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This chapter is three years after Lisanna 'dies', fast-forwarding to the day where Lucy is introduced. Also, to clear the air, the band name is FairyTail, named after the club, obviously. Fairy Tail is a club in the AU, just in case you were wondering. Warning… may have bad words :P

Also, we suggest listening to the Fairy Tail Main Theme while reading the first song, and listen to Lyra's Song when reading, well, you know. And all the rest- it just makes the story more magical :P

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Lucy muttered a word as she slammed into a person, sending all of her books flying in every other direction.

The stranger cocked his head. "Sorry, didn't see you there." Lucy scowled slightly; she wasn't in the best mood. "Yeah. No problem," she muttered as she got onto her hands and knees, gathering her sheets of paper.

When she looked up again, she had a sharp intake of breath.

The stranger's hair was pink.

She frowned as she pointed at his head. "Question? Sorry if I'm being rude, but why is your hair pink…?" she quipped as she struggled to hold up all of her papers and books. The stranger laughed and took on some of the books. "It's my natural hair color, a genetic thing or something. You like reading?" he said, noticing her stack of books. Lucy probably blushed slightly. "Uh, yeah."

The stranger stopped and offered his steady hand, the other perfectly balancing the tall stack of books and paper. "I'm rude. My name is Natsu," he said as he shook his hand. Lucy blinked. "Isn't your nickname Salamander?"

Natsu chuckled and went straight on. "Yeah, but it's only my band nickname. What school do you go to?" he said as they turned the bend.

Lucy smiled. "I go to Magnolia High."

Natsu stopped, momentarily causing Lucy to stumble and trip.

"Magnolia High? I go there!" he said while smiling. Lucy blinked. "You do?"

Natsu shook his head yes. "Yeah."

They resumed walking.

Natsu noticed something on the top of his pile as he voiced, "You write songs?"

Lucy now tripped again. "Huh?"

Natsu was smirking. "You write songs. Don't you?" Lucy felt her cheeks warm. "Y-yeah," she stammered.

Immediately, a huge smile spread across his face. "I've got an offer for ya." He leaned in close, so close Lucy could see the black and amber flecks in his dark green eyes.

"I owe you, right? Come to band practice in the club Fairy Tail, listen to us play, and if you like our music, join us." Natsu now backed away from her, them arriving at the school. He tipped the rest of her books in her open backpack. "I'll see you at practice, okay?"

Then, he left.

Lucy stood, frozen as she replayed their conversation.

Then she gasped. She remembered what Salamander was famous for in school. He played stunning music with his band- and he was also one of the most popular boys in school.

She bit back a groan. She had just snapped at Salamander. She groaned as she tripped again, and this time she landed face-on.

She got up, thinking about her dead mother.

Natsu groaned. "Come on, guys, it's a simple four-four beat!"

Ever since Lisanna left them, Natsu had taken over as head. "Maybe it's the wrong beat because it was issued by you," muttered Gray insultingly. Immediately, Natsu shoved his face in Gray's. "What's that supposed to mean!" he barked as he held Gray's front. Gray shoved him. "It means that you're crap at writing songs, Pyro."

Erza barked, "Stop this now!"

Behind them, Wendy whimpered, "Please stop…"

Natsu turned around to see Lucy, who was staring at them. "Oh! Guys, this is Lucy. Lucy, this is Erza," he said, pointing to the scarlet-haired girl, "Wendy"- he now pointed at Wendy, who waved shyly- "Gray-" Gray casually flipped a drumstick and winked at Lucy- "And yeah."

Erza frowned. "You brought a stranger to our practices?" Natsu shook his head sheepishly. "No, just… she writes songs, and I thought she could maybe work with us," he said.

Lucy nodded and sat down, big brown eyes round as she took in all of their equipment.

Gray grinned. "Natsu, you're on." He struck up a new beat- a beat that everyone was familiar with. Wendy grinned as she switched the keyboard's theme to violin as she played along. The tune rose and fell, rose and fell.

Erza waited for the right moment, then as Wendy started she slammed a hand down on her guitar, playing backup for the tune. Now all that was left was Natsu…

When he was a step ahead.

His red pick flew as the cords vibrated against the hollow inside of the guitar, echoing across the loudspeakers as he played with Wendy, Erza, and Gray all together.

Wendy kept them all in tow, her bow moving quickly as she headed the entire tune. Although there weren't any words, although it added a strange mix of instruments…

They all sounded right.

And as Lucy saw the four-man band perform, all she thought was, Wow.

Outside, they seemed so immature and so out of sync. But once they played and worked together… they were a team. An undivided force.

And then, Wendy changed the violin to the acoustic guitar as the tune rapidly rose in sound. Natsu and Erza's hands were barely visible, Gray's drumsticks flying through the air as he struggled to keep the beat.

And as the song ended with a huge bang from Gray's drums, silence awaited them.

Lucy got up, a huge smile on her face. "You've got a deal."

Slowly, a smile grew on the band's faces. "Yes!" yelled out Natsu, as Wendy came up to Lucy and embraced her with an adorable smile. "Welcome to the team," chorused Erza and Gray.

Lucy nodded, seriousness settling in her eyes. "I can't play music as well as you guys. In fact, the only thing I can play is violin. But I can write songs, and I can sing." She brought out sheets of paper. She looked at Wendy. "This one requires harp, and I'm guessing that can be an option on your piano, correct?" Wendy nodded, then switched her tune to harp. Lucy handed her the sheet of music.

Then she began to sing one of her own songs, Lyra's Song, named after the constellation Lyra.

Wendy began to play a soft song, much different than the songs she usually played.

At first, Lucy was self-conscious of the band staring at her, but she began to loosen up. "Words are born into air," she sang softly, voice high and smooth. "And quickly fade out in the wind… but they find their way insi-ide you, where they live on forever more…"

Wendy kept the thing going, impressively keeping up with Lucy as this was a song she had never played before.

Lucy let herself go and sang her heart out, pouring out her soul and her pain of losing her one love. "When the skies are dark and full of rain, look inside… your hea-art," she sang, a heartbeat away from crying.

Wendy kept on playing, her fingers softly hitting the black and white keys as she kept her foot on the pedals that smoothed the thing into one. "The light, so warm will come and glow… shining just like the suuuun…" breathed out Lucy, voice indistinguishable and yet the loudest sound of all. "You can see, just how much you've grown. How strong you are…"

For some reason, Gray's eyes were shining like tears were about to spill from his eyes.

Lucy kept going, song nearly over. "A love… will open up to you. And it starts from the day that you, first heard those words…" Her fairy-like voice faded out as Wendy played the soft notes that completed the song. "Oooooohh," hummed Lucy.

A stunned silence awaited them.

Then Erza came up to Lucy and hugged her. "You are an amazing singer. That was a most amazing song. Did you really come up with that yourself?" she said as she let go of Lucy. She smiled. "Yeah."

Natsu high-fived Lucy. "Whoo, I'm all fired up now! You are definitely a part of our team!" he cheekily grinned. Gray was in the corner, casually wiping his eyes. Wendy was with him, a hand on his shoulder.

Lucy blinked. Then smiled. "You liked it?"

Natsu made a face. "No, we didn't like it, and that's why you made Fiore's number one band." He said sarcastically. Lucy giggled and pumped a fist into the air. "Alright! So what do I do exactly…?" she said sheepishly. "Well… you are a pretty good songwriter," Natsu smiled at her. Lucy blushed. "But my songs aren't even that good…"

Erza wrapped an arm around her. "If they're that bad, let's try out one of them!" Lucy stammered. "W-what?"

Gray shrugged. "Why not?" Wendy's face brightened. "Yeah! Let's do it!"

And so went their first band practice.

Later, at the club…

Lucy took a sharp intake when she saw all of the people gathering around the stage. "You guys are that popular here?" she whispered. "Psh. We're only Fiore's number one band!" Natsu aimed a full smile at her. "You'll be fine," he said. She reminds me so much of Lisanna.

Wendy smiled and whispered, "It's okay, you're amazing at singing. Natsu's right." She was dressed in an adorable dress that reached her mid-thighs. It was a thin noodle-strap with little wings sewn to the ends. It stuck to her tight, the blue and yellow designs imitating billowing waves. Her hair was held in cute pigtails. A cute blue bow on her lace trim topped it off.

Lucy swallowed as the light shined on stage. She was standing in the middle, blonde hair tied back in a cute white bow. "Who's the new girl?" yelled out one of the people in the crowd. "She looks hot," muttered another. Natsu smiled, then gestured to Wendy.

She grinned as she turned on her keyboard to the base flute, and Gray started them off. He clacked his drumsticks on a one, two one, two beat.

Then, the speakers exploded with noise as electric guitar, bass flute, and drums filled the air.

Natsu, Gray, and Erza began singing, "Whoooaaaaa, whoooaaaaa," as Lucy stood, tapping her feet to the beat. "Whoooaaaaa, whoooaaaaa!"

Immediately, Lucy began singing, Natsu in the lower key. "It'll be alright! I'll start to yell it out a few countless times, because I believe that your every day will have to be shining, no matter what cost," sang Lucy and Natsu in perfect harmony, Gray and Erza and Wendy backing them all up.

Natsu strummed a few chords on his own acoustic guitar, keeping in tune with the music. Behind them, Gray drummed, his sticks beating across the many drums. "The intersection of all people whose dreams have come true is all at one single point: it's never giving up, that's why we are not ever gonna let ourselves lose!" sang Natsu and Lucy, Lucy on the higher pitch. "When it seems like you'll be blown away by the headwinds, grasp this land, try to take a chance," sang Lucy. She was singing the bridge.

Behind them, Gray was pounding on the drums, Erza plucking the strings on her rock guitar, Wendy backing them all up with the smooth jazz of the bass flute.

As Lucy continued, Natsu just played guitar as he admired Lucy's voice. It was sweet, and clear. She reminds me so much of Li- Natsu froze. Lisanna. He whispered. "Natsu! Natsu…" He remembered her shouting his name.

"NATSU! You bastard, snap out of it!" Gray whispered furiously from behind the drum set. "Huh?" Natsu came back to reality. The whole club was silent, Lucy, Wendy, Erza, and Gray were all staring at him. He dropped his guitar after a second look at Lucy. After a awkward moment of silence, he whispered, "I-I can't," and he ran off.

"S-sorry! Our apologies! W-we're experiencing some difficulties… S-see you next week!" Wendy announced. The group headed home after saying farewell to each other. Lucy went out to look for Natsu.

She spotted him in the alleyway behind the club. "Hey," she said as she sat next to him. "Sorry I ran out like that…" he replied. "It's fine," she looked at him with a smile. "Is something wrong?" She asked him. Natsu turned to look at Lucy. "You remind me so much of… of… Lisanna," he barely said. "Lisanna?" She asked. "Lisanna. She used to be the lead singer of our group," Natsu teared up. "Where is she now?" Lucy said curiously. "Sh-she… I gotta go," Natsu got up and ran. "Wait! Natsu!" Lucy raised a hand at the already-fading silhouette in the distance.

She had the strangest feeling like he was going to tell her something extremely important…


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