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Cybertronian speaking - "talking"
Comm Link Bot/Con/Human - 'talking'

Cybertron, home to the Cybertronians.

It was a peaceful planet and much like Earth, where it's people lived their days working, playing, and thriving. From the Cybertronians in the cities to the Cybertronians in the arena for Gladiators. Every day they went through their lives, some of them not caring for every day in and day out.

Those in the high ranks cared only for themselves and their own entertainment. They did not care for the weak, to them, it was those who had the most credits, their currency, and the High-Grade Energon. They would laugh at the homeless of their kind who did not of the pleasure of Energon in their system when they needed it. They would look at those with homes, normal folk, and see them as beneath them, as they were not like them at all.

Nothing was done to protect the beings who needed it, all because their lives were controlled by those in the higher rank. In the past, those in the high rank protected those lower in rank than themselves, but now, they have forgotten and those mechs and femmes in the lower rank suffered.

The High Council controlled Cybertron ever since the last Prime died.

The High Council, a group who cared only for their own beliefs, believing the needs of the many outways the needs of the few. They believed that this was a good thing, that this was the life for all as well. No one dared fight and question the beliefs of the High Council. Those who did ended up dead before the day ended. Some even went missing, never to be seen again.

Cybertron was a peaceful planet, but at the cost of its own people, who had no choice but to live every day. Peaceful, but at the cost of the blood of their own and the forced servitude in the lower rank.

But remember the needs of the few? Those few rose up and challenge the High Council. The High Council tried to stuff them out, but the few grew and grew in numbers soon becoming an army that challenged the High Council and those of High Rank.

Some of the High Ranks joined the few, believing that the never-ending suffering would spell their own doom. That others if the High Rank had forgotten what it meant to be at such a rank, that they had to protect their own. the few wanted the System of Ranks destroyed, so everyone could live without being under someone else control.

The High Council refused and refused, not caring in the slightest.

Then, two Cybertronians who saw each other as brothers, a Gladiator named Megatron and a Data Clerk, a Liberian under the wing of Alpha Trion, named Orion Pax came forward, with many behind them to make their point known.

Megatron wanted to used force, telling the High Council that if they didn't remove the System of Ranks, then he force them to, with the army backing up. Threaten to be beaten into submission, the High Council gave their own threat of removing Megatron himself with the new Prime chosen by the High Council, Sentinel, backing them up. Angered, Megatron threatened war if he wasn't made Prime so he could remove the System of Ranks, angering the High Council and Sentinel even more.

However, Orion only saw more violence and more never-ending pain. Stepping forward, Orion reminded everyone about the early stages of Cybertron, where violence was the only thing and no one saw eye to eye. That a few from different sides came together to stop the fighting. He told the High Council that they were heading down the same path and that they needed to stop. Orion believed that using violence to end violence would only create more, that words can be used instead of actions in this situation.

Alpha Trion was proud of his student from the way he stood up to the High Council from where he stood at his side.

But nothing prepared any of them of the sight of a white light appearing in front of Orion. Everyone saw a white light, but Orion saw an image of Primus, the Vessel of Cybertron and the who chooses the Primes. Alpha Trion had loudly declared at Orion was chosen to succeed Sentinal as Prime once he died.

The few were delighted. Finally, their time of suffering was at an end. No more fighting for their lives every day. They could finally live!

But Megatron was angered. He felt betrayed. Swearing vengeance and that the so-called Golden Age of Cybertron would end, he left his former brother. Those who chose to follow Megatron followed him, but others chose to stay with Orion.

Days passed and Megatron and his followers didn't show their faces. Then one day, Megatron appeared, claiming to be the leader of his own fraction, the Decepticons with symbols of their own.

The Decepticons attacked and waged war, killing members of the High Council before some managed to escape along with Sentinal.

Decepticons overpowered and outnumbered Orion and all who followed him, but after the first day, Orion went alone to speak to Megatron, hoping to stop him. But Megatron wouldn't be swayed and Orion saw that there was nothing that he could say that would get him to stop. Orion escaped Megatron but was ignored. While he was being patched up, Orion realized that they had to fight back.

So, he created his own fraction, the Autobots and their own symbol. Taught how to fight from Sentinal, but only because it was a tradition passed from the old Primes of the past. Sentinal refused to follow Orion because of who he is and when he was done training him, left with surviving members of the Elite Guard that chose to follow him.

Later, during a battle on the battlefield, Orion was overcome with sudden light. With a scream, he changed, becoming someone else, who was stronger and bigger. When the light died down, there stood an unfamiliar mech in Orion's place.

It was clear what happened. Sentinal had died and Orion had become Prime. When the mech opened his eyes, he said the name that was whispered to him by Primus, given to him.

Optimus Prime.

Led by the new Prime, the Autobots never lost hope, even when their planet started dying from the war. The Autobots battled against the Decepticons in a war repeating their history.

But wars can take different routes, different twists, and different turns that could help either side. No one could have imagined the war having a path that would benefit it. But sometimes, those paths had things in its way, blocking the crossing as you continue going down. And that was gonna happen in the war against the Decepticons and Autobots.

The war between the Autobots and Decepticons was going to have a path that would change everything.

Location: Tranquility

Sighing, a teenage girl walked down the sidewalk home, wishing that she had a car.

The girl was wearing a purple tank-top and a lavender skirt with a black rim and trim that reached her waist. Lavender leggings and black boots that reached just above her knees. She had long pull-on lavender fingerless gloves on each arm with an black trim at the top. Light brown hair that was split in half and was covering the front of her tank-tops strips. Her bangs covering her right eye. Her visible eye was a light sky blue.

The girl sighed.

"Another day with Trent talking about how good and rich he is. That he can win a contest that tested the balance of someone with his 'great balance'. Well, sorry, but muscles don't apply to balance as well. Staying still while in a sitting position on one foot for ten whole minutes took some time for me to learn. But, it got me first place. I need that money if I want to get a car since my parents 'borrowed' money from me again."

Bending down, the girl placed the money in her boots, pushing in down so she could fit the rest of the money.

"Hey, Abelia!"

Abelia paused and stood up, turning around. A muscled jock came running up to her. He gave a grin that could win over girls, but Abelia wasn't going to be won over with a smile.

"You think you're so good. Heh, do the move. I bet you can't do it again for a full minute after all that," Trent said.

Girls came up behind the Trent, latching onto his arms. Abelia watched this happen with discontent. Trent and Abelia would never get along, mostly because Abelia was one of the only girls that Trent couldn't win over. Abelia couldn't stand him because he was a jerk who wanted women to fall over him.

Abelia shrugged, "Okay, Trent. I'll do it."

Abelia put one foot behind the other and slowly moved in a sitting way, but reminded balanced on one foot. After a minute passed, she stood up again and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at Trent.

"Listen up, Abelia," Trent said, taking a step closer to Abelia with no-nonsense in his voice.

Abelia took two steps closer to Trent. Another thing about Abelia was that she didn't stand down to anything, even if it was bigger then her. She even matched the stare Trent sent at her, raising her eyebrow higher.

"I'll listening," Abelia said.

"Don't think your better than everyone just because you won first place and I won second place, cause your not," Trent told her, not liking how she was acting at all.

Abelia barely stopped her urge to laugh, but some chuckles managed to crack through.

"Wow, that's shocking to hear something like that from you cause that's what you think," Abelia stated, smirking.

Trent gasped, the girls with him gasped as well. Abelia just smiled and walked away, leaving Trent and his wanna-be-like-girl friends behind.

Abelia Witwicky was an eighteen-year-old 12th grader. She was able to skip two grades cause of how smart she was but that got her picked on a lot, especially by Trent and his girlfriend at the time. Abelia was the richest kid in school, right beside Trent, so that drove them to have fights. Abelia always won and got little detention cause every time Trent started a fight, it was in front of a camera and he always threw the first punch, so he got longer detention, even though it was for a day and 30 minutes because he was the star quarterback. Everyone in school wanted to be Trent's girlfriend or his friend.

All Abelia wanted was some friends, cause she had none. But she wanted a true friend, not someone who just wanted to be her friend because of her money or because of who she was. She wanted friends who wanted to be friends with her because of who she is.

Little did she know, that there was going to be a big turn in the path she was going down in her life, one that she would never have seen coming.

Barricade drove around in his vehicle mode.

Have only gotten here only a couple days ago and he and the other Decepticons already thought that this planet was a waste. But Megatron was somewhere on this planet and they had to find him. They learned Earth's way through their web and they're most used language, English, to blend in better. Frenzy then started to speak fast.

"Frenzy! Frenzy, slow the frag down! I can't understand you! Frenzy!"

"Energy reading! Energy reading! Two Earth miles away!"

"An energy reading of what kind," Barricade asked, thinking that Frenzy's system was going crazy again.

"Energon! Energon! Energon!"

Then again, maybe not.

'Barricade to Starscream.'

A couple of seconds went by and then, contact.

'This is Starscream. What is it Barricade?'

'Frenzy picked up an Energon reading two Earth miles away from our position. Should we check it out.'

'Yes. Check out this Energon reading and report back to me. Starscream out.'

Barricade then turned on his sirens and drove off to the source of the reading.

Bumblebee sat in an alley in his vehicle form, a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro, stopping to search the web about humans. He was so fascinated with humans. They were so much like his own race. He had been on this planet for a while, a month or two. They have gotten wind that the Deceitpcons were heading to that planet, but Bumblebee was closer so he ended up getting there first.

He sends the information he has to the others, about the human race and when the Decepticons landed with help from the human's Internet.

Then an energy reading popped up. It was going to walk right past him.

Wait, walk Bumblebee thought.

A girl dressed in lavender and black clothing with brown hair walked past him. The energy followed her. Bumblebee had to admit, she was pretty. Better comm the others was what Bumblebee thought.

'Bumblebee to Autobots.'

'We hear you, Bumblebee. What is the matter?' (Optimus)

'Well, first, let me send you a data pack of what else I found out before it becomes forgotten.'

Bumblebee waited for a couple of seconds, then he got the replies he got from the last couple times he did.

'Strange planet.' (Ratchet)

'Yet, so alike our race. I like one of their tongue of one of their languages.' (Jazz)

'Bumblebee, what did you have to say to us?' (Optimus)

'A human girl walked past me-'

'Is that why you commed us youngling?' (Ironhide)

'You didn't let me finish. She had an Energon reading.'

'But that's impossible. No human should have Energon in their system. At least, that we know of. Yet, humans could not be harmed by it or it can be acid and hurt them.' (Ratchet)

'Yet, it could be possible.' (Jazz)

'Jazz, not helping.' (Ironhide)

'Bumblebee, I want you to follow the girl. It will only be a matter of time before the Decepticons go after her if find out about her. They meant be planning it already. Don't let her be harmed.' (Optimus)

'Got it, Optimus. Bumblebee out.'

Bumblebee started his engine and started to follow the girl, making sure she wouldn't notice him.

Abelia sighed and looked up at the sky.

"Please, anyone who is listening to me, please, I want a friend or at least a few who care for me. I want a family who will love me, not some parents who want to show me off to other people and be gone all the time. Please, let me have my wish."

Abelia looked back down. She wasn't able to see the two cars following her, or the place in the sky she was looking at shine a bit brighter than the rest just for a second.

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