. When he expected to find the principal of his high school there, instead he found a young woman sitting behind the desk wearing a red smart suit and tie. She had brown hair tied into a bun and blue eyes that seemed to inspect Peter with great interest.

"Mr. Parker." The woman smiled, "Glad to finally meet you."

"I'm sorry." Peter apologized, "You…uh…you're not the current principal…"

"No." She assured, "He took off after finding out he won the lottery. I'm your acting Principal Joan Cassandra. Please, have a seat."

Peter took a seat in front of her desk as she took out a file and began looking over it.

"So you're a promising student, Mr. Parker." She noted, "Tell me, do you have any plans for college?"

"Well, I do." Peter admitted, "I mean, I know it's going to cost a lot, but I'm doing a side-job of photography to help with that."

"I see." Joan stated, "So tell me, Peter, what kind of things would you be interested in photographing?"

"Well…" Peter said, "Just things in general."

"So you wouldn't happen to be selling yourself out to a bitter old man then?" Joan questioned.

"You know about Mr. Jamerson?" Peter asked, "Look, the guy is kind of a tool, but…"

"I wasn't talking about you selling out, Peter Parker." Joan explained, "I meant you as in Spider-Man selling out."

Peter suddenly looked like he had seen his own grave.

"What?" He asked.

"Arthur?" The Woman asked, "We're secure."

With that, a distortion appeared in front of the door leading to the waiting room as a fit man with cropped hair wearing a fine suit appeared before him.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Parker." The man stated, "My name is Arthur Williams. I work for the Strategic Homeland Intervention and Logistics Division. Or S.H.I.E.L.D. Before you ask, no. We're not HYDRA. Our files say that you have a special kind of sense that tells you if things are going to go bad for you. Tell me, is it going off now?"

Peter thought before answering.

"No." He stated.

"Then you know you can trust us and that we mean you no harm." Arthur stated, "You've already met Katie Sheila."

Peter buried his head in his hands.

"Relax, Mr. Parker." Arthur assured, "We've actually been doing a couple of favors for you. That thing on New Year's Eve with the guy who had a fishbowl for a head? Security Cameras caught your identity, but we got the footage before anyone else and erased the evidence for you."

"Oh god!" Peter declared, "I…I hadn't even thought about that! I uh…thank you."

"Don't mention it." Katie winked.

"Listen," Peter asked, "As grateful as I am for that save, why have you come to me?"

"I'll cut to the chase, Mr. Parker." Arthur stated, "We need your help. We just recently found a portal that leads to somewhere unknown. This is why we came to you."

"You want me to travel to an unknown place on a secret mission?!" Peter demanded, "I can't! I got to study for a Geometry Test!"

"We don't need you with us." Arthur assured, "We just need your formula for a certain…motif that you have."

He made a motion like he was flicking something out of his wrist. Peter understood what it was.

"I'm sorry." Peter apologized, "It's not that I don't trust you guys, but I'm worried if it were to fall into the wrong hands…"

"If it makes you feel better, we'll destroy the formula afterwards." Arthur assured, "But it's imperative that we have a means of tethering someone to our side of the portal. We've seen what the web can do at any size, Mr. Parker. Holding up a gas truck that was soaring through the air proves that it can work for a human."

"I don't know…" Peter admitted, "I just…if anything happened."

"Mr. Parker, why did you become Spider-Man in the first place?" Katie asked.

Peter was silent, but sighed before speaking.

"You know how there's a moment in your life when you can do something good, but don't?" Peter asked, "And you don't feel like it? It happened to me, and because of it, somebody I loved died because I didn't realize that…"

"Let me guess." Arthur interjected, "With great power, there must also always come great responsibility."

Peter looked at Arthur amazed.

"How did you…" Peter asked.

"Mr. Parker." Arthur stated, "A few years ago, my Mom went nuts and tried killing a majority of people on the planet. I tried everything in my power to stop her, but she was too far gone and I was forced to end her myself. I have to live with that every day. But what matters is that I tried everything I could to stop it. I see you here now, a young man who wished for the chance to make something right if he could. You have that chance to do it right this time, Peter. We're sending a team into this portal because we lost an agent very dear to us. And now somebody's going to go on a suicide mission where he might end up dead as well unless we have proper equipment."

He looked at Peter with a stern look.

"So please." He asked, "Will you at least try to trust us? If not for us than for that chance you would give anything to have to make a difference that saved a life?"

Peter thought and then looked at him seriously.

"Can you get us to the science lab and make sure we're not disturbed?" He asked.



Gloucestershire, England…

Bruce was now at the last of his patience. He was now in the castle with Daisy, Coulson, Mack, Fitz, Simmons, Bobbi, and Elliot Randolph. Randolph had said that this was a reported location where the monolith would work. After investigating, they had found a secret entrance leading to a machine where the science teams deduced that the monolith portal would work here through strong vibrations. Hence, the reason Daisy was with them in order to recreate that same vibration frequency.

Now they were awaiting Arthur and Katie's return with the equipment. But they were cutting it too close and Bruce was losing his cool.

"That's it." He stated, "We can't wait any longer. We need to start without them."

Without a word, Arthur and Katie ran down the stairs, carrying a large duffel bag.

"Sorry." Katie apologized, "We had to give someone our assurance we'd use this thing only once."

With that, Coulson nodded to Daisy to begin with the vibrations. She did so as they turned the machine on. Suddenly, the monolith changed into its liquid form and looked like a portal now.

"Now." Arthur stated, unzipping the bag and pulling out a small glove-like device that looked like it was meant to shoot something out from the wrist, "This is the only time we'll use this, so don't get too attached or try to copy anything. This device shoots out a strong tether that will apparently hold up to a giant rhino in its place."

He put the device down next to the bag as he took out a helmet similar to the ones used by astronauts.

"Our basic oxygen helmet." Arthur explained, "We don't know what we're going to be encountering there, hence these things. Now the only thing that remains is…"

Suddenly, there was the sound of a 'THWIP.' Everyone looked back in horror to see Bruce had put the web shooter on and had already tethered himself to the ground.

"BRUCE, NO!" Arthur begged, but to no avail.

Bruce took a deep breath and jumped down into the portal.


Bruce groaned as his body hit a slope and began tumbling downwards. When he finally stopped, he looked up to find he was on a rocky surface with a giant planet overlooking him. It was dark but everything also seemed to be tinted blue for some reason and that there were a couple of canyons in the distance.

"SABRINA!" He cried.

"Bruce!" He heard a familiar voice scream in the distance.

Bruce felt his heart skip as he saw a figure he thought he'd never see again slowly walking towards him.

"SABRINA!" He screamed, at the top of his lungs, "IT'S BRUCE! COME HERE! FOLLOW MY VOICE!"

"BRUCE, I DON'T THINK I CAN MAKE IT!" Sabrina admitted.


Sabrina got closer, but Bruce could already feel the tether starting to pull him back.

"SABRINA, HURRY!" He begged.

She finally got closer just as Bruce stretched his arm out for her to take his hand when everything seemed to go white.


Everyone stared horrified at the rubble that was once the portal. Keeping it activated was beginning to take its toll on Daisy, but the minute they had stopped, the whole thing seemed to implode on itself.

"NO!" Simmons cried, "No, dear god! Not again…please not again…"

Fitz pulled her into a hug as everyone lowered their head in mourning.

Suddenly, they heard movement from the rubble.

"Look!" Katie pointed out.

She used her powers to help dig through the debris until she saw a hand reaching upwards. She connected a tether from her powers to the hand and pulled upwards. The first thing they saw was Bruce with his face covered in soot. But as soon as his upper chest to his neck was pulled, they saw he had a second person with him. Sure enough, cradled in his left arm was Sabrina. She looked like she had been through hell. Not only was she also covered in soot, but her clothes had various tears in them, and her hair was no longer straightened out, with various strands twisting and tangling in different areas. Her eyes were closed but the moment Bruce was on the surface, she opened them again to see Bruce was with her.

"Hi." She stated.

"Hey." He replied back.

Without another word, the two embraced in a passionate kiss that was many months in the making.



After a thorough examination and scrubbing, Sabrina was checked out as being still as sane and healthy as ever. As she sat next to Bruce, Simmons walked up to them both.

"Mind if I sit with you?" She asked, "I won't mind if you say no."

"That's fine." Sabrina assured.

Simmons took her seat next to Sabrina, pausing a moment before speaking.

"I…I had a feeling you were still alive." Simmons pointed out, "Deep down inside."

Sabrina nodded before Simmons spoke again.

"I wanted to thank you." Simmons said, "You didn't have to do that for me, but you almost gave your life for me. I um…I also wanted to say that I might have been wrong about the Inhuman thing. I guess…I'm sorry for that."

Sabrina stared at her before speaking.

"Apology accepted." She assured, "Thank you and everyone for doing everything to get me home."

Simmons smiled.

"You're welcome." She stated, "It's good to have you finally back."

She sighed with relief.

"Well," She pointed out, "I'm going to see what needs to be done now. Good speaking with you, Sabrina."

With that, she left. Finally, Sabrina took the time to rest her head on Bruce's shoulder. She thought she would drift off into a nice sleep.

Only to be plagued by the nightmares that had been her life for the past few months. Various images played in her mind. Her first moments on the planet, the storms, finding solace only to have it ripped away from her again. But more than that, the thing that repeated most wasn't the monster that had hunted her on that planet. It was another one. A monster which literally moved like a shadow and had nearly gotten her before…

"Sabrina." Bruce stated, waking her up.

Sabrina's eyes fluttered open to discover she was in a new base area.

"We're back at base." Bruce stated.

Sabrina nodded.

"Is something wrong?" Bruce asked.

"No." She assured, "Nothing's wrong."

It was a lie, of course. Something was wrong and Sabrina needed to take care of it as soon as possible.

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