I don't know where this came from, but ever since Civil War came out I've been wondering what they did to try and find Team Cap, and it's entirely possible that Tony could have let some key information about Clint slip to Ross...anyways, these chapters are a little shorter, and I have no clue how long this'll be. Also, sorry for being inactive for so long.

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Pt I

"You're kidding me, right?"

Laura Barton knew that, since her husband was an Avenger, that other Avengers would be showing up on her doorstep sometimes. But since what the media dubbed their "civil war," she certainly wasn't expecting any visitors.

And she certainly wasn't expecting Tony Stark to be standing on her front porch, hands raised in surrender.

"Look, Laura," he begins, but she cuts him off with a snarl.

"It's Mrs. Barton to you, sorry. What are you doing here?" She raises her voice slightly, so as to alert Natasha something was off. Nat, who is practically her sister after hiding in her house for months, will know to take the kids to safety.

"I'm here about Clint," Tony sighs. Laura freezes. His tone suggests bad news.

"Where is he?" Laura asks. "Is he okay?" Her hand clutches the doorknob to steady herself.

"You'll be happy to hear I have no idea," Tony says. "That's why I came here. We need to do a thorough search of the premises. See if they're hiding out here. Also, to pass on a message to Natasha that she needs to come out of hiding." He yells now. "We know she's here!"

"I hope you know if she were really trying to hide, you'd never find her," Laura says coolly. "I also hope you know that there is no way in hell you or anyone else is searching my home."

"Mrs. Barton, that kind of talking doesn't exactly discourage us from searching your house," Tony says just as politely. "We will enter by force if necessary."

Laura peeks past him towards the dirt path outside. Several black vans, probably full of agents and whoever Secretary Ross cooked up, are parked but running, ready to speed away at a moment's notice.

"Go away," she says simply.

Tony sighs. "I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to this," he says. He turns back to the vans. Before she can slam the door, Laura sees one of the vans slide open. Two agents hop out, but she also spies a screaming little girl, probably around Lila's age. She recognizes the girl as Cassie Lang.

Tony wasn't here to search the premises. He was here to take them for ransom.

Laura slams the door and locks it, but she knows this won't prolong Ross and Tony. God, she had to stop using his first name.

"Nat!" she screams, running around the lower floor and locking all the doors and windows. "Get to the safe spot!" Underneath Clint and Laura's bed was a trapdoor that led to stairs. The stairs led down to an underground pathway. This pathway led to the barn, where they'd be able to take a hidden car to a designated safe spot.

"What about you?" Nat screams back from down the stairs, accompanied by screams from Nathaniel.

Laura gritted her teeth. There was no way she could leave Cassie Lang and whoever else was in that car.

"I'll be fine!" she yells back, grabbing a handgun kept behind the toaster. "Just get to safety! Clint will know where to find you!"

She heard grumbling and banging.

"Stay safe, kids," she can't help herself from calling out.

"We will, Mommy!" Lila yells through the walls.

"I'll protect Auntie Nat and the little ones!" Cooper reassures her, and she laughs.

"I'll see you later," she promises. She can't help from thinking this is a promise she won't be able to keep.