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Prologue: The Winter of Discontent

Two Months Later- Neo-Gotham City- Wayne Manor- Batcave

Damian Wayne linked his fingers together while putting a contemplative look upon his face as he stared at a picture of Lincoln March displayed on the Bat-Computer. He studied the man's face intently and had been ever since their meeting two months ago at Rupert Thorne's Gala. The man had consumed Damian's every single thought as did Lincoln's for mayor There was something about him that was off, he couldn't exactly place it but he knew that there was more to him than he was letting on, but not only that there was something familiar in his face.

"Just who are you?" Damian whispered to himself.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say that you got a crush on that guy." Came a voice from behind him.

Damian rolled his eyes as he turned away from the screen to face his protégé of sorts Terry McGinnis.

Terry was now twenty one years old and he had changed a good deal in the three years he'd been training with Damian and Yinn. He had grown a few inches and had packed on muscle giving him a more broad shouldered build instead of the lean skinny look he had three years prior. He had cut his hair into a more stylish short shape which not only made him look more professional but it helped to make his mask fit better on his head. He still acted the same in some areas but for the most part he had grown more mature as he took his role as Batman more seriously.

Damian stood from the chair.

"What are you doing here McGinnis? I thought you had school."

"I do, but not until about four o'clock. My first class got canceled so I got a break in-between. I still can't believe you made me switch from kinesiology to business."

"You need something that will actually be useful in life McGinnis. Kinesiology is pointless in the real world."

"That's your opinion." Terry challenged.

"Which means it's the right opinion. I still can't understand why you haven't gotten that through your thick skull. I'm always right."

"Whatever." Terry responded before looking past him and at the screen again "So what's your deal with this guy? You've been spending an awful lot of time doing research and surveillance on him. Is he a criminal or something? I haven't seen him in any of the mob meetings which are becoming more frequent by the way."

"That's to be expected. You've…we've been hammering them hard for the better part of three years. They're becoming desperate and desperate people do desperate things. They'll make one wrong move and we'll sweep in and take em all down."

"I know the plan Damian but that doesn't answer my question. Why are you so interested in this Lincoln March character?"

Damian scrunched his face up a little.

"…..I don't know alright." He said after a long second, "There's something about him that makes my skin crawl in a way that I haven't felt in a long time. There is something seriously off about him."

Terry moved away from him and towards the computer.

"Have you analyzed the surveillance footage yet?" he asked.

"McGinnis, I thought you were passed the point of asking stupid question." Said Damian in a condescending tone of voice, "Of course I've analyzed the surveillance footage. I've analyzed it a dozen times but so far nothing out of place has turned up but….but it's almost as if he knows I'm watching."

"So maybe I need to take a closer look for you." Terry offered.

"No. You keep your mind on the task at hand and once I find out more I'll let you know what to do next."

"Whatever you say." Terry replied while squinting a little as he inspected the picture of Lincoln March.

Damian checked his watch and when he noticed the time he briefly looked around the cave and found it odd that Yinn wasn't around.

"Where is Yinn?" he asked

"I gave him the day off." Terry answered.

"YOU WHAT!?" Damian shouted "What the hell possessed you to do that!?"

"Oh, I don't know maybe a little something called common human decency." Terry returned as he glanced over his shoulder "You've been so wrapped up in this March guy that you've failed to notice how distraught Yinn has been lately. I don't know what's eating him but I'm sure he'll tell us when he's ready. In the mean time though I'll be your escort."

"The term you're searching for is chauffeur, not escort McGinnis."

"What are you my English teacher? The point is I'm driving your grumpy ass around today, and we need to be leaving now if we're gonna make it to you press conference on time."

Damian nodded his head but his thoughts quickly drifted away from the Wayne Enterprises press conference and to his faithful partner and friend Yinn. He hated to admit when Terry was right but lately his thoughts have been preoccupied to the point where he had regrettably missed a few signals.

'I'll deal with Yinn when I get back.' He thought to himself while turning and heading towards the spiraling steps that would take him to the upper levels and out of the cave.

"Come along McGinnis, I don't want to be late."

Terry looked away from the computer and hurried after Damian.

"Have you noticed that when you squint your eyes you kinda look like that Lincoln March guy?" He said in an offhanded manor.

Ten Minutes Later- In the Air

Terry drove the silver and black limo through the snowy morning air, but it was proving to be a bit difficult considering how heavy the snow was falling, so he made the car dip downward and land on the street.

"Hey, we're gonna have to take the scenic route, but we should still get there on time." He said while looking into the rear view mirror and catching Damian's eyes, "It's really coming down."

"I hate winter." Damian said as he turned away and looked out the window.

"I don't mind it that much, but patrol tonight is gonna be a bitch."

"I meant to tell you that I won't be holding your hand tonight when you go to Black Masks meeting tonight. I have a prior engagement."

"You mean you have a date." Terry corrected.

Damian went silent for a moment which only made Terry chuckle.

"I bet you're wondering how I know, well a good detective never reveals his sources."

"The saying is that a good reporter never reveals their sources."

"Speaking of reporters, do you really think it's a good idea to go out with one? I've checked out this Veronica Vale and she's no pushover. She's good at getting to the bottom of things and after what she threw in your face that time she came to the mansion, all common sense should be telling you to stay away."

"Let me worry about Ms. Vale." Damian said in a tired tone, "You just need to worry about tonight and do be careful, because for some reason winter for Batman has always been a season of discontent."

Minutes Later: Wayne Enterprises- Conference Room- 8:30am

Veronica Vale, shoved her way to the front of the crowd of reporters that were gathered around the podium each talking to their respective camera man. She helped her own cameraman to the front and she quickly took her position with her recorder. All of them were eagerly waiting for Damian Wayne's sudden press conference about the future of Wayne Enterprises which had been formerly known as Wayne/Powers just three years ago.

"Did you really didn't think you'd scoop me Vale?" came a voice that she knew all too well.

Veronica glanced to her left to see her co-worker and rival Eddie Knox, standing there with his own recorder and cameraman at the ready. She rolled her eyes at the sight of him and then looked towards the entrance to see if Damian had arrived but to her dismay he hadn't.

"To be honest Eddie, I haven't given you much thought." She said with a smirk.

Eddie put a hand to his heart.

"Ouch." He feigned "That's alright, I may not be in your thoughts now but once we have our date you won't be able to stop thinking about me."

"It's been three years, since we made that bet."

"And neither of us has gotten to the bottom of the mystery that is Damian Wayne. So the bet is still on beautiful."

"Not for long, because I'm gonna crack this story wide open."

"What makes you so sure?" He asked.

"Mr. Wayne and I have a date tonight." She said confidently.

Eddie recoiled in shock but before he could respond the conference hall erupted with voices.

"MR. WAYNE! MR. WAYNE! MR. WAYNE!" came several shouts from the other reporters. Eddie and Veronica looked towards the door to see Damian Wayne heading down the middle of the isle and towards the podium.

At the Podium

"Thank you, Thank you all for coming. I know this press conference is a bit sudden but I'm just too excited to keep this bit of news under wraps for too much longer. As many of you are well aware, I have recently reclaimed majority control of Wayne Enterprises which was formally known as Wayne/Powers, it's no mystery as to why I've chosen to take the name Powers from the company name, but that's firmly in the past. Wayne Enterprises, since its inception has been and will always be a company dedicated to bringing the future to Gotham City and that's why as of today Wayne Enterprises is proudly bringing you this re-imagined version of Neo-Gotham City that I like to call…..GOTHTOPIA."

The Wayne Enterprises logo in the center of the wooden podium glowed a bluish hue and from the logo a holographic 3D image of the new and improved Neo-Gotham City hovered above them all in a grand spectacle. The reporters down below gasped and murmured in awe at the sight of the sleek new buildings, new transit systems and new roads that hovered above them.

"Gothtopia, is a twelve step project to rebuild or more accurately put revitalize Neo-Gotham City from the ground up, from its lowest foundation to its highest skyscraper. This project is essentially a complete reboot of the entire city. We're going to tear down the dilapidated buildings left over from Old Gotham and rebuild them. We're going to rebuild the slums with fresh new housings which will hopefully create new business which means new jobs and new opportunities for the people that live in that area. We're going to restructure all of the old and outdated buildings here in central Gotham as well as retool the Gothic architecture that has represented our city for so long. The new transit system will stretch all across Neo-Gotham instead of just here in the heart of the city. All of this will be done in the name of progression because it's past time for a new image within Gotham and Wayne Enterprises is going to be ushering in this new era."


Damian held up his hand.

"I'm sure that all of you have questions and I will answer each and every one of them in the coming months. As I said this is a twelve step project and the first step is to get the pulse of the public. I'm eager to hear what everyone thinks about this new plan for the city that we all love. Thank you all for coming."

Outside Wayne Enterprises building

Terry pulled his jacket a little closer to his body and blew out a breath of cold air as he leaned against the trunk of the car. He didn't go inside to hear the big reveal mostly because he already knew what it was going to be and the name it went by. Terry smirked a little at the thought of Gothtopia, Damian's big idea to rebuild Neo-Gotham City, at least that's half of what he was telling the public. The plan was to really rebuild Gotham but also update their operation.

In the past Gotham was filled with secret pathways and exits throughout the city that Batman took advantage of but in the years since they've become corroded or dilapidated or caved in and needed to be rebuilt, however not only that but the city had changed and so they had to change with it and Gothtopia was that change.

'It's a good idea but it is a terrible name. It's not schway enough.' Terry thought to himself.

A shiver ran through his spine as he stood in the cold but the cold left his thoughts as he looked to the entrance to see the new mayoral candidate Lincoln March stepping out of the building. The powerful business man had a frown upon his handsome face but it quickly vanished and his eyes were shielded by a pair of black shades. He swiftly made his way down the stairs and to an awaiting limo a few cars ahead. Terry watched him go with a careful eye.

Lincoln reached the limo but for a brief moment he stopped at the back-door and turned to look at him. Terry and Lincoln spent a good long moment staring at the other, neither blinking nor looking away. When the moment passed Lincoln got in the limo and it drove away.

"Well that wasn't strange at all." Terry whispered as another shiver ran through his spine however this time it had nothing to do with the cold weather.

Few Seconds Later

Damian briskly made his way out of the building, down the steps and towards Terry.

"Let's go before the press catch up." He said.

"I just saw your buddy Lincoln March."

"March was here?" Damian questioned "I didn't see him in there."

"Well he walked out of the building and he didn't look too happy with your Gothtopia plan"

"I wouldn't think so, I'm basically moving in on his territory. Lincoln March, is CEO of March Ventures and his company has had complete control of Gotham's infrastructure for years. Gothtopia is basically a hostile take over."

"You really have it in for this guy."

"I want to see how he handles pressure. If he's really shady we'll find out soon enough." "You mean I'll find out right."

"Just get in the damn car." Damian replied as he opened the door and got into the limo.

Elsewhere- Gordon-Young Household

Carrie Kelley looked at herself in the mirror and slightly adjusted the tie to her school uniform; gone were the studs in her eyebrow, nose, lip and ears as well as the ripped jeans and sweater. She now had a face with minimal make-up and a preparatory uniform that all teenage girls and guys wore at Neo-Gotham Preparatory High School. She grunted a little as a look of disgust appeared on her face.

"I hate this monkey suit." She said to herself.

"I think you look like a scholar." Came a voice.

Carrie turned around to see both Sam and Barbara standing at the door looking at her. She smiled a little bit and looked at herself in the mirror again.

"Yeah, the two of you would think that." She commented.

"Are you finished because it's almost time for me to drop you off at school." Said Barbara.

"Yeah I'm done." Carrie replied while reaching down to grab her book-bag and hoist it onto her shoulder. She turned to face her 'foster' parents of sorts and smiled, "Let's go."

On the Road

Carrie looked out of the window and at the snow that fell down to the ground and she let a small smile grace her lips.

"I've always liked the snow. I don't know if I ever told you that."

Barbara glanced at Carrie out the corner of her eyes.

"No. You didn't." Barbara replied "Actually you really didn't tell us much the last time you were our guest nor have you said much of anything this time."

"….look Barbara. I know I owe you an explanation and you and Sam…the Mayor have been really chill about not asking me any questions these past two months. I appreciate that and I appreciate you giving me another chance, not many people would do that."

"I know Carrie."

Barbara turned a corner and came to a halt in front of Neo-Gotham's Preparatory School. Carrie spent a second looking at all of the normal teens her age walking through the snow and the gates and towards the entrance.


She turned to Barbara.

"Sam and I have been patient but eventually you'll have to tell us where you've been for the past four years, but if I had to guess. I would say it's been with your mother. I saw the bruises when you…."

"I'm gonna be late for class." Carrie interrupted as she abruptly got out of the car. She gently closed the door and she started for the gates. Barbara watched her go with a solemn expression plastered on her face.

Later- Night-9:15pm Across Town- Hamilton University

Dana Tan made her way back to her dorm room completely exhausted from another day of nothing but studying medical terminology and scenarios she may face in the real world as a heart surgeon. She let out a loud yawn and turned the corner only to stop in her tracks.

"Oh My God." She whispered in shock as she saw a person she hadn't seen in a long time standing at her dorm room door.

"Finally, I was just about to leave." Came the feminine voice.

Dana let a smile grace her lips as she made her way over to Chelsea Cunningham.

Chelsea was a beautiful blonde haired young woman that was same age and about the same height as Dana. She had a curvy build that was covered by a light blue coat, black pants and white boots.

Dana rushed over to Chelsea and they hugged each other tightly

"Oh My God, it's really you!" Dana exclaimed.

"You thought I forgot about you and the others no way." Chelsea responded.

"How was Europe? How's the Modeling gig going? How's…."

"Whoa. One question at a time." said Chelsea

Dana smiled.

"Sorry, I'm just so happy to see you. Oh my God, wait till Blade, Nelson, Max and Terry see you."

"Wait, McGinnis is out of lock up?" Chelsea questioned.

"Yeah, three years running…so far. He's a good boy now."

"Are you and he…"

"Yeah we're back together and he's changed, mostly."

"Damn. He's cute and I really liked him and that bad wild side, but I'm sure his good side looks cute too."

Dana lightly shoved her which only earned a chuckle.

"We have a ton of catching up to do." said Chelsea.

"That's an understatement. Hey, come on let's go round up the gang and make a night of it. There's this schway club not too far away."

"Awesome, sounds like a plan." Chelsea replied.

"Max's dorm is the closest so let's go."

Old Wayne Tower Observatory- Top Floor- Dining hall

Damian poured himself a little more champagne as he patiently waited for Veronica Vale to arrive for their date. He took a sip and he looked around the top floor dining room and at the other people that were sitting and conversing amongst themselves. Long before Wayne-Powers, Wayne Tower was one of the central hubs for Wayne Enterprises and the top floor observatory deck was open to the public for everyone look out and into the beautiful city that was Gotham; however as time moved on and Bruce lost more control of the company the observatory floor was turned into a high class dining hall reserved only for those that could afford it.

Damian looked at all of them and he rolled his eyes.

'Keep eating and talking because pretty soon I'll be turning this place back to what it was originally intended for….one last gift for you Bruce.' He thought to himself as he took another sip of his champagne.

A low rumbling murmur sounded through the dinning hall and it quickly caught Damian's attention. He turned towards the entrance to see that the cause of the murmuring was the sauntering form of Veronica Vale. She was wearing an elegant form hugging green dress with a dangerously low neckline. She had her red hair let down which touched her smooth bare shoulders and only the minimal of make-up which accentuated her natural beauty. Damian's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets before he put a cocky smirk upon his lips and rose from his seat.

'Well tonight just got a bit more interesting' he thought to himself.

"I hope I'm not running too late." said Veronica.

Damian pulled her chair out for her.

"Actually, you're right on time Ms. Vale."

Elsewhere- Outside Roland Hotel

Batman stood on the roof of the Roland Hotel with his detective mode activated. He could see through the concrete down below and directly into the conference room. He could see several outlines and skeletons each belonging to a mob boss that controlled part of Neo-Gotham City and the surrounding cities just outside the county lines. The Dark Knight put two of his fingers down onto the roof and the sound vibrations from down below traveled upwards and into the electronics in his palm allowing him to hear the conversations loud and clear.

Roland-Conference Room


"I hate to admit it but the old geezer is right." Came Mario Falcone's frustrated voice, "That pointy eared freak has been detrimental to my business and if he keeps this up I won't have a f****** credit to my name."

"I don't know what you're complaining about Falcone, it's not like you had that big a piece of the pie anyway." Came the smooth response from Umberto Maroni

"What did you say!?" Mario exclaimed as he shot up from his spot.

"Enough!" Black Mask roared, which silenced everyone in the room.

The leader of their so called coalition linked his hands together and leaned back in his seat. He may have seemed calm and collected to some but anyone looking closely enough could tell that he too was frustrated with the Batman situation. The serious blue eyes looking through the mask, eyed the elderly Rupert Thorne. He hated the old geezer but he had to admit to himself that he and all the other who did not take his threat seriously were completely and utterly wrong.

He didn't think that one man could cause so much chaos but in the past three years Batman has proven he's no mere man, but something else entirely. After he destroyed a cargo ship full of weapon that he was smuggling into Neo-Gotham, Black Mask began to dig into the past and the history of Batman and Gotham and what he found made him regret not siding with Rupert even more. The gangster slowly stood from his spot and he surveyed his partners and competition.

"Thorne now is not the time for I told you so. You were right, fine, let's move on to how we're going to kill this sonuva bitch."

"You can't kill him now." Thorne returned "That's why I wanted us to band together three years ago, we could've snuffed him out then but now it's too late. Batman's got his hooks in this city now. I tried to reach out to a few of my contacts at the police department but the Bat has them running scared. They know we're being hit from all sides." He finished.

"So basically you got nothing." Falcone said curtly, "So much for being older and wiser."

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU LITTLE S*** STAIN!" Rupert yelled before breaking into a fit of long dry coughs.

Olivia helped him put his breathing mask over his nose.

"Just breathe." She said and he complied.


Batman smirked at the sound of them all arguing over him; however his enjoyment was cut short when something in his detective mode caught his attention. The Roland-Hotel building was a high class upscale hotel, which was mostly inhabited by those that could afford to throw away money, cheating spouses and gangsters. The security was run by the gangsters as well which meant no one on the street was crazy enough to try and rob the hotel and so when one of the guards fell down to the ground dead it piqued his curiosity.

"The hell?" he questioned as several more guards around the building suddenly fell down dead.

Batman's detective mode picked up an incoming projectile coming from behind him and so without a second thought he rolled to the right and out of the path of a sharp metal knife that imbedded itself in the spot he was previously crouched.

He came out of the roll and was up looking around when through the heavily falling snow he saw four shadows descending from up above with their arms spread and gliding towards him.

They were decked out in black armor that looked similar to his own, each of them were armed to the teeth with knives around their waste, knives strapped in holsters on either side of chest and they had two swords secured to their backs but what the dark knight focused on were the bronzed colored mask on their faces. The eyes were large and tinted while the nose was bronzed and hooked.

They landed softly almost without a sound, only letting their rigid stances and menacing appearance do the talking. Batman lowered his head a bit, and he quickly activated detective mode once more but to his surprise he couldn't get a reading on who was underneath the armor or any weaknesses, the armor was able to block his vision. He deactivated it.

"Who the hell are you four supposed to be?" He demanded.

"The Court of Owls have deemed you unfit for Gotham Batman. The talons are here to neutralize you." Came the eerie voice from one of the armored assassin's. They all removed one of their swords and brandished it dangerously.

Batman cracked his neck.

"Bring it!"

The talons moved swift as the wind. They charged through the snow and towards Batman who met them in the middle. He ducked under a swipe from one sword and used the fin on his right arm to block another; he lifted his foot to kick the Talon to the right of him however the armored fiend block his kick and quickly disengaged allowing the other two talons to charge in with their sword aimed for the Dark Knight's heart.

Batman used his fins again to block both attacks. He then jumped up and kneed one of them in the jaw sending him backwards. He flicked his wrist and produced two black and red batarangs that he held in a defensive stance.

A talon came in with a horizontal slash.

CLANG! Went the sound of the batarang and sword clashing.

Roland Conference room

"Did anything work in the past against the Bat?" Black Mask asked his question directed at Rupert.

The elderly man took a deep breath of fresh oxygen before answering.

"One night we came close to killing him. It was around Christmas Eve. About a week before, the original Black Mask gathered us together and we each pooled our money together and we put a bounty on Batman's head. One night. We offered Fifty million dollars to anyone, whether they be gangster, assassin, cop, or some drunk asshole…whoever felt like they had the stones to take out Batman and bring us his head. They had to do it on Christmas Eve….Black Mask, said something about it being an early Christmas present, but that night…..many came close to killing him, but in the end it wasn't enough."

"Then I suggest we do the same thing." Black Mask stated. "Christmas is around the corner, so we do the same thing but only instead of one night….it's a standing invitation, fifty million credits to whoever can kill Batman."

"F an A." Falcone said while nodding his head, "I'm in, even though fifty mil is a large price to pay but I'll do anything to get rid of this pointy eared bastard."

Rupert took another breath of oxygen.

"Hold on, there's something else you should know." He said slowly.


"That night many came close to killing the Bat, but none came as close as one man. No, he wasn't a man but something else, he was an almost unspeakable evil. We unleashed him onto our streets just to kill Batman, and I've regretted that decision for most of my life. On that night…sixty something years ago Christmas Eve, it was the first night that the Joker made himself known."

"What's your point?" Black Mask asked.

Rupert shook his head.

"I forget that none of you have ever met the real Joker. My point is this, if we open the door to evil, we have to be sure that we're ready for the consequences. Are we sure that there aren't anymore options."

"There aren't." Black Mask stated strongly "We're doing this. There are enough players on the table to where we only have to kick up about five to six mil a piece. We're putting out an open bounty on Batman's head. All of you spread the word."

POWWWWWW! POWWWWW! POWWWWWW! Came the sound of gunfire.

"What the hell is that?" Black Mask asked while looking at the double doors to his conference room. The mobsters in the room stared at the double doors so intently that they didn't see the tall figure swooping in from the large window behind Black Mask.


Black Mask felt himself being knocked to the side and to the ground in a heap. The enforcers that had been on either side of him found daggers through their throats. The other gangsters in the room took in the sight of the large intimidating man that interrupted their meeting.

He was about six three, in an armored outfit that had several knives strapped on both sides of his chest with two swords strapped to his back. The figure was imposing however it was the mask over his face that drew the most attention. The ears, the glowing yellow lens where his eyes would be and the hooked bronzed nose, which made the mask resemble an owl.

BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Came the sound of the double doors being kicked open and several more men and women dressed in similar clothing entering the conference room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?" Black Mask roared.

The tall and imposing figure looked them all over for a long tense moment before answering.

"The Court of Owls has sentenced all of you to DEATH!"

Up Above

Batman continued to battle the talons that surrounded him.

"Who are Court of Owls?" he demanded before catching a downward sword strike in his palms and deftly disarming the talon that tried to skewer him.

He saw through his detective mode that there was a large black figure in the conference room and he was drawing a weapon. Batman curled his feet and suddenly took to the sky. He flicked his wrist and threw four electrified batarangs that nailed the four talons. The electricity stunned them, causing them to fall down to the snowy roof.

Batman flicked his wrist once more, producing more batarangs that he threw to the section of the roof over the figure in the conference room with the sword in hand.

DEET! DEET! DEET! went the sound before the batarangs exploding in a grand fashion.

Conference room

The tall Talon looked up to see a mass of rubble falling right for him.

THUDDDDDDD! went the sound of the concrete falling on top of him.

Batman landed through the newly created hole and on top of the solid oak table. He looked around, spotting the mobsters as well as the Talons who were beginning to advance towards him.

"Prophet was right, winter is a season of discontent." He whispered as he put up his first readying for another fight.


Damian smiled at the jest from the very beautiful and charming Veronica Vale. He took a slow sip of his wine and then pushed his empty plate away from him. Ever since she dropped-by the Mansion three years ago asking for his story and the questions about the inconsistencies in his records he's been keeping a close eye on her…perhaps too close an eye.

In the months proceeding that day he had been tailing her, and silently derailing her investigations. She was good. Veronica knew a lot of people who knew how to get information however their skills were nothing compared to his own….so far.

One of the reasons why he agreed to this date was to access how much she knew about him but she's been a little on guard and coy about what she actually knew however he was confident that she didn't know much. He made sure that no one truly knew everything about him.

Veronica took a sip of her own wine as well.

'He's playing hard to get' she thought to herself 'He's been on his guard during this whole dinner. This was my last card to play. I can't believe that I haven't been able to find anything, and those inconsistencies have mysterious been cleared up. He's a slippery one. I don't get the sense that he's lying to me about being a Wayne but it's obvious that he's not telling the whole truth. So the question is…..what are you going to do Veronica? Exactly how far are you willing to go for the story of a lifetime.'

Veronica was about to open her mouth when several gasp caught her and Damian's attention.

An almost giant of a man dressed in black armor, armed to the teeth with knives on either side of his chest and around his waist slowly stalked into the middle of the dinning hall. The mere sight of him sent fear cascading down everyone's spine but it was not so much his stature but the mask and the glowing yellow lenses over his face.

"Damian Wayne!" The mysterious man announced in a distorted and intimidating voice.

Damian quickly assessed the man and was prepared to take him out but there were too many witnesses as well as potential victims, if he made a move. The ex-vigilante/assassin reached towards his wrist and his watch. He turned the face of the watch clockwise and then once more counter-clockwise before slowly rising from his seat and stepping away from the table and Veronica.

'McGinnis, you better hurry up. You should be finished with Black Mask and the others by now.'


PING! PING! PING! came the sound of an urgent warning flashing through Batman's vision.

Batman threw out a palm strike however he was then promptly kicked in the chest. He rolled to the left and out of the way of the Talon's that were swarming around him.

'Damian's in trouble…..well he's not the only one! I'm sure he can handle himself for a little bit longer!' Batman exclaimed in his mind as he felt a knife graze his head.


"Whoever you are I'm sure we can…." Damian started before he ducked under a swipe from behind that was supposed to take his head off of his shoulders; he thrusted out a kick that nailed the single Talon assassin that was behind him in the gut.

'I almost didn't hear him.' He thought to himself but it was then that he heard the whistling through the air.

Damian turned back to his attacker only to be hit in both shoulders, the left side of his abdomen and both legs with several of the knives that had been previously strapped the tall imposing figure.

"AH!" he gasped.

"SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!" Veronica shrieked but it fell upon deaf ears.

The figure stopped at the table and he turned to Veronica who quickly picked up a steak knife off of the table and held it out at him defensively.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" she shouted.

"Death to all those deemed unfit for life."

"Who…Who do you work for?" Damian growled out in pain.

He turned his glowing yellow lens back to Damian and he cracked his neck.

"The Court of Owls." He said, "And my masters have claimed your life."

Damian had just enough time to see him quickly close the distance between them and landed a powerful, organ rattling side-kick. All the air exploded out of Damian's lungs as he was lifted up and sent flying through the glass window of the observatory and falling towards the cold snowy ground below.

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