Title: Retrograde

Author: Knife Hand

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Spoilers: Nothing Specific, general for first few books.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Hermione, or Luna, or Ginny, or Cho, or... I would buy them all but I am broke.

Summary: Harry's trial before fifth year goes differently because someone knows more than they should about Harry. Time Travel Fic.

"Go ahead. Ask." Harry said as the last of the Sixth Years, Milicent Bulstrode, took her seat.

All eyes seemed to turn to Hermione and Susan, who were both sitting unconcerned in their seats.

"What?" Susan asked. "He's married to my Aunt, of course I knew."

"I've known since the Summer Break." Hermione added.

"Mione did not ever have to see me to know." Harry said with a chuckle.

"Where did you disappear to?" Padma asked.

"Not where, when." Harry replied. "1965."

"How?" Daphne added.

"Not a clue." Harry shrugged. "But it was not a Weeping Angel, or a Blue Police Box."

"What's a Police Box?" Blaise mused.

"Never mind." Harry said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "In a nutshell, I went back in time to 1965, got sorted into Hufflepuff as a transfer student, met Amelia Bones, got an education, fell in love, got my Defence Mastery and in 1972 tried to assassinate Voldemort after his first attack and got punted forward to about one year after I left, got married."

"Why do I get the feeling he's leaving a lot out of that story?" Su Li asked.

"Because you have met him?" Hermione retorted. "Usually that kind of stuff happens to him over a single year."

"Well, to be fair Voldemort was not around to constantly try to kill me… so there are extenuating circumstances."

"Lack of a Dark Lord trying to kill you is not 'extenuating circumstances'." Daphne Greengrass huffs. "It is situation normal."

"For you, maybe. For me, him trying to kill me is a Tuesday." Harry replied.

"Actually, it usually seemed to fall on Thursdays or Sundays." Hermione mused.

"Trust you to keep track." Susan said, nudging Hermione in the ribs.

"Wait, was that listing of events in general order?" Neville asked. "Because getting married came after 'punted' forward in time."

"Well observed." Harry said with a nod. "Yes, I did Marry Lia after I came back to the current timeline. Susan was Bridesmaid and Mione was my Groomswoman."

"And she looked great in a tuxedo." Susan said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

"Anyway, next question?" Harry said to distract the rest of the class.

Tonks was third in the line of six Aurors that were running down the left side of the building. The Auror on point hit the corner and paused to survey the situation. She comfortably held her wand in her hand but was more aware of the increasingly familiar weight of the dagger that was pulling on her belt and the smaller throwing daggers strapped to her forearms. A second Auror team was mirroring them on the right side of the building.

The last four months, since the revelation that Professor Tenor was actually Harry Potter, had been a very busy time for the Aurors. Most of the activity was high intensity training in new weapons and tactics, mostly led by Minister Bones and Professor Tenor… Potter… whatever. At least it had been before Minister Bones' pregnancy had progressed to the point where she could no longer spar with the Aurors. Then Augusta Longbottom had involved herself and things had gotten really intense.

There had been a number of raids, both by the Aurors and the Death Eaters, which had been fast, brutal and deadly. The reports read like the ones from the War when Bones had been involved, but with every Auror acting like a mini version of Bones. No one way yet able to take Bones or 'The Prof', as they called the Minister's Husband when they did not simply call him 'Sir'.

The point man waved the team forward and they moved up to a door, stacking up for the breach. He counted down on his fingers and when he reached zero he hit the door with a bludgeoning hex, blowing it off its hinges, and moved in. By the time Tonks entered, the point man was several feet down the hall and slowing to check a side door while the number two Auror was covering the hall with her Wand.

The door suddenly jerked open from the inside and the point man's right arm was severed by the cutting curse that immediately followed. The Death Eaters had learnt over the months that the gloves were off and so took any encounter with Aurors seriously. Unfortunately for this particular Death Eater, the point Auror was left handed and as he fell he was able to fire of a bludgeoning hex which hit the Death Eater in the chest, collapsing his ribcage and crushing his heart and lungs.

Two Death Eaters emerged at the end of the hallway and the number two Auror engaged them from the other side of the hall from the point Auror. Tonks was right behind the point Auror and she moved to stem the bleeding. Number four, behind Tonks was in the middle of the hall, also engaged the Death Eaters at the far end. Five and six would be watching the rear.

Out of the corner of her eye, Tonks saw movement in the side room and, while she maintained the spell to stem the bleeding on the point man, her left hand reached under her right sleeve, grabbed one of the throwing daggers and with a flick of her fingers and wrist she threw it at the emerging Death Eater and it took him in the throat. Tonks had turned out to be one of the best Aurors with throwing daggers because she had a trick no one else could do. Throwing daggers had a short range as, contrary to the muggle movies she had seen, you did not throw them end over end, because if you did the thrown daggers were only effective at very specific distances where the flip brought the point of the dagger was facing forward. They were thrown with a flick like motion of the fingers and wrist, but with no rotation imparted on the dagger, which limited the force behind the throw and required a lot of practice to get right.

Tonks was able to do small morphs to her hands that not only extended the range of motion in her wrist and fingers to get more power behind the throw, but also to add a lateral spin to the dagger, much like the spin that rifling of a gun gives to the bullet, making the dagger much more stable in flight and less prone to tumbling.

"Deploy cover. Goggle up." The Auror who had been number two ordered.

Tonks reached into a pocket of her uniform and extracted a pair of clear plastic goggles and put them on, before reaching into the point Auror's uniform to retrieve his and put them on his face, earing an appreciative nod from him through the grimace of pain. A mist was emerging from the wands of three of the team which obscured normal vision, but with her goggles on Tonks could still see. The other members of the team, except the point Auror, glowed green and the point Auror glowed blue to indicate he was injured. These glows were displaying specific charms cast on their Auror Badges, which were linked to the individual magical signature of the Auror. If anyone other than the assigned Auror held the Badge, they would show as bright purple. Any other source of motion and/or body heat that did not have and Auror Badge would show up as a red target.

"In pairs." Number two ordered. "Sampson, stay here with Johnson, make sure they don't try to circle behind us, and make sure Johnson does not go into shock. Tonks, with me."

"Got it." Tonks said, taking up her position and drawing the larger dagger with her left hand.

All of the Aurors, except Johnson, had their wand in the dominant hand and their dagger in the off hand, and Johnson still had his wand in his left hand.

This was why she had left the Order of the Pheonix. These arseholes need to die, not be given numerous opportunities to not change their ways at the cost of good people.