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"Drip, drip, drop."

Natsu froze in place of those strangely eerily creepy words. A woman in a blue dress and a winter trench coat was standing in front of him, holding a cute blue parasol behind her back.

Natsu stepped back. "Where's Lucy!" he barked, trying to hide his shaking hands.

The woman blinked. "Lucy. Lucy Heartfilia?"

Natsu wore a confused look. "Heartfilia?" The woman had a serene and dazed look in her eyes. "Yes. Lucy Heartfilia has been summoned to meet her father." Natsu began to tense. "Her father?"

She nodded and fingered her parasol. "At this moment, my comrades are taking her to the Heartfilia estate." Natsu wasn't sure if he heard correctly. "Estate…?"

"I am Juvia. Juvia is part of the Element Four, the elite squad that the agency Juvia works for has issued-"

Natsu cut in. "You mind telling me where she is?"

Juvia had a strange glow to her dark blue eyes. "She is going to the Heartfilia Estate, as Juvia has said. You need not worry, she will not be harmed."

Natsu didn't trust her. Then he heard-

"...if she is good to them."

His face morphed into a snarl. "What did you do to her?"

Then he spotted Lucy's sleek white car.

Usually shiny and gleaming white, her car's insides were torn, seat belt ripped, and…

Shaking, Natsu ran over to her car and fingered the broken glass window. Then his shivering hand glanced upon the broken CD disk… and a CD inside of it.

It was cracked.

Throwing it back inside the car, he marched up to Juvia. "Tell me where it is. Or I might just make you tell me the hard way." He grabbed her front and steadied a fist.

"Now, now, now, what iz going 'ere?"

A thin man with puke-colored green hair appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. His spider-like finger touched the hideous-colored monocle perched on his right eye. "My dear Miss Juvia, what 'ave been you has been doing? We are all part of teh Element Four, no?" He had a thick accent, like he was trying to place a French accent but couldn't quite get it.

Natsu advanced, hands balled up. "Tell me where she is."

To his surprise and horror, the man brought out a thin, long, strange-looking...


Juvia gave a little cold smile. "Juvia suggests that you don't mess with us." She took out a wet rag. "Psh. I'm supposed to be scared of a rag?" scoffed Natsu.

Juvia's cold and surreal eyes darkened. "Do not underestimate the use of water. One smell from this, and you will be toppling down in the heavy rain, to wake up months, maybe years later." Natsu tensed.

The thin man cackled. "Do you see how 'opeless it iz now? If you don't want us to slaughter you right now, you will leave and neavar mention this to anybody." His monocle flashed. "I am Sol, by teah way."

Natsu's own onyx eyes flashed. "Then there's gonna be a problem, cuz I'm not leaving without her."

And with a surprise roar, he charged and sprinted towards the enemy.

Lucy had no idea what was going on.

Scratch that, she knew exactly what was going on.

She just didn't know how she got like this.

Sitting in the backseat of a smelly car- no, truck- was definitely not on her bucket list. Lucy bit back a groan. Better to stay quiet and know her surroundings first.

Definitely two people in the car, one right next to her, one obviously driving. The back of the vehicle was bouncing up and down, giving Lucy a good taste of Natsu's motion sickness. Now, what could she remember?

Hospital. Music. Lisanna. Natsu…

She groaned internally. How could she have been such a petty person that she left Natsu's comfort just because of a hug? And a hug from a friend that they all thought to be dead, no less. I'm so stupid, she thought. It was Lisanna. Gray said that she was Natsu's closest friend- I couldn't have been more idiotic.

It was ironic, really. How she was kidnapped while listening to some good music, not even the slightest bit worried as she was suddenly knocked out by a sudden stench. She winced as the scratchy cloth itched her neck. They couldn't have been more careful?

But she was thankful that she was able to wake up as early as she was. That scent of sleeping poison was so strong, it could've knocked Lucy out for days, or even months. The fact that she'd woken up mere hours later was a stroke of luck.

Had it been hours? Lucy couldn't tell anymore. She didn't have a watch, and her phone and wallet were taken from her when she was kidnapped. Idiot.

How she wished she could hum a song to calm her down. Her mind quickly racked for reasons why these strange people would want to kidnap her. Her music skill? Not likely. Her keys? Maybe. They were precious artifacts, after all. Pure gold and centuries' worth of luck weaved into them.

But no, if they wanted her keys they could have just taken them from her, right from the start. So why were they…

It's nice to meet you, Lucy Heartfilia. A vague memory of a blue-haired woman rose to the surface.

Lucy muffled a stifled scream.

She was a Heartfilia.

These people wanted her because they had somehow found out that she had been a Heartfilia. But how? She was careful to never mention her last name around anybody, unless it was someone she had completely trusted, which was basically no one until Natsu and the band came along. They were her only companions besides Capricorn and Virgo and everyone she had left behind at the estate.

Through the itchy sack cloth, Lucy squinted and saw a neighborhood blur past. She couldn't see clearly, but it looked pretty familiar… the expensive marble fountains, the nicely decorated hedges, the crappy glass roof tiles that Lucy had begged to be taken off when her father placed them when she was a kid…

This time, she actually gasped. It was Heartfilia Estate. She was sure of it.

Unfortunately, her captors heard her through the bumpy car ride. "Aria! Check on her, would ya?" yelled a man in the front. Judging from the name, her other captor that was sleeping next to her was a man, too. Lucy wriggled, and only just then she realized that she was bound head to toe in ropes.

Obviously, she had to get out of these before she had to face these two. She wasn't even sure if her childhood self-defense training with Capricorn even sufficed years later, and these two didn't seem like cotton puffs.

My keys.

Wriggling around quietly so that 'Aria' wouldn't wake up, Lucy thrust her waist forward so that her keys could slowly slide out of her side pocket. Hopefully, the jingle of the keys wouldn't startle the sleeping man, and it wouldn't catch the attention of the man who had spoken earlier.

Got it. Her keys slid out of her pocket into her hand, the rope already straining and with few small snaps! Just a little bit more and her hands would be free. She ran a finger across the edges of the keys, until her finger bled on one of them. That had to be Taurus's key, the key of the golden bull.

The sharp edge of the key bit through her skin by accident. She grunted, blood spilling a bit on the tightened ropes.

If I just aim it right…

Finally, the sharp edge of the small axe-like tooth of the key bit through her ropes and released her sore hands. She was still careful not to make too much noise, massaging her red and rope-burned hands.

She leaned down with the axe-shaped key and cut through her leg-bound ropes as well, leaving her free.

Now that she was free, she looked a bit around the truck.

The truck was slicked black, the driver's' seat blocked off by a part of the truck and a small window placed in front. Lucy studied the sleeping man next to her, and she nearly screamed. He was holding an old-fashioned air gun, the rifle long and pointed thin straight up. Slowly, she grabbed the weapon and used the Cancer's key to snap the gun in two.

Now that was settled, Lucy still had yet to find out what the strange substance was that knocked her out. If she could get a hold of it, she could probably use it to knock her captors out and use their phone to call Natsu, as she still had his number memorized.

Lucy studied through her keys, debating which one to use. Aquarius's key didn't provide much use as the side of the key itself was smooth and thin. She could probably use the key to collect substances to hold within the small vase that was on top of the key, but as there was no water anywhere, that was useless.

Virgo's key and Gemini's key were nothing much, as they were nothing more than a calling card for when Lucy had needed the two of them to assist her in her childhood studies. Tiny chains were hanging from Virgo's as a harp embodied Gemini's. Maybe…

Lucy stared at the still-snoring man in front of her. Even without his gun, Aria could still be a potential threat as he was so huge. He could probably squash Lucy without even trying.

So first priority- get out of the truck. Easier said than done.

Lucy didn't notice that the truck had stopped as a hand clamped over her mouth.

And with a surprise roar, Natsu charged and sprinted towards the enemy.

I bet they weren't expecting me to go fast, he thought grimly. Maybe I'll catch them off-guard. His fist tried to come in contact with Juvia's doll-like face.

It wasn't like he didn't know how to fight. His old man had taught him simple martial arts, and he followed them through his life as a kind of reminder for his father.

"Not so fast," Juvia swiftly moved aside, and jabbed her parasol into Natsu's ribcage, then disappeared through the foggy rain. Turns out, the end was sharp.

Sol's thin figure was seemingly dancing through the rain. "We are the Element Four, young man. We don't take fighting lightly," he said maniacally with the same stupid accent. Natsu growled. "First off, I don't give a crap about your Element Four. Second, your accent is stupid."

He then materialized in front of Sol and swung his leg forward to meet with the side of Sol's own boot. "Ah, ah, ah, physical arts are my speciality. Care to show you?" His noodle leg struck Natsu's good arm, punctured bleeding where it struck. Natsu roared in pain. "AAARGH!"

Panting, Natsu kept swinging at the noodle-thin man. But wherever his arms or legs seemed to hit him, Sol's body was in a completely other stance as before. It was like he really was a noodle; one stance was his head through his legs. "WHERE'S LUCY!" bellowed Natsu, fists still swingin about. "WHERE DID YOU TAKE HER?"

But just then, a deep and smooth voice said, "What a joke."

Natsu and Sol swiveled around to see Gray, Juvia's winter coat right in his hands. "Natsu, you're way overdue. I'll take this one," he jutted a chin towards Juvia. He flung her coat back. "Careful, you'll need that. I don't want to hurt your pretty little face."

Natsu growled. "I don't need no freakin help, so stay out of it!"

But an even deeper voice bellowed, "Man up!"

A white-haired muscle-bound man was standing in front of a dark navy blue truck, a slender woman beside him. "Oh, my," gasped Mira as she took in Natsu's bleeding arm and two strangers glaring daggers in Gray and Natsu's eyes.

Elfman cracked his knuckles. "What's happened here?"


Mira's blue eyes widened and then she nodded, grabbing a pair of car keys and a GPS. "Elfman, help Gray!" she commanded, the old Mira's confidence shining through her cobalt eyes.

The man growled. "No one hurts Fairy Tail without getting the price they deserve. I know firsthand."

Sol cackled. "So what? Juvia and I never told you the location! We never told you where Lucy Heartfilia is!"

Mira smacked her forehead. "Heartfilia?!" exclaimed Gray and Mira. "Isn't that the name of that really rich business owner?!" yelled Gray. Mira's blue eyes sharpened. "Heartfilia Estate! I know where it is, Natsu, get in the car!"

Without hesitation, Natsu leapt into the blue truck. Gray whistled- it wasn't every day to see the guy who practically died from motion sickness to dive into the truck unannounced.

Sol advanced. "You will neavear rrrrreach her. I will make sure you don't!" Elfman blocked his way. "Can it, Noodle Guy. Your fight's with me."

And with that, Mira and Natsu left them all in the pattering rain of the hospital outdoors.

"You wouldn't be too much of a challenge," Gray smirked, staring at Juvia. Juvia twirled her parasol, "Same to you," she said fiercely.

Gray had dragged the woman to the roof, where no one could distract or help them.

Juvia held her parasol in a ready stance, determined to defeat this black-haired man. But then…

Gray stripped right there, leaving Juvia completely mesmerized. "W-What are you doing?!" She said, shocked.

"I'm getting ready to win this battle!" Gray charged, aiming at Juvia's stomach. But Juvia knew better. She used the same tactic as before, and maneuvered her parasol to hit Gray in the stomach, sending him doubling over.

"J-Juvia is so sorry!" She said to him, covering her mouth. Oh, no! Juvia hurt him!

But then Gray rolled over to the side and charged, he reached out to grab Juvia's collar, but grabbed something else…

He found himself thinking aloud, "Soft… Big…" then Gray's jaw dropped open. "ARGH!" He shouted. Juvia blushed.

Gray's hand was on Juvia's breast.

He immediately extracted his hand, shaking it as if the memory of him touching her chest would somehow disappear. "I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" he roared.

Juvia sighed with pleasure, then shook her head, face still red. Don't fall for this man! She chided herself. Don't be like before…

Juvia swallowed, then pointed her parasol at Gray. "Juvia must fight for her agency! J-juvia really means Gray-sama no harm!" she squeaked.

Gray stood for a moment, flabbergasted. "Did you just say Gray-sama?"

And of course, Juvia chose that moment to attack.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she lengthened her parasol and slammed Gray in the gut, sending him flying backwards into a heavy trash lid.

"No!" she gasped, hands over her mouth.

Gray groaned and glared up at the sky. "I hate the rain. I can't fight in it."

I hate the rain.

I hate the rain.


Juvia roared and charged at Gray, parasol in hand and other hand seemingly dissolving in the mist. "YOU WILL PERISH!" she yelled.

Gray blinked. "What did I say?"

But just as Juvia aimed to point his vital spots, Gray glanced her parasol off on the trash lid and the momentary unbalance caused Juvia to slip and fall.

She slid off the edge of the hospital roof and her heartbeat drummed with every moment, forcing her to cherish the last breaths of life.

Is this how it ends? Is this how my life's become?

She closed her eyes as she plummeted towards certain death, six floors away and sixty feet below.

Then her hand was caught by something firmer, something warm, something that made her heart flutter.

"This fight isn't over yet!" Gray yelled, hauling her up. Juvia was shocked. "W-why did Gray-sama save Juvia?" She stuttered, trying to control herself.

"Because that's what we do! And besides, I'm gonna win this for real!" He shouted.

Juvia closed her eyes.


Gray glared at her. "I do you a favor by saving your life, and you turn down my challenge? Man this Element Four squad is weak."

Juvia's nostrils flared. "Juvia is doing this for Gray-sama's own good. Juvia is much more stronger than she looks, and Juvia does not wish to harm Gray-sama. Please, listen-"

She crumpled as Gray smacked her over the head. "I appreciate the concern, but I've got bigger problems, ya hear?"

He tore his eyes away from her as Elfman jogged up, scratched and bleeding in several places.

"Yo," called out Gray. Elfman nodded like a man. "I took care of that spaghetti guy. Not even worthy to be called a man." Gray smirked. "Well, I'm pretty sure I took care of her. Now to see what Natsu's up to," the two men started to walk away from Juvia, crumpled and on the floor. But what they didn't know was that Juvia was following them...

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