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Chapter 2

"The President said that he and his wife are "thrilled by the news of the engagement of the Prince, and that they hope it only strengthens the 'Special Relationship' between the United States and the United Kingdom. These comments came straight from Camp David, the President's residential retreat in Maryland. Support has come from all around the world, especially from the leaders. Several celebrities have also headed straight to Twitter to express their joy, a large selection of which can be found on a special page on their website. It is believed that His Highness's wedding to Lady Katherine will be smaller than the wedding of his parents, therefore restricting the guest list. Prince Elijah is not known for his close relations with celebrities, whereas Lady Katherine is known to be close to a few. Rumours are also circulating that the pair will be made Duke and Duchess, much like the King and Queen were after their wedding, when they were given the title of Duke and Duchess of Oxford by his father, the late King Peter.

Our Royal Correspondent, Jeremy Cutting, interviewed Royal Historian Dr. Alan Rogers of Cambridge University, yesterday, in regards to the news..."

"Elena, your tea is going to get cold in a minute."

"Sorry," Elena nearly stumbled off the seat, placing the hair straighteners down on the table, unplugging them before jumping over and cupping the mug in her hands, downing it slowly.

"I don't understand how you can take sugar in your tea, it's too...sweet," Bonnie shook her head as she sipped her coffee- she needed it to keep herself awake during the day's events. Her job was hard work, and she needed all the energy she had to keep up. She had a lot to lose if she slacked at all.

"You never drink tea anyway, it's always coffee," was Elena's rebuttal.

"Not true! I drink tea in the evenings, or chilling days. Coffee was probably invented to keep everyone awake- it's better than an energy drink, and probably healthier. Well, caffeine isn't exactly healthy, but I feel like I know what I'm putting in my body."

Elena rolled her eyes, her smile fading. The tea she had was no longer at optimum temperature and had been heading down the cold route, just as Bonnie had described. The other girl looked at her with an 'I hate to say I told you so' expression on her pretty features. Bonnie was often right, and the voice of reason, among the girls, and tended to take the mother hen role.

"Is Caroline still getting dressed?" Elena asked.

Bonnie shrugged and turned, about to call for Caroline. Before she could, the blonde exited the room, wearing business dress, just as she had to for her job.

"Hey guys," she smiled, sitting on the third seat.

"Hey," they all replied.

"Busy day today?" Caroline asked Bonnie, who was flicking through some files.

"Yeah, we've got a big case at the Old Bailey to sort out and...oh God, is that the time? I have to run! Love you."

She gave both the girls a kiss on the cheek before running out of the flat, grabbing her briefcase along the way.

"I don't know how someone could be a lawyer, it sounds horrifying," Caroline threw her head back dramatically.

"Well, that's Bonnie Bennett for you- she does the impossible."

Bonnie had always been that smart, driven one. Caroline had known her for fourteen years, whilst Elena had known her for twenty-one. Elena and Bonnie had been friends since Nursery, whilst Caroline was at a different, neighbouring primary school in the same area. Caroline had met the pair on the first day of secondary school, when they were in the same Tutor group. They'd gotten talking and upon finding out they all had similar classes, they became friends and started hanging out. Caroline still felt a little left out, as Bonnie and Elena were closer, having known each other for longer, but she was starting to put that behind her.

They had all gone to the same university, but had split off in regards to subject. Bonnie's degree in law had pushed her to become a lawyer at a pretty good firm- she'd always wanted to do law, it had been the first and last career she'd chosen for 'Career Day' at school.

Elena had gone down the journalist route and now worked for 'Capital City Guide' a magazine dedicated to, you guessed it, the capital. The others were fairly jealous of Elena's job, as she basically got to go to loads of events and locations for free, or at least a discounted fee, which were usually pretty sweet. They didn't complain when they saw the deadlines, or when they got to go with her to the hippest new restaurants.

Caroline, though, had decided to become a wedding planner. Caroline was very much a girly-girl who loved dressing up, and what's girlier than a big white wedding? Like the other two, she'd pretty much known that was what she wanted to do for a long time. She was privileged in the fact she had a knack for business and marketing, as well as talent for planning, which had landed her a job in one of the city's, and maybe even country's, best wedding planners, White Bliss. She ADORED her job and would not trade it for the world. Elena often joked that it would be difficult to meet eligible, single men at her job, but Caroline didn't do it to meet men.

"You heard from Jeremy recently?" Caroline asked over the rim of her mug.

Elena nodded, "He and Anna are settling in well, Oxford is a great place apparently. She likes her new school- she says the kids are great, and she really loves teaching History. Jeremy's been tapped for a promotion already, he says that he and his boss get on like a house on fire. Apparently, this guy did graphic work for some Hollywood films, so Jeremy hopes to follow in his footsteps. Always had his head in the clouds, that kid."

Caroline chuckled.

"Did I ever tell you he had this crush on Bonnie when we were kids?"

The blonde almost spat out her tea.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? Tell me everything!"

"Slow down, Care," Elena laughed, "From when he was like ten to when he was fourteen. It blew out over time, but still, how cute is that? My little brother, all crushing over Bonnie. Don't tell her though, ok, I promised Jeremy that she wouldn't find out."

"My lips are sealed," Caroline made a gesture, "That's kind of stereotype? The sibling falling in love with their brother or sister's best friend."

"Yeah, but not when the guy is younger, usually."

She kind of shrugged, "What's the assignment for today, then?"

"The Best Boutiques," Elena read aloud, "We all know the famous London stores- Selfridges, Harrods and the like,but what about the little undiscovered gems? There are some great places all over the city that are unknown to the vast people who cross through London, with gorgeous designs that will have you coming back for more. Whether you're a Londoner looking to not break the bank, or a tourist who wants an original gift for a friend, these little boutiques are perfect for you."

"So basically, you get to go shopping all day today?"

"Yes, but I have to find five, interview the owners and talk a bit about the history, how long it's been open and what is sells. I also have to try something on, or find an item that I really like if it's not a clothing or accessory store."

"Wow, such hardship. I don't think going and doing that is any easier than any job in the world. I mean, the doctors have it so easy compared to you."

"Shut up," Elena hit her with a magazine, ""What about you? You haven't had a good wedding for a while, have you?"

"No," Caroline sighed, "It's been a while."

"Any celebrities?"

"I've been there nearly three years, and I haven't got anyone remotely celebrity. They've been telling me I'm great, but no, no one resembling anything remotely celebrity."

"Hey, at least it's better than the last job," Elena reminded her.

"God, I'm never going back to that place as long as I live- it was awful. I'm so glad for this gorgeous, beautiful job- it's a reward for that one. I can't believe I lasted a year at that place, I think I only did because I needed to pay rent."

"I'm pretty sure you cried when you saw your opening for here."

"White Bliss is the crème de la crème of wedding planners; every person starting in this industry wants to get there. I would have been happy with just a normal place, but escaping to the top was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Seriously, that was actually the best day of my life."

"Ah yes, I remember, three lots of neighbours came knocking- some we've never talked to- just to check if you were okay after hearing those screams. You'd make a great horror movie character, Care, those screams are unreal."

"I thank you," Caroline gave a quick head bow before looking up at the clock on her wall, "I need to go now, you need a ride anywhere?"

"Nah, I'm alright for an hour or so, thanks for asking anyway."

"Welcome," Caroline smiled, giving her a quick hug, "See ya later, love ya!"

"Love you too," Elena called after the retreating blonde.

The wedding planner dashed down the stairs, not even bothering with the lift. The lift was rather old and had never been replaced ever since it had first appeared. Therefore, it never worked and it seemed like every single resident had gotten trapped in it at one point or another. Caroline and Elena had been trapped in their first week, with Bonnie coming later at nearly a year. She'd hurt her ankle avoiding a speeding car and struggled with stairs, so she'd been forced to take the lift. That had been a great experience for her.

Caroline skipped over to her car. It seemed kind of strange, a young person having a car in the city when it was probably much easier to use the London Tube. Thing was, Caroline had to go over all over London and beyond, so she had a company car. It was fairly nice for a company car, new when they'd got her it. They paid for her petrol during work days, as well as her insurance and MoT. So, all in all, Caroline got a fairly good deal.

Apart from being her friend's personal taxi service. Hey, at least she got to laugh when there was a problem with the train service and they had to take a Rail Replacement Service. She had been fortunate in the fact she had never experience such horror.

She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel, bopping her head to the music and mouthing along. Caroline was a great singer, she knew that, so she often sang in the car or shower. When she and the girls were in the car together, they'd flip through the radio stations until they found a song they all knew/liked, where they'd either lip sync or sing along manically.

As she reached a red light, she noticed a bunch of teenage boys in the car next to her, laughing at her performance. Knowing that swearing at them was probably not appropriate, she instead turned her head back, rolling her eyes so that they knew by ignoring them, she didn't care. Caroline had performed karaoke in public before- she'd sung in front of a large amount of her classmates to Matt, the object of her affections in the summer between Year 10 and Year 11, so she knew she could do it again, she wasn't scared.

Besides, these guys were probably like seventeen or eighteen. The last time she'd let a teenage boy bother her was when she herself was a teenager.

After a relatively uneventful journey, she finally arrived into the main city. There were two problems here- heavy traffic being one, and parking being the other. After finally getting through the main slog, she turned a corner to go into the street that White Bliss resided upon. Parking was usually murder, but as luck would have it, she found a small parking spot. After a skilful parallel park, she managed to stop. Feeling relief, and hoping that her luck would continue tomorrow, she exited.

Her heels clicking as she walked, she entered White Bliss's headquarters. Even after three years, she still got that tingle as she entered, that familiar sensation of joy. A smile worked its way onto her face as she looked around, still feeling that this was probably one of the nicest, most spacious lobbies of any business building in London. Several couples were sat together, flicking through magazines or admiring the decor, obviously as enchanted as Caroline was.

"Morning April," she called over to the young receptionist, April Young. She really liked the young April, who was sweet and innocent.

"Hi Caroline," she smiled, "Good weekend?"

"No better than usual," the blonde stopped to talk to her, "You?"

"Ok, I guess?" she shrugged, "It was my cousin's son's birthday so I had to dress up like a pirate for the pirate's theme. I have a lovely picture of me in an eye patch with a black headband, looking like a female Jack Sparrow."

Caroline laughed, "I bet that's a hilarious sight."

"It is," April agreed, "I'll have to show you later. Enjoy your day."

"You too," the blonde scanned her card so that she may enter into the main building. The card system had been in place after a bad case involving a shutterbug attempting to catch a soap star and her fiancé. That had resulted in a hospitalisation and a lawsuit, so the company thought it would be best that they implemented some more security, scanned cards included.

She jumped up the stairs, her blonde curls bouncing behind her until she reached the first floor, where all of the offices were located.

"Morning Care," a familiar voice greeted her as she entered.

"Hey Lexi," she grinned at the woman walking next to her.

After Bonnie and Elena, Lexi was easily her best friend. She was the same age as Caroline, but had started at White Bliss the year before, immediately getting a job out of university. Caroline loved Lexi, she was so fun and hilarious, a great person to take on a night out.

"So, you all excited about the Royal Wedding?"

"Of course I am, I love weddings!" Caroline beamed, "It's my job to love them, after all. I like the royals as well, even if Katherine seems like she'd be a bit much. I bet it's going to be a beautiful day, we better get it off, cos Elena, Bonnie and I will be watching it in our pyjamas all day."

"Same," Lexi laughed.

"You got any big weddings today?"

"I've only just got in too, try to avoid the copy guy again."

"He's such a pervert," Caroline rolled her eyes.

"I know," Lexi agreed, "Laters."

"Laters," Caroline watched as Lexi turned into her office. She continued a little further until she entered hers, using the doorframe to swing herself in, throwing her bag over. She removed her mac and threw it over her chair, logging onto her computer. Using her legs as a way of pulling her over, she began to search for some new venues, just to pass the time until she had something to do...


"We aren't seriously going to have a choreographed first dance, are we?" Katherine asked, as she moved forward to check her reflection.

"I'm afraid so, my mother is insisting."

"Well, I suppose that's a good thing. It's for the best really- you can't dance to save your life."

Elijah moved his eyebrow as if to say 'fair enough.'

Katherine had been told that the company had chosen a wedding planner for her, or at least were considering it, something that peeved her. She had pretty much no choice in a lot of the elements of the wedding, so she would at least like to have some choice in this regard. Elijah hadn't really said much about the whole thing, but she knew that she would be way more involved in the wedding than he would, so that was no surprise.

"Do the staff know that we're coming?" she asked.

"Some of them do, but not all," Elijah took her hand, interlinking their fingers, before placing it on his knee, "We wanted to keep it quiet from the press."


The rest of the journey was quiet. They'd angled for a time when there wouldn't be a lot of people, but even so, they would be meeting the owner, Violet, at the entrance. As soon as they entered, it would be in the press- someone would leak it, or see them enter.

They suddenly came to a halt, the driver turning to them, "We're stopping here, I'm quite sorry, but there aren't any other parking spaces in the area- it's full up."

"That is quite alright- let's go, Katherine."

One of the bodyguards had already opened the door for the pair, so Elijah exited first, holding out a hand so that Katherine may easily slip out. He placed an arm around her as they walked, the street empty for some unusual reason. Just in case, they kept their heads down, wanting to avoid being crowded so that they may get to their appointment on time.

The bodyguard in front directed them into a fancy-looking building. Katherine was impressed as soon as she entered- it was quite beautiful, but in a modern way, like some stylish London office, she supposed. Up ahead, she noticed an older woman in smart dress- Violet.

"Your Highnesses," Violet took each hand, dipping into a small curtsey, "It is a pleasure to have you both here. I cannot thank you enough for choosing our service."

"Your service spoke for itself, Mrs. Huntington," Elijah replied smoothly, "It was the obvious choice."

"Why, thank you," Violet beamed, "Shall we?"

The two followed her out into the working area. As they walked by the reception, April gaped at them from where she was sitting, her phone hanging against her neck as her eyes widened in shock at seeing the royals. Elijah gave her a little wave to be polite, but she did not move from her position of total shock. Oh well, they were used to it.

The pair followed Violet up the empty stairs, with the corridor equally as empty.

"My office," she opened the door for them, indicating they sit down.

"Would you two like a drink?" she offered.

"No thank you," they chimed simultaneously.

"No matter then," Violet moved some files around, "Ok then, so your wedding is obviously going to be important. Judging by your tradition, I imagine that the venue will be St. Paul's or the Abbey, followed by Buckingham Palace?"

"At Westminster, yes," Elijah confirmed.

"Well, even so, we will be able to help you with things such as flowers, decorations, etc. You've chosen the Elite Package, which means that we will be going above and beyond our usual means. It also comes with a twenty percent flat fee, which includes all the tax costs. As a rule, we will not be going over that percentage rate, so you will not need to be too worried about going over budget. We will be assigning you only one planner over the course of your wedding, however, if you wish, we may provide one other at no extra charge. We have a sample book that you'd maybe want to look over here somewhere."

She looked around her desk until her eyes fell upon a large, pristine book. It was rather heavy, so Violet quickly passed it over to Katherine, who thanked her. As soon as it was in her possession, she began looking through it to see the weddings that had been used. For a sample book, it was very in depth for the weddings it showed.

"Have you selected a planner for us?" Elijah asked, seeing as Katherine was too distracted to care.

"Why, yes I have," Violet typed something on her screen, before moving it so that they could see, "This is Margaret Bennings, she is one of our oldest and most experience wedding planners, who had been in the industry for nearly fifty years now. She has planned many a celebrity wedding, so she is very aware of the demand placed upon her and is great under pressure. This is a wedding with lots of tradition, very much Margaret's forte."

Elijah nodded, "Sounds good, Katherine?"

"Yeah, cool," Katherine placed her head up, nodding.

"Fantastic, I will call her in," Violet pressed a button on her phone.

"Yes, Mrs. Huntington?"

"Can you please get Margaret; tell her it's no hurry."

"Ok, will do."

"Thank you, Jules."

Meanwhile, Katherine was getting a different idea. She had found some beautiful weddings in the sample book, all ones she could totally imaging herself having if she was not so bound by the controls placed on her by the royal family. The decor was cute without being too old-fashioned and crusty, modern without being tacky- Katherine Pierce hated tack, everything had to have style. She had never been too bothered about weddings, like most girls, but she was totally digging these designs. Problem was that she didn't know if they were all the same person. They were all bunched together, grouped together in the middle of the book, separated by pink sticks on either end, so she guessed there was a possibility they could be. Katherine liked to get what she wanted, and this was what she wanted. Screw this crusty old Margaret, she wanted whoever this was.

"Excuse me?" she asked, ever so politely, "Who planned these weddings?"

"Oh, that would be Caroline Forbes," Violet informed her after squinting to get a closer look.

"Is she a very good planner then?"

"Oh yes- she's one of our younger ones, only in her twenties, been here nearly three years now, but oh my, she has both a passion and a talent for wedding planning. It was like she was born to do it, always got glowing reviews for her."

"I'm not an expert on weddings, but this is some pretty great stuff."

"You like her?"

"Yes," Katherine nodded, "I really like it. What's the possibility of getting her instead of Margaret?"

At that, Violet looked surprised.

"Look, not to knock Miss. Forbes, but I'm sure Margaret is a much better option. As I said, she has nearly fifty years experience, we need someone like Margaret. Perhaps we could maybe have Caroline in as a deputy if you feel you need it in due course?"

"No offense to Margaret, but I'd much rather have this Caroline girl. I feel like she has captured the essence of what I want in my wedding. I know that you said Margaret is more experienced in tradition, but I feel like we already have enough experts on that. I want Caroline Forbes as my wedding planner."

Violet opened her mouth, but she wasn't exactly in a position to refuse the future Queen.

"Is that ok with you, sir?"

"If it is what Katherine wants, I'm afraid I'll have to agree. Miss. Forbes does seem to have an eye for weddings, or from what I can understand from my limited perspective."

"Oh, alright then," Violet pushed the button, "Jules, dear, can you please recall Margaret and instead call Caroline Forbes in? Please apologise to Margaret."

"Right away, Mrs. Huntington."


Caroline continued in her office, typing away. She'd made a list of new venues to add to her portfolio- she had a large portfolio for everything, be it catering or venue, dress or reception. Just as she closed it, she heard a knock on the door.


Jules, Violet's secretary, popped her head in the door, "Hi, Caroline. Mrs. Huntington wants to see you in her office right away."

"Ok, thank you."

Jules hung onto the door for her until she managed to slip on. Walking along, she quickly found herself at Violet's door.

She knocked, receiving an 'enter.'

"Hey, Mrs. Huntington, you wanted to see me...oh my gosh."

Staring right back at her were Prince Elijah and Lady Katherine Pierce.

She managed a "hello."

"Sir, ma'am, allow me to introduce you to Caroline Forbes."

Both stood up to take her hand, Caroline doing a little curtsey. This seemed to amuse Katherine for some reason, as she let out a little smirk.

"Please, Caroline, sit," she held out a hand, offering a chair.

The blonde sat next to Katherine, feeling a little self-conscious. She was sat next to royalty, for crying out loud, and she was just a wedding planner. Ignoring the temptation to take a closer look, and study them, she instead stared straight ahead at Violet.

"I was discussing the wedding with their Highnesses when Katherine was looking at the book; she was rather impressed by your designs."

"Wait, really?"

"Don't sound so surprised, I won't bite," Katherine winked, "And they were awesome."

"Oh right, really, thank you," she went red with delight.

"Now, as you know, the Royal Wedding is a huge event and the royals will be unable to handle it all by themselves. They selected White Bliss as their wedding planning company and through Lady Katherine's choice; they would like you to be wedding planner."

Caroline couldn't speak for a couple of moments.

"Wait, are you serious?"

"Super serious," Katherine grinned, "You don't seem like a crusty old fart, so I guess you'll be perfect for it. Plus, you'll get a super great fee."

"What Katherine means to say is that we believe that you will work well with us, help us with what we want, as shown in the designs of the sample book. It will be very hard work, and you will have to cope under a lot of pressure, especially when trying to keep with tradition and with our respective families, but we will make sure you are rewarded in keeping with your hard work. Do you accept these terms, Miss. Forbes?"

"Well, erm, yes, thank you very much," she was trying to keep herself calm.

"You will have to sign the Official Secrets Act," Elijah tried to be gentle, sensing she was nervous, "It's need to know. We are fine with you telling a few friends tonight, as we will be announcing you as our wedding planner tomorrow. Of course, secrecy is of the element and we cannot allow you to go around divulging the secrets of the royal family. When you read the Act, it will tell you all you need to know and the punishments for disregarding it. I am sure that you won't want to have any prison time, will you?"


"Perfect," he smiled, handing over a document, "We will give you time to read it over and sign it today, before one of our representatives picks it up tonight."

"Now, I will be heading to Nadia Petrova's studio to have an idea of what my dress will look like. It will obviously be custom-designed, however, I need to have an idea of what kind of thing I want, a sort of template. We will be meeting at 11 o'clock- I will be there, as well as my mother, sister, Queen Esther and Rebekah. Afterwards, we wish for you to come for lunch at our apartment, to meet the rest of the family. We are in a bit of a hurry today, so we will be going through details of the wedding there. I warn you, be prepared."

"Oh, for what?"

"Katherine..." Elijah began.

"For my family. They're psychotic, crazy, and you need to be prepared for it all. I'm not going to sugar coat it, you need to study online tonight to prepare. Some family members are better than others, but still, Caroline, be prepared."

"Ok, will do, ma'am."

"Oh, and call me Katherine, I don't care for all that title malarkey. If we're going to be working together, we might as well be on good terms."


Elijah looked at his watch.

"We will need to leave in ten minutes, Miss. Forbes, and we need to talk further with Miss. Huntington alone. So if you please, you need to leave."

"Of course," Caroline stood up, "And thank you again, for choosing me. It means a lot that you trust me with something as big as a royal wedding."

"Well, you were the best," Katherine shrugged, "See ya round, Caroline Forbes."

"Ok, goodbye."

Caroline headed out of the door. As soon as she was safely out, she let out a little squeal of joy, jumping up and down, fist pumping. Rushing down the corridor, she noticed Lexi standing there.

"Lexi!" she called.

"Hey," the other blonde smiled, "What's up."

"Guess who's in there with Violet?"


"Prince Elijah and Katherine Pierce."

"What?" Lexi practically squealed, "So it's true? I heard rumours, but oh my God! It's true."

"And what's more, guess who gets to plan their wedding?"

Lexi's eyes went wide, and she staggered on the spot, looking as though she was going to faint at any moment in complete shock. When she was finally able to open her mouth, all she was able to do was let out a weird sound.

It was at this point April came bounding up.

"Have you heard the news? Have you heard the news?"

"Yeah, we have," Caroline nodded.

"I can't believe it! They've chosen here to plan their wedding. I know we're like a big deal in the wedding planning world, but still. Whoever gets to plan their wedding is luck-ay."

"Well, we've already found one," Lexi nodded at Caroline.

"What?" April's mouth was now wide open, "Tell me everything!"

"Look, I need to look over the Official Secrets Act or whatever, they're super serious about me hiding it all, and I could get in prison if anything gets out. Look, we'll meet for lunch and talk about it. Got it, girls?

The other two sighed- "Fine."


After what seemed like an eternity, but was actually a long day of work, Caroline practically sped through the streets of London, finally getting to their flat in East Dulwich. She'd been given permission to tell 'a couple of friends,' so that basically meant Bonnie and Elena.

Getting out of the car, she shot from the vehicle and into the building, running at a speed that would make Usain Bolt proud. Shooting up the stairs, her heels clicking like bullets, she tried to avoid falling over as she found the door. Catching her breath for a second, clutching her heart, she then stood up and entered the apartment, trying to remain calm and regal.

Bonnie and Elena looked up as soon as entered.

"Hey," Bonnie smiled, looking up from her case notes- she was still working into the night, as was the lawyer thing to do.

"Hi," she smiled back, "Good day. You find the boutiques, Elena?"

"Yeah, it was great- I got some cheap discounts, got a gorgeous kimono you'll like, all flowery and lacy round the end. You'll love it."

"Oh thanks. Bonnie, how was your case?"

"It was great- we won."

"Oh, that's great," she tried to be nonchalant, holding onto the sofa edge.

"Something's up," Bonnie was immediately suspicious, "You have news. What is it?"

"Well, as you know, the royal wedding is coming up, and they're looking for someone to help plan it. So guess who waltzed into White Bliss this morning?"

"Oh my God," Elena's hands moved to my mouth.

"Katherine looked through the sample book. She liked some, called the planner in. Guess who that planner was."

"You're serious," they still hadn't moved.

"YES!" Caroline screamed.

They took that as a signal to jump up for joy, continually jumping as Caroline did the same, leading them all into a bounding hug.

She'd done it.

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