Babysitter Grievous

Chapter 1: Meeting the Kids

There was a knock on the door of Apartment 26 of the Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York. Cory Matthews, father of the apartment, opened the door seeing a cybernetic thing with legs crunched up.

"Hello. Are you the babysitter?" the man asked.

The cyborg looked up. He had shades on and had an oval shaped face.

"Yes," the cyborg asked. "Nice to meet you Mr. Matthews."

"That's good. Come inside Mr..." Cory started.

"General Grievous," the cyborg finished,

"Oh. Very," Cory told Grievous.

General Grievous and Cory walked inside the apartment. Grievous saw two girls watching TV in living room as well as a female and a kid in the kitchen which were merged together.

"This is the family?" Grievous asked.

"Yes. You only have to babysit my daughter Riley and her friend Maya," Cory told the General.

"Okay. That doesn't sound to hard," Grievous said before coughing.

Topanga Matthews, mother of the house, looked at Grievous. "Are you the babysitter?"

Grievous faced Topanga. "Yes."

"You seem sick. Let me give you medicine," Topanga told Grievous.

"Medicine?" Grievous asked, worried. "No, no, no. Ma'am I'm fine. I'm not sick," Grievous said before coughing.

"You don't seem fine. I'm Topanga Matthews and your name is..." she started.

"General Grievous," the Kaleesh cyborg finished.

Topanga confused, looked at the General. "Very interesting name. Why is your name Grievous, exactly?"

Grievous, upset at the question, trying to forget the horrible death of his girlfriend Ronderu Ijj Kummar, looked at Topanga, sadly.

"It's a long story. I don't want to talk about it right now," the Kaleesh said, sadly.

"Oh. That's okay," Topanga told the Kaleesh.

The little kid, Auggie Matthews, was sitting at the table eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. He then looked at the cybernetic Kaleesh. "Who are you?"

Grievous looked at Auggie. "I'm General Grievous. Babysitter of the two kids over there," he explained, pointing at Riley Matthews and Maya Hart.

"You look awesome," Auggie told Grievous.

Grievous, took the compliment sadly since he didn't like his new body.


Cory walked over to Riley and Maya. "Guys, turn off the TV and meet your babysitter," he ordered.

"But Mr. Matthews, we're watching the Liv and Maddie!" Maya told Cory.

"Yeah, and I don't want to miss this episode!" Riley joined in.

"Girls, turn the TV off," Cory said firmly.

"Or what?!" Maya yelled. "I can do whatever I want, Matthews."

"Maya, your Mother is allowing you to stay here since she is going out with us. So you have to do what I and the babysitter say," Cory explained.

Grievous looked at Maya. He knew she would be a tough one to babysit.

"I'm 14. I don't need a babysitter!" Maya told Cory.

"Maya!" Riley yelled. "You need to listen to my Father. He knows what he's doing."

Riley and Maya turned and faced General Grievous.

"That's the babysitter?" Maya questioned Cory. She then laughed and did and devious smirk on her face. "This is going smoothly..."

"Maya, I don't like that face!" Riley warned.

"Yup. I know what we're doing with the babysitter..."

Grievous, scared of Maya's devious look, backed up into the kitchen again.

"Anyway, this General Grievous. He will take good care of y'all. Okay?" Cory told the girls.

Riley and Maya shook their head.

"Good. Now Grievous, Riley and Maya are susposed to go to bed at 10:00 tonight. They need to get ready at 9:50 and be in the bed at 10:00," Cory explained to the Kaleesh General. "Also, Maya and Riley are not allowed to go to Demolition at all or leave the apartment. Understand?"

Maya saw that the last was pointed at her. "Understood," she said.

"Good. Auggie, Topanga, and I will be heading out now," Cory said. "Oh, and Grievous, here's the number for us and Maya's Mother. Alright?"

"Alright," Grievous responded.

Topanga, Auggie, and Cory walked out of the door leaving Grievous, Maya, and Riley. Grievous faced Riley and Maya.

"So, what do you want to do?" Grievous asked.

Maya faced Riley. "Hello General Grievous, I'm Maya Hart and me and Riley are going to Demolition. Okay?"

Grievous, confused by Demolition. "Maya, Mr. Matthews told you not to go there." he warned.

"It's a clothing store and me Riles will be back at 10:00. Okay?" Maya said.

"But Mr. Matthews said for me to send you to bed at 10:00." he said.

Maya thought of something devious to get them to Demolition. "Okay. Me and Riles will go the Riley's Room. Okay?"

"Okay..." Grievous said worried.

Maya snatched Riley and took her to Riley's room. Grievous, confused by all of this, went over to the couch and sat down.

"Ugh. Babysitting. Why did I sign up for the job anyway?" Grievous asked himself. "Oh yeah. I need more credits so I can live a better life in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. With babysitting across Earth, I could raise enough money to leave the Confederacy and live my life again on Kalee. I'm still mad I was forced into this Confederacy faction."

Grievous looked at the TV remote, remembering when Kalee had no TVs yet. "Thanks to San Hill..." he muttered.

Inside Riley's Bedroom, Riley and Maya were sitting at the Bay Window.

"Maya, what are we doing?" Riley asked.

"After dinner, we're going to Demolition," Maya told Riley.

"Maya, my Dad told us not to go to Demolition at all. That would be disobeying him," Riley told Maya.

"Yup. If you want to be like me, you gotta do the stuff Riles," Maya explained her bad girl traits.

"Maya, we're going to get in trouble. Grievous won't allow it," Riley said.

"I don't take this Grievous guy seriously. I mean, look at him. He's weird. When he's sleeping, we'll escape to Demolition. Okay?" Maya explained.

"We're going to get caught Maya," Riley warned.

"Not when dumb General is asleep," Maya said.

"Oh no," Riley said.

To be continued...