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"Hit it," Burke yelled, leading the other soldiers to fire at Demolisher.

With the battle going on, Will and the Autobots were forced to fight back and not chase after Abelia liked they hoped. Still, that didn't mean they would let her be on her own. But they couldn't run after her with the Decepticons firing at her.

"Cover fire," Ratchet yelled, shooting at Demolisher, allowing Ironhide to back up and shoot his cannons at the Con.

Ironhide turned from shooting Demolisher, seeing Blackout flying close and shooting one of his missiles at them. Ironhide growled, grabbing a rusted truck and throwing in the path of the missile with a shouted warning to the soldiers, "Watch out!"

The soldiers took cover, Ironhide grunting as the force from the missile hitting the rusted truck knocked him back. He got up quickly through.

Epps got out of his cover, looking up, catching sight of Blackout and Starscream flying away. Epps realized with horror that they were going the way Abelia ran, most lucky to try to catch her. He turned to alert his friend.

"Will! Blackout and Starscream are after Abelia!"

Will cursed in his head, looking around. He spied Ironhide and Ratchet.

"Ratchet, Ironhide! Abelia's being chased by Blackout and Starscream," Will shouted, pausing to fire a couple of rounds at Demolisher's face, "I can't go after her! You two must!"

"We got this...Handled," Bumblebee said.

"Get tha lil' missy safe," Jazz shouted, bringing out his Cyber Rifle.

"Got it," Ironhide said as he ran ahead. Ratchet looked at them, "Be careful. I believe Abelia will be upset to hear any of you got injured."

Ratchet followed Ironhide, shooting his gun at Demolisher one last time before running off. Will watched them go, hoping they would get to Abelia before the Decepticons do. Seeing Abelia hurt was enough, knowing she was in threat of a coma and Decepticons pushed it.

When all of this was said and done, he was gonna make sure Abelia was treated the way she deserved.

A BANG brought Will out of his thoughts and back out to the battlefield. He gritted his teeth, took aim at Demolisher, and fired.

With Optimus

Optimus drove out of the alley, entering the fray. Spying his enemy Megatron of top of a building, Optimus drifted to a stop, something almost impossible to do with a real rig. Optimus transformed, entering a battle stance, hunched down and fist out with battle mask drawn.

Hopefully, this will buy Abelia some time until I can find her, Optimus thought.

"Megatron," Optimus called out.

Megatron turned, looking at Optimus with narrowed optics. He growled, turning away from the fight below to look at the Autobot Leader down below. He yelled out at him, roaring, "Prime!"

Megatron jumped off the building, transforming into his jet like form and flying towards Optimus. Optimus braced himself before running at Megatron, jumping on him and grabbing his wings. Optimus grunted as they flew into a building, trying to knock him off. Optimus held on even as Megatron went through the middle of another building.

When they got to the other side, Megatron transformed, grappling with Optimus as they fell to the ground, rolling to a stop with Megatron on top of Optimus, landing a punch to his head. The two fought for control, Optimus trying to push Megatron off him as Megatron tried keeping Optimus down.

"Humans don't deserve to live," Megatron growled, finding the race human disgusting creatures of filth and completely inferior to his race.

Optimus narrowed his eyes, angry that Megatron believed that the human race should be killed. He remembered Abelia's courage and her will to help them and Will's bravery and that of his men. Megatron had no right to assume that. Optimus pushed Megatron's head back, trying to force him off as he moved his body left and right to knock him off.

"They deserve to choose for themselves," Optimus exclaimed.

"Then you will die- with them," Megatron growled, getting the upper hand and lifting Optimus up, tossing him to the ground a couple of feet away. Megatron stared at Optimus with anger and hatred.

"Join them in extinction," the tyrant growled.

His arm plates shifting back as he put his hands together, the large barrel of his Cybertronian Cannon appearing. Optimus picked himself up, running towards Megatron while his back plates shifted, pulling out his Ion Blaster. He fired a shot, hitting Megatron on the shoulder.

The force had Megatron spinning, but he was able to get his footing, using the spin to land back in a kneeled position with his Cybertronian Cannon out. Before Optimus could do anything, he was thrown back when the plasma blast hit him.

Optimus grunted as he flipped in the air. He hit the building behind him, his foot lodged itself into the window. For a couple of seconds, Optimus was upside down before his weight and gravity pulled him down. Optimus landed on his back, groaning.

As this was happening, Abelia ran, the sounds of the battlefield following her. And just she was where the battle was, she knew it wouldn't be long before it caught up to her. She just had to get away from the Decepticons, from Megatron. She won't let them after the Cube.

However, her luck ran out when she ran around the corner just in time to see Optimus fall from building, landing on his back with a groan.

Abelia gasped, getting Optimus's attention.

His optics widen, terror for her safety increasing drastically. Optimus looked back at Megatron as the Warlord approached him, whirling his Cybertronian Mace deadly in the air. Optimus stood up, ready to defend Abelia at a moment's notice.

Hearing the extra footsteps, Abelia turned her head, freezing in horror as she looked at Megatron, clutching the Allspark close to her.

"Wrong way," Abelia squeaked, fear flowing through her as she stepped back.

Megatron paused, his alert system telling him that the Allspark was nearby and that an Energon signal was near it as well. Turning his head, Megatron spied the Allspark within the hands of a human girl, the Witwicky girl if the reports if his Decepticons said were true. Barricade's report said that she also had an Energon signature.

And she was looking at him in terror. Megatron grinned, enjoying the fear the fleshy had towards him.

"Abelia, run," Optimus shouted, taking Megatron's distraction to launch an attack. Megatron looked back at Optimus just to see the Autobot Leader pull back his fist. Optimus punched Megatron in the face, hoping to give Abelia some time to escape.

Abelia turned on a dime, running back the way she came. She glanced behind her, hoping to see if Optimus was alright, but she couldn't see him through the building. Hearing blades cutting threw the air, Abelia turned, she gasped.

Blackout was coming towards her, partly transformed enough to have a hand reaching out to grab her. Abelia did the quickest thing she could think of: sliding her feet and falling to her back, holding the Allspark close. Abelia gritted her teeth as pain shot through her thigh wound.

Abelia watched as Blackout flew over her, getting back up only when he passed. Abelia breathed heavily, watching as Blackout stopped, turning around, hitting the building he was closet to as he turned back to her.

Seeing Blackout come at her again, Abelia got ready to duck down once again.

However, this time, Ironhide came out of nowhere, pushing Blackout into a building. Ironhide shot his cannon at the building, making some of it collapse on Blackout. Abelia panted, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Abelia," Abelia turned to see Ratchet, worriedly looking at her, "Are you alright?"

Abelia nodded, getting up as Ironhide turn to her, anger in his optics. He walked up, Pulse Cannons out, and pointed to the ground, looking like a weapons specialist.

"Why did you ran off like that," Ironhide exclaimed, "I said we will protect you."

Abelia breathed heavily, narrowing her eyes, "At what cost? I saw one of you die protecting us humans. Besides, if I stayed there, you wouldn't stand a chance! You would've been overwhelmed. You can't blame me for doing something you would have done!"

Ironhide sighed, seeing the point, "Just...don't run off like that again. Not unless we tell you. We got worried."

Shots fired from a weapon that could only be made by a Cybertronian weapon knocked the three back to their senses to what was going on around them.

"Optimus is fighting Megatron," Abelia said, looking at where the shots came from.

"We gotta go," Ratchet stated, running away from the fight between the leaders.

Abelia looked back at Optimus one last time before following Ratchet, Ironhide following behind her. Ratchet and Ironhide moved so that Abelia was running in front of them as well as between them; her legs and speed making up for her lack of size to keep ahead of the two Autobots.

When all this is over, Abelia thought, running passed some rusted cars, I'm not running anywhere. I'm going to walk until I'm in the mood to run.

"Keep moving, Abelia," Ironhide shouted, "Don't stop!"

Abelia huffed, "Easy for you to say."

Ratchet looked behind them, seeing Blackout fire a missile. Ratchet grabbed a rusted car as he ran past it, throwing it back into the missile. Blackout fired another one, through this time, it was Ironhide to acted.

When the missile was close enough, he grabbed it, throwing it back at Blackout. Ironhide laughed as the missile hit. Abelia, who glanced back enough, also laughed, even though it was breathlessly.

A jet engine had Abelia look in front of her in alarm, seeing a jet flying right at them. Gasping, Abelia slides on her feet as Starscream transformed.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Abelia slowing to a stop as Starscream landed, sliding to a stop as well as right towards them.

Abelia hunched her body down into a roll, rolling to the left to take cover behind a rusted truck. She held onto the truck as she heard the crashing sounds of the cars Starscream knocked into as they fell back to the ground, sometimes on each other.

Starscream lifted his arm, firing missiles at Ironhide before turning his aim at Ratchet, using his machine gun on him. Abelia let out a shout as she covered her face from glass coming from the rusted truck she was hunching against. She gained some cuts on her bare fingers and her sleeveless glove got some tears, her bare shoulders gaining some cuts from the glass, joining the scratches Frenzy gave her.

Abelia looked over her shoulder, staring at Starscream as he fired at her friends, Ratchet fell after a bad hit.

"No," Abelia yelled as Ironhide fell when Starscream fired a missile at him, Ratchet getting up and shooting his Machine Gun at Starscream.

Starscream seemed to have enough for he jumped, transforming mid-air back into a jet before flying off, Ratchet and Ironhide falling to the ground. Abelia gasped, getting up and running over to them.

"Abelia, remember what I said about running? Well, run! Find a place to hide," Ironhide shouted.

Abelia panted, catching her breath and also hesitating, wanting to stay and help her friends somehow. There had to be a way for her to help her friends.

"We'll be fine in a few minutes, but they are minutes you don't have. Run," Ratchet added.

Abelia hesitated once more, eyes burning with tears of frustration. She felt so helpless, so useless. She wanted to help her friends when they were hurt, yet how can she help them with their wounds? Still, she gritted her teeth and turned, running down the street.

Meanwhile, the battle between Megatron and Optimus took to the rooftops. Megatron growled, blocking a hit from Optimus as he threw a punch of his own. Optimus fell back, but caught himself and brought out his Energon Blade, swiping at Megatron.

Megatron stepped back as Starscream flew past.

"Letting the Allspark get away to deal with Prime? With the Allspark in enemy hands?" (Starscream)

Megatron growled, sneering at Starscream's form as he flew around the abandoned city.

"Watch your words Starscream. I won't hesitate to shoot you down." (Megatron)

"Humans are approaching in choppers and jets. I'll take care of them when they get here." (Starscream)

Megatron narrowed his eyes at Starscream. As much as he wanted to stay here and fight Optimus, the Allspark was getting further away. Megatron snarled, jumping off the building and transforming into his Cybertronain Jet and flying off.

Optimus watched him leave for a second before realizing where Megatron was going.

"Abelia," Optimus said, jumping roofs to chase after Megatron quicker so he won't have to go around buildings. He Commed Abelia, hoping to give her some warning.

Abelia gasped for breath, running as fast as she could, looking for a place to hide. Beeping drew her attention to her choker, Abelia slowing to a stop to catch her breath as she pressed the button.

"Abelia here," she said, breathing heavily.

"Abelia, Megatron is coming for you. Run! Hide." (Optimus)

"I'm starting to hate running," Abelia stated, running once more as she looked for a place to hide, "Get to me as fast as you can."

"I am. Be careful." (Optimus)

"I already got a piece of shrapnel taken out of my thigh, so there's that."

"What?" (Optimus)

"Nothing. Forget I said anything."

"Abelia." (Optimus)

"Tell you lat- OH SCRAP!"

Abelia heard the roaring engine of Megatron's Alt Form. She realized she was in true danger as she heard the engine noise fading, followed by transforming sounds and a landing. A harsh growl and running of a large metal titan is what she heard next.

"Give me the Allspark, girl!"

Abelia shook her head, "NO!"

"ABELIA!" (Optimus)

Optimus felt helpless, hearing Megatron find Abelia and her refusal to handover the Allspark. And he was still trying to catch up. He speeds up, trying to catch sight of them from the rooftop he was on.

Abelia made a sharp right down an alley. Megatron growled, the sudden turn making him slide and crash into a building. Abelia grinned, hearing the pause of Megatron chasing her. She ran towards a large building with states on top, running pass the metal fence, entering the building easily because it had no doors.

"Optimus, look for a large building with statues. I'm there."

"On my way!" (Optimus)

Abelia cut the connection so Megatron wouldn't hear her or Optimus talking. She stopped, looking behind, turning pale when she saw Megatron in the alley's entrance. Megatron grinned, his optics catching sight of Abelia. As he started forward, Abelia turned around, running deeper into the building.

"You're not gonna get me. You're not gonna get me!"

Abelia heard glass shatter and concrete break as Megatron entered the building through its window with a triumphant shout, "Surprise! I smell you girl!"

Abelia snorted, "Do I smell? I must smell. I haven't had a shower since the Car Dealership and Bumblebee."

Spying some stairs, Abelia ran up them to the second floor, hoping this would slow down Megatron. She was going to go to the third, but there was stuff in the way, forcing her to run through the second floor to find another set of stairs.

Megatron looked around, trying to find the girl. He grabbed onto a pillar, peering around it in case she was hiding. However, he paused, picking up running from above him. He grinned, turning to look at the ceiling. Ceiling to him, but floor to her.

Abelia screamed as the floor behind her broke apart, pieces flying past her, some hitting her. She kept running even has Megatron destroyed the floor and some unlucky statues with it. Megatron growled and roared, reaching towards Abelia to grab her only for her to slip from his grasp when she entered a small hallway.

Finding some stairs, Abelia grabbed onto them, leaning her body against them. She was tired, tired of running. It felt like she had no energy left. A little break wouldn't hurt, right? Get some energy back?

"I can't keep running," Abelia said, out of breath.

A growl and a "Maggot!" made Abelia gasp. She shook her head and started jogging up the stairs and ignoring Megatron growling.

"I have to keep going. I can't now," Abelia stated, seemly refueled with adrenaline to run. Because she was so focused on running up the steps, she missed the Allspark glowing slightly.

With Will

The battle on Will's end was doing great at first, with Jazz and Bumblebee helping the soldiers shoot at Demolisher. The Con was forced to stay away from their area, reduced to shooting from his regular cannon, not being able to power up a stronger blast because Jazz and Bumblebee stopped him every time by firing at the building above him or by his feet.

However, their luck ended when Barricade showed up.

Barricade attacked Bumblebee from the side, forcing the young scout to stop firing at Demolisher to protect himself from getting killed as Barricade pinned him to the ground, taking out his clawed blade and thrusting it at Bumblebee's face.

Bumblebee grabbed Barricade's wrist, glaring back at Barricade through his battle mask as he pushed back at the Con's wrist. These actions also distracted Jazz, making him look back at Bumblebee in alarm.

"Bee," the saboteur shouted, ceasing his firing to aim at Barricade to get him off Bumblebee.

Demolisher took his chance and fired, hitting Jazz on the back. Jazz yelled, hitting the ground heavily as electric blue Energon followed out of his wound. Jazz groaned, his systems shutting down briefly to take in the damage before turning back on.

"Jazz," Will shouted, giving Epps a signal to take the lead as he ran over to check on the silver bot. Will kneeled down next Jazz's face, tapping his hand on the metal cheek. Jazz groaned again, weakly turning his optics to the human in front of him.

"You alright," Will asked, looking at Jazz's wound.

"I'm...good enough ta live," Jazz spoke after a pause before speaking in a sorry tone, "But I'm down fo' naw. My nanobytes need ta heal me enough fo' me ta move on my own. I can provide some aid once I git up a bit, but I won't be able ta help until I'm fully healed. My build n' armor r' fo' speed n' quick movement, not fo' endurin' high powa hits as da one Demolisher sent me."

A crash and a bang brought the two's attention to Barricade and Bumblebee, who were now shoving each other against buildings. Bumblebee managed to uppercut Barricade, sending the Con to the ground. Barricade swung his legs out, taking Bumblebee's feet out from under him. Bumblebee rolled to escape the Cybertronian Mace Barricade swung at his head.

Bumblebee ran down an alley, Barricade on his heels.

"Will Bumblebee be alright," Will asked.

"Da kid gotta be fine, as will I. Right naw, yo' men need yo'. If yo' can handle one battle against Scorponok, then yo' can handle anotha one wit' Demolisher. Naw take dat con down," Jazz spoke, giving Will a smile to show his belief.

Will was floored. Mouth hanging open slightly. Here was a being from another planet skilled in battle telling him that he and his men can take down a Decepticon. How was Will suppose to respond to that?

"Fall back! Take cover," Epps ordered, making Will turn and look at his men. He saw them take cover in an abandoned coffee cafe. Will hardened his gaze, looking back at Jazz, giving him a nod.

Bumblebee can handle Barricade, Jazz will be fine, but Demolisher will die. That's how Will is going to respond.

"No, no," Epps shouted as Demolisher powered up another blast. Will ran up, taking aim at Demolisher's face, interrupting the charge. Epps gave Will a thankful look to which Will nodded at.

"Let's take him down guys," Will shouted.

Jazz watched as Will lead his men against Demolisher. He was amazed when Will told them to shoot Demolisher in the face if he powered up another blast and to keep shooting. They were brave for something that could die so easily. They reminded him of some other Autobots, they sure acted like Autobots despite being human.

When his systems told him he was repaired enough, Jazz lifted himself with one hand, raising the another to fire at Demolisher, giving the human some aid, but he let the Soldiers do the main work. He wanted to see if they could do it, defeat Demolisher when some skilled Autobots couldn't.

As this was going on, Bumblebee dodged a hit from Barricade, rolling and shooting at the Con with his Plasma Cannon. Barricade growled, losing his temper and that was his downfall. He rushed at Bumblebee, hand outstretched and Cybertronian Mace ready to be swung forward. Bumblebee fired a quick series of shots at Barricade's chest, cartwheeling out of the way to dodge Barricade falling on him.

Barricade muffled a groan, holding his chest as he stood back up. He saw Bumblebee standing ready with his Plasma Cannon. Thinking quickly and knowing he wouldn't live from the hit he couldn't dodge, Barricade transformed, driving away, intent on leaving the city.

Bumblebee let him escape, only playing a recording of "The cowards always run."

Bumblebee turned, running back to the others to help them with Demolisher. He Commed Jazz, hoping the Bot was alright after the hit he took. He was thankful for the fact talking through Commed was easier than out loud.

"Are you alright? How are the soldiers?" (Bumblebee)

"I'm okay. Da humans r' takin' down Demolisher. I'm recordin' it." (Jazz)

"They are? Do they need my help? I'm on my way back." (Bumblebee)

"Barricade taken care o'?" (Jazz)

"He ran when it became the only option besides death." (Bumblebee)

"Well, come n' help like I am. But I'm only shootin' ta distracted Demolisher. If yo' have a shot, take it, but tha soldiers r' doin' a great job n' shootin' tha armor off him." (Jazz)

"I'll keep that in mind." (Bumblebee)

Demolisher fired his machine gun at the soldiers, them hunkering down to avoid the weapon. Jazz had taken cover in the alley the Cafe was next to, crawling into it as he spoke with Bumblebee.

"Aah," one of the soldiers yelled, looking behind him as he shields his face from small rocks from the new hole a shot from the machine gun made. It was at this time Bumblebee ran around a building corner, spotting the battle a couple of blocks away.

Bumblebee grunted, bringing out his second Plasma Cannon and charged both of them up.

Will grabbed a grenade launcher, using that instead to do more damage. Demolisher was getting close to the Cafe, doing a lot more damage to the building. Will and several soldiers ducked down after a couple of bad bits shook the building. Jazz looked at the soldiers, they were doing fine even with his help.

Will glared at Demolisher and at how close he was getting.

"Oh, this isn't going well," Will admitted the truth, knowing that their weapons, while loaded with rounds that can do damage, they weren't good enough.

"Time...To end...This," Bumblebee played, getting into a running stance before running at Demolisher, arms raised so he could fire blast after blast at the Con.

The first blast missed, hitting the building behind Demolisher, but making the con look at the scout, only to receive a well-placed hit to the shoulder. Bumblebee kept running, bringing out his shoulder missiles to help with bringing Demolisher down.

Will smiled at Bumblebee's return, sparking a new wave of attack as he fired at Demolisher, intent on helping bring down. Demolisher took aim at Bumblebee, but Will motion at Butch to shoot at the cannon on Demolisher's arm. Will and Butch shot at the cannon, taking it out and forcing Demolisher to endure getting hit by Bumblebee.

With all the firing from the soldier, Jazz, and Bumblebee, Demolisher was forcibly turned by the impacts, not able to fire back one hit. Demolisher growled, ignoring the warning he was losing, the Energon leaking from his body. This was his undoing.

For Bumblebee fired a shot from his Plasma Cannon, hitting Demolisher square on his weakened chest. Demolisher let out a weaken growled. He spun on his feet, the soldiers shouting and moving away as Demolisher fell into the Cafe, aiming their weapons at the fallen Con.

Jazz stood up, holding onto the wall of the Cafe as Bumblebee slide to a stop, calling back one of his Plasma Cannons as he peered at his comrades, both old and new, using a finger to lift his battle mask before calling that back as well, letting out a small chuckle. Some soldiers dared to call it cute.

Jazz looked Demolisher, taking the still form and darken eyes. He nodded at Bumblebee, "He's dead."

"Nice shot," Burke commented, looking at the dead Con.

"Okey-do," Bumblebee radioed.

"That tank is definitely dead now," Will said.

"I don't...Take...All credit," Bumblebee said, looking at the soldiers.

"I'm pretty sure to lay the killing blow," Jake said, looking his fellow soldiers over, looking for injuries. Jazz shook his head in disagreement.

"Bumblebee may have done da killin' blow, but yo' r' da ones who weaken da armor. Yo' helped take down Demolisher like I believed yo' would," Jazz stated, winking.

The soldiers grinned but the sound of more battling snapped them back into gear. Jazz and Bumblebee brought their battle mask back down.

"All right, let's go! We got business," Will ordered, wanting to get to Abelia as fast as he could. This feeling he felt, he didn't know, but he felt it towards Abelia that he did know. He would worry about that later.

"Are Ironhide and Ratchet with Abelia," Epps asked.

Jazz winced, "They were, but Starscream attacked 'em. Ironhide n' ratchet had ta heal n' Abelia did not have time, so they told her ta go without 'em."

"So she's alone," Will exclaimed.

"Big Boss...Knows Where...Girl...Is," Bumblebee said.

"Optimus will keep her safe," Jazz stated.

Will sighed, nodding his head, turning to his men, "Come on men, let's go! Move out!"

With Abelia

Abelia panted, slamming into the roof door, resting against it for a second, ignoring the wound on her thigh. She tried the knob, twisting it back and worth and she bashed against the door until it finally swung open with the force Abelia had.

However, with the force and the sudden door opening, Abelia stepped right into the concrete short wall. Abelia gasped, eyes going wide as she peered down at the ground that was far away.

She pushed herself away, back hitting the wall next to the door. Still holing the Allspark in one hand, Abelia rested the other one over her heart, her fast-paced beating heart.

"Okay, that's high," Abelia meekly said, "Autobot hand I can handle. This high? Maybe."

Abelia stayed where she was, resting her head against the wall behind her. She stayed there for about close to two minutes before she heard whirling blades.

She opened her eyes, afraid a Decepison found her, only to see two choppers. Two familiar Blackhawk choppers being joined by another chopper. Abelia gasped, looking around, realizing she was on the same building as her vision. Spying a latter, she climbed up them, looking at the Black Hawks.

"No, I thought I stopped that from happening. Wait what," Abelia gasped looking up when she saw Starscream land on a building.

Abelia looked at the men in the chopper in a panic, running and waving her free hand, "NO, GET AWAY! LOOK OUT!"

Abelia pointed to Starscream, who was taking aim at one of the Black Hawks. One of the pilots turned his head, catching sight of Starscream and moved the Black Hawk away, much to Abelia relief. But the other one wasn't so lucky as Starscream fired.

"WATCH OUT," Abelia screamed.

"Missile," a man inside the Black Hawk yelled. They couldn't move fast enough and were hit by the missile.

Abelia screamed, falling to the floor as the Black Hawk spun in the air, clutching the Allspark to her chest and covering her head as the tail and its blade flew over her. When the chopper fell beneath the building, Abelia pushed herself up, staring at where it once was.

Right next to the building Optimus looked up, spying the chopper falling and Abelia screaming. He ran across the building rooftop, hoping to get a close as he could before he had to climb, "Hang on, Abelia!"

She ignored Starscream flying away, listening for the chopper. She heard it, a distant crash from somewhere below. She gasped, tears burning in her eyes.

No...she stopped it...didn't she? But she still ended up in the same building as her vision showed. She thought she saved them, but they still died. Could she...not be able to stop...everything she sees?

She felt the start of a panic attack coming along and she tried to calm herself, knowing this was not the time to have a panic attack when the fortunate but most unfortunate distraction happened.

The floor a couple of feet away broke apart as something hit it made Abelia gasp, turning to look at the metal hand coming up from the floor.

Abelia shot up, grabbing the Allspark and running from the danger coming through the floor, "No!"

Megatron growled, getting a hold and pulling himself up through the floor. Abelia looked around, trying to find a place to hide. Seeing no other option but a statue on the building edge, Abelia climbed up, carefully moving until she was no longer on the side where there was ground, but on the side on a certain free-fall.

Abelia closed her eyes, slowing her breathing to calm herself down. Panic in a situation like this would not be good. She glanced downward a little bit before snapping her eyes upward.

" bad idea," she whispered, "Couldn't I have found a better place to hide?"

Hearing Megatron coming out of the hole he made, Abelia peeked out, looking at the Decepticon Warlord as he stood up, looking at her hiding place.

"Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling," Megatron asked, grinning as he caught Abelia peeking out. Not that it would do her any good. He saw her hide there.

Narrowing her eyes, Abelia glared. She was afraid, filled with fear. She was afraid of the coma and dying. But she was also brave and courageous enough to help her new friends. Other people might have run away. No, not her, not when she felt a connection with them, one that she could not explain.

"I would tell you, " Abelia snarked, "But it would go over your head."

"She's got spunk just like those Autobots."

Abelia looked over, spying Starscream on another building just like those Autobots. Abelia huffed, holding onto the statue so she would fall. She looked around, wondering if there was any place for her to hide or run to.

"So she does, too bad, it won't last," Megatron spoke to Starscream before speaking to Abelia, "Give me the AllSpark and you may live to be my pet."

Megatron said this while he stepped forward, grabbing onto another statue, clutching his other sharp-clawed hand.

Abelia blanched. Oh, heck no! She would rather jump off right now then let Megatron keep her as a pet, especially when so many lived were at stake. Lives of two planets. Besides, "pet" could mean anything, and she would not rather find out what the Decepticons would do to her, much less Megatron.

"I'm never giving you the AllSpark! I will never let you have it!"

This time, with how close she was, Abelia saw how the Allspark glowed. She gasped, looking at the glowing blue symbols. Did the Allspark just react to her words?

Because she was looking down, Abelia saw a flash of blue and red, making her look down below. She could have cried when she saw Optimus, climbing up a building. He looked up and saw her. His optics widen, seeing she was in danger and moved so he was using both buildings to hold himself up.

Abelia set her jaw, knowing that there was only one way to safety.

"Oh, so unwise," Megatron snarled, taking out his Cybertronian Mace.

Abelia let out a breath, watching his Megatron reared his hand back. She let out one last breath, readying herself for what she was about to do.


Abelia looked at Optimus, who nodded his head, showing he was ready.


She looked back at Megatron who swung at the ground around, breaking it apart from the building.


Abelia jumped, letting out a small scream. She was falling, hearing the growling of Megatron fading, wind replacing him in her ears. Her eyes shut, holding the Allspark close to her chest, gritting her teeth.

Optimus will catch her, Optimus will catch her, Optimus will catch her, Optimus will-

He caught her.

Abelia gasped, opening her eyes as a metal hand wrapped around her, stopping her fall. She looked at the hand that saved her, the gentle grip of Optimus as he tightens his grip so she wouldn't fall.

"I got you, Abelia," Optimus deep voice rang in her ears. She looked at him, using her free hand to hold onto one of his metal fingers. She panted, looking into his eyes. He smiled at her, glad that she was alright. She smiled, glad that she with Optimus again.

"Optimus," Abelia said and couldn't say anymore, she didn't need to. Optimus already knew what she wanted to say. He nodded, glad that she was alright. He moved his head closer to his chest, holding Abelia close to it.

"Hold on to the Cube!"

Abelia held tightly onto the Allspark as Optimus brought his battle mask out. Optimus started going down, letting gravity work, jumping between buildings, and shielding Abelia from any flying debris. They were near the halfway point when Abelia glanced up, eyes widening when she Megatron jump off the building towards them.

"Watch out, Optimus," Abelia exclaimed.

Optimus braced himself, spying Megatron when he looked up and knew he could doing anything without risking Abelia. Megatron crashed into Optimus, sending them both falling to the ground. Abelia screamed, holding onto Optimus, ducking her head.

They hit the ground, Optimus bring up both hands to protect Abelia from anything, landing on his back. Abelia grunted at the impact. A couple of seconds after impact, the hands holding her moved, placing her on the ground. Optimus removed his hands from Abelia, allowing her to settle on the sweet beloved ground.


She looked up at Optimus, who removed his battle mask to speak to her, looking at her with kind loving optics, "You risked your life to protect the Allspark."

Abelia smiled despite the danger they were in, "Optimus, I was also protecting you and the others. I sacrificed the life I had for you guys and I don't regret it. No sacrifice, no victory."

It was then what Abelia remembered what Optimus planned to do if all else fails. Her throat burned.

"If I cannot defeat Megatron-" Optimus began only for Abelia to interrupt.

"It will not come to that. You made me a promise. I told Ironhide I won't be able to handle it. I know what I just said, but I will," Abelia spoke, shielded fear lightening up her eyes.

Optimus looked Abelia in the eyes and knew she meant it. They were the first to ever show care for Abelia. If she lost one of them so soon, she won't be able to handle it. He couldn't die, not when he might bring Abelia down with him.

"If I cannot defeat Megatron, I will do my best to stay alive for you. But run back to the others, they will protect you," Optimus rumbled, turning his body to the side so he gently rubbing Abelia's head with his finger. Optimus noticed Megatron getting up and used his finger to push Abelia back, "Get behind me."

Optimus got up, Abelia taking cover in a ditch that was created when they all landed.

"It's you and me, Megatron."

"No, it's just me, Prime!"

Optimus and Megatron stood up, staring at each other. Optimus spoke again, "At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall."

Megatron shot forward, raising a hand in a punch and hitting Optimus. He then picked Optimus and threw him. "You still fight for the weak! That is why you lose!"

Will led the soldiers and along with four Autobots, Ironhide and Ratchet met up with them, to the battle between Megatron and Optimus, the both of them tossing punches at the other. However, all of them stopped when Blackout landed right in front of them.

Ironhide reacted, jumping at Blackout and grabbing his arm. Blackout growled, aiming his missile launcher only for Ratchet to buzz saw it off. Jazz and Bumblebee shot at Blackout's chest, knocking the armor off.

Ironhide looked at the soldier, remembering what Jazz and Bumblebee told him about them fighting Demolisher.


"Aim low. Armor's weak under the chest," Will said, aiming at Blackout's chest, "Let's avenge our comrades!"

The soldiers shot Blackout, hitting him again and again in the chest. This was their chance to get the fallen soldiers in Qatar. Blackout screeched, pain him as the Autobots held him in place.

Will took aim, hitting Blackout square in the chest, followed by Epps. Will's shot weakened him and Epps shot finished him.

Blackout let out a dying growl, falling to the ground. The soldiers looked at Blackout fallen form for a second, taking in the fact that the Decepticon who tried to first kill them was dead. The Autobots stared at Blackout as well, knowing Blackout had his fair share of Autobots killed.

Epps checked the radio, eyes turning on his Captain, "Fighter jets in sixty seconds. We got friendlies mixed with the big bad guy. Target will be marked."

"Aeriel support," Ratchet comment, "Haven't had that in a while."

"Bring the rain. All right? Let's kill these Decepticon creeps," Will stated, bringing out a laser pointer, "Let's go!"

They ran at the battle between the two leaders, Will shooting the green laser at Megatron, other soldiers following suit so there could be more than one. In the air, the F22 pilots saw that the target was marked.

"Weapons armed. Status green," a pilot said, getting ready to fire.

The soldiers and Autobots all moved to try and help Optimus. Megatron backed up from a kick Optimus sent him, raising his hand, only to see the green laser light on his hand. He looked down at it before following its path right to Will, therefore, seeing everyone else.

Megatron growled, bringing out his Fusion Cannon to aim at the humans, mostly Will. Optimus saw this and knew he could not let Will or anyone near him get hurt.

"No," Optimus shouted, rushing forward and grabbing Megatron's arm, pushing it up. This set of a chain reaction. Megatron's gun went off, hitting the building above the others, the debris fell, forcing the soldier to take cover under some overhang rocks or covered by the Autobots.

Will mostly made it to Ironhide when the ground under him broke apart under the weight of falling debris. Will yelled, losing his grip on the green laser as he hit the ground.

"Will," Epps shouted from the concrete overhang he was under. Ironhide rushed to protect the dazed Will, who tried getting his bearings.

Megatron pushed Optimus away from him, shooting the ground in front of the Autobot Leader which made him fly back. Optimus grunted, pushing himself up with one hand, looking around for Abelia. It wasn't safe for her here.

"Abelia, run!" Optimus crawled away, trying to get up and when kicked him in the face, knocking him back down. Megatron threw a large heavy truck at Optimus, pinning his legs under the weight.

Abelia saw all this and realized she couldn't move. She felt numb, like nothing she felt before. Run. Run. Run. That's all she was doing.

She basically ran away from the place the should be her home, ran from Barricade and Frenzy, ran the Decepticons attacking the Dam, ran from her friends to protect him from Decepticons, and ran from Megatron.

No, she was not running. She would not run.

"I will not flee. They will keep coming. I will protect the Allspark so I can protect my friends. All my life I've been waiting for a family, some friends even. All my life, I've waited and not some tyrant will come and take that away from me. I will not lose what I've just gained. I will not let the same people suffer! I will not let my friends, my family suffer! I will not! I will not go speechless," Abelia spoke, yelling in a whisper at the end.

The Allspark glowed brightly, so brightly that everyone looked at the ditch it was coming from. Abelia looked at the shine, the glow, and felt something flow into her, making her feel unstoppable. Looking at her hands, she saw bright blue flowing from the Allspark into her. Suddenly, she knew just what to do.

She stood up, letting the Allspark go. It floated around her, power flowing into her. She didn't know what was happening, only that it was right. She called out to something, what he didn't know, but she called out to it, seeking it.

Abelia climbed out of the ditch, letting everyone look at her as she looked at all of them. She didn't know it, but the power flowing into her made her glow a bright blue. Not only that, but her hair seemed to float into, moving back and forth, her bangs floating up, letting everyone see her other eye. Both her eyes were glowing blue, a blue that the Autobots had.

The soldier's and Epps jaws dropped, the sight of Abelia and the Allspark flowing around her. It felt like they were staring at being filled with power and strength. Her eyes were looking them over, making them feel safe and healed within the gaze.

Will looked at the girl he grew to care about. Abelia looked at like a heroine in a comic book, with all the bright blue glow and the Allspark floating around her, seemly the source of the glow. When he caught her gaze, he felt safe, even the dizziness he felt seemed to go away.

The Autobots were having the same reaction, however, they knew what was going on, something that happened only in stories they heard. The Allspark was transferring its power as it faded away, going right into the human they came to adore. They felt their wounds healing as she looked at them, and saw that the injuries the soldiers also healed. But to witness this, something so rare and so powerful, they never thought of. For their friend had proven herself worthy.

Optimus looked at Abelia, feeling the wounds he carried healing. The girl who wormed her way into his spark in such a short time was the new Vessel of the Allspark. And she didn't know what power she could receive: calm, mild, wild, raw, eta.

Or what it meant now for him and for her.

Who they were now and the bond they now have. Even now, he felt the bond appearing fast, much faster then what he'd been told. Was it because he knew her when previous Vessel's and Primes didn't? But that didn't matter to him at the moment. The only thing that mattered at the moment was that Abelia was the new Vessel and he was the Prime. And they were now family.

Megatron only looked shocked and horrified. The power that could have been his was going into the girl. A wretched, weak, disgusting human girl. She had looked at her fellow humans and his enemies with such kindness but when she looked at him, she glared, hard and cold. Megatron felt himself freeze in place, much like how he was frozen by those insects from Sector Seven.

"NO," Megatron bellowed, realizing the more he waited, the more he would lose the power. He aimed his Fusion Cannon at Abelia and fired. The soldiers and Autobots let out their own shouts, but Abelia just smiled.

She held up her hand, a shield appearing in front of her, protecting her from the blast. Megatron didn't gasp but he made a sound of disbelief. Abelia let out a laugh which seemed to echo, making Abelia even more majestic. She opened her mouth and started doing something she only did for the Autobots and the soldiers. She sang.

Here comes a wave meant to wash me away.
A tide that is taking me under.
Swallowing sand, left with nothing to say.
My voice drowned out in the thunder.

Abelia looked at Megatron, dropping her protection shield as she didn't need it up at the moment. She looked at up at the sky, a ball of sparking energy appearing in her hand which she threw up into the air when the F22's flew by, the sparking ball hit one of them, the F22 transforming due to the shock, revealing Starscream to the other F22's, who began firing at the Con. Everyone wondered how she knew he was there.

Abelia looked back down, closing her eyes as she remembered everything that happened since she got Bumblebee and the journey. Her life will never be the same again and she didn't care about that, not when this new life seemed a whole lot better. But there was something she had to do first.

But I won't cry and I won't start to crumble.
Whenever they try to shut me or cut me down.

Abelia opened her eyes, locking them on Megatron and started walking towards him, and that's when the change began. Her skin began metal, her clothes stayed the same but became metal like armor, her eyes seemed to glow brighter, and her brown hair became thin pieces of metal to give the appeared of hair. Power sparked around and she grew, stopping only when she as tall as Ironhide.

I won't be silenced, you can't keep me quiet.
Won't tremble when you try it.
All I know is I won't go speechless.
'Cause I'll breathe when they try to suffocate me.
Don't you underestimate me.
'Cause I know that I won't go speechless.

Abelia raised her hand as she got down onto a crouch as a blade appeared, attached to her wrist and a cannon appeared on the other one and a battle mask appearing over her face. Abelia launched herself at Megatron, slashing at him. Megatron had enough sense to moved back, tossing a punch at Abelia, to which she ducked, firing from below. Abelia then planted a foot on the ground, bringing her leg up and kicking Megatron in an upward angle.

Megatron growled, swiping at her. Abelia knew she was no match when Megatron started fighting back, so she backflipped out of the back. She kept doing it until she was safe, next to Optimus. Megatron charges at her, but he forgot Optimus, who used his arm to knocked Megatron's feet from under him. Abelia looked at Optimus and seeing him still pinned, grabbed the truck, and lifted it off him. He could have done it but that whole thing with Abelia distracted him.

Abelia helped Optimus up, pointing at Megatron when she sang the word 'underestimate'. She glared at Megatron as the Allspark fully disappeared.

Abelia stopped as the power finally settled into her and that was when she remember Optimus telling her about the Allspark and it's Vessels. She realized what just happen as she looked at her hands, the unstoppable feeling disappearing as well as the cannon and blade.

"I'm the Vessel of the Allspark," Abelia said, looking at Optimus who smiled at her, pride and happiness in his eyes.

"Yes, you are," Optimus said, placing a hand on Abelia's metal shoulder. She started at his hand and her shoulder for a second before saying, "Is it bad or weird that I just realized I'm metal, reach your shoulders, and just took a couple swipes at Megatron?"

Optimus shook his head, glancing at said Decepticon, "No. It's understandable. I'll tell you later."

Abelia nodded, looking at the chest as she rubbed it, "And I feel happy. I'm happy yes, but this type feels weird."

"I'll also tell you about that later," Optimus stated, feeling a certain someone's confusion. He looked at his Autobots, waving his hand to snap them back into the living world. The Autobots shook themselves out of the daze they were in, which brought the soldiers out of theirs.

"I'll kill you!"

Abelia gasped, looking at Megatron ran at her, clawed hand raised with a crazed looked in his optics. Abelia raised her hands, trying to call a shield, but nothing happened, much to her confusion. Optimus grabbed her, moving her away from Megatron. The Autobots and soldiers got ready to fire when Optimus stopped them.

"Wait," Optimus called out, gesturing to the F22's flying in the sky. Getting the idea, Will turned to Epps.

"Epps, radio the jets. Marking another target!"

Will pointed his newly recovered green laser at Megatron as Epps radioed the jets for a second wave. The jets came around and realizing they were in the line of fire, Abelia reacted. She thought of the shield and raised her hands, the blue shield appearing around her and Optimus. Optimus nodded his head, giving the signal.

"Take him out," Will and Ironhide shouted.

At once, the jets, Autobots minus Optimus, and the soldiers fired at Megatron. Megatron let out growls and shouts as the different hits made him twisted and turn and stumble. However, a downside was that Abelia wasn't used to making a shield with her newly gained powers. So when one of the missiles from a jet hit the shield, it broke. The throwback knocked Abelia and Optimus down, Abelia landing on her back as Optimus landed a few Cybertronian feet away.

Abelia grunted, letting out a shout as Megatron's face bared over her, snarling. She felt fear, but that was weird as well. She didn't know Optimus was looking at them.

"Abelia," Will shouted, shooting for Megatron's face but realize he was out on grenades, "No! Why now?!"

Abelia panted, crawling backward to try and get away from Megatron, who growled and snarled at her, grabbing onto one of her arms and pulling her back towards him. Abelia landed on her back as Megatron snarled, "Mine! AllSpark!"

All at once, Abelia felt rage. Rage at Megatron. Boiling hot fury, sheering furious. She glared at Megatron, her optics turning red.


Abelia raised her hands, ripping the arm Megatron had out of his grip, and a beam of raw power shot out of them, hitting Megatron right in the chest. When the beam finally vanished, Megatron had melted crater in his chest.

Megatron yelled, leaning back touching his chest. His dying throes were echoes as he twitched. Megatron fell on his back, hand on his chest, the other on the ground. His red optics went black.

Abelia gasped, her optics turning back to their normal blue, which was followed by the rest of her body until she was human again. Everyone was silent, taking in the fact of what just happen.

"You left us no... choice, brother," Optimus said, looking sadly at Megatron.

Brother? Oh, man. Oh, man! Abelia looked at Megatron and scurried away from him, eyes wide at what she just did. She shook, distressed. She killed him.

"I killed him," Abelia said, wrapping her hands around herself.

Optimus looked at Abelia, feeling her distress. Seeing her in a shaking state, he was reminded of some Autobots who killed their first Decepticon and their reactions and realized Abelia was in a state of shock. Will also noticed this as he walked around Megatron, and seeing Abelia so distressed made him put his weapon away and run to her.

Feeling the start of a panic attack coming on, Abelia clutched her chest, breathing at a fast pace.

"Abelia, look at me, look at me," hands appeared on her face, making Abelia look at Will. He looked at her, worried, "I'm here, it's okay. We're all here. It's okay, breath."

Abelia could here something large kneel down close to them before something metal was gently running her back.

"It's alright Abelia. Calm yourself," came the voice of Optimus.

"I killed him," Abelia shook, "I killed him! I didn't even mean to do it!"

"Abelia, look at me. Do you trust us? When we say it's alright, it's alright," Will said, making Abelia look at him. She nodded.

"Now listen to me, alright," Will said, "I know what your feeling. The first time I killed someone, I felt so sick, I puked right then and there. When I became a soldier, it took me time to actually land a shot to kill and when I did, I can't help but feel sick for taking a life."

"When I first started out as the Autobot Leader, I knew that killing was something I would have to do. When the time came that I actually did, I had to take time to process it. What you are feeling right now is normal. It is alright. Besides, your new instinct will be hard to control."

"New instinct," Abelia asked. Optimus smiled.

"Yes, Vessels of the Allspark are protective of the power they wield. So much so that if one were to voice their intent on harnessing it for themselves, the Vessels will react in anger. The more intent, the more rage the Vessel will feel. You merely reacted on what you felt."

Abelia calmed down, feeling calm waves coming from somewhere, "So, it's okay."

"Yes. We said it's alright."

Abelia glanced down, "You called Megatron brother."

Optimus frowned, "There was once a time Megatron and I were brothers, not related, but close enough to be. When the war began, our views tore us apart. Whatever we had, isn't there anymore. But do know this-"

Optimus lifted Abelia's head gently with his finger so she was looking at him, "Today, you saved us. I owe you my life. We are in your debt."

Abelia smiled, feeling herself again, "There is no dept. You already have one promise. You all being alive is good enough."

She looked at Will, smiling at him. Will smiled, helping Abelia stand up. Optimus stayed kneeling so the soldiers wouldn't have to crang their necks to look at him. Abelia paused, looking down at her wound, feeling no pain. She removed the cloth and was shocked to see her pant leg as no leg and using her hand, she felt no wound through the pants.

"Gone? What?"

"You healed us, youngling. Healing yourself shouldn't be a problem," Ironhide said, smiling done at her.

"I did," Abelia blinked.

"You sure did. By the way, you one of us was supposed to die during the battle? You shouted it just before Megatron arrived," Ratchet asked.

Optimus looked at Abelia, this being new to him. Abelia rubbed the back of her neck.

"It was like a paper picture book. I didn't hear anything, and everything was still. But it was Jazz. He distracted Megatron long enough for everyone to get away, but Megatron got him and...tore him in two," Abelia spoke. Jazz blinked, realizing that he would have done that.

"Oh man kid, yo' saved me! Thanks! I gotta do somethang fo' yo'," Jazz said.

"You don't have to."

"I want ta' n' yo' can't stop me."


"We nearly lost a great comrade," Optimus said, looking at Jazz. He then looked down at the soldiers, smiling at all of them, "But we've gained new ones. Thank you. All of you. You honor us with your bravery."

The soldiers grinned, happy to honer the Leader of the Autobots, someone Abelia spoke highly about. She spoke highly about all of them and fighting with them was a great honor.

"Man, it was an honor to fight alongside you," Epps spoke, looking at the Autobots, "But what about the other Decepticons?"

"Barricade and Starscream are still alive," Ironhide said.

"No doubt they know they lost and left, but they will be back, most likely with other Decepticons," Ratchet said, "We'll talk about what we will do once we check on the others

Bumblebee looked at Optimus and did something that shocked his fellow Autobots and Abelia, "Permission to speak, sir?"

Optimus grinned, "Permission granted, old friend."

"You got your voice back, Bee," Abelia exclaimed, happy for her yellow friend.

"Thanks to you," Bumblebee said to Abelia, his voice sounding just like a teen's voice would. Bumblebee gestured to Abelia, "I suggest we all stay with Abelia."

The Autobots smiled, looking at Abelia. The soldiers looked at her, wanting to know her reaction and choice. Will wrapped his arm around Abelia's shoulders, pulling her close to him.

"If that is her choice," Optimus stated.

Abelia laughed, "No doubt about it. Yes!"

"And everyone, human and Autobot can come to my house in the countryside. No one will be around to see our new friends and a victory like this deserves a celebration. And you can bring your families," Will said. Epps and the other soldiers cheered. Sarah Lennox threw great parties if you let her have control.

"Are you sure," Ironhide asked.

Will waved at him, "Of course. We're allies now and on our way to being friends. What better way than this?"

Abelia giggled, happy that her friends were getting along and liking the fact Will's arm hadn't left her. She was still confused about the feeling she felt, but she didn't have time to worry about it for she coughed.

And wouldn't stop.

She coughed, holding her chest and Will. She squeezed her eyes shut, hearing cries of her name, from everyone. Feelings of alarm shot through her. It felt like a minute went by until it finally stopped.

She sighed, resting her head against Will, suddenly very tired, the events of today, becoming the new Vessel, and the coughing fit made her very tired.

"Abelia, are you okay," Bumblebee asked, looking worried for his friend just like everyone else was.

"I'm fine, just tired. With everything today and the coughing fit, I just want to sleep," Abelia said, yawning.

"Your not the only one," Epps said, Abelia's yawn making the soldiers realize how tired they were.

"We need to get back to Hoover Dam," Butch said.

"How? Our jeeps exploded," one of the soldiers, a dark-skinned man stated.

Abelia laughed, peering at the Autobots who all chuckled. Will looked from Abeloa to the Autobots and realized why she was laughing and started laughing as well. Oh, they had a way back alright.

"Um, hello? Got friends that transform into vehicles? We don't mind giving you a ride," Bumblebee stated, gesturing to the Autobots. At that, the Autobots transformed their vehicle forms. The soldiers looked excited.

Will and Abelia got in Optimus because he has bed's in his cabin, Jake got in Ratchet mostly because Ratchet wanted to talk to a human medic, Epps got in Jazz mostly because of music, the dark-skinned soldier who said the jeeps explode went with Bumblebee, and Butch went in Ironhide and the last two soldiers sat in the flatbed.

Abelia claimed the bed she had slept in before, Will took the one above her.

"Sleep. I'll wake you when we get there," Optimus told the two.

"Optimus, the thing with Abelia being Vessel of the Allspark? What about that," Will asked as he rested his head.

"I'll tell both of you later. Right now, both of you need rest."

Not arguing with that, Abelia and Will went to sleep, listening to the sound of Optimus driving, confident that he would alert them to anything that happened.

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