In the homely monarchist estate of Razia, it was time for SUMMER! What time is it? Summer time! School's out, free to shout!

Adakias really wanted to go to the Sun, but Pallis said the Sun was too hot, and Adakias was dismayed for two whole milliseconds. Then, Adakias realized the second most hottest AND most funnest place ever! The beach!

"Pallis! Let's go to the beach!" Adakias exclaimed in excitement.

"No." Said Pallis through his vampiric teeth.

"Paaaaaalllllllliiiissssssssss," cried Adakias, "why?!"

"Because," Pallis started dabbing a bucketload of black eyeliner onto his face, and then opened his eyes and said, "I'm a vampire."

In truth, Pallis had an irrational fear of the sun and beaches. Everyday, Pallis prays to the moon to destroy the sun and the beach.

"Pallis. Please. Pls. Plz. Pl0x—" Adakias begged.

"Stopppppppppp," moaned Pallis as he tried to dip his face into emo paint.

Adakias began to cry. The whole world began to cry as well because Adakias was so pure and innocent that whenever he cries, the whole creation cries.

Pallis was growing very annoyed because Adakias and everything else had been crying for fifty-nine minutes.

"UGH, FINE." Pallis said as he slammed his emo materials on the ground.

The whole world stopped crying and Adakias was so happy! They were going to the beach!

Pallis and Adakias arrived at the beach. Pallis grumbled and complained as he tried to hide himself from the sun with a black emo umbrella.

Adakias skipped and juggles across the hot sand. He was having fun! Adakias even swam in the real Holy the Sea! Yay, so fun! Adakias is fun!

Pallis was not fun. Pallis sat down on the hot sand with his black emo umbrella and started brooding. He brooded about the sun, he brooded about the sand, and he brooded about the Sea.

Adakias saw his brother's gothic brooding. He knew Pallis was having fun! But he also knew Pallis would totally like to be in the sun in the Sea!

Adakias skipped to Pallis and pulled him into the Sea because Adakias had super friendship brotherly strength!

Now Pallis was in the Sea water and in the sun!

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Pallis screeched because he hated the Sea.

"Paaaalllllliiiissssssss, you like the Sea!" Adakias said.

Pallis cried, because he liked the Sea.

The Bawaba Bros were watching Pallis and Adakias because they were lifeguards. They were glad Pallis and Adakias were enjoying the Sea, but it was time for the two Princes of the Dark to head on home because it was getting Dark outside!

Pallis and Adakias, soaked from the ocean walked home. Pallis was starving, but Adakias was full because Adakias ate all the sand.

Adakias couldn't wait to play with Ahnura tomorrow and show her how to juggle water from the Sea, and Pallis couldn't wait to brood and pray to the Moon about destroying the Sun!

It was a good summer day!