No longer the same

Ace Pov

Ace grins as the smell of today's catch fills the air. Deer has always been one of his favorite because the meat so soft. He looks at his sister who just as ready as he is. Better get extra to make sure sis has enough. Why are girls always so…weak? That train of thought has been going on for a few months now and unknown to him Aiko has slowly been losing her patience. She loves her brother a lot but it also getting on her nerves. He smiles as his eyes follows the old bag carrying their breakfast to the middle of the room. She grabs her share and he bends his knees at the ready.

"Slope ready you bunch of pigs! Go get it!" The old hag gives the go and Ace waits no time to dive in. It always a fight for what you want. He quickly kicks one bandit in the face as he scores two pieces. He turns to see his sister grab only one and doges a bandit who tried to punch her. Ace eyes narrow. No one hurts my sister. That also been running through his mind lately too…You can blame Garp since he always tells Ace that he has to protect his sister. Ace moves and by accident kick the bandit that tried to hurt Aiko in the gut as he grabs two more pieces. His little arms are soon getting to full so Ace quickly shoves a piece of meat in his mouth to eat. The meat taste perfect as he scores two more. He looks around to see everyone either full or upset they didn't eat enough since there no more food on the plate. He looks over at his sister to see a smile on her face while eating her own breakfast. Ace walks over and happily places two pieces of his share in her now empty hands.

"Ace. How many times do I have to tell you I don't need the extra food? These are you winnings." Ace snorts as his sister tries to give them back.

"You need the food more than I do." Ace eats his share and watches as his sister frowns while looking at the meat he gave her. Why she upset? I got it for her! All he can do is watch as she gives the share he work hard for too two random bandits.

"What the hell?! Why you go and give it to them?" Ace snaps as he watch the bandits eat his sister food.

"Because I told you it you're winning! Since you did not want them back I gave it to someone who did. Now let's go meet up with Sabo. I am sure he hungry and we can cook some more food." Aiko says with a smile as she grabs her pipe. I watch her go to the door to get out of our shit shack call a home and I quickly follow her. I make sure to grab my own weapon as I exit our home. All the fighting for the extra food and she waste it! I just don't get her. Maybe it a girl thing. Ace stays close to his sister in case an animal decides to attack her. We make it to Sabo tree in record time to see him resting against it.

"Hey Guys! How your morning going?" Sabo ask with a smile as he walks up to us.

"It was going great until someone decided to give the food I gave them to someone else!" I snap at her. My chest aches a little as I watch Aiko put her hand on her hips. What that look for?

"Ace…Bro! I told you I didn't need it! Why do you keep getting me extra food anyway?" She ask and I clench my fist as I cross my arms.

"I keep getting you food because you need it! You eat lots and you can't get it yourself so I help!" I watch my sister eyes get a bit smaller as she looks at me. Why she so mad? It the truth.

"Ahhh guys…" Sabo voice is there but it too small to reach the growing anger in both siblings.

"Say that again Ace." Aiko voice is sharp like a knife and Ace chooses to ignores it. He stands his ground and glares back at his sister.

"Are you deaf?! I said you need help! You are a girl and girls are weak! I do my best to protect you and get you food! If anything you should thank me!" I snap at her and I watch her relax as she smiles at me. What the fuck! I grind my teeth as the anger inside me grows. How dare she smile like that!

"That explains it! I was wondering why you were acting all macho around me. I can protect myself just fine bro so calm down and let's catch something big!" Aiko words somehow hurts as my heart squeezes in my chest. She doesn't need me...Just like everyone else.

"What the fuck! I try to help you and you just….What the hell?!" Is she mocking me? On the sideline poor Sabo is trying to find a way to calm the situation down. He knows that his friend about to put his foot in his mouth soon and it going to be bad.

"Ace calm down. I really don't need your help! I can defend myself just fine. Do you really think I am that weak?" Aiko ask and all I can do is nod.

"OF course you are! You are a girl! God why couldn't I have an older brother like Sabo. Why I get stuck with an older sister like you!" Ace words stab right into Aiko heart. Why can't she just take my help! I am doing this for her! Not me. Ace thinks as he watch his sister eyes widen.

"You don't actually mean that…Do you?" Her voice is quiet and it should have made Ace stop but his anger too far along to understand what happening.

"Ace stop…" Sabo starts as he puts his hand on Ace shoulder to try to calm him down. I just shrug my friend hand off as I glare at my so called sister.

"I do! Why do I have to have you as a sister! You know what I just remember! You are not even my sister! I wish Garp never brought you here. Now I have to look after you." Ace words freeze Aiko body and he watches as tears come to her eyes.

"YOU JACK ASS!" Aiko screams as a burning pain go across his cheek. I grab my cheek as I watch hot tears fall down her cheek. Cry baby too!

Aiko pov

"I do! Why do I have to have you as a sister! You know what I just remember! You are not even my sister! I wish Garp never brought you here. Now I have to look after you." Ace words cuts my very soul as those words freeze me to the floor. He…Ace doesn't want me. I let my tears fall as I stare at my…Ace glare. I raise my hand.

"YOU JACK ASS!" I scream as I slap him across the cheeks. My hand burns as I look down to see it gone a little red. What have I done?! I...I don't…I have to protect Ace from his darkness….Maybe he right. We shouldn't be brother and sister. Sabo just standing there unsure what to do.

"We need to talk through this." Sabo tries to fix the situation but it too late. The damage is done.

"Fine! Ace…I won't be your sister anymore." I turn my back to them as my voice sounds so cold like ice. I walk down the hill and I can't help but punch the first tree I pass.

"Who WEACK?!" I scream as I punch the tree and my tears blurry my vision as I run down the hill towards Windmill village. That tree Aiko punch falls to the forest floor causing Sabo and Ace to go pale as they watch her run. They don't go after her and that a big mistake yet to the universe it was a good thing they didn't. Aiko makes it into Windmill village and passes people who call out to her but she can't hear them. I don't want to see anyone right now. Aiko stops at the ocean and find a bunch of barrels in the corner of the dock. Good hiding spot. I run and open the lids. They are all filled with either lemons or alcohol. Gross….I open the last one and their nothing inside. Perfect! I crawl in and close the lid. It pitch black inside and I cry. I hug my knees closer to myself as memories of Ace and I growing up. Ace you ass! Soon enough the exhaustion of crying and tears lulls Aiko to sleep. That why she doesn't relies her barrel is pick up and then thrown into the air.

"You ass! You miss the ship! How many times do we have to tell you not to throw the barrel!" A man screams to his co-worker and not even that wakes Aiko up. Her barrel lands into the water in the perfect spot to catch a current and soon enough she alone at sea. She slowly floating away from the island she grown to love. Away from Ace, away from Sabo, and away from her sunshine. She just floats away.

Hours pass by before Aiko wake up. I look around the dark area and rub my eyes. Shit. I feel asleep. Bro going to…That right he not my brother anymore.I wipe my tears as I push the top of the barrel lid open and blink as I look at the blue ocean.

"Oh man! I must still be sleeping." I sit back down and put the lid on. I close my eyes and reopen them. Ok now I am awake! I remove the lid and see the very same blue ocean. I turn around and the barrel tips to the side.

"Shit!" I scream as water starts to fill my barrel. I stop moving and look at the blue sky.

"What going on?!" I mumble as I look around. The hot sun beating on my skin as I bob on the water. It takes a second to realize I am nowhere near my home and I am in the middle of the ocean alone. Once that sinks in I take a deep breath.

"AHHHHHHHHH! WHERE AM I?!" I scream as I feel my chest tighten and my breathing increases. I look around some more and all the moving has finally made my barrel tip over. I sink below the cool water and freeze as I look around. Nothing but the blurry blue and the pain in my eyes from the salty water tells me this is reality. My chest burns with the need for air. I have two choices. I can stay here and drown or go for air. I look up and stare at the reflection off the surface. Air it is. I swim to the surface and take a deep breath of the warm air. With each breath my chest aches less and less until there only the numbness of what I have done. I look around hoping to see something. Anything.

"What do I do? What do I do? God is this my punishment for slapping Ace? HUH?! Well then fuck you!" I scream into the empty sky as I breath deeply.

"Where do I go?" I mumble and since I have no idea where I am going and my only floating device is no where is sight I have one choice.

"Well let's just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." I say this mantra over and over as I start to move in one direction. I don't know how long I swim for but soon enough my arms and legs start to get heavy and my cloths only way me down.

"Fuck it!" I grumble as I thrash around the water to get my shirt off. As soon as the shirt off I feel lighter than before. I stare down at my blue bra. Thank god Makino decided I am old enough to wear bra. Now it a bikini. I stare at the floating shirt.

"Fuck you." I grumble as I now struggle to remove my pants. Soon enough with enough thrashing the pants are off and floating on the ocean surface. My body feel lighter and free. At least my underwire matching to my bra. I move on and more hours pass before I start to shiver.

"Oh I am so done with water. I never want to swim again once I find an island! That right. Never again will I swim." I talk to myself as the sun starts to sink.

"I'm going to die out here. Aren't I?" I ask someone but no answer.

"I can't die! I'm not allowed to die until I find out who my real family is. I have to meet this blue bird and find out who gave me this locket! You hear me god! I am not going to die no matter what you throw at me!" I scream and give the sky my middle finger. I continue on and it seems yelling to god was a bad idea. It seems I curse myself because it just had to start raining.

"Fuck my life." I mumble as the waves start to pick up. This is what I get for opening my big mouth. I tread water for my life as the waves pick me up and I take a breath as the waves pushes me under the ocean. I don't fight against the power of the ocean. I will lose if I do. I just let the waves push me back to the surface. I take a deep breath as another wave pushes me under like a rag doll. I will not die! I will not die! I will live! I say to myself as the storm pushes me towards somewhere. I cough as water enters my throat. It burns and so fucking salty. Hours go by and the waves stop. I float on my back and look up at the stares that blink along the black sky.

"Hahah. I did it. I did it." My voice cracks from all the salt water I have taken on. My limbs feel like stones are attach to them and I want to crawl into my bed and sleep for a week. I yawn and turn onto my stomach and oh so slowly swim.

"I can't give up." I mumble as my stomach growls loudly.

"I can't give up." I say quieter and move my arms.

Back on the Moby Dick Marco in the new world Marco is marching all over the deck as his stomach turns.

"Marco looking at you walk like that making me feel even antsier then I already am. So stop moving." Thatch says as he walks up to Marco and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Sorry-yoi. It just I have a bad feeling and I…Like something bad happening to someone we care about…Do you think Ai ok-yoi?" Marco stops to look at his best friend. It has been six years since they have seen their little love. They still look for her but a lot of people have given up hope and some even believe she has passed away.

"We have to believe she is. We have to." Thatch sighs as both men look out into the calm dark blue ocean and bright star that light sky.

"Me too-yoi. I miss her." Marco sighs as he sits against the railing.

"I do too." Thatch say quietly as he sits with his best friend and brother. Together they quietly sit together and hope Aiko ok where ever she is.

On the other hand Aiko not ok. She has stop swimming and her head bobbing between the surface of the water.

"I am so tiered." She croacks as her head go below the surface and the cool water sooth her aching arms as she sinks. She looks up at the surface and closes her eyes. I give. No wants me anyway. Ace hates me. My family probably thinks I am dead. Those dark thoughts stir something in her head. Mama. Do you love me? Little Aiko ask as strong arms lift me up into a kind smile. I will always love you. The bird man voice calms me. Daddy! I love you this much. I can blurry remember little me spread her arms out. Gararara. And I love you this much. An older man laughs the same way as me and even though I can't see a face I can see large arms spread wide open with medical equipment to his body. The memory vanishes and I open my eyes with new determination. I have a family who loves me. I have to find them one day. I can't die here. I swim back to the surface and I blink the salt water from my eyes. I rub them as I see a blur in the distance.

"An island! Please be an island." I croak as I swim towards the blur. Time go by and with each new stroke the island gets a bit bigger. With every stroke Aiko hope builds as she slowly can see the island get bigger.

"Yes! So close." Her voice is so quiet as her feet finally touches the sandy bottom. She can make out trees and the beach is so close. The gentle waves help push her and as soon as she is ankle deep in water her legs give. She falls to the sandy beach and sleep consumes her. Safe.

Aiko awakes to the hot sun burning her skin. I groan as my limbs protest my movement in pain. I have to get food. I have to live. I look around and see scatters broken boxes and barrels litter the beach. It must have been a shipwreck...Probably from that storm yesterday.

"Food!" I moan as I look over at a box with the word food on it. I crawl over to it and pull myself up. I easily open the lid and I look down to a mixture of mushy fruit.

"No! There has to be something edible in here!" I throw mushy apples and peaches out and stop as I slowly pick out a pineapple. Is it a pineapple or... I turn the big firm fruit in my hand. Maybe a new kind of pineapple.

"It looks like a pineapple but..." My scratchy voice trails off as the fruit looks like a kid decided to play colors. The leaves are a light blue while the fruit itself purple with blue spikes to match the leaves.

"Pickers can't be choosers." I mumble as I take a wide bite out of the fruit. I freeze at the taste. Oh god! It taste worse then when Ace made me eat his sweaty socks. My hairs stand on end as the fruit slips down my throat. I gag as I force myself to take another bight. Food is food. What Aiko doesn't relies is that she slowly changing. Her blond hair slowly turning a amber red as if flames dance along her shoulders, her arms grow orange feather but the tips become red, her feet are turning into sharp talons, and what actually catches her eyes is the fact her fingernails become sharp like claws.

"What happening to me?" Aiko gawks as she takes a step back only to tumble onto her behind. She starts to shake as she looks down at her talons. Where my feet go?She reaches out to touch them only to freeze when her hair flows in front of her and her new feathers stair right back at her. How? Aiko gets up and rushes to the water. As soon as her new talons touch the ocean she falls to her knees as the water drains her strength away.

"What going on? What am I?" I ask the water as I stare at my new reflection. For some reason looking at the new bird me does not...scare me. I feel happy like a part of me is happy that I am like him. I blink as I stare at the pineapple man. Mama I want to be a birdy like you. Little me squeaks and that all the memory I get. I fall onto my stomach and water crashes over my head. I can't move! Why can't I move! I splash around as I start to cough up water only for more water and sand to enter my mouth. I don't want to die here! Not after the hell I went through yesterday! Suddenly a hand grabs my shirt and pulls me up. The light blocks my eyes and when I finally get a look I can't believe who I am facing.

"Mr. Angel?"

To be continue…

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It has been three month since Aiko has been born and she a keeper. With her big violet eyes and her kind smile. It makes even the toughest pirate mushy in the legs. It also her laugh from her papa tickling her tummy that keeping the crew calm for what to come. They watch the pirate king ship pull along side the Moby dick. The crew silent as a plank put down and the pirate king walks across to gently land on Whitebeard ship. Aiko can feel the tension in the air and she doesn't like it. She can't help but start to cry which makes the tension die.

"Little love. Shhh. It ok! Papa here for you." Newgate sooth his little girl but her cries continue on.

"So the rumor true. There is a child on this ship. Let me see her." Gol.D Roger hands reach out and even though Newgate does not want to hand his daughter over he does.

"Pop are you sure-yoi?" Marco ask as he never keeps his eye off his baby sister.

"Calm your feathers. Kids love me." Gol.D Roger rocks Aiko softly and her cries dies down enough that she can look up into his big grey eyes. Aiko awws up at the new man.

"My wife just became pregnant. I hope it a girl. She going to be as beautiful as yours and she will be named Ann. I hope it a boy so he tough and he can face the world head on with what I am leaving him behind. His name will be Ace." Gol.D Roger says softly as Marco hands are out.

"It her nap time-yoi." Roger nods and hands the little bundle over.

"I wonder if my son and your daughter will ever meet?" Roger grins as he plays with the tip of his mustache. He doesn't relies how true those words will become.

"Gurararara. Maybe. The ocean is small and who knows. Maybe your son will even join my crew." Newgate and Roger watch Ai go below deck and just before the door closes Ai hears such sweet words from this unknown man.

"As long as my child is loved and free. That all I want for him or her." Roger voice makes Aiko smile because she too loves the love she gets from her family.