Stormy beginning

It a beautiful day and you would be thinking. Ahhh nothing can go wrong here. The sun shining, the seagulls are flying, and the whitebeard crew relaxing on a summer island! All is well….Well as much as it looks by afar. If you look closer you can see the most powerful man holding a small bundle so gently as if it was made of glass and looking down at a women who body has a white sheet over cover in spots of blood. Silent tears fall down whitebeards face as he morns for the only love of his life. His eyes never leave the bundle in his arms. The little baby girl blond hair cradles her little chubby rosy cheeks and with her tan skin she looks like a porcelain doll.

"What should I call you love"? Whitebeard ask softly as the baby little hand latches onto his big finger. That one touch calm the man down and smile down at his daughter. He watch as his daughter eyes slowly closes to go to sleep. The commanders surround their captain and father not sure what to say. Today they have lost not just a sister figure but also a mother figure. Marco stands closer to his captain and looks down at the sleeping bundle. He can't help but let a small smile form on his face.

"She a cutie-yo…but pop we can't"! Whitebeard puts his free hand up.

"We will name her Aiko". Whitebeard grins as he watch his daughter smile in her sleep.

"Little love. I like it pops"! Thatch aww on his other side.

"Pops think of her-yoi! We can't raise a baby on a pirate ship"! Of course Marco always the voice of reason. Whitebeard look at his son with a smile. Marco deflated since there is no way around this.

"WHOOO WE HAVE A NEW SISTER"! The comanders scream forgetting that the little bundle just fell asleep! Of course little Aiko did not like the loud noise.

"WAHHHHHHHH"! The baby starts crying and all whitebeard did was cradle his daughter. Welcome to the family Edward Aiko.

Aiko four years old.

It has been four years since they have gotten little Aiko and the crew cannot be happier. They have come a far way from changing dirty dippers….Well mostly Marco and Thatch did that! To watching her take her first step. Which also scared the shit out of the pirates when she almost fell overboard. Through all these years they would do anything for Aiko to keep her happy. She is much taller now with long golden hair, tan kiss skin, and her eyes can catch everyone attention. They shine with such happiness that the pirates have to sometimes pull men aside and give a good talk to….ya actually they kick their ass. Through all this the crew also looks forward to finally land on island for being at sea for so long. As much as they love the sea and spending so much time with Aiko…. They also love the sand and the many lady's.

"Daddy! Daddy! Island! I see an island"! Little Aiko bounces up to her dad with a huge grin. Today she has a little white dress on and little black shoes.

"Gahgahagh. It will be an exciting adventure for you. Make sure to stay near your brothers"! Aiko nods as she looks at the island that the ship slowly approaching. She awws as the lights dances off the sand and you can just hear the town music in the distance. She runs to the railing then stops to turn to her dad.

"I love you daddy"! She screams as she runs and climbs up the railing. She leans over and smiles as the ocean sprays her cheeks. I love the Ocean so much. Yaa…New adventure! Aiko thought as she watches her family start to dock. Strong hands grab her around the belly and lift her up from the railing. She looks up and giggles as she puts her little arms around the man.

"Hi Mama! Can we go fly to the island please! Please! Please"! Aiko beg to Marco who only gave a small lazy smile.

"How many times do I have to tell you Aiko-yoi! No climbing the railing. You can fall and slip into the ocean-yoi"! Marco loves his baby sister who in some way become her mother if that makes sense. Aiko sniff and burry her little face into his neck. He sighs as he feels her little tears.

"Sorry Mommy. I just wanted to see the island". Marco sighs as he hugs her. He can never stay mad at her for long.

"I know but be careful! I don't know what I would do if I lose my little love-yoi". Aiko sniff and rub her eyes.

"Ok mama". She kisses his cheek and Marco chuckles as the boat docks. She awws as the plank lower and her family running off her home. Aiko squeaks as she is thrown in the air.

"Come on my little Ai! I hate seeing you in tears. Did mama pineapple make you sad again"? Thatch barks out grinning as he catches his little sister. Aiko giggles as she hugs Thatch so she can kiss his cheek too.

"No! He loves me and propects me"! Thatch barks out a laugh as he places her on his shoulders.

"Aiko it protects-yoi! Close though". Aiko nods as she waves to Izou who walking over calmly.

"You look so pretty! I want to look pretty too"! Aiko reaches over for her older brother who takes her off Thatch shoulder.

"You are always so adorable Aiko. I am taking her first for cloths shopping then you can take her". Aiko frowns a bit as she looks at the pretty sand.

"That fine-yoi. Just bring her back so I can take her to play in the sand latter. I have to do some paper work first to finish anyway-yoi". Marco wave as he walk to his room.

"Bye Bye Mommy!" Aiko wave from Izou arms. Thatch chuckles as he kisses the little girl cheek.

"Don't worry. I will help you build the best sand castle once I am done shopping. Got to feed that little black hole of yours". Thatch poke Aiko belly and she giggles as he rushes off the ship to finish his chores.

"I want to say bye bye to daddy first"! Izou chuckles as he puts Aiko down. She rushes over and climbs up her dad leg. She always has been a good climber and love the sky. Flying with Marco makes her wish she has wings of her own.

"Bye bye daddy! See you later. Love you this much"! Aiko spread out her little arms with a huge grin.

"And I love you this much"! Whitebeard spreads his arms as wide as he can and Aiko giggles as she hugs his big chest.

"Now stay with your brother and don't wander off". Whitebeard kiss his daughter cheek and gave her back to Izou who patiently waiting by his side. They walk off the ship not realising it will be the last time Aiko will ever sail on their ship for a very long time. Aiko giggle and laugh as she went shopping with her brother. The town for some reason has music playing and yet is trying to sell everything they have. It as if they are getting ready to evacuate. Aiko holds Izou hand tightly as they walk down the streets with so many people dancing and laughing. She stays close since she scared of being trample. She stops and lets go to run to Marco who looking for them.

"Mama! Mama"! Aiko screams as she dogging through the crowd for Marco. She crashes into his leg with burst of giggles.

"Aiko where you go"?! Izou screams over the crowd for the little girl that was just holding his hand a second ago. Marco sighs as he lifts Aiko up who only continue to smile.

"You will give your brother a heart attack if you keep running away like that Aiko-yoi". Marco scolds and Aiko nods.

"Sorry mama". Marco sighs as he looks at his little sister. He has to blink since the locket they just gave her for her birthday blinds him for a second. One side holds the whitebeard symbol and the other spells Aiko. If you open it though you can see a picture of the loving crew on one side and the other is whitebeard with a two year old Aiko kissing his cheek.

"Don't apologies to me but to Izou-yoi". Aiko nods as Izou runs up to them

"There you are! Don't do that or you will give me gray hairs"! Marco rolls his eyes as Aiko looks down.

"Sorry Izou. I just miss mama. Don't be mad". Aiko sniff and all Izou did is pat her head.

"How can I be mad at my little love? Just let me know you want to see your mama". Izou chuckles as Aiko giggles.

"Ok! Mama lets go to the beach. I want to build a sea ship as big as our ship"! Aiko spread out her arms to show how big and the brother's grin.

"You got it! Have fun shopping Izou-yoi"! Marco wave and they walk together through the crowd of people. Aiko explain her time shopping and by the time they made it to the beach she was talking about what she wants for dinner.

"I want chicken tonight! The one with yummy green sauce that Thatch makes"! Marco puts Aiko down and she waits no time taking her shoes off. She runs to the waves washing over the sand and squeals as the cold water rushes over her feet with food forgotten. She splashes around and watches her foot prints wash away with the waves. Marco smiles as he takes his own sandals off so he can join her. Don't want her to go to far out. He covers his tiredness that washes over him as the waves rush over his feet. Aiko runs up to him and jumps into the waves. Her splash covers his legs and he smiles as he puts out his hand.

"Want to go for a walk-yoi"? Aiko giggles as she grabs his hand.

"Don't worry mama! I won't let you get lost"! Marco chuckles as she leads him down the beach. They stop at some point and start building the ship.

"It got to be big like ours mama"! Aiko pats the sand as they work together. At some point the waves started to wash up harsher and higher. The music died down in the background at some point and now replace with angry wind. Marco stops and frowns as black clouds start to form above them.

"Aiko it time to go home"! Marco watch as Aiko looks up at him and puffs out her cheeks.

"Why?! I don't want to"! Aiko pouts back. She blinks as Thatch is running towards them with fear in his eyes.

"Marco! We have to get back to the ship NOW"! Thatch voice has this urgency that only used in emergency. Aiko stops pouting and looks at his brother who running at them as fast as he can. Marco waits no time in picking Aiko up. She lets out a squeak as rain starts to slowly fall and the wind starting to pick up more.

"I just heard it the island annual storm of the year. We have to get back now"! Thatch screams his pomperder now soak to his face by the rain. They run down the beach as lightning lights the sky. Aiko screams as she never did like the thunder that boom around them.

"Shhh…Shhh it ok. Your bro are here"! Thatch tries to sooth her down as another crash is herd almost above them. Aiko cries as the wind picks up and with it the pendent she received from her dad. She watches it glimmer through the rain.

"Nooooo"! She screams and starts squirming in Marco arms. Daddy got me that for my birthday and says I need to protect it!

"Aiko stop! It ok. No need…". Marco never finishes as she falls from his arms. That will be the last time Marco and Thatch see their baby sister. The image of her little back lighting up by lightning will forever be in grave in their head and heart. Aiko ignores the screams of her brothers as she keeps her little eyes lock on the pendent that slowly getting cover by the waves and sand.

"Noo"! She screams as the thunder booms around her. She covers her ears to try to hide away from the thunder. She bends down to grab her pendent and holds it tightly in her little hand. She grins and holds it above her head. Now daddy won't be sad I lost it! Now to get home! The gods must be laughing at her because right at the moment lightning crash into her locket sending a spark through her soak little body. The Whitebeard symbol lost and melting the side keeping it forever shut. Aiko eyes roll up into her head and her little body falls into the wet sand. Though she looks dead the god have some pity on the little girl. Lightning flashes around her lighting up Aiko body for an older man to see.

"Sir we have to return to the ship"! A young marine cover in rain begs his vice-admiral who suddenly starts running down the beach. The marine stops at the little girl and gently picks her up.

"You pore thing". The marine mumbles as he watches her shallow breath.

"Vice-admiral Garp! Pleas lets go back to the ship"! Garp looks up at his subordinate and nod.

"Agree. Call on the snail and get our doctor ready. I have a patient for them". Garp snap as he runs down the opposite side of the beach that the whitebeards are staying at. Lightning continue to light the sky as the sea rages on. Garp stomp on the deck and quickly gave the little girl to the doctor. Garp watch as the doctor remove her wet cloths and her pendent fell from her hand. He bends down and looks at the burn symbol. Hmmm wonder what was there? He flips it over and the name Aiko is spell in cursive. He tries to open it but it burn shut. He looks over to see her body has a burn on her palm where the lightning enter and another burn on her leg where it exit her body. The doctor finishes wrapping her body in bandages just as she opens her violet eyes. Her eyes are glazed over as she looks around. Beautiful eyes.

"Hey. You are safe now. Can you tell me what your name"? Garp says as gently as possible as the little girl looks at him. Her shoulders shake as tears fall down her cheeks.

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I want go home. I don't know where home is". Garp sits on her bed and grabs her into a gentle hug. He makes sure not to touch her injure parts of her body.

"Shh. My name Garp and you were holding this. It is yours"? Garp holds the pendent and only one voice echo in her head. This is your treasure. Protect it like you would with your family. She nods as she grabs it and hugs it to her little body.

"It my treasure". The girl whisper as she buries her face into Garp chest.

"Then your name is Aiko. Don't worry. I will take you somewhere safe. You don't have to be afraid anymore". Garp whispers and Aiko slowly falls asleep as that soothing voice she heard disappears far away to the deeps part of her mind. To be forgotten until found.

To be continue...

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