A/N: There's some things I've search up about Roman Laws that I ended up putting it in here, but, if you think the info is wrong, feel free to correct me.

It seems that Jason has a remarkable amount of patience when it comes to the both of them.

And Reyna, feeling more human than she has ever proved in front of company, is beginning to think she's disappointing her mother and her sister by the way Reyna keeps having thoughts about that son of Jupiter.

But, misfortune has yet to rained upon her or any blatant disapproval that Bellona would have done the honours of showing hasn't been revealed just yet, and Reyna is getting more and more restless since that little incident in the kitchen, her emotions on an edge that it's becoming difficult to reign them in as forcefully as she used to, her vice grip faltering everytime the briefest colour of blue hones flashes through her mind's eye.

It's been a month since Percy's party, where at the moment, she greets the Greeks stepping foot on her home soil as they clamber down from Festus, and she only watches with her hands folded lightly behind her, purple toga stirs slightly from the breeze.

Annabeth gets to her first, and Reyna greets her with a small smile compared to the other girl's tired one, her blonde hair looks as if it's been tied hastily into a ponytail while she clutches rolls of scrolls in her arms. "Shall we?"

Reyna takes an armful of scrolls from her to relieve the weight, and Annabeth shoots her a grateful look. "You look like me." Reyna comments upon her obvious exhaustion as Annabeth blows away a strand of hair.

"Well," she starts, flashing a quick smirk that left as soon as it came. "Facial expressions tend to be shared when we're doing the same things. It's like passing a bottle of vodka between us."

"And in the end, we'll only get drunk," Reyna finishes amusedly as they start to walk towards her office, passing Roman soldiers as they hastily make their way towards the flying ship to tie it down at the mast, listening to Leo's orders as he shuts down the mechanisms for Festus to land. "Admirable analogy."

Annabeth chuckles. "Everything that comes out of my mouth right now is on autopilot, so, forgive me if I say anything brash that would offend you in any way."

Reyna feels the corner of her mouth twitch. "I've done things much worse." She offers as a way of relief.

Humming in a distracted sort of way, she's able to feel Annabeth's gaze as they continue to walk, calculating in a way that makes Reyna sure she locks all the doors she's trying to tear down. But she doesn't say a word though, only hums thoughtfully as they trudge inside.

And then, they're pouring over the scrolls of old laws to think of new ones with Frank and Percy, where the two men give their own thoughts into murmurs of suggestions as the two women listens to them carefully, pointing the flaws of what would happen if one is to consider moving some of the house residents to make room for the Greeks, or when they build small temples of the Greek gods at one of the many spaces Camp Jupiter has, and vice versa. Not only it will show how far they've come together to create peace, it will also be a historical experience, where one shall know the other.

They even went through the criminal records of what people committed then as well, brainstorming some ideas that could prevent it from happening again while considering the fact that they would train certain people harder than others, to act as special guards, or a police force to put it bluntly. Even if Reyna thought it'd be better and fair if they are all trained equally without favouring one group of people to the other.

However, they set aside the later idea aside for the moment, and will dive back in when they ask for the others' opinion.

"Jason's already making temples for minor gods," Percy explains as he straightens up, arching his back to get rid of the kinks with a pop of bones. "Maybe we can discuss this with him while he's at it, tell him that we wanna add some of the Gods' Roman counterpart and the other gods in Camp Half Blood, while doing the same thing at Camp Jupiter. It'll be a one way thing, and we don't have to worry about it so much in the future."

"It's almost as if we're saddling on his work," Reyna comments mildly, raising her eyes over the top of a scroll she's been scanning through.

He spreads his arms almost comically. "Well, it's better then going back and forth and wasting time."

Frank hums, standing beside Reyna to pass her another scroll for her to look at while he scans the other. "It's a good idea, and I'm sure Jason wouldn't mind."

"If we help him," Annabeth adds from where she scribbles some of the laws inside a notebook. "He's not going to be exactly happy when he finds out we're just going to dump everything on him later."

Percy rolls his eyes, making his way around the table to scoop a handful of red jellybeans from the bowl that's perched in front of Reyna before throwing a few into his mouth, purposely ignoring her glare. "Of course we'll help him, can't let Superman do all the work by himself, can we?" While munching, he peers over her shoulder to look at the scroll she has been reading. "What's that?"

"Leges Duodecim Tabularum," she answers as she delicately smooths the creases of the scroll on the table despite it being like that for years, allowing her to feel the brittleness of the yellow paper under her fingers. "The Law of the Twelve Tablets. Or at least," she gestures towards it with a sweep of her hand. "there are only a copy of it written years ago."

Annabeth frowns slightly, her pen resting on the paper. "Is it the same as the twelve shields?"

Reyna shakes her head as Frank puts down a rolled scroll beside her arm. "The 'twelve shields' of King Numa Pompilius is different from this; they're distinguished from one another, older."

"So, uh," Percy points to one of the tables. "How did the twelve tables happen, exactly?"

It's Frank who shrugs. "Some long social struggle between patricians and plebeians, I think. Initially only patricians were eligible to become magistrates and this, among other plebeian complaints was a source of discontent for plebeians. Basically," he continues patiently when Percy starts to look blankly at him. "They're like toddlers fighting on who becomes Cinderella and who becomes the stepsisters."

Percy snorts as he straightens up. "Well, that's a way to put it." He waves towards the table he points. "And that?"

Reyna narrows her eyes at it. "Table IV," she replies airily. "Paterfamilias."

When she offers no other explanation for the next few seconds, Percy starts to raise an eyebrow. "Which is?" He drawls.

She ignores the quick glance Frank sends to her way before he answers slowly. "Rights of fathers over the family."

Reyna doesn't pay their silence any mind when she begins to unroll the scrolls on the desk one by one, arranging them in an ascending order while she starts to list off table IV. "Number one, a dreadfully deformed child shall be quickly killed. Number two, if a father sells his son three times, the son shall be free from his father." She shakes her head, lips purses into a thin line. "Sometimes, I don't agree with the laws that happened before."

"Which is why we're thinking of new ones," Annabeth adds with a reassuring smile. "Time's changed, lifestyles have changed; and making this truce between us was a good idea in the first place, it helps us alter things of ways that we could make it work."

Frank flits his eyes over the scrolls. "It's a good start."

"True, I mean, if you think this is bad," Percy smirks with a stab of his finger on one of the scrolls. "You should see the laws us Greeks did; the Romans did replicate a huge chunk of it from the Greeks, so the apple can't fall far from the tree."

Reyna fills the way the corner of her lips twitches. "True."

He shrugs. "Know thyself and beshit thyself."

"Was that a quote from Kill Your Darlings?" Annabeth snickers as reaches over and picks some jellybeans from the bowl, and Reyna only shoots her a withering look that's been ignored as well.

"Hey, it's a good movie, I can attest to that," he sniffs. "Very gay, but very good."

"Was that the same movie Nico told you to watch?" Frank gives him a small smile, eyes twinkling with mirth.

"The one he ordered me to watch, and I decided to humour him."

"And ended up finishing watching it anyways." Annabeth rolls her eyes, throwing a jellybean at his way that he manages to catch with his hand, wiggling his eyebrows at her that she rolls her eyeballs again. "And liking it too."

He pops the bean into his mouth. "Like I said, it's a good movie. And I recommend that all of you should watch it."

"Watch what?"

Reyna freezes at the sound of his voice, feeling the way Percy whirls around to greet their friend rather than seeing it, a grin on his face. "Jason! Just the man we all wanted to see."

His footsteps squeaks slightly as he comes nearer towards the desk where he begins to stand by her shoulder, a familiar notion that her body betrays her by relaxing slightly at the warmth that flows from him when she wants to appear defiant, making her curse silently in her head as she restrains herself from showing everyone what she feels. He plants a hand on the desk as he scans through the scrolls on the table. "Is this the Twelve Tables?"

She quickly takes a hold of herself, clamping down the last of the dark feelings forcefully. "Yes," she answers smoothly, slapping away the hand so that she can pry the scroll off the table. "And we don't lean on old laws as if they're table mats."

"Sorry," he mutters as he straightens his posture. "Anyway, why do you guys wanna see me?"

As Frank and Percy explains to him what the four of them have discussed, Reyna looks up to the obvious pointed stare Annabeth is currently giving her, grey eyes focused sorely on her that Reyna only arches an eyebrow tauntingly.

Annabeth only narrows her gaze as a responds, clearly unimpressed that Reyna gives her a twitch at the corner of her lips before focusing on the men.

Only to find his eyes focused on her, his hip leaning against the desk with his arms crossed. The shirt he wears is distractingly fitting that it stretches across his biceps and chest while Percy and Frank only explains to him of their situation while he nods to whatever they say.

When their gazes meet, he gives the same twist of a smile she gives Annabeth not a moment ago, and she feels something cold splash onto her at that look.

Her fingers twitches as she smooths the scrolls again.

"Jason, you coming?"

Reyna doesn't turn around from where she's keeping the scrolls when she hears Frank's call, and keeps slipping the old papers into their given slots while Jason helps her at the other row.

"I'll catch up with you later," he answers with a smile. "I'm almost done anyway."

She knows Frank is studying them, but instead of the judgemental stares they always get, he gives them a subdued version of exasperation; and she finds dry humour in that because while he doesn't outwardly show how worried he is everytime he leaves them in a same room together nowadays, and yet, she can still feel the intensity of it that she actually feels touched at his concern.

Frank shuffles in his spot for a moment, before he lets out a small breath that suspiciously sounds like a sigh. "Alright," he grunts out, soundly vaguely bear-like she almost smiles. "I'll see you later."

They keep working silently despite the door clicking shut behind them, and she feels the way the air thickens despite her best to ignore it.

The moment she slips the last of the scrolls on its place, everything seems to freeze into something deafeningly quiet that she can actually hear the breeze blowing outside her window, the quiet hum settles over her skin as she glares into the spot in front of her; fingers almost holding onto the shelf, jaw clenched.


She grinds her teeth more that she doesn't care if they're going to shatter, and slowly turns to look up at him.

He's been waiting, the damn bastard actually has the audacity to wait as if he doesn't know-

Without a word, she steps into his space with two quick strides that she ignores the way his eyes widen before she brings up her hand to the back of his neck, tugging him down that his lips are pressed firmly against hers.

She feels something deflate with absolute relief when he sighs into her kiss, his broad hands holding onto her waist as he begins to kiss her back with much enthusiasm as she feels, angling his head to get a better taste of her that she almost shudders when the tip of his tongue prods against her lips.

And before she knows it, she feels him turning them around so that he's crowding her to the shelves, where they poke into her shoulder blades as she pulls him nearer towards her, something desperate licks in chest when her arms winds around his neck on their own.

"Reyna," he mumbles as he begins directing his kisses to the corner of her mouth, to the apple of her cheek, a flutter of lips that she swallows down the ball of emotion that lodges itself in her throat. And then, he's wrapping his own arms tightly around her while burying his face into her neck with a sharp inhale of breath. "Gods."

She tries not to choke when he begins to pepper open mouthed kisses at the corner of her jaw, teeth grazing that she feels as if her heart is about to burst out of her chest when his nails graze against her waist, her abdomen, leaving her skin burning with such fire that her gasps mixes with the whine that manages to escape past her lips.

She clings onto him, arches her body into his that he growls into their kiss, his hand now spread into the dip of her back that she swears her skin is blazing at this point.

"Chaise," she gasps when he sinks his teeth into her bottom lip, her fingers raking down his back that he jerks slightly into her, his own groan rumbling up his throat. "Now."

He doesn't need to be told twice when she's already pushing him there, where they stumble with drunk filled steps before he sits heavily on it while she's already climbing up his lap, bracketing him between her legs that a large blanket-like fur that drapes on the chaise digs into her knees while she tangles her fingers into his hair, tugging his head back before she presses her lips onto his with pure unadulterated want.

His hands rests on her waist again as he pulls her body flush towards him, where she can feel the uncontrollable grin that stretched seemingly across his mouth that she runs her tongue over it.

"Stop being so smug." She mutters against the corner of his lips, running her hands down the back of his head before clutching onto his shoulders as if her life depends on it.

He hums, wrapping his arms around her before he lets them fall on the ground, causing her to yelp as he manages to flip them over as he cushions most of the fall.

He grins up at her when she blinks back at him in shock, before lifting his head to press a soft kiss on her lips that she immediately melts into it without so much of a restrain that she feels like kicking herself later. "I'm not."

And then, they're kissing with vigour again that his shirt comes off first, where they're shedding clothes and littering the floor that he pulls the blanket-like fur from the chaise to drape it over the both of them.