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James stared out the window, up at the stars, through the clear glass of his bedroom window at Cherub.

His hands unconsciously fiddled with a old childhood toy, that no matter how old he got, he never was able to throw away.

He had been 5 when he first saw the original episodes of Thunderbirds, after sneaking downstairs after bedtime.

The young boy trotted down the stairs, careful to miss the creaking step near the bottom. Mummy had told him to go to bed, but he wasn't tired. She lay strewn across the couch, snacking on popcorn as the iconic theme tune came on. James was fascinated. He snuck up behind the couch and stared transfixed at the television screen.

As the episode ended, Gwen looked down to see her little boy fast asleep, curled up on the floor by the end of the couch. It clear that however much he wanted to stay awake, he just hadn't been able to keep his eyes open. She smiled, before carrying him back up to bed.

James didn't remember that night, but ever since, it had become a tradition for James to come down and they had snuggled up together and watched each episode. It had been just the two of them. The day after, Gwen had taken James down to the closest toy store where he spent his money on a realistic Scott Tracy figurine. That had been the last time his mum bought him something for the sake of it. After that, she had had everything stolen for her.

After Lauren came along, things changed up a bit, but James had still kept his love of Thunderbirds, not that he told anyone. It was his mum's and his special secret, something they could love together.

When James moved to the foster home, then Cherub, he didn't tell anyone anything about it. He was afraid he would be teased for it, be called names, because of the day back at school about a week after he saw the first episode.

"Now class, we are going to go round and say what we would like to be when we grow older. Samantha, why don't you start."

James was confused. What did he want to be? Nothing came to mind. He just didn't know.

"James? What do you want to be?"

James looked up, unprepared. Before he could stop himself, he blurted out

"I wanna be a Thunderbird!"

Snorts of laughter raced around the room, but were quickly silenced by a glare from the teacher.

"Now James, do you mind telling us why you want to be a Thunderbird?"

James gulped.

"Well, I guess it's cous they are heroes, and people look up to them, and they are the good guys. I wanna help make the world better too!"

A kind grin spread across teachers face.

"Well i'm glad you feel that way. Now Toby…"

James thought back to that reason.

He smirked to himself and muttered

"Well, I might not be a Thunderbird, but I am still making the world a better place."

He glanced at his watch and swore.

"I'm gonna be so late for history!"

James yanked on his boots and placed the figurine back into the box under his bed where he kept all his hidden treasures.

He turned and raced for the door, then hesitated, and whispered over his shoulder,

"See you later Scooter" before charging out the door.

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