Hi everyone, so this is based on some news we've gotten for season 6 regarding a certain "cat" and it made me think about how this could possibly help Harvey. Another thing I've realised is that I love writing about Agard, it's like you can comment on Harvey's behaviour through her character and I did that in Couples Therapy mostly (DID YOU HEAR SARAH SAY DARVEY NEEDS COUPLES THERAPY.. OMG), but in that fic the presence of that character has come to an end and that's why this happened too. ANYWAY.. This will be a short multi chapter (think around 5 chapters), and I hope you'll enjoy. Let me know what you think.


He looks down at his hands. "I had another panic attack," he sighs, his shoulders dropping in the process. "Good," Paula comments and he looks up again, a frown on his face. "Why's that good?" he mumbles, "it hasn't happened in weeks and I feel like a truck hit me."

"What were you doing before it happened again?"

It's been two weeks, two weeks since that goddamn night and then she doesn't mean the night he showed up at her place. Without a tie, top button of his dress shirt undone. A devastated look on his face. The night he talked about turning himself in and the night she talked him out of that very idea.

"Because I think you're worthy and I don't want to lose you."

She swallows, thinking back to that moment. The words slipping of her lips before she could even register them, but that doesn't make them any less true. She just wonders if her own reasoning behind it makes sense, but she never told anyone exactly what she told him that night. Not to Rachel and not to Mitchell, her boyfriend or something. The hadn't really talked about that.

That's also why that goddamn night two weeks ago she didn't get high with the rest of them. She shared a glass of his favourite scotch, but nothing more. Afraid of what she might do or let happen if she did. She shakes her head, it's a weird thought. As if she had expected or wanted something to happen, but she can't. She's with Mitchell.

She told him about Mitchell, she just never told him he was still in the picture.


It's been two weeks and day after day she sees how the guilt is eating him up. How he almost locks himself in his office, trying to figure out a way to get Mike out of prison again. Maybe she's always been a good actress, maybe it's the years of pretending, but somehow no one really notices how guilty she's feeling herself.

That's why each day she's there for him and in some way she sees that as him being there for her. They work together as a team, united even more than before. Especially with Rachel now focusing on law school, it's just him and her. Louis and Jessica busy saving what's left of the firm.

Every morning it starts with a cup of coffee, they alternate bringing them along. Either he places it at her desk or she gives it to him when he walks by her cubicle. She sits there every morning, pretending things are the way they used to be and she doesn't necessarily mean between them, but in the firm. She's sitting there for the odd change a client calls or someone needs something, but it's a mess and each day around 1 pm she feels helpless and that's when she allows herself to take one look into his office. Seeing him swamped under paperwork and a frown on his face, that seems to have become permanent the past days.

It's also around that time she contemplates whether or not she should get lunch. Not just for her but for him, but she never does. She hasn't seen him have lunch in as long as she can remember and she can only join him in that habit. Instead she struts into his office, she knows he won't look up and she doesn't care. She just sits down in front of him.

"What do you need me to do?"

It's the same question every single day, and every single day he wants to say that her presence alone is enough, but he never says it, he also never objects to her question. Because it's the way she crooks her head and raises her eyebrows that he knows there's no point in objecting. He lets out a small sigh and hands her another file. They don't speak, but she nods. Flipping through the pages, taking notes of things they might be able to use. He made her a list of things to look for.

And every day around 6 they order in. Mostly from that shitty Thai place she loves. She doesn't allow herself to wonder why it's always that, if he just doesn't know another place or if he does it for her. She feels guilty though, having dinner with her boss five days a week when she has a 'boyfriend' waiting for her at home. Or his home, to be more precise. They're rarely at her place anyway, but she told him about the mess the firm, they, are currently in and how she feels it's her fault just as much. It was her who winked at Harvey that put this all in motion and Mitchell said he understood. As long as they had the weekends together, he gave her this time to fix the firm. He really could be the perfect boyfriend, if she were ready to give it a label.

And each day after dinner, they quietly move to the couch. Two glasses of scotch on the table and files spread around them as they continue working on the impossible task of finding a reason to get Mike out of that place.

Today is just like any other day, at least that's how it started. They're sitting around his coffee table. She's placed on the couch and he's in the chair next to hers, the one near the window sill. Files in their hands, it's mostly quiet and she knows she shouldn't, but the way she feels his eyes drift off to her every once in a while makes her look back from time to time.

It's just a look after all.


Mitchell's foot taps against the floor. His back leaning against the wall of the elevator as he stares at the number sign on top. Patiently waiting for the elevator to reach the only floor that still belongs to the once so powerful Pearson Specter Litt.

He's surprised when he steps out of the metal box. It's quiet, he knew it's was only a handful of them left, but he didn't expect it to be this quiet. This deserted, this dark. That's when he remembers her telling him that they have to cut back on expenses and lights are going out on the hallways after six.

How that isn't a problem for those that work there, because the routes they have to walk they've memorised. Mitchell himself doesn't exactly know where to go, all he knows is that it's a corner office. The one where she sits out in front of.

He slowly walks through the hallway, no clue if he's going in the correct direction, but he sees some light in the distance and he can only assume he is. Mitchell walks past the restrooms, seeing some deserted cubicles on his right, he turns around them as he notices how the light is coming from the office on his far right. He scans the room in front of him, only then realising she isn't exactly sitting outside said office.

He spots her vibrant her in no time. Sitting on the left end of a couch, with a file in her hand. His head turning a bit he spots the man he assumes to be Harvey in the chair next to her. He gets stopped in his tracks, he can't move. Not walking any further, but also unable to walk away. Only able to listen and watch what's happening inside the office.

Harvey turns over another page of the file in his hand, his eyes lifting ever so slightly in her direction and that's when he notices she's drifting off. Her eyes blinking slowly, her grip around the file loosely.

Mitchell notices the way the other man's lips curl up. The way he smiles, the way he shifts on his chair. The way he tries to reach for the redhead, probably to wake her up, but he doesn't touch her. He notices how the man's hand balls up in the middle of the air and is pulled back, as instead her name leaves the man's lips.

Mitchell frowns upon hearing it. For a man he pictured to be a badass lawyer, the stories (albeit very little) Donna told about him, didn't really match with the voice he hears. At least not with what he imagined. He notices her eyes opening slowly, the way she looks kind of surprised to be there but she smiles non the less and he wonders if this is the moment to step inside said office or walk away.

He hears the man tell his girlfriend she was falling asleep, that maybe she should go home. He also sees her shake her head, hearing her say how she should help with this case, because it's her fault too. Mitchell can't even feel annoyed at her reaction. She told him what this case meant to her, how she kept her word. How she was loyal to those she works with and this was just that.

Donna reaches for the next file, still sleepy but she doesn't leave. Not until he gives up. They're supposed to be a team. Now more than ever. She gives Harvey a small smile as she pulls her legs up on the couch, lying herself down on her side she continues flipping through the pages. Harvey gives her a small smile in return as he leans back in his own chair. Continuing reading the files.

Mitchell rocks back and forth on his feet. Turning around he walks back to where he came from, not entirely sure what he should do or what exactly he witnessed, but halfway to the elevators he turns around, telling himself she's his girlfriend and he should be able to pick her up from work if he wants to.

Taking firm steps back to the corner office, he knocks on the glass door, making Harvey's head pop up at the unexpected sound. Harvey swallows, seeing the man standing inside his office and he instantly has an idea of who this must be.


They don't speak, instead he places the file in his hand on the table. He notices how she doesn't speak either and he slowly looks to his left only to find her sleeping on his couch. "I think she fell asleep," he answers the man as he lifts himself out of his chair. Not sure whether he should walk over or not, but the man does it for him.

Mitchell frowns as he hears the man speak this time. His voice at least then times darker and he isn't entirely sure if Donna told him about him, but she said she did and he trusts her.

Harvey can feel his hand trembling. He's fighting the urge to punch the man in front of him, but he knows the redhead would never forgive him if he did. Instead he does something he never did before. He extends his hand, greeting the man the woman he loves is in a relationship with.

"Harvey Specter," he shakes the man's hand firmly. "Mitchell Johnson," the other man answers, "Donna's boyfriend," he adds pointing at the sleeping redhead on the couch. Harvey swallows, wondering why the man felt the need to add that line, but deep down he knew why.

"I know," he answers with a nod, letting himself fall back in his chair he can't help but think how it are the exact same words she always says to him. Mitchell's jaw clenches, but he walks over to the couch. Sitting down next to her. His hand moves over her arm and he whispers her name, trying to wake her up.

Her eyes flutter open and the unexpected yet familiar touch. "H.. Harvey?" she mumbles confused as she sees he's still sitting in the chair he was in earlier. Both his hands around a folder. "It's me," she hears and her eyes open fully now, as she turns to the man who's hand is still on hers. "Hey," she mumbles, but her smile falters just a little as she shakes her head, wrapping her head around what just happened.


Harvey bites his tongue, his jaw clenching as he watches the entire situation play out in front of him. The way her hand slips in the other man's hand. The way she smiles and follows him, like she once used to follow him, but in an entirely different way.

He doesn't dare to comment. At least not on them. On how stupid he's been he has a billion words ready, but even if he were to comment he can't. He physically can't, his mouth feeling dry and his breath falters. His vision starts to blur, her auburn lock disappearing in the distance the only thing he's still able to see. The sound of her heels hitting the floor fading away in the sound of his pounding heart.

He manages to wait till she's out of his sight and he carries himself to the restrooms in an instant. Even in the dark, his hands searching for the stall that he had claimed his more than once and his knees give in as he drops to the floor. His chest cracks open and things are a blur, but he knows exactly what's happening.