"The baby will make a fine gift to my Master," the Dark Apprentice wearing Starkiller's face smiled at her. "He has strength from both parents and will definitely be a Force sensitive. How strong of one yet, I don't know. "

Juno was horrified even though he held the infant with care. Kota did not even realize it wasn't his father cradling him. He'd taken them all with ease. Herself, Em, Kaelen, Laurel, Allana, and Jesseye. Caohdan hadn't been taken surprisingly. Juno didn't know where he was, she worried for the young boy who by all accounts had the strongest connection to the Force outside of Starkiller they'd ever seen.

She and Starkiller had known he would come. She thought she was prepared for this moment but with him holding her child she felt more helpless than she ever had in her life. When she'd agree to leave with Starkiller she thought she was helping to perform a service with the added benefit that she wouldn't have to be parted from Starkiller again. Still believing himself to be a clone he refused to be called Galen. At least by everyone else. Juno called him 'Galen' in private. Mostly because she refused to go back to the routine of him being nameless.

"What a weakness attachment is, isn't it?" He looked up at her, an expression on his face she didn't recognize. "The original Starkiller did admire you greatly. I will not." He spoke the same words back to her that she'd spoken to Galen originally on the Executor. His smirk told her he was simply pulling the memories out at will. Knowing they'd hurt her greatly. And they did.

He strode over and brushed his fingertips lightly against her cheek, his expression guarded. He was so much like Starkiller that she froze unsure of what to do. As much as he looked like him, he wasn't him…

"Perhaps in another time…." He stopped and shook his head. Without saying a word, he pushed Kota into her arms and strode out, leaving Juno confused and frightened.

Galen please find me, she thought frantically.