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Seven Deadly Sins because Yes

"It's mutual," she replies to his posture, to his look, his strong shoulders bunches up from where he folds his arms in indication of what he sees with his own eyes, of what makes him sought her out. She takes note of them all, keeps the information safe in the dark corner of her mind as she notices the way he holds himself against the frame of the door. For blackmail purposes she suppose. "You know this."

He shrugs, a poor attempt at casualty, she thinks; where everything is too tense, too forced. "I know."

She raises an eyebrow, planting her hands on the desk behind her for support, the black dress she wears stretches across her thighs and chest. "And?"

She resists the shiver that threatens to crawl along her spine when he drags his eyes along her form, the blues almost disappears by the black that swallows it. And then, he snaps them to her face, not even abashed that he's been caught as he inclines his head, the only light of the room catches the golden strands of his hair that it glows among the semi darkness that wallows around them. "Does he mean that much to you?"

She gives the slightest rise of her shoulders, the dark curls of her long hair brushes against her bare arms. "I did say it was mutual."

Something ugly flashes across his handsome face, accenting the angle of his nose and the sharp structure of his cheeks, and she's faintly reminded that he looks like those beautiful marble statues of his relatives. Cold, judgeful. "You're lying."

The corner of her lips twists into a wane smirk before she can stop herself, bitterly amused at his accusation. "Why would I lie to you, Jason?"

"Because I know you," he declares blatantly while he pushes himself off the door, as if it's obvious, as if he has to remind her of where they stand. It's dreadfully clear he keeps Lupa's low growls of teachings in his heart, for every step his makes towards her is a splitting image of Lupa's silent stalk, where she can imagine the wolf's hunches rises and lowers with deliberate grace. And it seems, he has the ability to appear that way despite being human.

He isn't the only one who adopts his teacher's characteristics.

Like Lupa, Reyna doesn't falter when she's being advanced, only watching him now stand in front of her as she merely tilts her head up to meets his gaze properly. Blue, blue eyes burns with emotions she's all too familiar with stares back at her, and she finds herself feeling a spark of vehement want that she pushes it away forcefully.


She refuse.

"Or you used to," she interjects, tracing the length of his jaw mentally, fingers twitching with that damn itch she has been trying to get rid of a long time ago. "After that little expedition with Juno, your memory isn't exactly excellent."

"But I remember," he says lowly, a tick in his jaw to show how transparent he can be with his frustration. "I know I do."

She knows whatever they had when they're younger turned into something else entirely; some might say it evolved, changing the mutual friendship and care they have for each other into something much more harsher than they thought it would be, where it is unrecognisable all together that they don't know how to handle this beast they have within themselves.

She knows that he shouldn't even feel like this after three years since the end of Gaia, his memories are confusing him more than she would like, moulding the false facts Juno planted inside his brain with his old memories, his real memories. Memories where it concerns them and the possibilities that comes with it.

She doesn't want him to confuse her with the disgusting hopeful girl she was before he's wretched away from her.

She also knows that the hopeful girl she used to be awakens at the sight of him even if she tries to lock it down, where the same pure hope of things ignites with such ferocity she has thought she lost.

But, she can't let it happen. Not again. Not after the first time of having her heart ripped out from her chest.

"You don't," she replies coldly, gripping the edge of the desk. "You're still confused, your memories are still muddled up. Whatever you're feeling now?" She gestured towards him with a flick of her wrist. "It's not real."

He narrows his eyes at her, making him look dangerous that she only stand her ground, not even considering to back down. "Stop pushing me away, Reyna," he mutters, the digits of his fingers brushes ever so slightly against the back of her arm that causes lightning to strike down her spine, her breath tempted to be robbed. But she holds still, locking her jaw as she ignores the way the fine hairs at the back of her neck raises up. "I want-"

"No," she stops him firmly, pushes herself off the desk as she straightens herself up, and again, she ignores the way the slightest hitch of his breath when she almost touches his arm. "You can't. You can't betray Piper."

She feels the way his fingers wraps loosely around the crooked bend of her elbow, but she doesn't look down as he frowns at her. "Piper doesn't have anything to do with this."

"I assume Malcolm doesn't either then," Reyna retaliates drily. "Not when he's the reason why you can't even give me some privacy to have a breather."

His grip on her tightens slightly. "Stop it."

"I'm just stating it for what it is," she reminds him smoothly, barely acknowledging the fact that her hand has a mind of its own when it clutches onto the hem of his dress shirt; a warning. "You can't deny the facts."

"And yet you're here dancing around it like this is some damn waltz," he snaps, and she raises an eyebrow dully, knowing how he hates it when she acts like this; being as stubborn as a mull. He lets out a sharp breath. "Fucking hell, Reyna."

The smile she dons is more of baring teeth, something feral stretches across her lips. "Go back to the party. Percy would be moaning for his best friend later if you don't stop him from consuming all that alcohol on his birthday."

"It's his party, he can do what he wants." He replies without missing a beat. "And stop changing the subject."

"What do you want from me, Jason?" She growls, her fingers twisting in his shirt as she leans forward to look at him square in the eye, as if proving a point, not matter how petty it seems to her. "You can't corner me forever just because you want to force answers out of me."

"I would never do anything without your full consent, Reyna," he looks hurt that she would even consider so lowly of him, giving her that wounded look where she has been hating it the moment she knows how weak she becomes at the mere sight of it. "But I know right now that you're actuallywilling to tell me."

She feels the blood pulsing in her veins, the flushed desire leaves her hot and cold at once that she feels uncomfortable in her own skin, where everything is too tight above her flesh that she has the urge to dig her nails into her own arm and tears all those away.

He must have seen a glimpse of what she struggles to hide when his gaze drops to her lips, and a snarl makes its way on her mouth as she yanks him forward, causing him to let out a sound of surprise as she grips onto his shoulders.

"Do you really want me to tell you?" She growls, her cheek pressing firmly against his while her lips brushes against the lobe of his ear. She feels the tremor of his body when he clutches onto her waist, his strong fingers and her painful grip holding them both upright at this point; and she notes bitterly that even now, when they're desperate for things they can't have, they maintain the same equilibrium they've created the moment they met. "Because it won't be pretty once it's out."

"I think I know," he murmurs, turning his head slightly to the side to graze his lips against the apple of her cheek, and she bites her lip to prevent the moan from coming out. "But I want you to say it."


She chuckles humourlessly, and then pulls away to give a quick nip of his bottom lip with her teeth, tearing herself out of his embrace before he has another second to react. "Well, it's already obvious," she begins casually as she walks towards the door, hearing the way he gasps like a dying man behind her. She turns around to face him again, her own heart dropping to her feet went she sees the possessiveness that glares in his eyes, the way he wears his heart at his sleeve as he stares painfully after her. She smirks at him, and the look darkens.

"I want you."