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Chapter 6 - Fight

Pulling the dark blue bathrobe a bit closer in his neck, the fabric removes some but not all of the droplets that are running from his hair down his neck. He looks in the mirror for a second, the look on his face can only be described as content

He also knows why, it must have something to do with her. With Donna.

It has always been her.

He lets out a breath, reaching for a white towel. He dries his face, his hair and while turning around he spots some movement under his sheets in the reflection of his mirror. He dries the back of his head as his eyes linger on the two feet that belong to a women.

Not just any woman. They belong to her, the redhead.

Smiling he sees her move her feet up and down her long bare legs and he knows she's doing it on purpose. That she's doing it to torture him, but all he can do is smirk. Because truth is, it isn't half as much torture as not having her in his life.

He watches how she gets up, leaning on her left elbow. She looks likes she just woke up, as if she's looking around the room wondering where she is. But he knows she's just pretending, the big smile on her face giving her away when they make eye contact.

She turns around further, pulling the crispy white sheets towards her and his eyes stay directed on her. The sheet now outlining her perfect baby bump and he can't help but smile. Smile at the beam that's plastered her face and the way her hands protectively wrap around her stomach.

He winks at her, his hands fumbling with the towel, he sees her blush in the mirror. Enjoying this moment his eyes close and the towel lands on the sink left to him. He turns around then, walking back to, but when he looks at her again he gets stopped in his tracks.

Her body being held by two arms, her head rest against a man's shoulder and his breath falters when the intruder looks up. "Hello Harvey," Mitchell smirks, letting his hand run over Donna's, he plays with the ring on her finger.

His eyes open in an instant, he's sitting straight up in his bed. His chest moving up and down he's trying to catch his breath. His hands on either side of his body, but besides himself his bed is empty. The place next to him cold.

Looking around the dark room he lets out a sigh once more. His eyes closing he lets his body drop back to the matrass, but he doesn't sleep for the rest of the night.


She's been avoiding him all morning, making copies. Running errands, not just for him but for the other name partners as well. Trying to order her thoughts, she goes over the events of the previous day again and again.

It all coming down to the same conclusion. She had hoped something would have happened, something more. That he said something, because yes, she knows now she had been waiting for him. She was and is waiting for him and deep down she knows why he didn't say anything, if he had wanted to do so. Because he would never ruin her happiness and he still believes she's with Mitchell.

She knows it's her fault just as much as his now, both not acting. Not taking that first step, but all she wanted was not needing to guide him for once. She steps into his office then, seeing him standing there. Just him in his dress shirt, no jacket, no armour. He's holding a glass of scotch in his hand and she swallows.

She sees the look on his face then, that distant stare and she knows he's deep in thought. That whatever is going on between them, or more the lack thereof is eating him up inside, just as much as it's affecting her. She knows she shouldn't, not if she wants him to make that first move, but she can't deal with that look on his face. "Are you okay?" she whispers.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he mumbles looking over his shoulder in her direction. His eyes a bit swollen and red and he bites his lip trying to smile at her. She swallows, she's only seen him like that once before, when she told him his father died. "Harvey," she murmurs.

He looks outside again, afraid to meet her eye. "I just.." he mumbles, "I was just thinking about something that happened yesterday."

"You heard her," she comments and he nods, his gaze still resting on the buildings outside. "It uhm," he lets out a breath, "I just realised that I'll never have that, not with you."

"Harvey," she whispers her voice breaking as she sees the man that has always been her rock, her saviour now so vulnerable. He turns around slowly then, "A month ago you told me to stay here, at the firm that night. That if I left that would have been my biggest mistake," he pauses shaking his head, "it wouldn't have been, Donna. I already made that mistake months ago."

"Harvey," she presses her lips together, her hands holding onto her own arms. She swallows feeling her eyes well up a little. "You said that underneath this expensive suit and that stupid perfect record is a coward and, " he shakes his head letting out a sigh, "and you're right."

"I am a coward, Donna," he nods before looking down. "And I know I should have told you this months ago. I know it's too late and it won't matter anymore, " he sighs. "Because you're with Mitchell now and you're happy, but I -"

"No," she interrupts him, biting her lip to stop herself from crying. She takes a step forward instead, suddenly channelling all the bottled up anger and frustration inside her. "You don't get to do this. Not after all this time, not now," she fires at him. "Not because you think it won't matter, because you think I'm with someone and you know .."

"Donna," he breathes shaking his head as tries to look her in the eye. His hand resting on his desk. "I need you to give it time," she counters turning around, her back facing him now. "Time?" he fires back fiercely, both hands in the air.

"Yeah time," she shouts back, facing him once more and his hands drop instantly, because she's too close now. "I need you to wait with whatever you were about to say because I," she points at herself, "I can't hear it right now. Not like this."

"Wait?" he repeats in disbelief. His jaw clenching he leans on the back of his heels. "Yes wait," she counters, "wait for me to be ready, like I waited for you."

"You never waited for me," he fires back, his hands in the air and he's still trying to understand why she's asking this from him. "What," her eyes widen, she takes a step away from him and he's seen that look on her face before. "I did that because I wanted to make you feel better."

"Do –" he tries, already regretting he just said that. But his sentence stopped by hers. "I did," she answers, "For twelve years I did. I was right there," she shouts pointing at her cubicle, "and I'm still here.. And I .."

"How the hell is breaking your own goddamn rule and pushing me into a relationship with Scottie, waiting for me?" he exclaims words he shouldn't be saying, but she's yelling at him and he's confused. Words leave his mouth before he can register them, but he already knew there was no way back now.

"Because I knew you weren't ready for the kind of relationship that I need," she fires back, tears now breaking free and her hand covers her head. Their fighting bringing her back to that one moment on the exact same place months ago. She just never figured she would have to endure another one.

"And what if I am now?"

Her mouth drops and she swallows. Closing her eyes she shakes her head. "If that really were the case you wouldn't say this just because you think I moved on, because you think it won't make a difference what you say or not," she answers lifting her shoulders and dropping them again.

"That's not why –"

She lets out a nervous laugh, looking away, cause right now she really doesn't know what's going on in his mind. Why he's telling her now and she decides then that it's now or never. "So if I told you right now," she looks him in the eye, "that I broke things off with Mitchell a week ago what would you do?"

His lips part just a little, before he freezes on the spot. Her words taking him off guard he falls silent and all he can do for a few seconds is stare at her, because he didn't expect her to say that. But it are a few seconds to long and she bites her lips.

"That's what I thought," she shakes her head looking down, "you still aren't willing to risk anything." He swallows, his eyes closing. "No, Donna," he breathes slowly lifting his head, but all he sees is his empty office.


She pushes the door closed behind her, she cried on her way back home. Wondering if she was losing her touch, was she really not able to read him anymore? Was she wrong for thinking he was changing? Was she wrong for hoping he would finally fight for her, for them? Or was she just late in registering her own words from a month ago.

A coward.

It's a word that doesn't come to mind when describing the great Harvey Specter, and normally she wouldn't call him that. Because he was courageous, he never gave up and he fought, but he never fought for his own feelings and that, that made him a coward.


A coward.

He knows she was right to call him that. "I'm so sick of watching you fight like hell for everything in here and nothing that happens in here." A month ago, five and a half months ago, but not today. He shakes his head, not today. Today he was going to tell her exactly how he felt, because yes he realised he had been acting exactly like that.

He realised that even though she might be in a relationship, that that shouldn't stop him from telling her how he felt. Because he wanted her to know her options, he wanted to tell her that it was up to her. Her decision to make and that no matter what she'd choose or do, he'd always love her and he'd always be there for her.

She just surprised him with that news about Mitchell, he doesn't even know if it's true or not. But it turned everything upside down. Making what he thought would be hers to decide, his choice in that very moment and it caught him off guard.

"Ready to run from one of the biggest fights of his life." But he's not a coward, not today. "Because tomorrow it's going to be too late." Not now. His hand hitting the door just above those three numbers, because he wasn't the one that ran today.


She hears the knocking and she knows it him. She has hopes as to why he's here, but she can't tell herself she knows. Not one hundred percent, all she knows is she should open the door. Because he might just be doing what she had been wishing for all along.

Her hand falls around the doorknob and she opens the door before his hand can fall against the object again. She sees his arm drop and her eyes lock with his. Neither of them speaking, she turns aside letting him in. "Harvey why are you here?" she asks then walking past him again as he remains silent.

"Did you break things off with Mitchell?" he blurts out then. There are a million things he has to say to her, but he needs to know this first. She turns around to face him again. "What difference does that make?" she fires back.

"It makes all the difference in the world," he counters. "Did you break up with him?" he asks again, his tone firmer this time and all she can do is nod. "Why?" he takes one step forward, "Why did you break up with Mr. Perfect?"

"You know why," she answers still looking at him.

"Donna," he breathes his head crooked, "please, I need to –"

"Why are you here?" she interrupts him, because she's not going to say it if he isn't willing to do so either. "Because you can't keep running away every time I try to have this conversation with you," he counters. "And what if I don't want to hear it?" she throws he arms in the air, taking a step backwards.

"Tough luck, cause I'm going say it anyway," he bursts out, going face to face with her. "A month ago you told me that I keep running away from things, but every time I try to have this conversation, you run away without letting me say what I have to say. Now I might not be good at expressing my feelings, but you seem to be excellent at running away when I try to do so."

"Last time I checked you were the one that ran away," she blurts out then, her arm pointing at the hallway behind them and his jaw clenches a little. "Because you know what would have happened if I didn't," he counters with the same intensity she just did, his eyes locking with hers again.

She's done with assuming things, she just needs to hear him say it. Confirming what she knew all along. Her gaze not leaving his and she feels her heart starting to beat faster by their proximity. "And what would that be?"

"This," he answers. His right hand cupping her face and he kisses her. It takes only two seconds to register what's happening and her hands cling onto his shirt as she kisses him back. Her right arm wrapping around his neck before it moves down to his back.

He pushes forward, deepening the kiss his tongue slides against hers and it's everything he remember it to be and more. His hands traveling to her waist, his lips on her neck she moans as both of them bump into the corner of the couch.

He pulls back then, just looking at her and this time it are her hands on his shirt pulling him back. Their lips meeting in another passionate kiss, it are her fingers that undo his tie. Unbuttoning his shirt, it are his hands that search for the zipper of her dress, their hips grinding against the other.

Her fingers pressing into his shoulders as she pushes herself up just a little, sitting down on the edge of the backrest, he holds her close. His mouth exploring hers, his hands moving everywhere she lets him and her hands move to his belt, as his hands push her dress up her thighs.

They break the kiss once more, both out of breath they stare at the other. Her name escaping his lips as she opens the zipper of his suit pants, bringing her left leg up to his waist. He barely manages to hold her in place as his left arm pushes the pillows away, before his hand falls on her right leg.

Lifting her up she presses her body against his, her arms around his neck. Moaning his name against his lips as his left knee slides on the couch. Bending forward he lays her down, his lips are in her neck and everything from that moment on goes ten times faster.

Both still mostly dressed, but neither of them can wait any second longer. She pushes his boxers down and his hands only getting the chance to push her panties aside. Her heel pressing against his butt, she guides him towards her.

Her back arching and a soft scream of pleasure escaping her lips as he enters her. "Ooh god," she moans as his right hands lifts her leg a little and they connect even deeper. Her hand wrapping around his shoulder and nails digging into his skin as his hips roll against hers.

His other hand roams her body and she wishes she wasn't dressed now, she wishes her wasn't dressed now, her hands sliding under his shirt she tries to push it over his shoulders, his lips locking with hers in hastily kisses.

Somehow they manage to turn around and he squirms under her as she rides him, increasing the pace. They're both losing their breath, on the edge of ecstasy. He can feel her muscles starting to spasm and that enough to push him over the edge, his hands on her hips holding her close.

She moves twice more, his name changing into incoherent syllables as they leave her lips. Bending down her hand presses against the armrest above his head she leans down to kiss him. His arms move to her back and he holds her close.

Both out of breath, her head resting in the croak of his neck neither of them speak. The time they spend in each other's arms, their breathing the only thing disturbing the silence, longer than the act before. Which lasted only a few minutes tops.

Eventually his left hand moves to her face, pushing away the auburn locks that hang before her eyes and he looks at her then. Just looks at her and he can't help but smile. "Donna," he whispers his thumb moving over her cheek and then her lips. She hums opening her eyes and all she can do is look into his. "I lo –"

"I know," she whispers, letting her right hand draw patters over his chest. "I love you too," she adds with a smile and he chuckles softly, his hand catching hers. "So you're not even going to let me say it?" he whispers and she smiles raising her shoulders as she leans on her left elbow to look at him.

"Say what?" she smiles, letting his fingers slip between hers. "That I'm in love with you," he answer, "that's how," he finally answers her question from a few months ago as he brings their linked hands to his lips, placing a kiss on top of them.


Leaning on his left elbow he studies her. The way she sleeps in his embrace, the smile on her lips and he knows now he's never going to let her go. Not again. His lips pressing a kiss on top of her head he mumbles that he loves her. Always has and always will.

"You're staring," she mumbles as she stirs a little and his lips curl up as he kisses her neck and her shoulders. "And you're pretending to be asleep," he whispers, feeling her hand cover his that was protectively wrapped around her waist.

"No," she mumbles, turning around until her head rests on his chest. "I'm really sleeping," she adds letting her hand run over his bare torso and he smiles looking at her. He whispers her name. "How are you not sleeping right now?" she comments then, slowly opening her eyes and he bites his lip as her eyes finally lock with hers.

"Because having the most beautiful woman in the world in your arms makes sure you're awake," he whispers turning towards her a bit more. Placing a kiss in her neck again as his right hand moves over her sides. She bites her lip, her arms wrapping around his shoulders she pulls him closer. A small laugh escaping he lips as she looks at him. "Something else is awake too."

"Yes it is," he smirks kissing her again, making himself hover above her. She shakes her head a little before she kisses him again. "We do have a lot of years to catch up on," she counters, her hands tracing his arms. Her leg hooking around his, she lets her toes trail over his calf.

"I know," he nods, his lips meeting hers once more. "That's. My. Line," she mumbles in between kisses and he smirks, pulling back to look at her again. "I know," he answers again and she just laughs, her eyes locking with his. "You're lucky that I love you," she whispers in a warning tone. He smiles, his lips parting to say something, but she's faster. "Don't you dare say –"

"I love you too."


*six months later*

She's sitting on the couch, her legs pulled up and a cup of tea in her hand. She's reading bride's magazine when she hears the lock turn. She frowns as she looks over the breakfast bar to the door. Her lips automatically curling up as she sees him walk towards her.

"You're back early," she smiles as he sits down next to her. "I thought you were going to get drinks with Mike to celebrate?" He nods, smiling at her. "I was," he answers, "but he wanted to spend the evening with the woman he loves and I thought that was a good idea."

She crooks her head placing her cup back on the table. "You thought it was a good idea for Mike to spend some time with Rachel?" she teases him and he rolls his eyes looking at her as he takes her hand in his. His fingers playing with the ring he'd given her just three weeks ago.

"You know what I meant," he counters and she laughs sitting down on his lap, her hands sliding around his neck. "I know," she whispers, her hands playing with his hair as his arms fall around her waist.

"I have a gift for you," she tells him then and he frowns a little. "For not celebrating with Mike?" he mumbles and she shakes her head, "no, just for you," she answers as she gets up from the couch again. He looks over his shoulder as she walks off to their bedroom.

His eyebrows raised as she returns with her hands behind her back. Sitting down next to him again, she hands him the small rectangular box and he frowns once more as he takes it from her hands. "Open it," she whispers as she leans against his shoulder and he nods, following her orders.

Removing the bow and ribbon, he slowly lifts the lid. His eyes widening as he takes in the content. "Really?" he mumbles, his gaze still resting on the two pink stripes. "Yes," she smiles and he finally looks at her then. A big grin on his face as he pulls her closer.

"I love you," he kisses her. His hand moving to her still flat stomach and all she can do is smile back at him, her fingers intertwining with his she rests in his embrace. Both realising that after all this time they finally had all they ever wanted.

Together they have everything.

The End.

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