Gadget is on her way home through the city from the junkyard. "I'm so glad that I found this part that I needed," said Gadget with a smile, "and it's all thanks to Ratchet." She blushes softly as she was thinking about the kiss she gave him on the cheek. "Golly, I didn't know what gotten over me. I mean, he's the only mouse I found who is very nice to me. I...I want to know more about him," she said as she tries to hurry home. Making it back to the tree house in the park is not an easy task, especially for a mouse. She had to watch for speeding cars, people, and cats. She hates cats, which is reasonable because she's a mouse. Even though she's been doing this everyday, she still being careful. A few minutes later, she arrived at the park where Chip, wearing his trademark bomber jacket and brown hat, is there to greet her. "Hey, Gadget! You got what you need?" asked Chip in a cheerful voice. "Yes, Chip. I got that much needed part. I can now do some work on my invention in my lab," said Gadget with a smile. "That's great. Let's head into the tree house. Monty & Dale made some lunch," said Chip. She nods as they both start to head up in the tree.

While they are going up, Gadget's mind is still thinking about Ratchet. She turns to her left and see saw Ratchet with them. She shakes her head for a bit and sees that he wasn't there. "You ok, Gadget?" asked Chip in a worried voice. "Y...yes! I mean, yes. I'm fine, Chip. I was just thinking about something else," said Gadget as she tries to play it off with a chuckle. "Oh ok," said Chip. Once they are at the top, they entered the tree home and were greeted by Zipper, Monty & Dale. "Hiya, Gadget! We've been waiting for ya!" said Dale with his trademark goofy smile. "I see you have an interesting story to tell us," said Monty with a smile. "I sure do, Monty. But let's get some food first. I'm hungry," said Gadget with a smile. He nods as the gang heads to the kitchen for some lunch.

At the kitchen, the gang was eating their lunch. Gadget is eating her cheese sandwich as her tail swish back and forth. "Mmmm! This taste so good!" screamed Gadget as she takes another bite. "Thanks, love," said Monty with a smile. As she looks up, she see Ratchet eating at the table. "Eek!" screamed Gadget so loud that it scared Zipper. "What's wrong, love?! You look like you saw a ghost," said Monty in a scared voice. She rubs her eyes and sees nothing there. "You ok, Gadget?" asked Dale in a worried voice. "Um...yeah. I must be seeing things. I'm sorry everyone," said Gadget in a soft voice. She feels her heart calming down and finish eating her food with the rest of her friends.

A few minutes later, she was working in her lab. She is trying to build something to help her friends to complete their rescue missions. "Maybe a little work could help me relax," said Gadget as she keeps working. Before she can get her wrench, she sees Ratchet looking at her blueprints. He looks up to see her and said "Hello, Gadget." "Ratchet...I..." she started to speak but couldn't as he was walking up to her. He smiles as he rubs her chin softly and looks into her eyes. "R...R..." said Gadget as he kisses her and said "Need a hand?" He moves his hands on her hands and helps her work. She tries not to think about it, but she feels her heart beating fast. He looks at her and said "You're sweating, Gadget." Oh...I am? Well I..." said Gadget as he kisses her softly and smiles. She blushes and said "A…are you real?" Before he can answer, Dale comes in with some cheese for her. "Hey, Gadget! I got some cheese for you," said Dale. She shakes her head and sees Dale holding some cheese. "Oh…Dale…smells so good," said Gadget as she get the cheese. "You ok, Gadget?" asked Dale in a calm voice. "Y…yes. Why ask that, Dale?" asked Gadget as she keep eating the cheese. "Well ever since you came back from the junkyard, you have been acting weird. We're just worried about you," said Dale in a worried voice. "Golly…I…I didn't know. It's just…" said Gadget as she was looking away blushing. "It's just what, Gadget?" asked Dale as he sits down next to her. She takes a deep breath, looks at him and said "While I was at the junkyard, I met a really cute mouse named Ratchet Sparkplug. He was one of those scavenger mice. He was very helpful and help me find the part I need. I was so happy that I, without thinking, kissed him on his cheek. Ever since then, I was thinking about him all day today and I told him to come over here tomorrow to visit us." "Oh…I see. You like him, Gadget," said Dale with a smile, "that's good that you found someone who you like. After all, Chip is dating with Tammy and I'm with Foxglove. Pretty soon, you and Ratchet will be dating or even get married someday." "Hmm…that would be a nice thought, Dale. But, let's see how tomorrow looks, okay?" said Gadget as she was still blushing. "Sure, Gadget. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Well, I got to go. I got a date with Foxglove and it might be an all-nighter. So I will see you tomorrow morning," said Dale as he hugs her. She hugs him and said "Goodbye, Dale. I hope your date goes well." He nods as he lets go and heads out of her lab. As she keep working, she was thinking about what Dale said. "Me & Ratchet…dating…that would be nice. Besides, I need to find my own love. My own…love…" said Gadget as her wrench falls to the table and she place her hand on her chest, "Ratchet…every time I heard his name…every time I say his name…every time I think of him, my heart beats faster. Why is that? I just met him and yet it feels like…no. No! Get a hold of yourself, Gadget. It's too soon to fall in love with someone you met. I want to fall in love with him but what if he breaks my heart? I…I want to know more about him. T…tomorrow…I will know more about him. Yeah. Tomorrow…" As soon as she say that, she picks up her wrench and continues working.

Nighttime has fallen on the city. Everyone, human and animal, are turning in for the night. Gadget comes in her bedroom dressed in her lavender long shirt. She let out a soft yawn and lays on her bed. She pulls the covers over her and lays her head on the pillow. She looks up as the ceiling. "Ratchet…I…I might be falling for you…" said Gadget as she closes her eyes and falls asleep.